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Qualcomm officially intros the dual-core 1.2GHz Snapdragon APQ8060 processor in the TouchPad 64

by Derek Kessler Fri, 11 Feb 2011 1:32 pm EST

HP’s TouchPad webOS tablet was announced with a new processor from Qualcomm that we hadn’t met yet: the Snapdragon APQ8060. Well, Qualcomm has up and outed the chipset, and it's a beast. The APQ8060 processor comes with two cores clocked at 1.2 GHz and is paired with an Adreno 220 GPU. The whole kit-and-kaboodle is a capable combo; it’s able to support cameras up to 16 megapixels, can capture and display full 1080p HD stereoscopic 3D video (including over HDMI), and can manage 3D still photos at up to 8 megapixels. Of course, the TouchPad itself doesn’t have a 3D capabilities, nor a camera any greater than 1.3 megapixels, but we’re still looking forward to finding out just how awesome the tablet will perform with this processor at its heart.

Source: Qualcomm; Via: Engadget


I'll be in line to pick this up the day it comes available. Pre3 eh, I don't know?

Qualcomm + HP = AWESOMENESS!
I can't wait for this thing. I'll be pre-ordering it ASAP!

Well... none of the specs mentioned are anything an OMAP 4 couldn't handle. I wonder why after using OMAP on the Pre and Pre 2 they decided to move to a different manufacturer for the main chip.

TI was very slow to get the OMAP4 into production. The 4430 is barely in large-scale production, and the 4440, which was supposed to debut at the end of the fourth quarter, is nowhere in sight. HP had to make a choice.

Admittedly I was quite dissapointed with the 1.3 megapixle camera. I would have like to see it around 3.0 ( if not 5 like the pre3). Bur at least we know it will be lightning fast.

Explain why you need a 5 megapixel camera for video conferencing or webcam when that image is just going to be compressed and end up looking like a 1 megapixel image anyway?

Although I agree with you, as the only camera on the device, I guess people would like at least one good quality camera.

I've thought about this and realized, I would never use a back camera on a device like this. In fact, I have an HD camcorder and use my video cam on my phone WAY more than the HD camcorder. This tablet seems to be the real deal. Now if they could only make a 4 inch super phone I would be happy.

Get the Pre3, it's 3.6" =)

the specs look very nice, but I have to ask, looking at this picture, if there is no gesture area, why the large border around the screen?

Gestures make sense for the thumb, but how does that translate to a pad? It plain and simply does not. I have not held the TP, but i am assuming that the button will work just fine. I kinda of just wish there was more than one so that it would be easily accessible in portrait or landscape mode.

i don't see why they couldn't put a gesture area around the whole screen. all they had to do was make it so that the gesture area would only be active on the bottom part of the screen, depanding on the way it was held. so if it's held in portriat mode, the bottom part would be the active gesture area, while the sides and top part are disabled. flip it to landscape mode and it'll switch so that the area now seen as the bottom part of the screen is the active gesture area and all other areas are disabled. with the help of the accelerometer i don't see why they didn't do this.


i'd say cost...they have to push these things out in the $600 range i would think to compete and there's a lot going on inside this thing.

the gesture area is not as good as you think when it is in the tablet form. The reason that the the gesture area is good on the phone because when you hold your phone, your thumb will always be near the gesture area, So it is easy to operate. However, in the tablet form, the gesture area is too far away from the screen, you need to move around alot more to get to the gesture area compare to the phone.

the more reasonable way to do it will be a 3-4 finger operation as gesture operation. for example, when you swipe 3 finger left it is Back, swipe up is back to car view, swipe to the right is forward. these gesture will be easier in the tablet form.

yes.. agreed.. gesture area for tablet will be annoying.. you will pressed it accidently very often.. even as a phone.. sometimes I gesture area can be pressed accidently and make the running app run minimized.

So I agreed with HP to takeoff the gesture area out from HP Touchpad.. and change it will full gesture on the screen such on Apple iPad iOS 4.3.

Personally, I think that is a bad assumption, most likely based on absolutely no experience. Although I agree the gesture area may have begun life as a "thumb operated area", it has been a unique feature of the webOS environment that has really caught fire and been embraced by (at least some of) the community.

I believe it is a huge mistake to eliminate the gesture area (especially since there already is such a larger border/bezel). "Back" and "Forward" are not the only gesture in use. I really think HP is making a huge mistake -- especially since the competition seems to have embraced the concept.

But, they didn't ask me...

i do understand the argument of real estate on the tablet, but the gesture area is one of the core aspects of webOS, and to keep that inline across multiple mobile form factors would be awesome.

for example in the email app, photo app, web or what ever else, back swiping would just take the previous view or if you had expanded the email app to show all panes, back swipe once closes the acounts pane, one more email listings, same in the photo app. would be cool also in the Kindle app and Magazines to forward swipe to go to next page

and lets not forget the Advance Gesture, would work great w/ stacks, swipe either direction across the "home" area/"button" and move from one card to the next w/ out going to card view and selecting the card, now thats a 2 step process, from one swipe.

to this day i still try back swiping on every phone/mobile device i hold, my instinct, my friends iphones, ipods, androids this and that

Maybe gestures on a tablet need a 2.0GHz quad-core processor. That has to be it! I can't think of any other reason to eliminate the WebOS-unique-differentiator gesture area and instead give us the Touch-iPad running WebOS 3.0.

touch screen controls REQUIRE a border, look at ipad.

This link shows the two of them side by side, the border is not more than what is on ipad.


still they could have it both and BB playbook has gestures on all 4 bezels. I look at it like you're trying to turn a page of a book - it's very natural gesture at that. I have a friend that has issues doing one hand gestures on the pre so he uses 2 and his index finger - guess this is what you'll use on your pad if it had gestures. I think gestures were very important part of the WebOS - hope it's not too late to bring them back. Even the new iphone is rumored to loose it's home button. Everybody copies WebOS and then WebOS decides to drop it instead of fighting for what it theirs. Don't get it. I don't think I need a pad but I'm in love with my pre and if the pad was the L version of it I might as well buy one but gestures are very intuitive. I played with iphone 4 for 2-3 weeks kept on swiping back at the thing - you can tell I didn't like it much:) Same goes for the ipad. Not a hater just didn't fit right in my palm(no phun intended:)) the way pre does.

Its a bezel, so you can hold it without touching the touchscreen accidentally at the same time.

i notice on some of the demo units there seem to be some lag when it came to swiping the panel on the email app, also on the kindle app the page turn seemed laggy too. I thought enyo had hardware acceleration built in. I hope the release version is more polished then what we have seen at the event. The pre3 and the veer looked very snappy no lag what so ever.

I am confident that it will be. HP kinda dropped the ball with the event, because laymen are assuming that these products will be released as is when they are truly only alpha or beta products. I would venture to say that the Veer is the only product only close to release and it was blazing fast on a 800 mhz processor.

Somewhere I read that an HP rep said the tablet apps were not optimized yet. I don't know what that really means.

They still have debug code in place to catch errors, log detailed transactions, and output information that is usually ignored in production devices. The presence of that slows things down.

In addition, most significant software goes through multiple levels of code review, looking for ways to slice a line out here or there, to optimize algorithms, and to eliminate potential infinite loops that can further slow things down.

TouchPad, please come over to the rest of the world, not just US/UK.

Can't you just order one from ebay or Amazon?

Maybe.. but you can't get full service after sales. Especially if you buy from other country.. more over tax and shipping charge will be to expensive.

HP should bring all of these new product worldwide.. or else they will failed such as Pre and Pixi...

Marketing is no#1 priority now... Because I don't see any lack of WebOS capability compared to Android OS or iOS. So they key success of WebOS to be no#1 just on Marketing hand. If the sales good. Software Developers will follow.. even HP don't give a free server for software developers.

Ok HP should stop making phones right now... and they should be the next Android with WebOS... put WebOS on HTC, Samsung, Motorolla phones and have it across multiple carriers, only then will WebOS win and compete with IOS and Android. HP doesn't need to make phones... they don't have the stones for it, but nice job on using WebOS on other devices.

I'll just get this out the way now before the I-\An-trolls come here...

"Fail!! This should have been released last year!"

Now my :rolleyes:

...and my rebuttal.

Uh-huh, released last year with a chip that didn't exist. This QC8060 JUST came out and the TouchPad is the FIRST device to use it.

Yeah, I was laughing at a comment I saw yesterday claiming the processor was old. What? I know the electronics industry moves fast, but...

In the first major product announcement since 2009, Jon Rubinstein faced some criticism after unveiling the new prototype for the HP Touchpad.

Facing a large audience of Palm faithful, Rubinstein announced "It will be powered by the amazing new Qualcomm dual core 1.2ghz processor, which is capable of displaying and capturing full 1080p HD stereoscopic 3D video, capturing images from a 16 megapixel camera, and even the native ability to output this incredible video to your 60 inch plasma TV at 60FPS!" Silencing the applause, Rubinstein added "Of course, despite these capabilities none of these features will actually be present on the HP touchpad."

Facing an ever decreasing number of ways to royally **** up now that Palm was part of a Fortune 500 company, Rubinstein explained the decision to hobble future products. "We decided the best way to ensure the Touchpad failed as a product, was to completely cripple the device with technology that would seem outdated in 1995. To that end, we've used Gary's 1.3 megapixel camera and a couple 4 gig flash memory sticks we had laying around. Really we put the Qualcomm processor in there more as a joke. This is like the Stephen Hawking of tablet PCs".

Rubinstein presented the odd crippled hardware to a stunned audience, revealing an obvious direct copy of an existing Apple product with stellar specifications and no plans to actually make use of the possible capacity for greatness. "The Pre 2 sold too many handsets, we're really hoping to kill Palm with this one." Rubinsten quipped.

"What the **** is HP thinking?" a former Palm developer asked after seeing the touchpad for the first time. "It's like a bunch of monkeys got together and tried really hard to produce a product that had no lasting appeal or wow factor."

The crippled new device is said to be coming this summer with a retail price of 499$.

One customer, who had spent the last year waiting for updates for his former Palm phone, said he felt "sickened" at the obvious lack of coherent thought at the HP/Palm headquarters.

"I tried to wait, I really did. I accepted broken hardware and broken promises. I took HP at face value when they said they wouldn't announce products that were months away and already obsolete. I feel betrayed."

According to technical specifications released by HP, the decidedly un-revolutionary tablet will come equipped with a scratch attracting plastic screen, and will probably have flash capability and a bluetooth stack for a wireless keyboard "sometime between now and the end of the year with the release of WebOS 4.0".

Available in just one ipad-sized form factor, each touchpad will be equipped with a low resolution screen and a battery capable of lasting one to two hours on a single charge.

HP sources confirmed Rubinstein was disappointed by the intense scrutiny from the media, stockholders, and consumers, believing that he was performing the job he was hired to do by completely dismantling Palm from the inside out.

"I watched Steve Jobs build the Apple brand from the ground up, and I know that the name of the game here is cutting-edge," Rubinstein said. "That's why I decided the next logical step would be a product that was obsolete in 2008 and had no chance of success on the open market."

As of press time, at least three or possibly four loyal Palm customers were preparing to entertain the possibility of purchasing a touchpad when it eventually arrives at stores sometime late 2011 after numerous production delays.

Your a joke, and btw the touchpad has a glass screen.

It was meant to be funny ;p. Apparently people can't take a little sarcastic humor.

Loved it! Very creative and clever. Ya' got a gift, friend.

Funny that you include Stephen Hawking in your poorly-considered parody. The man does math in his head faster than most other people do it on paper. He did this by *creating a new way to visualize it in his head*.

This was mentioned at a recent speaking engagement Hawking did at Caltech, where his long-time friend Kip Thorne (a senior professor there) explained how conversations with him worked and how he did the math that others had to write out.

Following that model, HP/Palm would have created a tablet that did things faster than anyone else by creating a new model that pushed the boundaries of capabilities while not using hardware much different than anyone else. To that I say: I'll take three.

Stephen Hawking makes sense there.

He's brilliant, and he's crippled by the ability to communicate at speed (a live conversation with him can take minutes between responses).

In essense, his brain is extremely powerful, but the hardware is flawed. Nothing against hawking, amazing man, was trying to make a comical comparison. The processor in the touchpad is capable of doing things the actual hardware has no capacity for.

I got it, don't worry (though it did get a LITTLE long at the end there). I too am bummed about the seeming lack of HDMI, with that video horsepower it would be nice... maybe it'll pop up in the TouchStone?

Also, have we seen any indication of USB host support? I must say, as much as I love WebOS, the BB Playbook is looking better and better. Especially since I prefer the smaller 7" size and BB has done such a great job of ripping off all the best parts of WebOS. I have used an iPad and the damn thing is just to big. Sure the screen size is nice when you are watching movies, but it's heavy and awkward to hold with one hand (I do admit to having small hands, though not to smelling of gabbage) as the TouchPad will be, since it's form factor is an exact clone of the iPad. The Nook solved this not only by being smaller, but by having an ingeniously contoured back that makes it easy to grasp.

I'm sure the CPU is all that Qualcomm and HP claim it is, but the device that surrounds it seems unfinished in ways that all the hype generated in advance of the announcement just can't gloss over.

My point is that he can do the math in his head and get the answer out on his screen when only his eyes and his cheek can move before others can get the answer out on paper.

Incidentally, discussions with him often go along the lines of yes/no based on eyebrow movements. Thorne demonstrated, and said that they can actually move fairly quickly.

Yes, he lacks complete access to the features of his own body. But he still does better than the rest of the pack at his job.


Cant wait to get the Touch Pad

HDMI out and SD-CardReader would be nice :-/
Design over usability?

They said that the touchstones would have data capabilities. Hopefully these features will be included in some model of the touchstone family.

yes i believe this is where the expense of hdmi out and SD card will be absorbed. maybe not but it makes sense.

I wonder myself why didn't HPalm put more/better specs in the pre3 and touchpad. It's not like the Processor couldn't handle it.I wonder if they will add these extra features in the touchpad two(if there will be one)
and the pre4? Maybe the 7in pad will have better specs.It would be great if at Mobile conference,HPalm annouces another phone form factor as a surprise you thought we were finish kind of thing.Possibly a slab 3.8-4in ppl been complaining about.
Maybe even through in it's own ipod touch rival.(can't I dream?yes I can)
That would make HPalm cool.Don3 be surprised if they have an ipod touch similar device in the pipeworks.
free mobile hotspot without having to buy a data plan.Think about it,if you take away the phone on the pre's you have such a device.

GREAT, now Apple will seize the moment & put this chip in next IPad & totally use all it's capacity & HP will be an also ran but so far behind no one will notice. Except of cours the dozen or so die hards that will be left on this site......
Apple switched to Qualcomm for Verizon IPhone so easy for them.

I think crApple is too arrogant to use a "common" chip. They require their own.

the TP won't be able to run 3-d apps? Don't the phones have this capability?

Wrong 3D. The TouchPad, like all webOS products before it, has been shown to do OpenGL, polygon-and-textures games. It just has a 2D screen - no stereoscopic effect.

3-D like the new LG 3D whatever.

I know the Snapdragon family doesn't adhere very strictly to the ARM reference designs, but, for the sake of comparison, I wish Qualcomm would mention them. Mostly I'm wondering is it more like a Cortex-A8 (in-order execution) or a Cortex-A9 (out-of-order execution)? With everything else included on the SoC and with more frameworks offloading the heavy lifting to, for example, the GPU I realize that the performance of the actual ARMv7 core iteself is of decreasing importance, but I'd still like to know.

Somewhere (probably Qualcomm's website) I read that this chip was superior to the Tegra because the cores are powered independently, or something. *shrug*

You mean they have the power to take advantage of the WebOS multitasking.


wow I'm shocked, I got a pre + back in the summer, and I'm so diisappointed I didn't go ahead & buy the iphone 4, @ least by now my ipad & iphone4 would have been nice to have & use for work,play,etc. Now because of my I'll placed obsession with web os, if I continue to wait (like some of you poor faithful fans of web os) I won't be able to use anything web os until summer ( that's of course in the coming months) & by then the iphone 5 & the ipad 2 will be out & I'm sure waving their flag saying we're a yr ahead of HP.??? What am I supposed to do??? Can't keep waiting a year or so to get outdated stuff. I know web os kicks major a$$, but what's the point if you can't show what it can do to the rest of the world, apple's stuff does less, yet they blast it all over the tv like theirs can't be beat. Come on hp get with the program alreadt

I meant get with the program already damn pre + keyboard

"What's the point if you can't show what it can do to the rest of the world?"
You sound more like an Apple fan, always seeking approval from the rest of the world. Just go buy the iPhone 4 so the "rest if the world" will like you.
Losers, I tell ya...

I'm getting one on day one! Pre 3 too! I do wonder if the wave will be available on either or both, I haven't seen it in any demos, I think. I love the wave and I spend a lot of time customizing it. On a device as big as the touchpad the wave could have a lot of programs to chose from... It's still my favorite part of the "newness".

As for no updates for my day one pre minus... Thats ok, I guess, because I was going to upgrade to Pre 3 as soon as its available. My original Pre is doing pretty well despite how I treat it but it's starting to limp a little.

hp ceo saying hardware is ready...i think when they discussed the plan to release 1 device every 2 months they will do just that. pre 2 releases on BIG RED now, then veer releases in spring, pre 3 releases early summer, touchpad releases late summer, i still believe they have something up their sleeve for later in the year probably slab, and landscape slider or candybar and of course a smaller touchpad. the hardware is ready now but they still have to optimize the software on these devices so the user experience is top notch instead of what happened with the original pre. we may not like it but it is a good strategy in my book. everyone crying about it doesn't make it better. if they released a gimped version of webos and then had to release update after update to fix bugs and with each update create new bugs (sound familiar?) then this "ecosystem" would be doomed to fail. they must release solid functioning products with solid hardware. the specs, yeah they sorta matter, but outdated by summer? come on, if you're more obsessed with the the hardware and telling your friends you have the biggest and baddest processor and such then you are missing the whole point of webos...it needs to be stable, blazing fast, and intuitive to the user. that is the only thing to be excited about with the hardware and from what i can tell this hardware will fill those shoes for months or years to come. i read precentral forums for the past few days and instead of being excited about the new things to come i was dragged down by negative posters. too many whiners and not enough people realizing that we are on the brink of something special here. hp's scale WILL matter. they will put these devices anywhere they can and i just see success in the future. i'm tired of the negativity, i'm thinking positively...

I have posted this before, but can a gesture window app (or such) be created for the touchpad? That seems like it would be pretty easy to do. Maybe even let you customize some gestures.
Devs, get on that.

Hey Palm/HP, put a gesture bar on touchpad! Yes I do use it. Being able to bring up the wave bar, switching apps without going to card view, and having a uniform back location so I don't have to find it on the app is freaking awesome! Common!!

after my well configed HP laptop gets to be a burden and joins the electronic graveyard i will invest in a Touchpad and i will already have the 3....good times coming....600 dollars....i have a grand budget for new tech set aside a year....so HP your products have to ship soon....What do you think this biker brain dead end user can't handle the cutting edge....WebOs users will surprise you...we are the Iphone naysayers.....HP you need to show in prove...yes i've been drinking.....Palm will never die just get stronger....FYI...someone needs to design a nice Palm sticker for our HP hardware for the retro feel...and shit like that...signed Carlos Lomba Jr....at a party and thinking about it...i already have a couple of WebOs wannabe's checking out my stuff... Pre Minus...its still the bomb after all these months....New word Order !!!!

Lol. Wow. That was funny hearing your drunk azz talking all crazy.

HP Touchpad spec.. quite good. but not great.
Especially the screen res which HP should use better one... but I don't care much with it, if the build quality and the screen quality really great. The most important aspect here is the performance which I hope not as bad as the demoed one, which TouchPad look so laggy.

The big question on my mind right now.. how much it will cost, and why HP bring TouchPad to market so long? summer? Why not bring it ASAP which it still in a hot topic on public right now.

I hope HP not do something wrong like Palm do when annouced Pre & WebOS.

I remembered reading somewhere that HP promised to bring 6 products this year.. there are 3 already annouced, and three others still remain unknown.. maybe one of them is tablet with 7" screen? and how about the two? phone keyboardless?

Ok.. what I hope here.. HP bring TouchPad in this first quarter.. not summer, and bring something "sweet" for disappointed old pre users by update their OS version to better one, such can run flash, card view, and just type.. if flash not possible because of CPU not quite powerfull enough.. the card view and just type should make us a bit happier.