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Print from your TouchPad 19

by Adam Marks Mon, 24 Sep 2012 4:04 pm EDT

This tip is only for devices running webOS 3.0 and higher

TouchPad Browser PrintIf you have a TouchPad and an HP wireless or wired printer connected to the same network, you can very easily print emails, pictures, documents or more right from your TouchPad with no additional software needed.  All you have to look out for is the TouchPad print icon icon or a "Print" option in the application dropdown that appears when swiping down from the top left.  But before you go to print, you may just want to make sure that your TouchPad finds your printer. To do this, open up the Print Manager app (Print Manager) on the SETTINGS tab and tap the "Add or remove printer" button on the top. If your TouchPad has already found your printer on your network, it will appear under the "AUTO DISCOVERED" section on the bottom. Otherwise, type in the IP address on your printer and give it a name and tap the "Add Printer" button.

Once you have your TouchPad and printer connected, all you need to do now is just print something. Whenever you tap the TouchPad print icon icon or select a Print option, a pop-up will appear that will allow you to choose the number of copies, if you want 2-sided or color printing, or if you want to select a different printer to print to.  Just tap the "Print" button once you are ready to print.  A dashboard notification will appear letting you know the printing job has started, and if you want to check the status of the job, you can go back to the Print Manager app to check out the Print Queue.  You can also cancel your print jobs from there, as well.

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Without an HP printer, applications on the computer hosting the printer may help. I have tried Printopia on my Mac with mixed results - the TouchPad can sometimes see the hosted printer but not actually print to it. I'll usually just save whatever I'm trying to print to Dropbox and then print it from a computer later.

I'd love any suggestions for a Printopia-like application that lets TouchPads recognize and print to non HP printers.

For those of us that will never buy a HP printer, install this application on your computer.

Work great for me. The WebOS community is Awesome!

what would be trick is a small wireless network print server the size of a thumb drive that could plug jnto any USB printer and print wirelessly or from onboard print que. HP has Bluetooth version available but I don't think the touchpad could use it.

They made something like this, which is what I have on my laser printer as I was tired of having a computer always on just to act as the bridge to the printer. TP-LINK TL-WPS510U

Works great, but it was a challenge to install.

But regardless, you still need something like Touch2PcPrinter for the Touchpad to print., (which I run on my desk machine)

It does not need to be wireless. It can also have the Ethernet port and be connected directly to your network as well. Both our Touchpads just set themselves up ! Works like a charm!

thanks. didnt realize it could be a wired printer, too!  Updated the tip accordingly

My Ethernet connected HP OfficeJet Pro 8000 was automatically found by my TouchPad in a few seconds. Can iPads print?

I just picked up a HP Envy 110, which is really a pretty neat printer.  It also features a 3.5" touchscreen and runs apps .. it makes me wonder if it was made of leftover Pre2 parts. hah.
It works quite nicely from the TouchPad. I was very surprised.

Thank you @namgod;
I mean, yes is good to let know users of HP product they can print on their HP printer. Far more useful would have been to let also know that our amazing Homebrew community already made it possible to print from your HP Touchpad to HP and non HP printers as well. Mostly since almost everyone has an animosity to HP for what it has done to our beloved webOS. This is not meant in any way to disrespect our -also- beloved webOS Nation contributors.

bought my folks a HP 5520 to use with their iPad and worked fine once I realised that the icon that means output also means print, had to test it with my touchpad and worked great to, think I will be buying myself one.

Does somebody know if it is possible to use the common printer function to print to PDF file?

Is there any way to get the touchpad running as a SX Virtual Link client?
It would be nice to have the ability to mount printers and mass storage devices using an Silex device server.

Since I'm a Linux geek I managed to get my non-hp printer at home to print stuff from my Touchpad. CUPS is the magic word. I have one "virtual" printer that pretends to be a HP Laserjet 4.

Anyway, I'd like to do this in the office, too. But since we got new routers with a slightly changed WPA2 enterprise encoding, my Touchpad won't connect to anything.

"Curse you, evil Hoolitt Packurd..."

I've suspected something like this could be done but never looked into it - can you provide a recipe?

Does Mac OS X use CUPS? My mom has a touchpad and a mac mini and would love to print. . .

Apple "bought" Michael Sweet and the CUPS rights back in 2007, so I guess it should be able to do this on Apple, too.

My printer is a Brother MFC which runs in LaserJet 4 mode and it has its own network interface.

I for myself are quite unexperienced with that MacOS, although I once had a MacBook Pro for half a year back in 2009. Afaik you have to enable Printer Sharing on the mac mini, alas I don't know whether this ist done in the CUPS interface (http://:631) or somewhere else.

The rest should be easy. within CUPS' config section you should be able to install a new printer by hand. Do so by using a HP LaserJet 4 or 5 Model and then use the printer's ip (in your case this should be the Mac Mini since we want to try over Printer Sharing)

Oh, and off course your mom's printer should be able to run in LaserJet 4 mode.

Somewhat offtopic here, but my TP can't see my printer on my home network -- but it can't see any of my computers, either. That is, it can't see them by DNS name; it can access them by IP address. This is true of both my Windows and Linux boxes. I'm sure there's something relatively simple that I've not done to enable my Touchpad to view the same DNS entries every other device on the network is getting, but I don't know what it is. Can somebody give me a clue?

I have the HP 100 portable blue tooth printer. Have gone thru many hoops with HP support to pair it with my touchpad. Apparently can't be done. At least it couldn't six months ago. Anybody know any different. My touchpad works fine with my HP wireless printer, just not their bluetooth portable.

I had one of those to play around with because one of our customers wanted to get rid of them. No luck, either.

I haven't messed around much with bluetooth printing in pre webOS days since there were always other more suitable solutions available, but I digged into it to quite some extend and I believe that there's some important part missing in the bluetooth stack.

It does not work with HP Laser Printers P1102 / P1102W (maybe others too, HP did not publish a list of HP printers compatible with TP). So don't buy a HP printer just thinking it will magically work with TP. Buy a HP printer with ePrint (you can send a e-mail with the document to the printer) or AirPrint compatible (and use an Apple product which actually works better than HP's TP regarding this feature)