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Quick App: Clipboard for webOS 14

by Mark Jensen Mon, 14 Feb 2011 4:18 am EST

With recent good news from HP about all current apps running on the Pre 2, the Veer, the Pre 3 and even on the TouchPad (not to mention running on the entire current stable of webOS 1.4.5 devices) we figured it was time to get back into action and shine the spotlight on some apps worth noting.

Clipboard for webOS is one of those apps that falls into the category of “didn’t know I needed it” but now that I’ve tried it “I’ve gotta have me some of that.”  That is to say, it is a simple app with a high degree of functionality.

Unlike the copy and paste clipboard functionality of base webOS, which allows for only one saved clip at a time, Clipboard when running allows you to copy an unlimited amount of separate texts which are individually saved in a centralized clipboard database.  When ready to paste copied text into any app, the entire list of all copied texts is made available to choose from.  The app runs from both full card view and from the notifications dashboard.  It’s guaranteed to save you time and steps over the built-in clipboard of webOS.  Developed by Inglorious Apps, Clipboard for webOS is available in the App Catalog for $1.43.



Now, that's a great app! (Clipboard for webOS)

Great for forwarding texts and/or tweets, as well as clips from emails / web sites...

I didn't know I needed it until I tried it. Best productivity app yet, for me at least.

Same. Love this app. Took about 20 minutes to figure out how it functioned but once I got it down... use it all the time now!

Very useful for forum posting. :) Very quick and easy to learn.

Nice little application it seems. This will still have trouble selling in the market. Palm/HP have set no standard for applications.

This all comes back to me having yell at people for placing their applications at what ever price they want, 7.99 for sports Live!!! an non-official sports application are they mad?

Again this seems it might be worth it but no one likes to purchase things that feel like an insult to who they are. Your simply not going to purchase 5000 applications and say these are the good ones.

More specifically I would like to think this functioned in a certain way yet we will get there and it might be missing necessary features that most other phones would have. Palm has been a bit spiteful and self deprecating, as they introduce a unique feature or application they do not bring it to the level that others would bring it to.

Many see these features as non-necessity to their OS. When they are released its then their responsibility to make sure its meeting a certain level. A prime example was my post on SmartDrunk.

Someone basically took and overall good idea, wasted it because it wasn't on the market yet and left it there to die. Their answer I only spent 2 days on it. I showed him how exactly it could be better.

It eventually came back to he was nothing more then a partial developer who likely wants to fit in somewhere. Unfortunately there just isn't enough embarrassment shared amongst these developers and as long as someone admits their a nobody before they do something they don't care. What is of concern is really anyone could have came up with that application like many others. Its how good you provide the idea. This comes back to companies noticing talent and giving them resources to do so. The Idea is needed, and like myself I have hundreds of them but I would never release some of the terrible applications that have been released on this OS. Whats worse is there is some sort of hoarding amongst webOS. As if someone else isn't allowed to release another application similar to it with better results.

It unbelievable everyday to me that a phone exist and a company has not invested to make it a truly great OS like some of the others. The unique features are nothing more then tools for developers to work with. Not consumers to over-hype as if their good by themselves.

This is the reason why even nice simple applications that deserve a dollar,{(most won't purchase for a 1.43). It is strange and it offsets my bank account on an item I already am skeptical about.

Charge $2, fine, but not $10.} Will not get the purchases it deserves do to your fellow non-developers somehow accessing essentials that allow for partial development. I believe in the open platform and as I have spent 100's of hours at this point if it is open it must be no more difficult then creating your own Flash website with given developed tools for the user to get their ideas out there and then add advanced function from the providers. Who ever this is, whether the software is being purchased from the middle east or not, is a huge insult to say we as people don't know better by now. We know what something open needs to be on and when you create a difficulty level to just enter the market that is ridiculous you cut down the ideas of people and create little competition.

Right now it seems the phone is set up like our economy. You either own every bit of it and know the ins and outs and possible own something you may have never really wanted to own. A single quality developer at this point could own all of Palm and make it good. But why would we want to own your device and why set up something for someone else and not do it yourself? It seems like your sticking people with this great responsibility to take it off your own shoulders in the future. Seemingly kind of a childish joke, We got you! You all own palm, you were suppose to work for Apple. What's worse or if its our economy, it seems its you Own America, ha-ha, Were going back Germany/ Britain/ (as to say this company/country is not that real and we have something better you should have been a part of) Quite childish and typically only used for ones self feelings, but don't you think thats a bit much for something quite macro? Country to country company to company?

All the companies and countries are good. You just have to be there and working to bring them to greatness.

wow that sure was a mouthful for a little app :D

too much, didn't read it.

Short comment = cool app !!

wow that sure was a mouthful for a little app :D

too much, didn't read it.

Short comment = cool app !!

My brain melted and leaked out my ears after a few paragraphs.

I bought this app and it is awesome.

I also bought Sports Live, again because it is awesome. Seems quite a few others have as well.

Now, what were you trying to say???

Dude, get a freaking life!

Great app, just downloaded! Can't believe with amount of copy&paste I do that I have been living in ignorance of this app.

This along with one of my most invaluable app, Notes, have made Inglorious Apps one of my fave developers.

Am hoping Notes will come bundled with new phones/tablet as this function should be available for all!

I read that pontification three times and still don't have a clue to what the purpose or meaning was!?

Handy app tho!

Now if I could only buy this... :'( (unsupported country)

Seems really useful, especially for people already accustomed to using similar clipboard tools on desktop. On desktop, I can't imagine working without one.

Yes, Clipboard is an ok app. But it is too cumbersome to use. This is how it (also) should have worked:
A. It should have the ability of always running in the background, without having to get started or having to use real estate via the notification area.

B. Should have an option to: Whenever I clip something it simply goes into clipboard, without me having to either switch to a pre-started clip-board (or start it just after the clipping took place, or tap on the notification icon and again tap on the "plus" sign.

C. Then it should have an option to pop up whenever i needed to acces my clips, eg (for instans) via a gesture or a shortcut: "sym + c" or something.

See the old Clipboard on the old PALM OS to get a really well executed clipboard.

But, then again, apart from these (wished for) options, it is a good litle program. :-)


By the way: This is the best clipboard I have ever used - Clip Pro: