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Qt app platform up and running on Palm Pre 23

by Dieter Bohn Mon, 08 Mar 2010 3:53 pm EST


Qt (pronounced 'cute') is Nokia's attempt at creating a 'write once, run anywhere' programming platform - learn more here. It's a big deal for them as they deal with supporting S60 and their new Meego linux platform (which Maemo will be merged into). The idea is that developers will be able to create their app in Qt and have it run on both S60 and Meego - and darn near everything else they can get it running on.

Add one more platform to that list - webOS. Darron Black successfully ported Qt to webOS in time for a demo at Mobile World Congress. Nokia was naturally thrilled and blogged it up themselves (twice).

We don't know whether Qt is going to be a viable programming platform for Nokia - 'write once, run anywhere' has been a cruel, unreachable pipe dream to many would-be mobile moguls in the past - but now that it's up and running on webOS, count us as behind it. We'll take Qt apps, we'll take iPhone ports, we'll take it all. As Black noted in his post, webOS is 'OPEN' (but not, technically, open source). Add in that it's arguably more accessible to more programmers than Android and we're feeling pretty darn good about the platform's potential.

We'll have Matthew Miller of Nokia Experts and ZDNet on PalmCast Live tomorrow - you can bet that in addition to talking about his new Palm Pre Plus happiness, we'll be talking Qt.

Thanks to muchtall for the tip!



Sounds great. Will definitely make developing easier for all WebOS devs as well as devs for other platforms.

Hopefully Palm will officially support this with official app catalog app releases possible.

So now we've got Qt running on X11, Windows, Mac OS X, Maemo/MeeGo, Symbian, Haiku/BeOS AND WebOS? That makes me happy!

This makes me think that Nokia might considering buying Palm even more now...which would actually be awesome! Nokia Hardware + WebOS = awesomesauce!

If they did they would have "control" of pretty much all the graphical side of embedded Linux outside of Android. I put control in quotes because with QT ( opie ) and GTK ( maemo ) being GPL and they would develop and guide more than control.

Count me out on Nokia hardware. Now, Nokia money? Palm could put that to good use. :P

Frankly, Nokia hardware is some of the toughest stuff in the world because of the amount of testing they put it through. Take Palm design, Nokia's product testing and Nokia's money to super charge WebOS development and I think you have a winning combination. As others have said above add on QT support and that instantly generates thousands of new apps for WebOS.

Thumbs up for Nokia hardware. Nokia is a workhorse device no matter what the form factor.

ovi maps on webos :)))) is it possible ?

Wow. I have a Sharp Zarus SL-5000D sitting at home. It ran Linux + QT embedded in 2001.( see http://opie.handhelds.org ).

This is very interesting if people start to port all those applications. And they will be native compiles using SDL .. not html+javascript+css WebOS apps. So they should run very well for performance.

I have a one too...let's see what apps they can port over.

Does yours still run? My battery is dead, but it still runs awesome plugged into the wall. I would love to see a similar-ish form factor for the next Palm.

It was the first slide out keyboard I had for a handheld.

I still have a 6000. Batteries are really hard to find and really expensive when you do.
batts for the 5xxx are much easier to find.
apps weren't too plentiful for zaurus, but thee wee some useful ones, like VNC.

which gets me thinking about the whole "number of apps" business...
i'll take an awesome browser (with flash) any day over 10,000 apps.

still need some business-like apps, like vnc or remote desktop, and SSH terminals, sftp clieent, but after that it's just bells and whistles.

Something is up here. If Palm was going out of business Nokia would not have invested the money to move Qt over to WebOS. Unless they are looking at buying Palm.

No, this port was not done by nokia. They just posted on their blog. The port was done by Darron Black for a project.

well... Nokia could use palm to penetrate the US market more solid than they are now. Some of Nokia's top end smartphones are fairly nice...

Would the webOS look-n-feel just be a matter of a new Qt theme?

The apps would be native SDL so you would need a theme to fake the WebOS look and feel. Just like the current SDL games have their own look and feel. This would be important for productivity applications and not so important for games or toys.

Just a note, the Qt platform is the basis of KDE, one of the largest window managers and desktop systems for Linux. Also, Qt is one of the easiest GUI frameworks to code for, making this announcement of porting Qt to webOS quite an important landmark.

Holy snot. It is that Qt then! Yeah, this is pretty big news, imho. Just knowing C++ I was up and running coding a pretty tight and lovely application within days. Didn't realize it had become such a big part of Nokia's business.


Wait... is this the same Qt that I used to code some C++ with GUI for Linux a few years ago? No way. I want SDKs (and PDK) nao!

Nice coverage, Dieter.

Now if somebody could get the Python language and the Python bindings for Qt working (PyQt), my joy would be complete. I've got a few apps I wrote in PyQt that I'd love to port to the Pre.