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by rrounsav Fri, 07 Oct 2011 1:39 am EDT
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Proxy Set Basic allows Touchpad users to set a proxy for use in web-filtered environments.  The experimental "Auto" option extracts possible proxy configurations from pac files.  This is useful in environments that use automatic proxy configuration urls.  Untested support for secure proxies that require authentication is provided.


Note:  Proxies discovered by the "Auto" option may not all work due to security restrictions in the network.  Each proxy available may need to be tested to find a working proxy configuration.


1.0.0 - Initial Release


1.1.0 - Updated for webOS 3.04 compatibility

- Font color changed to white on colored buttons to improve legibility.


1.1.1 - Removed limit on proxy port range.  Any port between 0 to 65536 is now considered valid.

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I'm looking forward to testing this out tomorrow, especially the Auto configure with a PAC.

Where can people access the source code for this?

I will need to determine where to host the code, or include it in the package itself. I will post a location soon.

Works great! Can you please add save profile settings?

Thanks, works great, but how do I specify a domain so I can also access internal web sites at work through VPN ?

This would require modifications to either the browser directly or the WebService. I don't see this happening anytime soon. Unless some savvy C/C++ programmer can create a PDK plugin to handle pac files. Maybe by starting with pacparser's code ( We could then create a default pac file that would bypass the proxy for local domains. This would also add the ability to have true autoproxy support. My C/C++ coding skills are quite rusty and I am just at the beginning of understanding webos PDK.

Yes a Save Setting would be nice. Also the ability to have several different profiles for multiple Proxies.

Working on it. Depending on the time I have available this feature could be added by next week.

Rob, is there any chance we'll see an update for 3.0.4, please come to the rescue. :)

Resolved in update to 1.1.0.

why my setting the port to 80, it always say "80 is not a valid port"

This should now be resolved in version 1.1.1.

I have changed the code myself, change the line 96 in the usr\palm\applications\\source\Manual.js

great idea! I was looking for it for a long time... Is it working as well with webOs 2.1 on my palm pre2?

It is an enyo based app, which I do not believe is supported on webOS 2.1. Someone correct me if I am wrong. So short answer it will probably not work on webOS 2.1, but may on webOS 2.2.

I'm not having any luck with it passing my credentials to my ISA server. It keeps trying to do anonymous request even though the username and password have been filled in. The touchpad will give a Network Credential prompt and then tell me I have internet access when I don't because the proxy keeps denying the requests. I am in a domain environment if that helps any.

Unfortunately I do not have an ISA Server to test against. Have you tried entering you username in the form domain\username format? Otherwise I will need to test against an ISA Server. Unfortunately I am not sure when I will have the time to set one up for testing. If this still does not work I would probably need to tweak the code and have you test it.

I've tried using that user name method and it won't set the proxy information. I get "Failed to set system proxy information!" When using just my userid and password it is still passing them to the ISA server as anonymous though. I'm fine with testing if you can work on it for me.

Try entering you username as domain\\username.
\\ - is not a typo. I am wondering if this may have to do with \ being an reserved character in linux.

Mixed news. Good news. It let me set the domain user id and password! Bad news, is that it still isn't handing that off to the ISA server. It is like it isn't trying to pushing that info to the ISA server.

I am facing some problem. Using this application I am able to browse internet via web browser and my maps application is also working fine. But I am not able to login any of my account (skype, yahoo, facebook) behind proxy. What is solution of this

Do anyone else facing problem with accounts while using proxy set basic? I am not able to login to skype, yahoo, facebook account.

I have not had a lot of time to dedicate to this project lately. There are some things that are just not possible to do right now in the current webOS development framework. The proxy seems to only be set for the browser and other applications that use the browser to access data. It looks like there has been some new proxy code generated by HP in the latest release. I will take another look. However, I would not hold my breath for full system-wide proxy support for the time being.

How to save the settings? If i exit the program, all the proxy is not available.

hi i have downloaded this file on my computer and transferd to the phone as a folder. but i am not able to see the folder. can anybody please help.

can anyone tell me how to use this? I need it for to sign in. But I just don't kno w how to use it so I can sign in... Can anyone pls help me I'm begging I need this

Runs on Pre2 (2.2.4), but I cannot select the Done button, due to it being below the screen + can't scroll. So I don't know if it actually works.

Xandros, for the pre2 use proxyswitch with USERNAME:PASSWORD@PROXY_URL into the proxy url text field

Thanks!!! Runs on Touchpad 3.0.4