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Prevent vibration or sound when sending a message on the TouchPad (homebrew) 4

by Adam Marks Mon, 25 Mar 2013 6:37 pm EDT

This tip is only for the HP TouchPad running webOS 3.0 or higher

No vibrate/sound on message send patchThe Messaging app on the HP TouchPad allows you to consolidate all your instant messaging needs into a single app, even including text messages received from a paired cell phone. As you would expect, any time you receive a new message that TouchPad will notify you, either by a vibration or by playing a sound, depending on your sound or notification preferences. However, there is one annoying quirk of the app in that any time you send a message, it will also make a vibration or a sound.  There is really no good reason for this, as you would already know that you were sending a message and wouldn't need an alert for it.

In typical webOS community fashion, the homebrew community--specifically homebrew-extraordinaire Jason Robitaille--created a simple patch to prevent the TouchPad from alerting you whenever you send a message in the Messaging app. Just install the "No vibrate or sound on messaging send" patch from Preware or webOS Quick Install and you will never be annoyed by those unnecessary alerts again!

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