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Qt Apps in Preware, more on the way 63

by Dieter Bohn Sat, 13 Mar 2010 10:41 am EST

Webos-internals writes to let us know that they've wrangled Darron Black onto the team - Black is the developer who created the Qt port for webOS. Qt, if you don't recall, is Nokia's cross-platform application development framework, and it's a major win to see it up and working on the Palm Pre. 

If you open up Preware right now you can find a 7 demo Qt apps (Go to Applications, switch the button at bottom to 'feeds,' and then go into webos-internals and demo). 

The plan is for Qt to run on the "WebOS Interals Development Kit," which is essentially the homebrew edition of the Plug-in Development Kit. What does that mean to you? More Qt apps - head on over qt-apps.org for a list of the sorts of apps that currently exist in Qt and start slavering.



good job. im glad you guys brought something out while we are still waiting for the flash plugin. cant wait till we get even more qt apps

I think this would be very good if you could actually fix webos quick install so it can recognize my phone so I can get PREWARE BACK!!!!!

I'm going to take a guess that it's your phone and not WOSQI.
And you can install Preware with the installer found at preware.org .

lol preware killed my phone after the webos 1.4 update. And I lost everything cuz I had to reset it.

So you had to reset your phone and you are now having problems? You are not in Developer Mode.

In Universal Search type "webos20090606". Then get into dev mode.

BTW - When you are the only one having problems, it usually isn't the tool being used by thousands.

lol I feel so stupid. Thanks.

What are you talking about, fix webos quickinstall? Are you sure you're running your phone in developer mode?

To be fair, there is an issue with Win7 and WOSQI.

Just restart both desktopOS and webOS... and you'll be fine. :>)

I'm confused. Are these games or developer tools or what?

"Qt, if you don't recall, is Nokia's cross-platform application development framework"

Qt coming to WebOS is a really good thing. QT is a cross-platform framework. What does this mean? This means that any app that is written using the Qt framework can be easily ported to any other OS that can run Qt. Currently, Qt runs on:
Mac OS X
Embedded Linux - (For low powered devices)
Windows CE
The S60 platform

If you use the KDE environment in Linux, you've used Qt. Some popular/interesting programs that use Qt (whittled down from a Wikipedia list):

Adobe Photoshop Album, an image organizing application (not all of photoshop, but at least a part of it)
Arora, a free and open source lightweight cross-platform web browser
Avidemux, a Free Software program designed for multi-purpose video editing and processing, has a Qt frontend since version 2.4
Avogadro, advanced molecule editor
CineFX, a cross-platform, open source, free, video editing, effects, and compositing suite
Full Tilt Poker, one of the most popular online poker programs
GoldenDict, an open-source dictionary software
Google Earth, a 3D map program
Hydrogen, an advanced drum machine.
Last.fm Player, the desktop client for the popular internet radio and music community website
Mathematica, Linux and Windows versions use Qt for the GUI front-end
Mixxx, cross-platform open source DJ mixing software
MuseScore, a WYSIWYG graphical music notation editor
MythTV, an open source digital video recorder
Opera, a web browser, uses Qt in the Linux-version
PDFedit, a free PDF editor
qBittorrent, a free BitTorrent P2P client.
Rosegarden, a free software digital audio workstation program
Scribus, a desktop publishing application
Skype, a P2P VOIP application
SMPlayer, a multiplatform multimedia player front-end for MPlayer.
Stellarium, a free software planetarium
TeamSpeak, cross-platform voice communication software
Texmaker, a cross-platform open source LaTeX editor
TeXworks, It is a graphical user interface to the typesetting system TeX.
VirtualBox, a PC virtualization application
VLC Media Player, an open source media player.

I'm not saying that these programs will be ported to WebOS, I'm just saying that the door is now open and it is a possibility. Don't you guys think it would be cool to have VLC, Skype, and/or Opera on WebOS? This is where the openness of Palm really shines!

Thanks for the update and info. Everything has a time and a place and Qt may be just what webOS needs to accomplish things like word processing, spreadsheets and otherwise that aren't coming our way quickly.

Interesting list of people using the Qt and I'm pretty certain I'm not the only paying attention. Thanks again, Sorli...

Yay! should have been a YaY to the Last.fm tool, but hey. got it all confused (:

I can speak for many people in here that would love to see the "Last.fm Player" ported over!

Can QT apps run in diePhone?

QT has not been ported to the iPhone. And just like flash will never be able to get GPU access on anything Apple ... they don't want C++ code or really any diverse idea on their systems.

Apple wants to make Apple-Head clones. So they make sure to never, NEVER, allow anything outside of their little world on their systems.

Does this also work on the pixi? I only see the pre mentioned.

There is currently no (full) support for Qt on the iPhone.

Through one ear out the other...if this means more apps then great news

I really do think its a great thing and all but man, have you guy looked at the examples? Qt: bring'n the ugly to WebOS. Nice but sad at the same time.

what does all of this mean for webos, i m a noob when it comes to these things, anyone know of any link to find out about these things

it means that apps written in QT ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Qt_%28framework%29 ) for nokia phones and much more, might run now in our webOS with no probs.

So more apps for you and more ways to attract devs (hopefully for they to do things with mojoSDK instead of Qt).

Most of those don't really look appropriate for a mobile environment, but it looks like a great way to get some pretty powerful apps.

I was excited when I heard about QT compatibility, but looking at the app list I am left wanting. Almost, Palm... Almost.

Those apps are proof of concept. Qt samples to show that a smart individual on the homebrew scene with no relation to palm has been able to make QT run on webOS thanks to webOS being able to run compiled code now.

And so a new way to even more apps (despite their UIs) is opened once again.

I would highly discourage proliferation of Qt apps on "directly" the Palm webOS.

While existing capabilities available on the Qt can be leveraged quickly, the Qt look and feel is anti-thesis to the webOS look and feel. Actually goes beyond look and feel.

One approach could be creating mappings of Qt UI components to webOS' such that Qt components are rendered in a webOS style. Another would be to create a emulation layer and an alternate means of Qt app installation. The second approach keeps Qt apps separate from webOS apps.

I think it is time I start webOS development.

I agree. The Qt spreadsheet demo is good example of why the default Qt look & feel on webOS is a bad idea. The menus and scrollbars are all too small to used effectively with the touchscreen. Sure, it would work OK with a stylus or on the desktop with a mouse, but those are not the intended input methods with this device. It's like running palmOS apps in Classic. They work, but one really has to concentrate on touching a very small GUI control.

Qt can be skinned to overcome all of these issues and integrate better with the WebOS style. For now, these apps are just proofs of concept with no effort to integrate into the WebOS style. Qt can be made to look really awesome. For example, Skype, Google Earth, and Opera use Qt. Also, KDE is based off of Qt. Take a look at this video of KDE on Kubuntu 9.04 (I have a similar setup on my laptop): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fSJyJ9JuY5E

It's about more than the 'skin'

Then someone who knows what they're doing needs to get to work on it, otherwise this will just be a geek curiosity.

yes I agree :)

I've worked with Nokia, Symbian, S60, UIQ, hardware & software, and even their WAP SDKs and services... I so do NOT want Nokia's crap coming to Palm & WebOS. They don't have a clue about useability, design, simple logic, streamlining processes... everything that makes WebOS a joy to use and develop for. Everything is such a pain in the ass in the Nokia/Symbian world. And the bigger problem is they think they're right. They're too arrogant to change, and they'll just corrupt the WebOS world. Looking down the road at Palm's uncertain future and Nokia's difficulty penetrating the North American market, I really, really hope Nokia doesn't acquire Palm.

Thanks for your opinion,But we will take all we can get an love it.To qoute Freddy Mercury"We want it all and We want it now"

Just a note ... QT is not Nokia. They may shepherd it now, but QT is a framework used by far more people than Nokia. And being GPL it will never be controlled by them.

How many QT apps are there? Once this is released in the App store, shouldn't the number of QT apps be included in the total number of Palm Pre apps? So that should jump the number up a thousand or so instantly!

QT is a method of developing interfaces to a program. There are TONS of apps that use QT to be able to run on Linux, OS/X and Windows. Most of these apps are developed for a desktop environment and screen size.

This is just another avenue for developers to use for apps. It doesn't magically make apps appear on the platform.

I loaded all of the QT demos and looked at each one. They do not look very elegant and their UI is very strange. While I welcome new apps to WebOS, I think these are a step backward. I removed the QT demos.

This kinda worries me a little.

One of the great things about this phone is the way everything comes together and is consistent with gestures for deleting things and such.

My concern is that QT apps will break that. How devoted are the QT developers to giving us something that looks beautiful and behaves like a WebOS app should?

Although normally I'd worry about bloat with QT vs. other libraries, that's probably not the case compared to what it takes to do things with CSS and Javascript the way that Palm wants us to.

Hoping for some nice apps from this, but worried about it making our phone a mishmashed mess like the droid.

"slavering" ...? You might have meant savering, but I'm not sure.

No, I'm pretty sure he meant what he wrote...

I tried things out and it looks interesting, but I just don't see the point if it does work and interact specifically for the webOS interface. Sorli...

i don't fully understand this stuff and it strikes me as more appealling to the tinkerer or the very techy person.

I'm more interested in the mainstream stuff. Like good apps and features. if it helps get better apps fine. not sure why i care though. seems like developer stuff. Not for me.

Development tools are not interesting to users. They are interesting to developers. But, more tools can mean more developers can mean more applications.

Also, a huge chunk of the software the Pre is built on is Free. As in Freedom. GPL, opensource, or whatever terms you want to use. Many of these developers do it for fun and write some of the greatest programs. Making it easier for them to develop for Pre is a big plus.

So yes this shouldn't be interesting to you. But, the stuff that will come from it will be.

i get your point. I do however think that that is a symptom of an issue with the pre and webos in general. Maybe it's just my impression but it feels like over the last 6 or 7 months most of the news is stuff that only has a tangential relationship to the common users of the phone. It's PDk this, sdk that. I don't expect some big news story every day ya know but seems like the news is often not for the consumer directly. We need more days like, "Hey new facebook app" but rather "Fender releases guitar app", or check out these new bluetooth head sets. like i looked at the iphone blog and the crackberry blog and there seems to be a lot less of this stuff that shouldn't be interesting to me. Those sites are heavily skewed towards stories of apps, features, new phones, accessories, etc. Stuff regular consumers use. I think it's part of why you see people freaking out when an update doesn't hit at 12:01. Cause there's barely any news between updates. They are chomping at the bit. At times i do feel like a lot of these articles are aimed mostly at developers.

don't get me wrong i'm NOT remotely saying there is something wrong with this story, writing this story, the writer, people being interested in it, or that it's not relevant. I think it's more of an observation that this is news often because there is little else newsworthy going on from a consumer perspective. Well at least we've had some positives with facebook, an update.

I kind of . . . agree. And the worst part is that the developer story will stay up as the "front page" story for a couple of days. P|C may lose some audience this way. I'd like to give some suggestions:

- transcripts of journalistic interviews with important Palm people.
- developer probes of future apps.
- ask Gameloft what they think of WebOS. They seem to have profited much from WebOS, or did they?
- PreCentral awards for best whatever
- apps are getting too confusing. I need to know the best ones to download in each category.
- I loved Derek's story on the process of an update.
- I know how, but do others know how a touchstone works.

+1 Billion

I truly hope that somebody who works for P|C listens to and actually acts upon each and every one of your suggestions.

They're extremely awesome. Actually, would you like a job at P|C? ;)

I love Dieter and the gang; I just think the Pre community (myself included) is a little in the doldrums lately. P|C might need a little nudge to write more consumer friendly articles when there is no "news." I hope I don't sound negative.

Having Qt run on webOS is a huge step forward, as Developers will be able to build Apps in the way THEY want and not in the way the company wants them to.

As there are no shiny wonderful nice apps that look like webOS ( its really just a matter of theming Qt ) its not interesting for non-developers, but it thrills me.

Nevertheless, webOS needs some kind of Sandbox as all PDK/WIDK apps run with root permissions...

You mean build apps the way the way Nokia wants developers to? I know both technologies really well (QT & SDL) and I don't see how QT brings much honestly. The apps it has on the desktop aren't very good and the UI just isn't fit for mobile. It's a cool tech demo; yes. Is it production material? no

BTW, the second link in this article should point to http://www.griffin.net/2010/02/qt-on-the-palm-pre.html

-- Rod

Thanks! Any chance a QT dev can make a faux docs2go app and make a lot of money while people are waiting.


If I can get a functional speadsheet program up and running, I really don't care how clunky the interface is, I'll take it. It is apparent that DataViz is pretty much ignoring webos right now, and who knows how long it will be before we actually get Docs2Go. Early 2010 they say, but it's been delayed before, and can be delayed again. As it stands right now, I'm either going to find something like a Qt speadsheet and word processor that I can get to work on my pre, or if not, this summer I feel like I will have no choice but to take a serious look at another platform. I love my pre, and synergy is amazing, but this is functionality I can not do without, and I'm tired of carrying two phones around to get it.

The only real problem I see with Qt, is that it may not be accessible enough for the average business user to even know that it is available. If it's not in the app catalog, then it won't even exist to them.

Would love to use the JuffEd QT and an FTP program on my phone when would we be able to add other QT apps from the http://qt-apps.org site.

HEY! How do I post forums in the forums?? and whats up with this damn comment reply?? I have to post the comment 20 times before it actually goes through. I only have this problem on Precentral. You guys need to step your game up!!

HEY! How do I post forums in the forums?? and whats up with this damn comment reply?? I have to post the comment 20 times before it actually goes through. I only have this problem on Precentral. You guys need to step your game up!!


Any developers want to port QGazer to webOS?

How about getting it runing in ubuntu?

Anyone? Bueller... Anyone?

Is there any work being done to fix Terminal? I'm getting a little tired of always having my laptop and a list of open wifi spots wherever I go so I can ssh to my servers at work. A lot of the reason I bought a Pre is because I read (here!) about the ability to have a terminal and ssh from anywhere there's a Sprint signal.

Why is Terminal always on the back-burner of things to fix when there's an update that breaks it?!?

I'll second this. Any data capable phone that has a keyboard needs an ssh client. There is nothing like fixing server problems at work (when they call and say "get it done NOW") while you are walking through the store picking up groceries.

Terminus is available from Preware.

I'm trying to put Terminus on my 2nd Pre and the download on Preware gets an error. Tried WOSQI too but no luck. I was able to get it going on my main Pre and it's been a great subsitute for Terminal which we can only hope will be updated so that it works again.

I like post

How to find generic desyrel.

I'm not a fan of Stellarium, I prefer Celestia. But for the Palm, Aho Software's Planetarium (http://www.aho.ch/pilotplanets/) was the best!