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by _patrickc_ Thu, 05 Jan 2012 1:49 am EST
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Minego, PatrickC, penduin
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Project Macaw is an attempt to update the wonderful phnx twitter client for webOS phones and tablets.
The goal is to be merged back into phnx when complete.

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how do I put the app on my touchpad? its not in the hp catalog and when I try to download it it says mime can't be opened.


you need to install preware and then you can install a lot third party applications.

I have installed preware on my computer but cannot find it! It says it is installed. I have my touchpad connected via USB, not in USB mode and I have it in Developer Mode and that is turned on and displayed on screen. I cannot get anything to download?

The Project Macaw team maintains our own preware feed. You can add this custom feed to preware by adding a custom feed URL of
We will update the app here as well, but our preware feed will get updates more regularly.

I can get this app to work on my Pre. The will finish authorizing. What can I do to fix this

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Follow the dev url for the latest version (1.5.3 at this date)