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Quick App: neato! 1.0, featuring phone-to-phone sending 24

by Derek Kessler Tue, 21 Dec 2010 6:47 pm EST

neato! 1.0 We’ve profiled Zhephree’s computer-to-phone sender utility neato! before, and the app recently won itself a pair of PreCentral.net Best of 2010 Awards. But that doesn’t mean developer Geoff Gauchet is resting on his laurels. Just this week he released version 1.0 of neato!, adding in phone-to-phone sending. The new feature revolves around friend codes, which allow you to send a link or text data straight to another neato! user. Well, almost straight - the file is uploaded to SendSpace and then the link is sent to your friend. And if you’re using webOS 1.4.5, neato! can even send contacts to other users. neato! 1.0 also brings a revamped user interface and dashboard notification with links to the main scene, preferences, and sending page, all making for quick sending of stuff to your friends.

Interested? Of course you are. neato! 1.0 is available now in the App Catalog for just $1.43.



Oh hell yeah!! I love this app!!!!!

Me Too!

Great app!

Great! But I don't know any friends with webOS with Neato! But overall great app.

how do you get a app for sms for/in different colors?

does the chrome extension work now?

Yes it does! You can download it from your neato! URL.

For those of us not interested in Chrome (Google has me using enough of their products already) -- does anyone know if Firefox or other browser integration is planned for future Neato releases? I may be wrong, but, I think Neato currently only supports Chrome.

With a small bookmarklet, it supports EVERY web browser. However, the only native extension available is for Chrome. Firefox is in development, with Safari following that, and eventually Opera.

is there a send to neato patch for the webos browser, working with this version 1.0?

Yes, there is. "Neato! That URL" by Ben Fysh is available in Preware.

Neat Idea, but much too over played. Charging for something like this, this feature could be seen as some as a quick menu option. I like the idea but link sharing for a phone that currently has very limited web browser capability still doesn't do much for anyone.

In what world does webOS have a "very limited web browser"? I don't know what you're using, but the browser on my Pre Plus is quite capable of just about everything but Flash, and that feature is on the way.

"very limited web browser capability" is a bit harsh. It's based on the same WebKit engine as used by the much-praised iPhone. Aside from flash (coming soon in webOS 2.0) it is very much a capable phone browser.

If more people had webOS phones then this would be a more useful feature than it currently is but that is hardly Zhephree's fault. Efforts like this should be praised, not dismissed. I, for one, welcome any new additions/improvements especially since HPalm are being very quiet of late!

Hey, thanks for your comment. I'm all about criticism. I charge for the app because, despite it's diminutive stature, it has taken up my time to build and support (you have no idea how many support requests I get). Not only that, the Push technology I use costs me a monthly fee. Also, registering of your neato! id (and your neato! URL) are all hosted on my own web server, which also costs me a monthly fee, and costs more when more bandwidth is used.

I mention in the About section of the app that I would've loved to have made the app free, but because it's costing me every month to keep it functioning, I had to pass that cost on to the user.

With that said, dude, it's $1.43. I don't mean to sound rude or anything, and I apologize if I am, but $1.43 is nothing. A cup of coffee at Starbucks costs more and that's something you drink in 20 minutes and never use again. An app stays on your phone until you delete it and, if you use it the way most neato! users use it, you'll use it almost every day. $1.43 for something that saves you all that time is negligible.

The browser isn't really limited. Does it have flaws? Sure, all browsers do. If you are referring to the fact that it doesn't support Flash, well, I don't see how that's an issue.

Also, the Phone to Computer feature was built EXACTLY because the browser is limited in some ways. If something doesn't work right on your phone, neato! it to your computer in a couple of seconds.

neato! isn't for everyone, just as not everyone likes Angry Birds. If you find a use for neato! and buy it and use it, I will be super happy and appreciative. If you don't, no big deal. It's just an app.

@protofa and cmahy: The chrome extension does work. I just got it up and running using webOS 2.0 Not sure about 1.4.5. There are extensions for Firefox and Safari also, not just Chrome.

Thanks -- that's great news. I'll have to try it out.

If you haven't heard already, there won't be anything to see at CES from Palm, it's official... http://www.technobuffalo.com/blog/mobile-devices/palm-tablet-ces/ Now would be a good time to jump ship, it's obvious that their last go at smartphones was the pre 2. the rest of the new models that have been rumored all this time will be different iterations of the palmpad, which will probably be announced later.

Seriously msechea? Do you have nothing better to do than trash Palm in the comments of the articles? Dude, if you don't like Palm then don't buy one of thier phones. The rest of us happen to like Palm and enjoy these articles. Find a phone you like and go make postive comments in thier forums.

who says i bought one of their phones?

we already have this function for free. You can send someones contact info via MMS, Car Kit, Email & you don't need the other person to have this app! So what's the point?

For the same reason people download Twitter apps instead of using SMS to send and receive tweets -- it's faster and easier.

To send a contact NOW:

1. Start typing person's name

2. When it shows up, tap their name to expand options

3. Tap person's name a second time to open contact

4. Tap Application Menu

5. Tap Send Contact

6. Tap Send via MMS

7. Start typing person's name to send MMS to.

8. Tap recipient's name

9. Tap Send button

10. Recipient waits to receive contact

11. Recipient receives contact; taps dash notification to open MMS

12. Recipient taps vCard in MMS.

13. Recipient taps Add to Contacts

14. Recipient taps "Add to Contacts" button on Contact Detail scene

15. Recipient taps Add as New or Add to Existing

16. Recipient selects contact to add to


1. Open neato (if not already open)

2. Tap Send To button

3. Select recipient from list

4. Tap Attach Contact button

5. Tap Send This button

6. Recipient receives contact INSTANTLY

7. Recipient taps Add to New or Add to Existing

8. Recipient selects contact to add to

Exactly half the steps and probably a fraction of the time. You can get to New York from LA by walking for free, but wouldn't you rather pay the cost of an airplane ticket? :)

Even if it's free, I only use a Twitter client if it provides functionality that the web doesn't (i.e., reply all). Same thing with this app. What functionality or capability does it bestow that email or SMS/MMS don't? I've tried similar apps on both iPhone and Android and I just don't see the point. I like having one solution for moving files and data, and, for me at least, that's email. Kudos to the developer, of course, for putting in the time and resources to make something useful for the community. Cheers!
I'm not worried about HP Palm taking time to make new phones. At least they're trying to really do it right this time. If you look at their site, you'll see their events schedule: http://developer.palm.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2106 which doesn't show them being lazy about phones next year. I suspect they will unveil their line-up either at one of these events or as mentioned above sometime between them. I've never had a Palm phone, and I am still waiting patiently for the good stuff to come out. If it turns out not to be worth it, I'll just continue putting up with the alternatives (which aren't all bad, just not equal to WebOS). Big deal.

Not as good as bump