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PSA: Find more Exhibition apps with App Catalog search 10

by Derek Kessler Fri, 08 Apr 2011 5:43 pm EDT

If you have a webOS 2.1 device, it’s likely you’ve uncovered the magic that is Exhibition. Problem is, when you open Exhibition preferences to check out what other Exhibition-compatible apps are available, you’re told there are only eight. Yeah, eight. It’s better than the non-existent Synergy Connectors, but eight still isn’t good.

Turns out, there’s something in the inner workings of the App Catalog that has resulted in a good number of Exhibition-compatible apps not showing up when you look for more. How to find them? The answer is old-school: search “Exhibition” in the App Catalog. While there are a few false positives (we’re searching for the word Exhibition, after all), such a search reveals ~20 more Exhibition-compatible apps. Strangely, none of the “Works with Touchstone Charging Dock” apps you can find by hitting Find More... in the Exhibition preferences are the same ones that show up in an App Catalog search.

So, until HP fixes whatever’s preventing the majority of Exhibition apps from appearing in the Exhibition Find More search, we’re going to recommend you also give the App Catalog a search.



cant hp just create a exhibition category for the catalog?

It would be better to fix the problem that prevents app from being recognized as Exhibition apps.

I think there's some sort of flag that has to be set when the app is submitted; in the app catalog the 'official' exhibition compatible apps have a special "Works With" section with a touchstone graphic and the text "Touchstone Charging Dock". all the others that show up when searching for "exhibition" lack this note. of interest is the app "YO!" which shows up via both methods and indeed does have the touchstone note.

by the way, +1 for the eWeather and News app. exactly what I wanted.

Not strangely, they probably don't have the word "Exhibition" in their descriptions because they are the few apps that actually get successfully recognized as exhibition apps.

The problem is in the app catalog portal page. It tries to be smart and automatically detect exhibition apps based on the apps configuration file. However, it doesnt actually recognize any of the apps that use exhibition and the ones that it does recognize actually have a faulty configuration file. I discovered this while submitting Touchstone Weather and the problem was reported to Palm almost a month ago, so far we have been told that "their engineering team is working on it"

This is really off subject but I needed to tell someone! Does this mean anything as far as new devices coming to Sprint?

Says something about Sprint-HP Partnership and Enterprise. Maybe someone can make sense of this.

I would not look too far into that, first off that video seems to be very old. And more importantly its talking about the two companies innovating togather, it really means nothing in terms of HP and Sprint's carrier relationship.

Eh worth a shot I guess. Really hoping for the Pre3 to come to to Sprint... Now with the Verizon Pre3 sighting I'm more nervous. Priced my 5 lines with Verizon today. They will be gettin my business if Sprint doesn't carry WEBOS anymore.

On another note is it possible to Flash Shazam over to Webos now that the API for the mic has been released? It's just one of those apps I have been dying to have.

Nice workaraound post until a fix is done for exhibition filter issue with app submissions.