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Prevent PDK app crashes on your TouchPad [homebrew] 14

by Adam Marks Mon, 22 Aug 2011 11:42 pm EDT

Many PDK apps that are available for the TouchPad, specifically those 3-D games, require a lot of memory to run. Unfortunately, there seems to be a bug in webOS 3.0.2 that often force-closes those apps, sometimes just seconds after launching. This can happen in graphics-heavy games like Need for Speed or simple drawing apps like Coloring Book HD. Ben Combee (@unwiredben) of HP's engineering team provided us a fix that seems to do the job, but will require a little Homebrew knowledge to work. The easiest way to accomplish this is to use the text editor built into Internalz Pro by Jason Robatille. Here is what you need to do:

  1. Determine the AppID of the app in question. You can do this by loading up the App Catalog entry for the App, tapping the "Share" button and select Text message. The messaging app will open. Look for the AppID that will look something like com.developerName.AppName. For example, Robotek HD is net.hexage.robotek.hd
  2. Using Internalz Pro, navigate to /media/cryptofs/apps/usr/palm/applications/
  3. Find the folder with the AppID and open that up
  4. Locate the appinfo.json file, tap on it, and select "Open" to open up the text editor
  5. Under the "requiredMemory", change the amount to 120 (see screenshot).
  6. Swipe down from the top-left and select "Save File"
  7. Swipe down again from the top-left and select "Close"
  8. Reboot your device

For some reason, the apps were crashing if the memory used by the app exceeded the required memory. After making this fix, should no longer see those random crashes. If you still see the crashes, try bumping up the requiredMemory value in increments of 10.

Note that if the App get an update, you will need to reapply this change.

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I had this happen with Angry Birds HD last night a couple times in a row. I did a restart and it fixed it. Thank you for the homebrew fix!

I had this problem with a Bert and Ernie children's book that would crash if I used the options menu, as well as Atlantis Sky which would crash as soon as I opened it. The solution I found to work perfect was to turn off the HB patch to block ads. Havent had a problem with any programs since.

Interesting catch. I have this patch installed too and was getting Shrek Kart HD crashing on me. I'm going to keep the ad blocker on and use Adams solution.

Thanks, Adam & Ben!

Homebrew at its finest! We got Jason, Preware Peeps, internal Palm Devs and us users all working together to figure out this one.
Brings back memories of editing config.sys and the buffers and files lines.

Fixed, tested and verified. Thank goodness Ben came back from vacation... Was worried he wouldn't come back after last Thursday :)

My kids were going crazy when Angry Birds would crash. Happy kids = Happy Dad!

Maybe they will have this fixed in 3.03?

Yet again I am amazed

Haven't come across this problem yet, but it's good to know ther is a fix – even if it didn't come via an OTA update.

Even better - I don't have to wait for the "Comming months"

Any suggestions on "Too Many Cards" error? I have ran into on a couple occassions.

I saw the Coloring Book HD behave erratically after my granddaughter had colored a few drawings. I had restarted the TP to work around it.

I have to say I'm disappointed that this issue even exists. However, I would like to work around it.

I used the Gemini File Manger to locate the path indicated, but under the Palm folder there was only a system folder, no applications folder.

What's up with that?

As mentioned, you need to use Internalz Pro, as Gemini doesn't show you hidden system files and folders!

I can't get internalz pro to run. It keeps saying can't send to canuck... Nothing helps

darn it

Sorry canuck... I reset everything with wOSQI and it works now. Tried it on AB-rioHD. hasn't crashed since.

Thanks to the OP and canuck software!

Wen I try to open the .json file I get an error that states there is no file handler found. When I installed Internalz Pro I let it register the default applications for all the file types. In Device Info/Default Applications I see Internalz Pro as the default for .JS files. I am running on a 16GB TPAD running 3.0.2

I remember doing this stuff to run dos games. Oh the days of the 3dfx voodoo... good times.

The steps as outlined can't be done if you have Impostah installed as it (optionally, of course) associates with .json files. When you select "open" with Internalz, Impostah opens it, not Internalz's editor. I guess the work-around is command line and nano.


Is this like the "mem /cfg" command we'd have to tinker with in DOS in the "old days" when playing games on Windows 3.1?

Update: I've had to do this to QuellHD [other bugs in there too] and Shrek Cart HD... which wouldn't run otherwise.