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Qualcom not interested in buying webOS; Continuing support for future devices 79

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Thu, 15 Sep 2011 11:55 am EDT

It's time to put yesterday's rumor about Qualcomm potentially buying webOS to rest. The company has made a public statement regarding any discussions about the possibility of an acquisition, and it follows right along suit with what other rumored buyers have said: Qualcomm is not interested in buying webOS, but they will continue to support it as a competitive platform.

Qualcomm's Senior VP of Product Management told Pocket-Lint earlier today that "We are happy to support webOS, whoever buys it," and also included, "We don’t make hardware. And it wouldn’t make much sense to own another operating system." (As we shared yesterday, Qualcomm manages the BREW OS for dumbphones)

From the looks of things, yesterday's statement by Qualcomm CEO Paul Jacobs was just meant to declare that the high-tech processor maker would stick around and support webOS devices as long as they will continue to be made. Even if HP has decided not to make webOS devices any longer, Qualcomm's executives are holding out hope for continuing to support future webOS devices - no matter who puts their logo on the back cover.

So, you can say goodbye to any thoughts of Qualcomm buying or licensing webOS to new devices. But don't lose any hope just because of this; it was only a rumor, after all.

Source: Pocket-Lint; Thanks, bluenote!



This isn't sad news by any means because it should never have been expected in the first place.

I agree 100%.

Can we (@precentral) quit taking "I like webOS" statements and spinning them into "This major player might be interested in buying webOS" ???

I really hope HTC is gonna get it. It would be a dream come true to c one HTC device powered by WebOS.

"Dream" being the operative word there.

i think it's possible yet given what i think is the enourmous outlay of money required to get a real app ecosystem going and to fully make this product mainstream, i think deep down they may find making phones cost prohibitive. Like i think ins some way they'd have to find a way to get a build with a working virtual keyboard. If it ain't ready that costs money. Mostly because really slab phones sell and vertical sliders not so much.

Shocker :rolls eyes: lol

Their original statement was pretty clear, whoever thought their statement meant that they would buy it was grasping at straws that were not there..

It would not make sense for them to buy WebOS.. It would alienate the vendors who use windows and android, etc..

HTC or someone similiar is WebOS' only hope..

It is shocking, SHOCKING I say, that PreCentral had to walk back that "article" from yesterday.

If HTC is the "hope", then there is no hope. You can be sure HP has already shopped licensing WebOS to them. No dice.

Don't plan on saying anymore towards this but

Just wondering how we can be sure HP has already done that?

I suppose just the same we were sure that HP was about ready to stop with consumer laptops?

Don't know about you and everyone else, but I didn't see that coming.

How can we be sure?

Well, let's see.

30 days after making the WebOS death knell announcement and THREE AND A HALF MONTHS after Leo Apotheker said at D9 that they would be open to licensing WebOS, ZERO licensees have been announced.

Pretty safe to say the interest isn't there.

Ok ok I said I was gonna comment on this again but... I couldnt resist

I think it would be better said...
I think it is safe to say we have no idea what HP is doing.
In fact, it may even be safe to say some of HP has no idea what they are going to be doing.
From the information given from HP over these past days/weeks/months/year. HP could be confused with HP.

It might even be safe to say the interest does not seem to be there for the simple fact that no one knows where HP is going.

Safer to say the interest isn't there because everyone knows EXACTLY where WebOS is going: nowhere.

Had my fingers crossed on this one . . . Damn !

I am not allowed to cross my fingers.

webOS: everybody loves it; nobody wants it. Damn it. HP What have you done???

webOS is like a mutt at the pound. Everyone loves to pet it but we all know it's destined to be euthanized.

lmao that is horrible.. yet funny lol

Ok, PreCentral, time to start a fundraiser so that WE can all buy webos! That'd be the first publicly owned OS and with the Homebrew Jedi Masters out there, we'll certainly have The Force! See how I used all those Star Wars analogies? LMAO!

while that would be amazing & actually a really interesting social experiment, unless we've got some seriously high-rolling webOS users out there we'd be hard pressed to dole out the millions it would no doubt sell for ;]

Agree. And if such an experiment ever starts, I'd join it as a happy guinea pig

Make sure to buy McDonald's, AirForce One, and Apple first, as long as we're dream shopping for things that are explicitly NOT FOR SALE.

I got $5 on it! Who's coming with me? Huh? Who's coming with me? Jan! Thank you JAN! Jan's got $5 on it too! -starts snowball effect-

Yeah... A rumor that Precentral itself started. I read that and didn't come away thinking that Qualcomm(!) would buy webOS, just that their CEO will be sad to see it go.

Precentral is getting ridiculous now...

This just wrong. You sir are way way off base. It's not "getting" ridiculous. That already happened months ago.

so we're putting to rest the rumor that YOU GUYS started yesterday?

serious over-extrapolation.

The longer this drags on the more likely WebOS will die a death. HP stated that they are continuing to support WebOS but no further updates since Aug 1st.

Show of hands, please...who really bought yesterday's story anyway??

Apparently, Derek Kessler and Tim Stiffler-Dean.


What I find even more interesting that neither of them have even attempted to defend themselves regarding these "stories".

I don't care to defend myself against people who have put words in my mouth. Not worth the time.

if i believed everything i read i'd have believed that Analyst we're all wrong when they warned of declining sell through for the original pre and everyone here acted like the analysts were making stuff up. And remember when there were reports that sales of touchpad were not great and best buy was sitting on tons of them and everyone her acted like there was no chance of that. Every thread inquiring about sales of the touchpad or veer was closed by mods. Search for the threads they are there. And Everyone responded with a story of how at their best buy there were all these people buying touchpad. Only for the next week to find out it was true, they were not selling well, and production was stopping do to poor sales.

I take what i read with a whole jar of epson.

Hey all, even the dead horse already asked to be pulled off life support!

And even though I use my Pre 2 and TP daily and love webOS...it seems well past time we just assume that nothing is going to happen. If it does, we can all be happy and go back to the heady days of June, 2009. Right now it seems we're irrational with desperation.

Nobody sane nor anyone who can read by himself and made an effort to read the original CEO quote.

"...Qualcomm's executives are holding out hope for continuing to support future webOS devices..."

Interesting way to put it. I didn't get that they are "holding out hope". They simply said, we'll sell to you as well, if you're still around to buy.

Shhhh...if Tim and Derek aren't allowed this ridiculous fantasizing, the front page of this site would be nothing but app giveaways and "tips" until the lights get turned out.

thats is a sick burn

Don't blame Precentral for posting these speculative articles. Going forward, there will be an inevitable wind-down in webOS news since there is no new hardware planned and, therefore, no new software likely coming.

What's going to have to pass for news is that someone said that they liked webOS. That's good enough for a blog post and, more importantly, an opportunity to merge the webOS logo with another logo. Then comes about 100 comments.

Other than that, webOS and this site are in a permanent wind-down mode.

Agreed - the only new news to come will be when the next lot of touchpads becomes available. And that'll last for about 5 minutes.

Newsflash!!! No ****

I'll save you guys the trouble of writing some future headlines. You can just copy/paste these:

"LG not interested in buying webOS"
"Nokia not interested in buying webOS"
"Intel not interested in buying webOS"
"Sony not interested in buying webOS"
"Microsoft not interested in buying webOS"
"RIM not interested in buying webOS"
"Toshiba not interested in buying webOS"
"Google not interested in buying webOS"
"FoxxCon not interested in buying webOS"

Are you seeing a pattern here? No one is going to buy webOS because HP ISN'T SELLING WEBOS. They have said they would license it to manufactures but not sell it. They still have big plans for it in their enterprise division.

I sound like a broken record here but HP said from day one their main focus for webOS was going to be enterprise execution. They haven't backed away from that and probably won't.

Unfortunately it means that the consumer side of webOS will eventually fade away. In 12 months with no new devices released the last of the developers will abandon the platform and we will be left with a dead mobile OS.

You can double the traffic to this site if for each one of those articles, there is a preceding "[Company Name] might be interested in webOS" article.

With two articles a week (one saying "maybe" the other saying "nevermind") mixed in with tips and app reviews...there should be enough "content" to carry this site through the 8 weeks or so before new batch of TouchPads hit the market.

I also suggest doing a poll on which company is most likely to buy webOS...then follow up with a poll on which company is most likely to "license" webOS. Might as well throw in a contest where community members design a dream device by a company they think will buy or license webOS and do a series of articles based on that. That should be enough click-generating content to take p|c to the end of the year.

Tim and Derek should pool their paychecks for this pay period and get you a gift card. Or maybe some app promo codes if they're cheap.

...and then write an article about it. :-)

I watched a video about a TP prank on my TP and saw an ad about TP which reminded me I am out of TP so I did a search for some cheap TP and found a sale for a $150 TP... D-a-m-n wrong TP results as I needed the paper TP this time

This is so embarrassing. First it was Samsung then HTC now Qualcomm? Who is next? Only a fool would want to buy WebOS.

Do you want #htc to buy #Palm and #WebOS? Contact #HTC and offer to buy a #PreOrder

I have heard a rumour that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is going to buy WebOS. If Precentral reports my scoop please ensure I get the proper credit.

Sarah Palin just tweeted: "I can see webOS from my house."

I heard a rumor that Al Gore invented webOS, since, you know, he invented the intertubes. Unfortunately everything he touches inevitable turns to failure. Now that's an inconvenient truth.

and cocaine and black men. lol.

See my complete post: How the Community Can Save Webos: http://bit.ly/nBbJSi

This is our call to arms. Our Mission,if we choose to accept it - Save Webos:

So what are the Webos faithful to do now? Seemingly, Webos is a failed platform. It matters little if HP develops the OS if there are no devices that run it. Admob is cutting Webos off, removing an incentive for developers. While it may be semi comforting to some that the DNA of Webos might find its way into printers and cars and various and sundry enterprise apps, thats cold comfort to die hard users of this outstanding moble OS.

How can the community have an impact now that will save Webos from a slow death? We
make lemons from lemonade:

HP is all about the bucks, not the vision. For Webos to survive and not be sold off for its parts (patents), HP must successfully monetize it. This is where we, the community of users and developers, come in. We have to work together and with HP (much as we might wish they were HTC) to retain, indeed enhance the value of Webos as a platform. We all have a part to play. Time to make lemonade. Here is how we do it.

1. HP must do an all out press to retain its developers and should subsidize big name developers to create apps for the platform - Raw app numbers don't matter, but app quality and popularity does. HP must bring the most popular developers to the platform by any means necessary. if that means building the app for them, its what they should do. Get creative, offer bounties for certain app types, prize competitions like Netflix has done. Whatever it takes HP, get it done.

2. Webos developers must support and update existing apps and create new ones. The platform has to stay alive for 12-18 months without a hardware refresh (the time I think it takes for PSG unit to get spun off or a savior company purchase by HTC, Amazon or some other unknown player). The key to that is keeping the ecosystem alive and that means developers must not orphan, shelve or deep freeze their apps in the meanwhile. Developers must keep their apps alive.

3.Webos users must Buy apps - This is key. Its about the money. The firesale has put thousands of webos devices in the hands of new users and their numbers are now added to those of us still using webos. With no devices being made for 12-18 months, the platform will quickly wither in mindshare and marketshare for lack of developer support and devices beginning 1st Qtr 2012 if developers can't see any future return for their labors. The Webos community must buy apps. Not just apps we want or like or that are really good. We must buy apps simply because they exist. We must buy apps as a recreational
activity. Buy $5 worth of apps a month. Whether you use them or not. Whether you like them or not. Just buy apps. We must subsidize our developer community through this period, so they can come out the other side ready to create new apps when hardware for webos comes back to the market.

4. User community and HP must financially support Webos Internals - Webos Internals is arguably as responsible for innovation and advancement of the Webos platform as its owners have been. We'll need them to continue their life giving work to this platform, so we must financially support their work and HP should enable them with equipment and bucks. They are a cheap investment in the life of the platform. HP, give them what you spent on the nearly worthless tv advertising, you'll reap far more return for it than the tv spots ever got.

5. Convert new touchpad owners to rabid webos fans who buy apps - We have been gifted a new crop of webos users. We must convert them to die hard supporters of the platform and mondo app purchasers too.

6. Retain pre-, pre+, pre2 and touchpad hardware for as long as possible - There are a dwindling number of replacements. We have to keep using all of these devices and help each other as a community with creative ways to fix or replace our devices in the event of loss or failure for the 12-18 months needed to get to a new webos hardware cycle.

This approach over 12-18 months could keep Webos on vital life support while HP solidifies its plans or a buyer comes to the rescue. It preserves our developer community, ensures vitality in the platform and keeps webos attractive for potential purchasing or licensing interest from companies interested in winning the market with its mobile goodness. Thats how the Webos user and developer community and HP, working together, can save Webos to live another day.

Wasn't all this covered under WebOSOSOSOSOSOS or whatever it's called?

Just keep downloading those desktop backgrounds!

Are you saying that there is a longer version of this?

Yeah. OK. It sounds like there are about two dozen people that will actually do this. The rest will probably just move-on to a viable platform.

Whenever someone says "we need to come up with some creative solutions", that's code for "All of the usual stuff has been tried. We're f*cked"

As much as I appreciate the sentiment, this is wholly unrealistic. With the possible exception of a massive petition to HTC (or some other vendor), an effort like this will almost certainly fail.

The ball is in HP's court. If they can't get anyone to license webOS, they need to get back in the hardware manufacturing business. I suspect they'll just drop webOS like a hot rock, even though this would be, in my humble opinion, quite foolish...

... unfortunately HP has only acted foolishly of late..

uhhhh I read, "see my complete post"....

Thats alot

Sad, sad times.

It's over. Put a fork in it.

At this point, what is the purpose of the blog section now?

There are probably two upcoming news stories of serious interest thats left, the final batch of TP availability, and if/when the AT&T Pre 3s are going to be sold.

Those who are still left and are just waiting on those things can simply be notified of that in the forums. Shut down the PreCentral news site.

It doesn't matter how you feel about WebOS. Its gone. If it comes back, then it comes back, but for now, everything points to, as it always has, that this is probably the end of it for good.

One thing I could suggest to be productive for the PreCentral team would be to stop focusing on publishing linkbait, and *seriously* consider eliminating the news portion of this site. And maybe as a contingency, start working on complete redesign/restructure plan for PreCentral if in the slim, but theoretically possible, chance that WebOS comes back.

for what it's worth, sounds like HP is finally getting it and working with phone manufacturers to build new devices:

"Lane said HP is currently in discussions with potential partners who are competitors with Apple and its iOS operating system, and with Google and its Android technology.

"There's a lot of people out there, and a lot of devices, that would like to have WebOS as an alternative to Android," he added. "So you're right. We need the places to put it, and we need to drive volumes so developers have that volume. . . . Without that distribution, the capability is meaningless."


I wonder what that phone call is like. "You know that hardware that we took tremendous losses on and discontinued after a couple of months? You want to make it? Maybe you can get some of these carriers to take them. Lord knows we couldn't. I want to assure you, though, that we are really committed to this platform this time."

Buy webOS before midnight tonight, and we'll throw in AmigaDOS, a set of ginsu knives, and a Veg-a-matic (makes MOUNDS of mashed potatoes).

Anyone? Hello?


I don't think my strategy outline I unrealistic at all. It certainly has challenges, HP's actions being a major one, but to a certain degree that's the point. The point of the userbase activism I'm advocating to create/sustain positive market activity that favors Webos' continued viability as a business opportunity for HP or some licensee that emerges. Creating such activity is entirely doable.

I read the post on your blog (great overall site topic though), but, I have to disagree.

In all reality, I believe that the fate of WebOS has already been more or less decided by HP. We only know half the story (HP ends hardware).

Even if that's not the case...WebOS probably never had the real huge following that everyone thinks. You would never get enough people on board the plan for it to even matter.

Dear Pollyanna - Userbase activism? Give me a break. I think you vastly overestimate the interest that people have in mobile platforms. Just because a few dozen people regularly post on Precentral does not mean that webOS has an active userbase.

One of the reasons why webOS failed so badly is that people thought that the idea that webOS is neat would translate into sales of millions of tablets. It did no such thing.

Let's say that two dozen people answer your call to arms here. Then let's further say that for every one of those, there are 99 more that are willing to participate. What do you have? 2500 users? Not enough to even make a one day blip in the viability of webOS.

I have to disagree with you about the potential of spurring more activity. HP just pushed out several hundred thousand devices running webos and will push out about 150k+ more. Fully activating a large portion of that userbase IS a doable mission and could tilt the viability question of the platform in Webos' favor. Our window for creating somewhat self sustaining activity that is actually beneficial is 6 months or so at best, but there is an opportunity.

I don't argue that this is a slamdunk of a strategy. Far from it. I simply argue that there is a set of activities that we as a userbase can undertake that could move the needle for Webos in a direction that favors getting hardware for it again in the consumer space. As users, we can play a role in tilting the environment to be more in favor of Webos and I think we ought to do that.

Sometime between June '09 and June '10, webOS had over 2.5 MILLION users. It didn't make a difference.

On your #5 above, how does one go about converting users into "rabid webos fans who buy apps"? webOS has always had "die hards" who took it upon themselves to spread the gospel of webOS. Heck, I was one of them. It didn't make a difference back when webOS actually had a future. How is it to make a difference now?

Did anybody actually think they would?

This is getting more depressing by the hour... I just hope they will keep updating my TP and my Pre2 for at least one more year, I don think we are getting better news than this

Reading yesterdays quotes I have ABSOLUTELY no idea how you even created the rumor they were interested in purchasing WebOS out of those quotes.

That was some serious creative reading and wishful thinking all rolled into one.

I hope somebody takes over... I just got my TouchPad in the mail from QVC... Love it already...

webos is a mobile operating system that everyone loves but they do not want to invest in. webos is stagnant or on its way to the boneyard.

What an awful group of uber nerds. I'll take any hope or speculation at this point.

"That wasn't no Saltine. That was... That was a Ritz. That wasn't a Ritz?" - Eddie Murphy, Raw

Believing it's good news just because you've not had good news in a while does not actually make it good news.

You have a better chance to see Elvis than some company picking up webos

Supporting a cloud oriented mobile OS is really, really hard. Honestly, only companies with a significant revenue stream and established infrastructure in regards to software can do it easily. I'd say, of my list, IBM, Microsoft, HP, Google, and Apple would have the infrastructure needed to do it. I'm just not seeing the phone manufacturers try and own it, but I can see how it could continue to be very profitable for HP to continue with it...especially if they want to get into the enterprise market. Microsoft, being essentially an enterprise software company, is now a very direct competitor. They even have their own mobile OS that has long been regarded as an enterprise platform (no matter how crummy many iterations of it have been). If HP can't offer up an integrated mobile solution, they'd effectively have to partner themselves with their competition, and most likely, put themselves in a situation where all they could do was be a little brother-type partner for Microsoft. Having webOS on board gives them the capability to more fully compete for the enterprise market as they can provide a more integrated solution (look, I know this sounds like fluff, but I've made a good living at enterprise software for over a decade and I'm pretty familiar with what they look for in a vendor).

HP owns plenty of software services, and with time, those will continue to be a lot better (if HP can somehow fund themselves sans the supposedly profitable PSG). The only other company I can see that would be able to take over webOS and still offer the same level of services would be IBM, and that basically would mean that some other company would still have to make the hardware. Sure, there are other software companies out there like Facebook or Oracle, but as far as I can tell, those companies are very specialized in their focus. One does databases, the other does social networking. Neither are especially well-known for providing media on demand, taking care of their developer community (including open source...think Oracle would love webOSInternals as much as HP and Palm did? I just don't think so.)

And as far as a hardware company like HTC or Samsung or whatever taking them over, forget about it. webOS is an operating system that is made better by the quality of software services that are provided for it (and only it...after all, if you rely entirely on third party services, any ol' mobile OS can consume those...you want ones that are only available to YOUR customers.) None of those companies are really especially renowned at providing those sorts of software services. They couldn't support webOS properly, end of story.

well as of right now im calling it. this it a dead platform. hp has killed has finished killing it by cancelling all hardware development. everyone has lost faith in it due to the fact that their own owner has. nobody cares about webos. how do they expect to come up with a buyer now? even if hp keeps it they are not competent enough to anything to bring it back. so i go back to my first statement. this platform is dead. hp was the only one that could have saved it but they failed. its too late now.........

everyone says don't feed the troll but look at this
two new articles coming soon.

In the end I hope/wish webOS will become open source for the sake of keeping it alive. Then I would have no worries buying some of those overpowered Android phones and run webOS on it smoothly (or maybe even dual boot because we now know that's possible [at least on a Palm]).