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PSA: Newest CM9 official nightly build delivers mic functionality 20

by Ryan St. Andrie Wed, 27 Jun 2012 10:40 pm EDT

PSA: Newest CM9 official nightly build delivers mic functionality

Many of  you familiar with the Android world may have caught the news that a cavalcade of devices received RC1 treatment from the CyanogenMod team. "What the hell does that mean?" you ask. Well, in a nutshell it means that these 37 devices took one step closer to what the CyanogenMod team considers a "stable" release. Either way, many of us with dual booted TouchPads rushed to the various forums on the interwebs in hopes that we too moved to the next step in the beta process but alas we are not quite there yet.

We're not left in the cold, as the newest CM9 official nightly build has a bit of functionality that has been missing for some time now. The newest build finally has mic support so we can utilize all the nifty apps and cool Android voice functions. We have found in our testing that it is hit and miss as to which apps work and which ones don't though. For example, trying to do a voice chat in Gtalk results in a force close of the app whereas voice chat in Skype works like a champ. So don't expect everything to work as intended for the time being. 

This functionality is yet another step forward in the progress toward a stable build for CM9 on the TouchPad. All that lacks now is a little polish on the mic service and getting the camera support up and running. These two bits have been an issue since the move from CM7 to CM9 but the CyanogenMod team are obviously hard at work to remedy both of those issues. Hopefully, one day in the near future we will have a fully stable release of CM9 to ride shotgun with Open webOS 1.0. In the meantime we will be more than happy to run the nightly next to webOS Community Edition in the very near future!

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Why indeed. Why can someone hack Android onto HP hardware with a functional microphone, when Palm and HP combined, could not create a working API for the microphone on my Pre in three years? HP should be prosecuted for fraud in using the "HP Invent" moniker.


I'd rather have webOS on my Evo 3d though...

Freakin awesome! I don't get all the Android Touchpad hate around here since it means webOS lives longer by proxy, so these articles--to me, at least--are really welcome and extend the lives of Touchpads everywhere that otherwise would have ended up to the growing list on eBay these days. More importantly, CM9's keeping webOS in the hands of many users who installed Android on Day One after they got it, but might get curious to peek at webOS just to see the promise it once had.
They won't stick with webOS without the apps to support it, though. In order for that to happen, the OS has to have at least one very capable app to replace every frequently-used app on the other platform by the user considering a switch. Unfortunately that kind of app support no longer exists on webOS; it has some great apps, but really centralized to a small handful of areas and lacks that vital app support in all others.
There was talk over on Slashdot about CM9 being able to use the camera drivers from the webOS CE project, but since webOS is based on a much older kernel than even Android 2.2, it appears that's going to be a hell of a time--if not impossible--to get working in CM9. Time will tell, I guess.

What I'd really like to see is CM9 on my Pre 3. :D

However, I love it on the Touchpad and just updated to the latest nightly build. Woot!

Any plans to write a "Howto" article on upgrading from an old Alpha nightly to RC1? I imagine there are others here that are in the same boat as I.

LOVE these updates (both the CM9 and the news about same)! Thanks very much. Keep 'em comin!!!

Thinking about biting the bullet and moving one of my tablets over-- about how long does the process take?

I am considered a computer illiterate and I was able to do it in about 30 minutes. After the first I upgraded my other two touchpads in half that time, take the plunge you wont regret it, cm9 is smooth as silk and fast, plus you will love having netflix on touchpad

Thanks. I'm mostly looking at this so I can play some Android games that aren't on the Fire. I'll reserve judgment on Netflix, it looked horrible on my Fire.

Netflix looks good on the Fire. you should login and make sure you have High quality checked off on their website. If it's set to low, it will look like garbage on the Fire.

actually vpn is also missing as it is not working at all. if vpn worked, i could finally rdp (true rdp) to client systems. any idea when that will be working?

We don't want the Touchpad to live just so that android slowly take over the only pad webOS lives on. Also, beware of webOS Community Edition, which already has a great gesture update that lets you switch between apps without the need to go card view. So, with webOS finding its way into Homebrewngreat team (best community ever!) -along with whoever wants to add to it- and until Phoenix -hopefully- gets its way with a new place to call home, we want our HP Touchpad to hold webOS and webOS Nation to deliver more webOS news and articles. As a matter of fact, the only thing I'd be interested in other platforms is if we could have the following:
Android: ACL.
iOS: Retina display webOS devices.
Blackberry: Messenger.

Speak for yourself. Some of us do want Android to grow on the TouchPad so it can pick up were WebOS left off. While I have high hopes for Open WebOS 1.0 there are many shortcommings that simply are not possible for the community to overcome.

And just who do you speak for?... Yes... Yourself.

Give away useless touchpad to someone, or sell it on ebay. Then go buy you a real android tablet

This feels like a dumb question. I have a touchpad that I installed CM9 on a few months ago. Will I be automatically upgraded to the new version, or do I have to reinstall it? If so, are there instructions somewhere for how to update?

While you won't be upgraded automatically, it is easy to perform the upgrade manually and you won't lose your apps either.

All I did was download the latest nightly zip & latest gapps and copied them into CMInstall folder on my TP under USB drive in WebOS.

Then I rebooted and choose Clockworkmod, did a backup (called nandroid), then selected wipe cache and finally choose advanced and did a dalvik cache wipe.

After that I applied nightly zip (it says from SD card), rebooted and enjoyed the new boot animation and found all my apps still loaded and waiting for me.

Where can we get that webosnation wallpaper for CM9?

i have a 32 gb touchpad and love the webos but i would like to be able to run ICS on it,the only thing is i would prefer to wait until there is a complete download available rather than do cm9,can anybody tell me if-when this might be possible if at all.any help/comment would be very much appreciated.