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Preware, Internalz adding new direct install features 49

by Jonathan I Ezor#IM Wed, 14 Jul 2010 8:52 am EDT

This morning brings great news for webOS users from both Rod Whitby and his webOS Internals team, and PreCentral's own Jason Robitaille. The latest version of Preware, 1.2.0 (now in the webOS Internals testing feed), includes a new Install Package feature (accessible via the dropdown menu) which enables users to install a homebrew application or other package from a URL or the USB partition on the phone itself. This capability has been lacking from the Pre since Palm closed an early security hole more than a year ago that allowed users to install packages via an e-mail link. According to Rod Whitby of webOS Internals this morning on Twitter, the Preware implementation addresses potential security issues by displaying the real URL or local file path before asking the user to confirm the install."

Not to be outdone, Jason Robitaille also let the Twitter world know this morning that version 1.2 of his multifaceted file browser Internalz, which is scheduled for release on July 25th, will also include direct package installation along with some other cool new features like text editing. Jason intended to keep package installation "a secret bonus for v1.2 release," but after webOS Internals announced its release, he decided to tell the public.

This type of cooperative competition, continuing expanding the limits (and abilities) of webOS, are one of the best aspects of our community, and no doubt a major reason why HP's Phil McKinney gave an explicit shoutout to the homebrew community at his MobileBeat 2010 keynote on Monday morning.



Thanks Jason! You rock!

for what? not releasing anything?

GREAT!! This is what I'm waiting for!!


now we are cooking with gas


Jason and Rod are the underground Ben and Dion.

You guys all fudging rock!

These two developers (and any teams that work with them) are what make this community simply amazing! BIG THANKS to Rob and Jason. I love both of those packages. Now all we need is to get Terminal or one of these apps into the app catalog so we can recover from a complete reset without ever connecting to a computer.

THAT'S what I love...
There are so many reasons to be glad to be on WebOS, and many are done by the community!
Great things to come...thank you, all together!

Bravo! very impressive ... These guys are a huge asset to the webOS community... and one of the major reasons i love my palm pre.
I heading over to make a donation right now... support the hours of work being done. Thanks for all that you do!

Fantastic! This is wonderful news. Great work, guys!

awesome, i cant wait till 1.4.5 comes out so I can put preware back on!

u can put preware on now....

Text editing is good news. While vi in terminal is functional, it's not really optimal on a phone.

Being able, while away from a computer, to easily edit the various custom scripts and such I have written for the phone will be very nice, indeed! I'm excited for this (assuming I can access the entire filesystem)

Thanks, Jason!

Oh, and for the love of all that is proper in the universe, please don't be writing files that are edited with crlf. It's unix. Line termination is lf!!!

*cough* Text editing is already in Internalz ;) The author just meant improvements to the text editor from 1.0. Internalz 1.0 uses lf endlines, but with v1.2, it'll be a user-option :D

Nifty! I've obviously not really used it much :-)

Thanks, Jason!

This feature has me all boned up!

anything with Jasom's name on it is rock solid. Thank you Jason for making web OS THE operating system

This is why I get more excited about Homebrew than Palm's actual updates. We get true functionality improvements added all the time. I could not recommend a Pre to a power user unless I knew he or she would be into Homebrew. And they have made it so damn easy, there is no excuse not to be into Homebrew.

I think that the phrase "power user" implies a certain level of comfort with homebrew.

After you install the test feed and update the feeds, where is this located? I can't seem to find it.. ;(

Have you tried closing and reopening Preware itself? {Jonathan}

Yes...but unlike WebOSQI, it doesn't list the feeds I'm just not sure what category, go to..

Ok so I went and turned off all other feeds besides the test feed, then updated the feeds. It only shows 5 items total, and Preware isn't one of them. Any ideas?

Nevermind...I didn't realize it would be in the updates section...duh..

I guess no more FileCoaster....

I guess not but heyyy geat job to devs it was great app those days even though that pimpmypre was my first one ever= PRELOAD

Great news only when I went to update preware I'm getting shot down. I thing its because of Package Manager Service it's saying: -1: invalid or missing Url parameter. Anyone else getting this.

Rod had this to say earlier today on Twitter:

Anyone seeing remnants of Package Manager Service should update and/or swipe to delete in the Saved Packages List.

That may help. {Jonathan}

nothing says thanks like a donation.... $10

great job 1+ I was hoping that one day this features will be on my pre +


Nit-picking: WebOS Internals capitalizes the W even though Palm does not.

Call me a noob or stupid if you want but why would I as an advanced user (use preware for homebrew and patch install) need or want this?

Good question. And what are some example applicatios this feature can be used for?

It'd be most useful for developers and their beta testers. Ya get a url or email with a new app build, then you just install it, without needing a computer.

personally i don't need any of this, what i really want is flash!

Oh really?! Okay, I'll ask Jonathan to pull down the article, and maybe Rod and Jason can eliminate these features before they release the new versions of Preware and Internalz. Maybe then Flash will magically arrive sooner and we can stop reading about all this other SILLY news.

Wow, did I write that? I'm not usually so sarcastic!

i try to install but it just gets an IPKG error (invalid or missing url parameter) but i coppied and pasted the urls from the testing feed wiki so i dont see how it could be wrong....

i try to install but it just gets an IPKG error (invalid or missing url parameter) but i coppied and pasted the urls from the testing feed wiki so i dont see how it could be wrong....

I have such a man-crush on those guys.

Thank you so very much for all the work you do and allowing us all to benefit from it.

I get the same thing trigunesq

does this possible mean I can get preware directly on my palm without touching a computer this would be so amazing

does this possible mean I can get preware directly on my palm without touching a computer this would be so amazing

nah, it means ipk packages can be installed by Preware or Internalz directly, rather than relying on online feeds. Installing Preware/Internalz would still require a computer

awww what a bummer when u
have no computer lol

i wish preware had internalz built in...

If Internalz was not closed source software from Jason Robitaille at Canuck Software (a completely different organisation from WebOS Internals, with no developers in common), then we (WebOS Internals, who produces the open source Preware application) would be able to do that.

It seems that no matter how much both Jason and I try to make it clear that our two organisations are completely separate and independent, both PreCentral and webOSroundup go and confuse everyone yet again by running a single article talking about both. Nice job, guys. :(

-- Rod

Honestly, combining applications for the sake of combining these is a bit too much. One is a package installer and one is a file manager. Each do their thing perfectly well in separate areas to create a richer webOS experience. :)

(And for the record, even though some of my projects are closed source, like Internalz, I do a lot of open source work too. And given the quality/stability of my closed source work, ya can't really scoff at that either. I only mention this because some people hear "closed source" and instantly assume the worst, when, hopefully by this point my past work has proven otherwise :p)