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Quick App: Flixi 16

by Tim Stiffler-Dean Wed, 05 Oct 2011 6:18 pm EDT

Under Clouds Games, an app development company already fairly well known for their work with various games on both webOS and iOS devices, is also starting to build a name with an app they call Flixi. This widget-based Exhibition mode app brings more than a dozen different views to arrange seven different widgets to fit your lifestyle. So, while your TouchPad is charging on a TouchStone Dock, Flixi can display your Twitter stream, the latest news from your favorite blogs, weather, date/time, cool photos pulled from flickr and even fully-loaded web pages.

Similar to another app that we've been a fan of, Glimpse, Flixi takes both multi-tasking and Exhibition Mode to a whole other level on the TouchPad. You don't just have to choose between the Time, latest sport scores, photo switcher or Luna browser in Exhibition mode any longer; with Flixi, you can have nearly all of that in a beautifully designed layout that leaves little to be asked. If you want to change the setup of Flixi to show different content depending on where you are, it's easy. Hit the preferences icon in the bottom right corner to set it up with up to four panels and display your Twitter stream, the PreCentral live podcast and feed reader while at work; or use it as a digital picture frame and meterologist at home.

You can grab the app for $2.99 in the App Catalog right now on your TouchPad, or hit the break first to see a few more screenshots of what you can do with Flixi.


First post! That means I get a promo code for this app right? This app looks awesome! Be great if HP would include this in the next set of free apps. That is, if they ever do it again. Here's to wishful thinking!

The developer has gone to our forums to give away promo codes to test new features and get feedback. Keep checking back there for more in the future, if they come.


The **** with promo codes, I'll pay for this to support developers doing great work!

Luckly those that use the promo codes are not denying the developers since they are still paid for their work. I think I will wait on this one for a short time. I seem to always miss out because I react to quickly. I paid 9.99 for splashtop a couple of hours later it was 4.99 then two days later there were promo codes for it.

Nice exhibition app and keep up the great work! Sorli...

will this app exhibit calendar view? I have always wanted to have weather, top stories and my calendar up on exhibition mode. I use the calendar on my pre (syncs with tp) to help me remember events but I am guilty of setting it and forgetting it and thus I create multiple alarms so I am not surprised. I am always surprised though, and if I saw my week or month every morning on the counter while pouring a cup of coffee I think I could eliminate most event surprises.
I will buy this app for sure, and gladly pay again if they bring in the calendar.

I was also wondering if it could display my Calendar/Agenda for the day. I used the Calendar/Agenda display throughout the day so I know what's coming up, but would love to see weather and feeds from other areas in addition to that.

If it does that, or that is in the works I'd gladly pay for the great work I'm seeing.

The reviews from early September all talk about the memory leaks and the need for a restart after using. Has this been resolved?

Downloaded this a few hours ago and like the ease of setup and the display. Sweet app. Comments from office mates who see the TP setup on the touchstone with this display. Worth the few bucks.
Thanks and nice work.

Hi all, I'm the developer of this app.

Memory leaks/slow down issues were resolved in the 1.2.4 version, that is active right now in App Catalog. Culprit was a leak in one of third-party javascript libraries that we used.

I would love to be able to display current agenda items, but the problem is that there is no public API to get them. I'm currently adding a Google Calendar widget though, so if you'd like some other favorite calendaring site to be added, just let us know.

I think google calendar will work for most because it is non device specific whereas the palm calendar doesn't even span multiple webOS devices on the same profile.

I really wax hoping that the touchpad calendar could be shown because it is pretty darn good and easy to read.

keep up the good work. I will purchase your al and I look forward to the calendar update.

Seriously a surprisingly brilliant app!

This would be a nice app for HP Canada to include in their next six pack of freebies, if they ever show up.

As I mentioned in the other thread:

1. The weather feed is spotty. You have to get lucky to find a zip code around you that will work. Even then, it's inaccurate and drops frequently leaving a blank area.

2. Consider allowing the source of the weather feed to be selected from one of several sources (E.g., Yahoo, MSN, Weather.com, etc.)

3. Allow several days of weather to be shown (see, windows 7 widget "Weather Center" for an excellent example of how Flixi could approach this)

4. More than 1 clock style would be really nice.

5. An HTC home style widget would be nice. There's a free Win7 applet that shows how one developer approached it. You could even implement other common styles such as Metro.

6. Flixi is not setting itself in Exhibition as one of the options. You have to launch Exhibition and specifically check Flixi to have it run when docked in the Touchstone.

7. The weather widget doesn't remember the location once it's set. If you change the layout, it needs to be reset.

8. The black background of the clock does not match the black background of the other widgets. It's lighter and obvious in all the layouts.

I just installed this last night and it is one seriously cool app! Easy to set up and looks great. My weather feed is updated and correct, no problems at all.

Nice exhibition app! Sweet app. Thanks and nice work.