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A quick research survey from Phoenix 37

by Derek Kessler Thu, 18 Apr 2013 8:02 pm EDT

A quick research survey from Phoenix

The ambitious upstarts at Phoenix International Communications have some pretty crazy plans. Eventually they want to produce their own webOS smartphones, but in the meantime they're content with getting Open webOS running as an app on Android devices. That's no small task, so it's going to take some time and a lot of work to get that project to where they want it to go.

But for those grander plans, some of which we know about, and others we surely don't, Phoenix has decided that they need more data. To that end, they've put together a quick fifteen-question research survey on webOS, smartphones, and tablets to better gauge your interests and priorities. After all, you people - the webOS Nation - are more or less Phoenix's target audience. Who better to ask for input than you?

And, of course, if you have advice or input for Phoenix beyond the scope of that survey, have at it in the comments.

Survey: Phoenix International Communications webOS user survey



Completed! #1 :)

completed the survey.

Completed. However question #9 should have had an additional option choice of 'No' instead of the forced choices offered.

Some pretty irrelevant questions there for what they are doing.  I'm not going to bother.

Completed. Yes, a few of the questions... I would have given multiple answers. Tick boxes rather than radio buttons? I gave it my best shot.

Basically I want a 'Pre 4': 4G, Hardware on a par with the latest stuff (S4? HTC one?), webOS updated with core apps retaining the good and matching the old palm PIM functionality. (no, there isn't a secret prototype being left in a silicon valley bar outside of my dreams!).

I'd maybe even prefer a graffitti area over a keyboard, but I guess that's 'patently' impossible.

Me too. But the 4G has to work in The Netherlands else I'd be happy with 3G instead. I agree with your post.

Something I would love to see on more devices is water and dust resistance without making the device a clunky brick. The Xperia Z proved it can be done in stylish looking phones and others should start doing it too!

Oh, yes: What is the PIC plan? an Android phone with webOS skin? webOS in an Android app?
If the underlying Android can't multitask well, how will an app?

If PIC are actually going to build a phone, I'd suggest dual boot. Or Android in a card (did someone do this?). I know it will be a tough road to take, but the danger of an Android phone with webOS as a feature is that you end up with a poor webOS phone and/or poor Android phone. Hardware form needs to integrate with OS. That said, one possible route could be an open hardware platform. PIC puts it out with webOS and anyone inclined can put what they like on it. The group, 'phone hackers' may well be larger than the group, 'webOS users' - at least at first! ;-)

Good luck, anyway!

But fact is that PIC maybe doesn't strive for profit. I mean, look at the new AmigaOne X1000 by AmigaKit. It was pre-ordered a bunch of times and now they have a waiting list. Sure, that's not gonna get them anywhere near the big PC builders but for them they find it more than enough to keep producing it.
And maybe PIC is striving for that too. And that doesn't mean they have to give in on specs. Sure, the Pre 3 is no HTC One but fact is that webOS runs well with lesser specs than Android (ever seen a low-end Android device? horrible performance!, now compare that to the HP Veer).

Done. Some questions I could have answered multiple ways. Basically, I want WebOS on some current type of LTE device with current hardware specs. Then be able to run Android apps. I thought that was in the works software with OpenMobile or something like that.

All done. Some questions may seem irrelevant or even obvious, but it's important to be as honest and truthful. It doesn't cost you anything, peeps.

Completed :-)

New phone hardware with WebOS?

Shut up and take my money already :)

Lmao! As a Nation, don't we all just feel this way?

Now this should of been an option on the servey whereas if you didn't click it, ONLY then you have to go threw the rest of the questions haha

Done, but I think they play with us.

play with us for a long time.

it was was a pleasure to take the survey and THANK YOU PHOENIX! We are with you 100%

Done....but what was up with the Meg Whitman question?

I definitely prefer to have a webOS phone that can run android (or android apps) in their own card as opposed to an Android phone that runs webOS as an app....

While I'd prefer new WebOS hardware running native WebOS apps, I'm very open to running Android apps on a WebOS phone or tablet. I'd rather play Angry Birds Star Wars on my Touchpad than my spouse's Samsung Galaxy Tab.

webOS in android? Meh, wrong way round, a pity.

If webOS Ports gave up on trying port webOS, maybe they have some resources like the servers they got from HP or some of the 12K$ they got in the last fund raising that they could give to the Phoenix guys to take further?
And why is there no cooperation? It's such a tiny community in (mobile devices terms) that I find it odd that we can allow ourselves to do the same work twice.


I want a Pre 3 quality device, and/or the WindsorNot type phone, with updated specs and LTE capability. I could care less about Android compatibility. If you think that is a good idea, you should pick up a Z10 or PlayBook. The idea is great...fill the void with Android apps, but in practice it kinda sucks.

I would rather get something out there and have people talking and hope that devs would start to take a moderate interest again. Also, they should find a way to support all existing applications for webOS and not just Enyo.

Done, but I have to say the trend for slimmer larger devices is not for me.

I mainly agree with the earlier posts. The OS is already great and I stick with it, because using it is a bliss! Many people I know agree, but the lack of certain apps is a no-go for them. Therefore, I think being able to run Android apps might help the platform. But having the few webOS apps running inside an Android system is just not worth it in my opinion. To do that you'd have to buy an Android device first and then you could just use that...

I agree with you.
For webOS to provide value, it has to be able to provide all of its own functionality, and to make up for its dwindling apps, having the ability to run other platform's apps is essential. Having open webOS as a dual-boot option is not going to give even us die-hards a useful everyday webOS device any more. Porting open webOS to other hardware is a first step, but in itself, does not give us a fully useful daily solution, without ongoing manufacturer/developer support, which we've lost these days.

Whether webOS as an app can be made to work on a device, or whether open hardware can allow open webOS to run natively, there is still the matter of being able to actually use the apps you need on a phone or tablet. If the apps you need are increasingly only available on another platform, you are forced to return to that platform for more and more of your daily activity.

So ultimately, to keep webOS viable, you need a way to a) run the OS, and b) have an up to date app catalog. Doesn't have to be the biggest catalog, but has to have supported apps, regardless of the method required to access those apps.

I get by fine with the apps I still have in webOS. We know that a majority of smartphone and tablet apps are silly useless crap. webOS had some of the best implementations of a number of apps that are really practical and useful in the real world. But as support dies and dev's stop updating them, they are becoming obsolete. We are left having to admit that even with our OS, it doesn't really help unless we have practical, up to date apps. Turning to another platform to run the other apps, doesn't really help webOS.
I'm all for native Apps, they're designed for the specific OS features and usually offer the better experience. But if those apps aren't being built any more, it really has to have the ability to either port or emulate to run other apps in webOS. At least until it takes off and devs start pumping out native webOS apps again :-)

Give me updated hardware with webOS and I would be happy.

For me too!
Survey completed.
Fenix​​, we are waiting for you.

Thanks for asking. Took the survey.

Survey completed. I'm currently using webos att veer, and I plan on keeping it for as long as I can, but since I found out modified touchstone backs for the galaxy siii has been developed, I'll go that route if I have to give it up, or the galaxy s4, if the touchstone option is available. If I could get instagram on webOS, I wouldn't be tempted to switch at all. As far as the touchpad, the only things I wish it had was usb input so I could connect a thumb drive, an sd/micro sd slot to expand storage, and the netflix app.

Completed as well...oh and thank you Phoenix for this effort and the... Would you release something already!
webOS fans would buy it asap! We still buy outdated Pres for God sake. I mean any smarthphone you come up with would be a glass of cold-icy water in the middle of the God forsaken Sahara! Just saying...
But yes, really, thank you.

hope this doesnt end up another openmobile saga.

Completed the survey. A number of unexpected questions. But #13 was the most difficult to answer. I would like to think HP would have succeeded with webOS if Meg Whitman had tried to resurrect it but after the bridges were burned with Leo's shenanigans I don't think it would have been easy or even likely.

As an Anylitics guy, I'm really interested in the results and what other associations future surveys could provide. Maybe the next survey, if there will be additional data collecting, should focus on what it would take to bring people who currently are not fans of webOS into the fold. I think the idea of a Android-App player within webOS is an excellent. I'm using Android now(Evo LTE), but would consider switching back with the right hardware / software modifications.

me too ! i have already done.but i have one doubt for fenix , did you have a clearly plan ? i does not care with webos on Android , only have a 'pure' version of webos !! thanks

Completed! Go Phoenix.

Meanwhile, at Phoenix International World Headquarters:

"Johnny, come upstairs and eat your dinner, that's enough playing with your little friends for tonight."
"But mother, I'm conducting important research!"

I'd say that's pretty likely. Color me skeptical of this whole venture.

queremos webOS :D