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Preview: Enyo app framework for webOS 18

by Dieter Bohn Sat, 20 Nov 2010 7:16 pm EST


To wrap up their Developer Day in New York City, Palm gave a brief preview of Enyo, which will become their framework for webOS apps next year, replacing the current "Mojo" framework that webOS developers currently use (though Mojo is sticking around for a long time).

Enyo's key features? It's faster, apps launch faster, it's able to work easily on multiple screen sizes without rewriting the app, conforms better to HTML5 web standards, and is generally much easier to develop for because it is object-oriented, has better event handling (with fewer memory leaks & too many card errors), ...and so on.

Palm developed Enyo to work with their Ares framework for designing apps - in fact Palm has spent the vast majority of their time developing Enyo apps in the browser instead of the emulator. In fact, Enyo was essentially built by the Ares team

The most impressive demo was of an email app proof-of-concept (not, they say, the next version of the email app - but we like the way they're thinking with it). Running inside the Chrome desktop browser, they showed how the same app can be seen in a device-sized window or a full-sized (you might say PalmPad-sized) window and is able to display its data differently as appropriate to the size of the screen.

In addition to that, Palm showed off plenty of the reasons that it's more elegant to code with - for example if a developer uses the Ares app builder to make their GUI it will come out as the same size as if it were hand-coded. Palm suggested that some apps that took as long as 7 seconds to launch with Mojo could launch in just a second with Enyo. There were other benefits (that were over our head), but the gist is that the thing is faster, more elegant, and more flexible. 

Palm will start releasing the tool to developers early next year. They also said that Mojo isn't going away anytime soon so developers need not wait for Enyo or worry about rewriting their apps in the new framework anytime soon. However Palm has said this is their framework moving forward and it sounds like the benefits are going to be strong enough to convince many developers to take advantage of it.

Check out the slides after the break!

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Well, how wonderful. This is nice..faster sweeter stronger...but does it mean that you can send a meeting invite from your Palm?

why's your text bold.

Very special individual...

yes, yes it does...

Exciting, isn't it!

I'm not a dev, but this sounds awesome :) I'm anxious to see how Palm expands in the next few months.

Who knows, maybe Enyo+Ares can make you a dev. After that, all you really need is a good idea.

Can you say tablet?

They had me at faster app launching. Also thanks for the great coverage Dieter. Did you get a chance to see any hybrid apps in action? I thought there was a presentation on that.

+1 2011 is going to be very interesting...

The big plus for me is working well in multiple screen sizes. It was a PITA sometimes to adapt the UI for the Pixi's screen size using Mojo. This also means they're anticipating using Enyo with larger phones and tablets, so they're coming.

Having it more object-oriented is also a plus.

Glad to here their working hard, With all the random crap in the catalog alot of which isn't very good. Can we at least get some enjoyable applications. I know the Iphone has applications for each brand and store, showing promotions and neat videos. I'm pretty sure they have a Ralph Lauren Application and while most would think their just clothing if you add them to Facebook they do neat technology stunts as well as runway shoots, etc.. Blackberry has ESPN apps and major fantasy sports applications, and bunch of things of this nature. There are a ton of developers just missing out on a ton of the market. How many versions of GPS and altimeters are we going to get?

i don't know for sure but everybody knows what people want. either developers won't make the apps or can't make the apps. I think you need more then just a developer. I think you need the actual company to make a lot of these for practical reasons. For example, how come there's no app? It's been requested since day one. i think it's on page one of the app request thread. But nobody has made one. I don't think "developers" are unaware that it's requested. There is something keeping them from making the app. Maybe they can't access your mint information. Personally i think that's a good thing but seems to me it can't be made unless mint lets you. Especially considering you're dealing with people banking records. More then "developers" i think HP needs companies on board cause they are the ones that are gonna make your ESPN app or Ralph Lauren or whatever name brand app. You get GPS and Altimeters cause it doesn't deal with a brand.

Curious I've tried using ares but still need coding to actually do anything. I have some great ideas but no way to.make them come alive. I am also good with graphics so they would even be asthetically pleasing! Will this make it any easier for me to make apps? I wish there was such thing as an app creator which let me rearrange elements wherever I wanted with whatever images I wanted, let me add function to those elements (I just pick a box and then a dropdown List let's me designate it as a text field) and you can kinda pick what you want things to do visually and if you are creative enough, you can make a great app without being limited because you have a great idea but don't know how to code. Seen some great coders make some not so great apps so would it not be nice for us non coders to have a way to make some apps that may really benefit others?

Edit: 3 things. 1. Using an iPod touch with autocorrect and I don't always like it. 2. PLEASE HP, make a keyboarded phone! It's already hard enough to type on a vkb but when the screen is so small die to the real-estate used by the kb, it's hard to edit it. And 3. Make an easier way to edit text in webos. With iOS, there is a magnifying glass and holding down brings this up, also makes it easy to scroll down through text, in webos there is no way to really get a good view of your editing area you can precision move the cursed but if there is a slate only device, people will need it! The end of rant :)

I think Ares will be integrated with Enyo, allowing you to add behaviors to your app that you would have otherwise needed code to do.

Also, you rant didn't make any sense! :)

Enyo is harware-accelerated... Wououh!

i hope all this stuff will be back compatitable and that it doesnt change webos drastically.

i say this because of my experiemce with my first nokia internet tablet. with each device they came out with, it used practically a different os. and now, hp has brought on some of nokias team.

if it starts going the route that nokia did with their internet tablets (n770, n800, n900), im jumping ship.

The one second load times were based on a Pre Minus.

Someone can't read