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Quick App: podFrenzy 9

by Adam Marks Wed, 21 Sep 2011 10:23 am EDT

If you are a webOS user and like to listen to podcasts on your device, chances are you own drPodder, an app that has been around for almost as long as webOS has been. While it started as a Homebrew app (then called prePod) and eventually graduated to the App Catalog, it has unfortunately not been optimized to run on the TouchPad. Luckily for all of us, the original developer of drPodder, Jamie Hatfield, made it an Open Source app. Why is that lucky for us? Well, it allows for another developer to pick up the drPodder code and--with permission--update the app to work on the TouchPad! And that is just what Bits of God Software did!

Enter podFrenzy, an almost-clone of drPodder that now works full-screen on the TouchPad as well as on all webOS phones, too! Other than working full-screen on the TouchPad, podFrenzy has only a few minor tweaks to the drPodder code, but more enhancements are planned. Specifically, the developer wants to further optimize the app for the additional screen real estate that the TouchPad's 10 inch screen offers, instead of just running a bigger version of the phone-based interface. For the moment, the price of the app is 99 cents, the same as drPodder. However, once the TouchPad-specific updates of the app go live, the developer has said that the price will go up.

Also, if you are a drPodder user and want to migrate your feeds to podFrenzy, you can always use the import/export feature built into each of those apps. However, this will not migrate over the status of each episode (new, downloaded, etc), nor will it copy over any of your downloaded podcasts. Luckily, the homebrew Save/Restore app is here to help with that. Keep reading after the break for those migration instructions.

Note that you will need version 1.5.6 of Save/Restore (currently available in the Beta App feeds) to follow these directions:

  • On your phone (where you have DrPodder), open Save/Restore and "save" the current status of drPodder
  • Copy the /drPodder folder from the USB drive on your phone to the TouchPad
  • Copy the /saverestore/com.drnull.drpodder folder from your phone to the TouchPad
  • On your TouchPad, rename /saverestore/com.drnull.drpodder to /saverestore/com.bitsofgodsoftware.podfrenzy
  • Open podFrenzy at least once on the TouchPad
  • Open Save/Restore, choose "Restore application data" and restore podFrenzy
  • Reboot your device
  • Open podFrenzy to find all your feeds restored. You may still want to go to the app Preferences to ensure they are all set to your desired settings.


Just purchased it! I was anxiously waiting for this, thanks to the devs for the great work!

Hopefully they put exhibition support in. Would be key for my touchstone in the car.

I was really glad to see Bits of God Software pick up the torch and run with it. I hope they can add all those features that you guys have been asking for for so long!

I never used drpodder, so tell me what podFrenzy can do that the free Simple Podcaster can't. TIA!

Search for new podcast from multiple sources,and resume bookmarks for multiple podcast....were the main reasons I like
drPodder. Now only if it would sync phone and TouchPad....

How is this new? My DrPodder already kept track of multiple bookmarks on both audio and video. The built-in search via PodTrapper works fine too. I like PodFrenzy, but the search feature isn't working for me. Everything other than aesthetics seems to be working as DrPodder does on my phone. The main exception being that video wasn't displaying correctly on my Touchpad, in which case I just used KalemSoft to play any video I downloaded.

PodFrenzy, to me, is a welcome successor to DrPodder and I'm glad to have it. As it is though, DrPodder is still my main podcast catcher.

love drPodder, will purchase podFrenzy -- if only for the chance they add my idea for new views.

hasnt this app always been open source? I think I remember a dev taking it and submitting their own paid app off it before, pretty shameless, esp since iirc they made little or no mods.
is hatfield definitely not working on any more updates? If thats the case I definitely support someone else taking over, hopefully updating it for both form factors.

is the new dev closing source on his fork tho? As that would raise red flags for me. Also, a price higher than 99c for a non-enyo app for which all the groundwork has been laid by another dev doesnt seem very appropriate to me.
so I'm willing to buy it at this price assuming that he's doing updates to both, because having drPodder on one device and podfrenzy on another is going to get annoying. And an important feature to have is the ability to sync phone & tablet versions together. (cloud? Tts? However you want to do it I'm down!)

I'm trying to migrate from drPodder on my FrankenPre2 using the Save/Restore trick, and when I go to "restore" it doesn't list podFrenzy as a possible app. I used Internalz to rename the directory. Save/Restore doesn't list podFrenzy as a supported app.

I've got S/R 1.5.4.