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Quickoffice, Adobe Reader, App Catalog all given the update treatment on TouchPad 24

by Derek Kessler Thu, 20 Oct 2011 10:01 pm EDT

It hasn’t been that long since webOS 3.0.4 came out, and though the user-facing changes were minor enough, the back-end changes were enough to warrant updates to document editor Quickoffice, document reader Adobe Reader, and the App Catalog itself. The App Catalog’s update came primarily to address issues with promo codes since webOS 3.0.4 – a pleasantly-fast turnaround facilitated by the decoupled nature of the App Catalog app and webOS as an operating system.

Quickoffice and Adobe Reader received updates to take advantage of the improvements in webOS 3.0.4. As you may recall from Jonathan’s review of Quickoffice's document-editing update, the app was prone to freezing, lagging, and other elements of frustration that simply made it a pain in the butt to use. With the improvements to Enyo in webOS 3.0.4, the folks at Quickoffice were able to make improvements to their namesake app that greatly enhance the experience. As best as we can tell, no new features were added to the apps, but the fact that Quickoffice can now handle large and small documents with smoothness and ease makes it feel like a whole new app.


glad to hear about this, the quickoffice app was very slow from my experience with it; wish that touchpad would hurry up and show up

webosroundup is reporting:

"Big news out of the land of broad swords and golf today. Picsel UK announced that their Office editing suite of software, SmartOffice, will become available to TouchPad owners starting Oct 24th."

That is great news. No word on price yet.

Did I see 10 pounds on the UK posting? I thought I read that earlier today.

$10 USD afaik

Picsel SmartOffice will be available Monday on WebOS for Touchpad!

Updated Adobe Reader still does not support password-protected files ...

Or -- much more amazing -- searching. The lack of search functionality is embarrassing.

Oddly, after I got my updates, I was unable to find QuickOffice or Adobe Reader in the new App Catalog. This is similar to when I first got my TouchPad, and before I forced an update using webOS Doctor, I was likewise unable to find certain apps (e.g., Camera for TouchPad and Adobe Reader ... )

with all the hp/palm software gurus sacked, i wonder whos left to do all the updates that are trickling in on the webOS/app side.

I really hate adobe reader on webos. Why does it not use swipes to move between pages? Why does it dump everything in a single flat list rather than by the folders we have things organized in? Horrible UI.

Swipe up and it'll switch to the next page, if you're zoomed out to fit the page in the screen.

NOOOO WAYYYY...WebOS still on top i see

QuickOffice now seems to support PowerPoint files (with limitations)....don't remember it able to open ppt's prior to the update.

I am able to edit files on quick office now & also tried creating a new XLS, adding some text & saving, closing & then reopening.

Looks like quick office added edit functionality.

All of the functionality you mentioned has been available in Quick Office from the last update over a month ago.

lol, you really should update when it's offered, not just when it shows up here, because these guys are notorious for breaking news...well, either late, or not at all here recently

Adobe reader now supports JPEG2000 compressed images.

Unfortunately it still doesn't have searching, bookmarks, or links support.

These were great updates. I am fortunate that everything works for me. So far, QuickOffice can open, edit, save all my Word docs (any size) from my Cloud services (Box.Net, Drop Boxify, Google docs). Adobe also opens any PDf from my cloud services too, and very quick I might add. And, the HP App Catalog is also great with the additional search features. thanks again to HP and the webOS developers.

Wow great to see someone still cares about our beloved os. But what with the app catalog? Update? I'm still looking at the July issue of pivot. what gives?

Speaking of the App Store, are we ever going to see the long-promised Sports issue of Pivot? Can't speak for anyone else, but I'm getting really sick of looking at those two surly chicks with the blue soccer ball. And judging from their expressions, they're getting pretty sick of waiting too.

Adobe Reader for webOS is developed by some brain dead people.

Check out the "Leo" app. It lets you take out your frustrations. It is free. Just search "leodarts" in the app catalog.

Check out the "Leo" app. It lets you take out your frustrations. It is free. Just search "leodarts" in the app catalog.

i havnt the old one but its good, the new one...