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Quick App: AuctionMate eBay app for webOS 31

by Dieter Bohn Sun, 21 Mar 2010 2:25 pm EDT


While covering MIX10 for WMExperts last week I was happily surprised to see a few Palm Pre phones in the hands of the throngs of Microsoft developers. One of them was in the hands of Stefan Henze, a developer for preciouscoders. He gave me an early look at AuctionMate, a new eBay app for webOS that just hit the official App Catalog.

AuctionMate is a free app that you hook up to your eBay account and it pretty much allows you to manage virtually all of your eBay activities. You can keep track of pending bids, watch what you're selling, what you've won, what you've lost, and so on. The entire interface is a nice mix of standard webOS elements and clever non-webOS tools that give you a quick overview of everything that's happening with your eBay account. My personal favorite is AuctionMate's remix of the standard Update/Refresh button - as you can see in the screenshot above it shows you the time of your last update right there in the button.

I'm not a heavy eBay user myself, but if I were I can say this would be a must-download for me. German speakers can find out more about AuctionMate at preciouscoders.com or even better, just download it now since it's free. Henze tells me that more features are on the way for the free version and a premium, for-pay version is also in the works.



doesn't have a search in it. That would be nice. I want a mobile ebay page.

use ebay all the time but I'm still going to put down the phone and search on my computer.

4 stars. Add quick search 5/5

Huh? The search is right there at the top. Just start typing.

HAHAHA. Sorry missed that.

I tried to search but didn't work. But I'm sure it will work for me soon and this will be the best app so far that I have.

Not really a fan of the faux metal background. Other than that it looks pretty nice.

Having trouble getting it to authenticate at the moment, but I'll probably use this myself.

Oh, and it's too bad the nice update button doesn't obey the time formatting settings you choose in the Regional Settings section.

Edit: And of course as soon as I say that it authenticates. Unlike the other eBay app, this allows bidding and using "Buy It Now," which is a huge plus.

Wait, can you actually place bids on here?

Yes, just search for an item or something out of your watch list, and you'll see a large "Place Bid" button.

There's also a "Buy Now" button for Buy It Now.

great app

As soon as they fix the authenticate error this app could be a major crowd pleaser =)

Excellent app! Nicely done: love the wipe to 'unwatch', clean interface. Are there notifications for watched/bidding items - I don't find any settings?

Another free app that look useful but wasn't mad available in the Spanish catalog :-(

FINALLY - a Useful app instead of all the redundant nonsense we've been seeing lately

Chas Palm


I get no errors and this app needs no fixes.

it's awesome.

great app. Downloaded it and am using it now.

Every time i try and search it say "An Error Occured"

Is it possible to use multiple accounts? If so, how?

There is currently an issue which prevent login for some international users. There will be an update in the near future which should fix this.

@mairboy: We located the search issue you reported and are working on a fix which will also be released in the near future.

Not only international users. i an in US and getting hang up on identification page. Search is working though. And if I go to E-bay directly I can log in. I just can not make application believe that I am in the account to get a cookie.

this is cool. Thanks preciouscoders.

doesn't wrk for me here in the uk i just get an error has occoured wehen trying 2 access my ebay account

Works Great! Thanks!

seriously, great app... Good timing too definitely needed this. 5 stars.

This app is not working, i'm in the UK so by the looks of it everyone outside the US has been overlooked. Paid apps are going to be just as bad i think.
Why do the likes of ebay not write an app. Why don't Palm approach them and ask them to write an app or get permission from ebay to write it?

I'm in the UK and it works fine for me

I did get an error on first attempt at authentication, but went into Preferences and amended the 'Select Ebay Site Setting' manually and everything was OK.

It's suppose to automatically choose national site based on your locale setting, but not working.

That very small issue aside this the quality app I've been waiting for; it looks great and has great attention to detail. I especially like the buttons to split the view of a listed item to show picture, just text or combined; small thing but makes it feel really polished.

This is a super app! Nicely done. If you use eBay as much as I do, it's a must have.

ebay DOES have a mobile site


you don't need this app.

is there anyway that verification settings can be reset? due to the fact that i tried to put in my security question that i thought i knew but apparently didnt.. not the app says that i have exceeded my allowable verification attempts and i do not have another member in the household that has a ebay account unless i make one up and then delete it in order to get this app to work.. kind of a round about way but i degress.. is there anyway you can make it so that it is more user freindly if this happens when you first try and link your account to this app.. because now i have no way to use the app at all.. no very usefull..

i talked to an ebay rep and the advice was that i get in contact with the app creator and see about reseting the verificatin attampts??? idk just sucks!!

It seems to have vanished from the APP store today

I cant find an ebay app anywhere here!

seems ok, except it fails to report items where they were purchased in a batch, single invoice