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Preware Enyo alpha hits Preware feeds 10

by Derek Kessler Thu, 14 Mar 2013 6:07 pm EDT

Preware Enyo alpha hits Preware feeds

The long-awaited Enyo rewrite of Preware is here, at least in an alpha form. Version 2.0.1 of Preware has landed in the WebOS Internals feed alpha feed in Preware, offering an Alpha look of how Preware will look and operate as an Enyo app. The old Mojo-based version of Preware launched more than three years ago and despite numerous upgrades never moved away from that legacy codebase. With Open webOS no longer support the old Mojo framework, the time was now to rebuild Preware with Enyo.

Right now the Preware 2.0.1 alpha works in the most basic of senses. As developer Josh "shiftyaxel" Palmer points out, the alpha currently supports the installation, updating, removal, and launching of apps, patches, themes, everything else Preware has traditionally supported and not much more. Being an alpha, it's still in need of testing, so if you're trying out the Enyo Preware you're encouraged to share any bugs you encounter with the WebOS Ports bug tracker.

Being an alpha release, you'll need to enable the testing feeds in Preware (if you're going to turn on the alpha feeds you might as well hit the beta feeds while you're at it). And, as always, we'll encourage you if you haven't recently to consider making a donation to WebOS Internals and WebOS Ports - these organizations are dependent on your generosity to bring the webOS homebrew works you love to life.



I've installed it on my pre 3 and it looks great but the but the back gesture does not seem to work as well as scrolling but all may be because of not being sized for the pre 3. But still Looks great :)

Sweet, My 2 year old just deleted preware so had to reinstall anyways.

perfect timing

Installing Preware with Preware? Preware-ception!

Haha! Love it.

Just sits at the Done! screen for me :-(

Lucky the Original Preware still works. Gonna uninstall, reboot and try again!

update: Blast! It's a known issue - bug# 385

Update 2: No luck with the uninstall/re-install. Have to stick with Original for now.

I'll wait. Am I missing something? Whats the point of the update? Who cares is the old mojo version doesn't work with Open WebOS. Our phones doen't run OpenWebOS and the preware patches etc. wont work with new hardware that would run Open WebOS. Thank you for working on a WebOS project though :)

well obviously they're building towards the open webOS future. it's a chicken-or-egg scenario, and webos ports/internals are hand-making a few eggs in order to hatch some chickens.

I see what you are saying, but these eggs (Preware) will not hatch into the chicken (Open WebOS on Palm devices). Though IF the chicken does appear somehow we will be ready with preware on the new WebOS!

You're looking for eggs in the wrong nests.

LOL.. Good one Derrick. :D. I still use my old TPad as my production daily driver so I will have to shy away from this one for now. (can't risk the TPad going wonky on me at a critical moment.)