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Prevent device wipe when activating another phone [Homebrew] 14

by Adam Marks Fri, 30 Sep 2011 9:53 am EDT

With webOS phones, you are only able to have your Palm Profile active on one device at a time. If you have ever tried to activate a second phone, you will get a pop-up on the original phone alerting you that the phone and all data will be wiped from the device, including any files (pictures, videos, etc) on your USB drive. One way to get around this was to put your older phone in airplane mode so that it never receives that "wipe" command, but this would also prevent you from ever accessing the internet or network from your device.

Once again, WebOS Internals has come up with a solution to this problem. We have copied the steps below after the break for webOS 2.x devices--as currently documented on their Wiki page--but suggest that you check out their Wiki page for both webOS 1.x and 2.x devices before proceeding to ensure that there are no new updates since this tip was written. And be sure to follow Step 9 as indicated.

  1. Install Impostah
  2. Make sure you read step 9 carefully.
  3. Select Palm Profile
  4. Make sure you read step 9 carefully.
  5. Tap Reset Palm Profile
  6. Make sure you read step 9 carefully.
  7. Tap Delete
  8. Read the next step *VERY* *CAREFULLY*. If you get the next step wrong, you will wipe your device.
  9. Tap Cancel. Do not tap Ok. Cancel is the button with "Cancel" written on it, not the button with the letters "O" and "k" written on it. If you hit "Ok" when it says "Your device will now restart", your whole device will be wiped, thereby negating the whole point of this page, so don't do that.
  10. Hopefully you read the previous step carefully and did not wipe your device.
  11. Reboot your device.

This will effectively remove your profile from the device, allowing you to continue to connect that device to a network while also activating your profile on another phone. However, there are a few important notes on this process that you need to be aware of:

  • Once you disconnect your profile from the first phone, you are free to activate it on the new phone. However, be sure to follow a proper activation procedure to load up the profile on the new device (as opposed to using Impostah via a bypass activation procedure) in order to allow the device to properly restore your Palm Profile. Otherwise, the first time you perform a "backup", your palm profile backup will essentially be replaced with a blank backup for everything except purchased apps. See Rod's experience with this as documented on the WebOS Internals Wiki page
  • The TouchPad and webOS 3.x actually does allow the same profile to be loaded on multiple devices. So, you can have the same profile active on multiple TouchPads at the same time and not have to go through these steps to activates multiple TouchPads. However, that profile can still only be active on one phone.

Note: Performing this procedure on a device running webOS 1.x will result in apps downloaded from the App Catalog being deleted.

Source: WebOS Internals

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lol wish this would have been posted 3 hours ago! Oh well, my poor day 1 Pre was finally retired for shiny new Pre3 :)


The wiki page was created on 31st August, and was tweeted on the @webosinternals twitter account at that time.

-- Rod

Many nations, under Rod.

I guess that's one reason to sign up for twitter.

Yeah, me too! Although I remembered to put the old phone into airplane mode before switching to the Pre3 :-)

Will my profile stay active if I activate another non Pre phone?

This is EXTREMELY helpful! I spent 30 minutes on the phone with an incompetent WebOS Butler representative, trying to explain this very dilemna...

These are the instructions for webos 1.X.. What the **** is step #1? Is there a problem in the wiki?

Here is the procedure.
1. rm -f/var/luna/data/dbdata/PalmAccountDatabase.db3
2. reboot

Awesome! Thank you!!!

Wow...I could've used this three weeks ago when I activated my new Pre 2. I tried to backup everything from my Pre Plus, but there were still things that didn't sync or backup that I needed access to. I was a split second too late on hitting that Airplane mode and the whole thing got wiped. I was so made (at myself)...

I'm confused. I bought a replacement Pre for my original and I didn't get this prompt. Sadly, I still have to use my original Pre to charge the battery for my replacement phone (that part is rather sporadic on the replacement). When the original Pre isn't going crazy during the recharge process I can still see that I connect to my wireless and am getting emails and can use my bookmarks and whatnot, so it appears my data wasn't wiped.

However, that said, now that I know I will never see a Pre3, I am debating eBaying a Pre2 and FrankenPre'ing it on Sprint, so I will get this article bookmarked as a safeguard. Thanks in advance!

good to know...damn it!, if only i had this tip about 6 months ago, or at least if my usb port wasnt broken...thank you wifi sync and preware and webos internals...when you were on my phone then before my last wipe

Silly question how/where do I enter the command

rm -f /var/luna/data/dbdata/PalmAccountDatabase.db3

If I want to run this procedure on a 1.4.5 device?