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by Adam Marks Tue, 05 Oct 2010 1:15 pm EDT

Quick Launch wave While rearranging your launcher icons to put your most often used icons on the Quick Launch Bar is a great way to ensure that you are only a swipe up away from accessing those apps, there is actually an even faster method to access these icons: the Quick Launch wave. Instead of just swiping up from the gesture area, if you drag up and keep your finger pressed against the screen, a wave will appear with your Quick Launch icons. Simply slide your finger to the right or left to find the app you want (the name of the app will appear above the icon) and lift your finger to open that app. While this doesn't exactly save a lot of time as compared to a simple swipe up, it does allow you to do things like accessing the full Launcher, opening a new web browser, or accessing your calendar all without leaving your currently open app (depending, of course, on what icons you have on your Quick Launch Bar

Note: The wave does not work if you are in a PDK app, just standard SDK (and we assume the future hybrid) apps.

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since i removed my desktop icons via a patch i use this method all the time. useful and looks cool. i hope they take actions like this to the next level in 2.0 and beyond.

Everything is true!
Go in look look:
Believe that you may need.

not new, but great part of webos

It seems like a "duh" kind of thing to do but why not have the wave be a secondary quick launch? The wave offers no benefit over the quick launch, wouldn't it be great if the quick launch was 4 icons plus the launcher and then when you use the wave, it showed a secondary set of 5 so that it gives you 9 apps plus the launcher in total when combining the wave with the quick launch bar.

This to me seems like a no brainer, you can highlight it as a feature where as now it's purely a cosmetic treat.

I want this, and have requested it many times. Sadly, not enhanced by Palm yet.

I lke that idea ^^



I used to love this feature, and still do, but I don't use it now since I like just having the icons ready and accessible at the bottom of the main screen.

Now if it were updated to allow to take the launcher option off of it,then it would be more useful.

Why do I want to use the wave feature to then open my launcher. Sort of a pointless swipe that isn't needed.

Sad, cause it could be a very useful feature if they focused on it.

I think using the wave is the only way to bring up the launcher over an application without going to card view first. So it seems useful in that sense, although going to card view isn't really a big deal.

the wave comes in very useful if you have the quick launch icons hidden permanently all the time via the homebrew patch. i use it all the time.

I did for a while too, but the feature is still purely cosmetic. Palm never intended for that patch to be created to make it useful.

WebOS Internals is just awesome.

:-/ :sarcasm:

On a helpful tip, instead of doing these phone tips why not do a app of the day or something like that... I think that would be much more helpful vs. how to swipe away a contact or whatever...

well if you are a webos expert, perhaps you have a tip for all the newbies.

Yea... read the manual smart ass....

If you saw I also offered a helpful suggestion...

did you know if you push the screen with enough pressure and slide it up, it also reveals a physical keyboard?!?!?

Man these tips just keep getting better and better!


The wavebar is cool to play with. When you show off your phone and you run it up and down the screen it looks cool.

I think it's a very useful feature and compliments the whole mutitasking aspect of the phone nicely. I use it combined with the patch that permanantly hides my launchbar. Aside from that, it's nice to have to be able to use when you are inside of an app. One of those things that are not necessary, but fun to have...

Is it just me, or does the app menu launcher button redundant? The swipe up seems faster to me and I'd rather use that valuable space for another app button. I assume that the gesture area will be integral to all form factors, so I don't see why it is even there. I am also surprised that a plug-in hasn't been made to remove it... or am I just missing it.

I literally use this feature everyday for a very specific situation. I have the music app and Google maps on my quicklaunch I use my pre on a touchstone in my car with stereo as my primary music player and navigator. Launching these apps from the card view requires you to look away from the road just enough to be dangerous, but launching from the quick launch can be done almost entirely by touch alone and only requires a fleeting glance similar to using the preset buttons on the radio.

The combination of the touchstone and superior gesture swipes are what keep me with my pre while other platforms continue to release newer and faster phones with more apps.

I LOVE the launch wave. It's so slick!

actually very helpful tip!!! never new this existed!

The wave bar is very useful if want to quickly open apps that you use frequently while in another app. You don't have to do some long slow drag, you can just quickly drag up in the right position and vola!

My wife left the Pre for the Epic and we both complan about how clunky it is to move around on that device (still a great piece of hardware though :( ). IMO there is nothing that come close to WebOs when it comes to multitasking and useability.

^ hardware of the line ...Period!

hardware for webos I mean...

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