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Qualcomm shows how the TouchPad juggles HVAR and SMS (rockets and text messages) 54

by Derek Kessler Tue, 08 Mar 2011 5:35 pm EST

What do HVARs fired off the wings of a Vought F4U Corsair and your text messages have in common? Not much, except that you can tackle the tricky intricacies of both on an HP TouchPad. Qualcomm was present at GDC 2011 last week to show off their new APQ8060 Snapdragon processor and Adreno 220 GPU, and they had little choice but to use the only device available with the chipset: the TouchPad.

The demo given to Engadget consisted of flying around, crashing, and shooting stuff in Polarbit’s Armageddon Squadron II (a follow-up to the successful Armageddon Squadron II) and then jumping right to a text message received from a paired HP Pre 3 (and unlike the BlackBerry PlayBook, the game smartly pauses). All-in-all it’s slick, and the textures and lighting in Armageddon Squadron II look to be pretty darned sick. Then again, that’s what you can pull off when you’ve got webOS 3.0 and a dual-core 1.2GHz processor powering things.

Qualcomm was also showing off a trailer for SouthEnd Interactive's Desert Winds, a fantastical game wherein you play a sword-weilding woman hacking and slashing your way through some sort of enormous mutant scorpion thing. Graphics appear to be of tablet quality, but the lighting effects are pretty darned impressive. If they can pull it off on something like the TouchPad we'll be mighty impressed, not to mention draining our bank accounts and losing all concept of time and touch with reality. Video of the demo, and video of the trailer (or, y'know, just the trailer) are at the source link below.

Source: Engadget


This was posted almost a week ago on Engadget. If you are to be the leading source for anything webos news, it would be cool if you could grab it the day of.

To comment on the airplane game, I know it's probably still a very early build (and it was created in less than a couple of days?), but still, I noticed a couple of hiccups. I would expect that with the processor and graphics unit that it would be top-notch, but that doesnt seem to be the case. And slow-flying simulation games where you fly around shooting other planes isn't going to catch on.

Also, the other game with the sword-wielding woman, also not very applicable. Sure it shows what the graphics are capable of, but it's going to be one of those 'empty' games where you encounter demons and monsters and you swipe the screen to hit them with your swords. Then story mode goes into effect and you move on to the next thing.

I really want to ask where the fun games are? Where are the games that will attract the people into playing them for hours? How is HP Palm addressing those types of games. Great job for Qualcomm for showing off what the tablet is capable of, but if we are, again, addressing pure, unadulterated fun and excitement among new users and existing ones, surely there has to be more than a flying jet simulator that shoots missiles into the water?

I agree on almost all points. PreCentral was really late to the press on this one. Airplane sims are not much fun. But more importantly phone games in general are not much fun. Not compared to a pc or console game. And it has less to do with the graphics and processor and more to do with lack of good controls.
Phones have what I call "bathroom games", games meant to be played for short periods of time. Angry birds, Mille Bornes, Solitare, Hangman, etc. Anything more complicated without a controller is not fun to me. If people are attracted to phone because of "gaming capabilities", and said phone isn't Experia Play-esk, I think no matter where they look they are going to be disappointed. Gaming apps are not really where HP/Palm needs to focus their attention, even when looking at app catalog shortfalls. imo

I'm not sure if you're referring to flight sims on tablets/phones or flight sims in general, but there's a thriving community of sim fans out there, many of whom play X-Plane, a sim that has no real combat capability.

I agree that sims on mobile devices leave something to be desired, but I still play X-Plane on my Pre every few weeks, flying around for about 30 minutes at a time before the frustration of not having real controls gets to me.

yes, 'bathroom games' is a probably a more appropriate term, as i am guilty of that for sure.

But i see the potential in all these fun, attractive looking games (Angry Birds has been a given for a long time, Tiny Wings is getting a lot of exposure, Cut The Rope is attractive too) that don't require much more than taps here and there.

I'm just thinking of the Pre's tagline (which i'm assuming must be carried over to other hp devices in some respects), what is it, more fun than a barrel of monkeys? something like that. anyways, yes, games are games for a reason, and again, the general consumer wants fun bathroom games.

I agree with you that instead of focusing majority of their resources on gaming, HP should focus on building nice productivity apps. Some of the things a pad really needs is: good e-book reader, a really good app for watching movies (I think that a pad will definitely be used a lot for watching movies...especially with beat audio thing.) Music app, and a really nice word editing app. There are probably a lot more app types that is needed but those four areas is what I'll probably be needing a good app in.
As for gaming...I agree that because there is a lack of decent way to control the game, they tend to be not that interesting. Some types of games I would really enjoy on a pad would be Racing games (especially with multi-player capability), and flying games like Glyder2 or H.A.W.X two flying games I tried out that are really fun. One reason I enjoy them so much is because they use the accelerometer to its maximum capabilities. It truly is a personal preference in this area...one person might like one type of game while another may like a different style.

There's Angry Birds, that's a fun game right? There are a fair amount of fun games on webOS right now.

I did notice the hiccups, and I'm hoping since it's a brand new processor demoing a new game, there's probably still some optimization left to do. At least it quickly switched to the messaging app.

Yes, I know Angry Birds exists on all the platforms, but there should be more to life than Angry Birds. It's a great game, you cannot deny that by how many people are enjoying that, but Angry Birds in webos attire is not special for that reason: it's not an exclusive game to webos.

Well I think if you're gonna have a fun game, it will go cross-platform eventually. You can't have a fun game stick to one platform.

Cool! I didn't think the article was so much about the games as showing the multitasking from a paired device. Maybe I misunderstood the point of the article, but it seems pretty nice to me.

This is what it means to be a webOS supporter. Constantly rereading news you already read 7 days ago that shows absolutely nothing that wasn't previously demonstrated at the Think Beyond event. Obama ran on hope and change, WebOS lovers just run hope and annoyed patience.

A friend told me that the Pre³ won't be available on Sprint and that at this point it would only run on at&t or t-mobile. Is that true? He said he saw it on HP's website.

Your friend is incorrect. There are 2 models of Pre3 known right now. HSPA+ (att/tmobile) and CDMA/worldphone (Verison/Sprint)

There have been numerous articles relating to whether or not Sprint will be getting any future webos hardware, and all signs point to Verizon being a likely suitor.

I'm a little concerned about the pairing between the TP and the Pre3 being Bluetooth. What will the range be? If my phone is upstairs in my bedroom with 3 walls and 40 feet between it and my TP, will I get my texts?

I think they should have this available via WiFi too. If both the TP and Pre3 are on the same network, get your texts, etc anywhere in range of the WiFi. Do it over Bluetooth too, but have a WiFi option cause if the range is poor, what's the point if my phone will be only a few feet away due to poor Bluetooth range? Same with calls if you use TP as a "headset."

Class Maximum Permitted Power Range
mW dBm
Class 1 100 20 ~100 meters
Class 2 2.5 4 ~10 meters
Class 3 1 0 ~1 meters

In most cases the effective range of class 2 devices is extended if they connect to a class 1 transceiver, compared to a pure class 2 network. This is accomplished by the higher sensitivity and transmission power of Class 1 devices

I would have to agree with you on the peculiarity of using Bluetooth instead of local Wifi for interconnectivity between different personal devices. What are the advantages?

But if the Touchstone is any clue to what is in store, your device will be on a Touchstone as much as it is in your hand. I see this as a handicap to whole 'mobile' thing.

Bluetooth 2.1 and later is more easily set up to have secure links than WiFi (Bluetooth security prior to v2.1 is a horrid mess). It also uses less power so puts less drain on the battery, and doesn't conflict with other devices in the area as much as WiFi.

Bluetooth always works. WiFi only works if you happen to be at a WiFi location. You could also have WiFi capable exchange, but not using BlueTooth as primary is stupid. It is the only link that is assured.

This looks rather neat. Though with WebOS being released likely at the end of summer after the release of the Pre3. We are left wondering if the update will apply to the phones.

I will never understand why this has a 1.4 Ghz single core processor. There is simply no efficiency in this. We are left wondering if 3.0 will run on the device at all and if it does what will and will not run on or for the phone from the tablet.

Why not just go 1 ghz dual core and save yourself the money , help the market, and help the consumer? There are now phones with the same size processors with 1800+ mah batteries. They have not squeezed all the space they can out of the battery space and component configuration. A phone such as this should be accommodated with at least a 1500 mah battery and likely something larger.

The GPU being mentioned better be the best on the market, because no can understand choosing the configuration and announcing it on a market that is already 6 months ahead of you while we still wait.

Its unfortunate but the last thing we can mention is these were obsolete mobile processors received at a discount. I'd like to see an efficient 800 mhz dual core with a 1400 mah battery in the same sized phone. HP as well as Palm is always worried about the slight perception. The tablet has 1.2 dual core and the phone is 1/10 as small but we want it to be powerful so go with a large single core? It just doesn't work into todays environment. Your essentially removing yourself from the market of wireless mobile competition to accommodate your tablet configuration. No one actually agrees so you've added a unique feature that binds them closer together. Hopefully these feature does much more then advertised as it does have potential.

It is my hope that the difference between the tablet and the phone is primarily work load based, and there is significant upscaling on the tablet and plenty of capability on the phone.

What? webos 3.0 is specifically ment for the touchpad (tablets).

And that's where you run into problems like Android in OS differentiation--well, if the phones are running 2.x, and the tablets are running 3.x (and 3.x is designed to not handle gestures along with being on a tablet), then how is that going to work later on when the phones outlive 2.x and the tablet need more than 3.x?

Has anyone else had similar thoughts?

What source was used to indicate that 3.X is only going to be used on the tablet? Personally I think that 3.X will be made to be used with the gesture area and without it. I'm thinking it will be similar how windows is on computers. There is windows for touch-less computers (regular laptops or desktops) and there is same windows on a computer that has a touchscreen. Hp even made a Pad with windows 7. How hard can it be to customize Webos 3.X on a phone so it uses gesture area...just like before. I am thinking that for now 3.X will start out only being on a tablet...but later on it will migrate to phones as well.

I think you need to get your information from better sources. webOS 3.0 is the version required for tablets to allow multiple panes from the app to show on the screen. It's the version enabled to take advantage of the larger screens. It's also the version the phones will migrate too. It is supposed to use gestures and adjust resolution based on the device it resides on.

The phones are only coming out with 2.x initially. This if from a number of sources.

Isn't HP/Palm moving the developers to Enyo so that you would only need to program 1 app for both tablets and phones? That's why they have to work out the scenes/panels etc etc?

Yes, both phones and tablets will eventually run Enyo on either. With the same app formatting itself to many different form factors.

Do you think you can post cohesive English...when you want to talk trash about stuff you don't even know about?

don't you mean coherent? ;)

There are no new technical challenges with WebOS 3.0 that require more horsepower. We see that WebOS 2.1 works fine on Pre- devices. The only reason that they are being kept separate is for speed to market.

WebOs 3.0 will be all Enyo native apps. Phone based WebOS will gradually go to Enyo. We could wait until WebOS 3.0 was compatible with phones too, before releasing the tablet, but that would just be stupid.

It's odd that this article is posted today citing a week old engadget post.

wow, there really isnt any new news/info out for webOS ...come on March 14th so we can (hopefully) get a release date and carrier for Veer :)

Thanks for posting this as I don't routinely read all of the various tech sites because my life is rather busy with work and family.

Still looking forward to the HP future of WebOS and a new era of smartphone tech.

No whining Wednesday !

What if I don't WANT to be interrupted while playing a game or doing whatever?

Who says you are being interrupted? You are being notified that a new text came in via audible sound. At that point you can continue playing your game, or like he demonstrated, hit the button and go into card mode.

It's somewhat more elegant than how the other OSes handle these types of things.

At least you're not having a huge popup in the middle of the screen telling you that your grandma posted something to your wall on facebook...

Nor are you asked to choose NOW if you would like to REPLY or CLOSE (wtf) the notification.

And if you REPLY now, you switch over to whatever's needing your attention, but end up closing the game.

Or if you CLOSE the notification, you end up forgetting it.

if they're running out of ideas and articles to post they can do a real review of the VZW Pre2... just saying.

I would appreciate that too.

With the Playbook you can CHOOSE whether apps pause or not when you navigate away them. 3 options:

-Pause when the card is minimized

-Pause when a new card is in focus

-Never pause, aka All Singing All Dancing

Oh...good ol' BlackBerry. I remember the days when I actually thought having 400 settings for my calls and texts, handling any possible situation, was a good thing. Having run, screaming, from BB's to webOS, I can unequivocally state that it is far better to have the OS get it right to begin with, and just allow a few options, than force you to understand an array of possible action settings.

webOS gets it right; i.e. audible notification that doesn't interfere with what you are doing. You can choose to ignore, or take action. Nothing else needed...not settings to find and set somewhere.

And if for some reason, WebOS doesn't do what you want, just patch it. :)

I know you're kidding, but that strategy only works with a pretty small percentage of the market, and I really do think lack of readily available customization options and features hurt the Pre's initial run.

I've never owned a Blackberry so I don't really know firsthand, but options are not usually a bad thing. Then again, Blackberries also didn't have touch interfaces until just recently, so maybe managing options is easier now.

i switched from a curve to a pre. i did miss the awesome spell check though. thats bout it

To be fair, with the Playbook, apparently you can select a setting somewhere that toggles pausing when moving out of an app. That lets the user decide which behavior is better for their uses, not that I really ever need a game or video running in the background when doing something else.

Hi all,

I'm not in the market for a pad just yet, I am dreaming of a Pre3 instead. However, it looks cool, and a very slick presentation. It may make me reconsider not wanted a pad.

Take care,


first off... Like said before. I don't scour other tech websites for info, when I wanna know about Webos, I come here. If news is a week old, I don't care.

second. None of you people are ever happy with anything. EXACTLY what is wrong with this horribly spoiled ignorant selfish rude ungrateful manipulative generation. Shut the %#?$ up.

third. Thank you (writer of this article) for bringing this info to my attention. I learned something new.


"this" meaning what generation? i am 25 and the kids that are 15 are way more ignorant and all that other stuff u through in there. at least i grew up without a comp and cell phone and now i actually appreciate them instead of thinking that they are owed to me.

I may not be able to disagree much with you in spirit, but the delivery was awfully harsh. It likely isn't that everyone is whiny, entitlests (Just made that up :) but just the loudest ones. I and many other colleagues have quietly and excitedly been watching the HP-WebOS relationship unfold and we are very eager to see what they can come up with.
If you wanted to tell people who whine too much to pipe down because we all have heard and felt the exact same experiences then I could get behind that rebuke. There is frustrations aplenty to go around, even for HP and Palm. Try to keep in perspective that this is a phone OS. Not the second coming.
Also don't forget all the starving Pygmies in Africa! lol

That's true...the starving Pygmies in Africa are not posting about how upset they are with the status of all things webOS. But I think they are having a developers meeting next week and things could start to get ugly after that...so...hurry up Veer! ;)

I would be quite happy to see a Bluetooth controller able to link up with the touchpad mimicking the 360 style and feel... would make the mobile gaming experience fairly decent. Before you go on about lugging around a controller, look at how popular wireless mice are with laptop users, and they require a flat surface to use.

gamepad for touchpad? Yeah, I like the idea too. It could bring better than bathroom games to the device. HTC's Flyer is doing something along these lines. They'll have a controller and gaming through the Onlive serivce (good wifi conneciton only, I'm sure). It's a decent start to the idea, imho.

Enough already. Release the thing and take my money.

Lol...I swear some of you people would treasure a **** like gold if your friend gave it to you. Value your news source and expect better WebOS coverage than this. With that said, I do appreciate the work precentral does, hopefully HP will give ya a little more to report on in this iPad2 craze

Cant say t.urd?