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PSA: Metrix analytics suite going dark on April 25th, to be open source 6

by arthurthornton Sun, 22 Apr 2012 8:08 pm EDT

PSA: Metrix Analytics Suite Going Dark on April 25th, Goes Open Source

Developers, if you gather information about your install base for your apps you've likely run across Metrix, a project between Syntactix, one of our favorite developers, and webOSroundup. Following the announcement by webOSroundup earlier this month that they were going to be signing off for the last time, the decision to send Metrix offline was announced on Wednesday.

The servers used to host Metrix cost around $250 per month, a high cost for a service provided free-of-charge to developers. Metrix is one of the most widely-used analytics tool by webOS app developers and for good reason - implementing the tool with your app is a breeze and you can be up and running in a matter of minutes. Syntactix also made the decision to open source the entire Metrix codebase - meaning the Mojo and Enyo libraries to interact with the Metrix servers, as well as the Metrix server-side code. As such, any developer with the desire to continue gathering analytics on their apps can do so with relative ease, so long as you have the means to use the code, which requires a Windows server among other things.

For developers looking to keep a historical record of their apps, you've got limited time to act and it requires that you contact Syntactix. They can provide you with a CSV file containing all of your Metrix data. Do keep in mind that there is no way to import this data into Metrix with ease so that will all fall on you to either manually enter the data into your Metrix server or to build an import function; if you choose the latter it would be beneficial to contribute it back to the developer community.

Metrix has had a good ride and we've learned a lot over the years from Metrix data, such as when Palm was testing the Pre2 with Zhephree's foursquare app. We are saddened to see Metrix go though we can certainly understand why it must and we're grateful for the decision to open source the tool.

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I've got a colo that mostly sits idle and has capacity, if folks are interested in seeing a community metrix server resurrected let's chat!  I'm curious to hear how hosting came to be $250/mo, sounds pretty high.. (like stats on bandwidth, etc..)

That might explain it: "our server was processing over 6 million hits a month"

6,000,000 hits per month is nothing to sneeze at, especially on a Windows box. Given that Windows boxes running IIS are almost always less efficient and more expensive on average than your typical Ubuntu/nginx-powered box, the price can really add up. $250 sounds on the lighter side, actually, so it sounds like they did a decent job with what they had. Given that if someone took Metrix and ran with it would be starting from zero effectively, you'd be able to do it on a shoestring so long as you could assure developers that you were willing to scale up rapidly--and pay for it to prevent any service interruption at all due to lack of capacity.
As far as a community-based server, it'd be interesting if someone who had a spare Windows box laying around decided to give it a shot. But I wouldn't do it lightly; you could end up trashing your monthly bandwidth allotment and paying out the nose if you're not careful.
If Metrix had been built to target Linux as a platform instead--Windows is very limiting in OSS developer support in this day and age--there'd be a lot more volunteers willing to back this up and charge appropriately a nominal monthly fee for server upkeep (which is the only sustainable way to keep things running for a webOS-only metrics server at this point). As it is, I'd be pleasantly surprised if someone decides to dedicate not only a whole WIndows box to it, but also foot the bill--but I wouldn't exactly expect either of those things to happen unless they had both deep pockets to ensure service reliability and the time to spend on maintatining and improving the codebase, merging in contributions from the open-source community as necessary. Bottom line, it's not a role to be taken lightly.
Given the dwindling webOS developer base, though, if whoever picked it up added support for other platforms and/or Phonegap/Appcelerator Titanium, they may be onto something.

this is death by shotgun blast, followed by a million cuts. new of this or that app or develiper discontinuing WebOS support seems to come daily. This totally bums me out. I love WebOS and try to stay positive about its future but every time the hammer drops that makes it a little harder. My contract w/ verizon is up, and I can go anywhere I want, but I haven't because the alternatives suck so bad.

I think this is not the only thing that the webOS Nation community should take from webOSroundup. Their site app is very nice! It lets users log in and comment from within the app, when the "unofficial" webOSNation/precentral app doesn't (or it does on the phone versions but not as good as the WOR one). I know, I know it is an "unofficial" app, but it's the face of this site to many webOS users (me at least). I barely use WOR on my Veer or TouchPad, but when I do I can't help to think why oh why don't webOS Nation doesn't make an "official" or partners up with ScienceApps and improve theirs! You have more users and the ones that were on WOR will make the jump and see that their former site app was way better (kinda-like when someone jumps from webOS to any other platform!).
We just learned through Metrix that there are 2.2.5 and 3.0.6 webOS's versions on the wild, so I see this being a good tool to keep it up and going. Probably we can come with a group of people that can donate the $ 250 monthly fee required to do so (lets say 10x$25=$250 or 100x$2.5=$250).

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