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Quickoffice: free for TouchPad, paid for smartphones, still not available 27

by Derek Kessler Sat, 30 Jul 2011 3:39 pm EDT

Whether you have a Palm Pre or HP TouchPad, there’s still something pretty major missing from your device: document editing. While you can go ahead and use Google Docs through the web browser, we all know that’s not an ideal solution and it just doesn’t work as well as we’d like. We want – nay, we need a native app. We were promised that in the form of Quickoffice, which debuted as a Word and Excel viewer bundled with webOS 2.0 back in October 2010. A tablet-sized version was packaged with webOS 3.0 on the TouchPad, but we’re still waiting on a document-editing version of the app for both screen sizes.

We’re still no closer to knowing when exactly that version will come, but thanks to an updated Quickoffice webpage, we can at least offer you some details on how it will be made available. Both the smartphone and tablet versions will be made available via the App Catalog, which will allow Quickoffice to distribute the app independent of any webOS updates. The tablet app will be made free-of-charge to TouchPad owners, while webOS smartphone owners (running 2.0 or higher, naturally) will have to fork over their hard-earned cash for the privilege of editing Word and Excel files.

And that’s all we’ve got. No clue on how much it will cost for the smartphones, or when it will land for any webOS device. Quickoffice has put up a sign-up page for notifications, along with the promise of a discount for smartphone users if you sign up. Document editing for webOS can’t get here soon enough.

Source: Quickoffice; Thanks to Furuboru for the tip!


First it was months of delays with Dataviz which led to nothing and now more of the same with QuickOffice. It doesn't look like any of the "major" mobile office makers is willing or able to step up and make a real office suite for webOS. I think that barring a hitherto unknown player emerging, HP will have to roll its own solution for editing office documents. Perhaps they should take a look at webOS Internals' efforts at getting Ubuntu apps to run on the TouchPad and build a framework for them to run more easily. It would allow them to tap into an existing ecosystem and allow for the development of more powerful apps like the ever elusive webOS office suite.

I think I heard a rumor that this would be coming "soon" and perhaps "summer". They conveniently didn't say what year, though.

I now use "coming soon" as an everyday phrase, meaning the exact opposite...

Similar conversational alteration here.

"How fast was my wife in the 10K race? As fast as an HP product release!"

And when in restaurants and ordering steak that is pink and juicy in the middle, "I'd like it prepared like a new WebOS release, please."

at least they are committed to it. would be good to include Visio and PowerPoint editing and creation though. It's more like QuickWordExcel, not QuickOffice

Dataviz was committed to the pre, too. But then they bailed. I sure hope QuickOffice is committed and gets something released soon.

This just in: Generalisimo Francisco Franco is still dead.

I understand that tablet versions of word/excel often have functionality missing so the fact that webos-internals has figured out a way for us to run libreoffice on the TouchPad, with full desktop functions (once keyboard mapping is completed) is a huge plus for me.

It's getting to the point though that if it's not super optimized touchscreen apps, you're just better off running windows on a netbook.

Nope, netbooks kinda suck for many reasons.

You kind of lose credibility with statements like that.

Why do I get the feeling OldSkoolVWLover was one of those "iPads suck, netbooks can do more" people before HP made a WebOS tablet?

Yeah, tablets are great toys. If you have anything serious or important to do, a netbook is much more effective, much better bang/buck. For me, tablets are multimedia devices, with secondary net and email capability in a pinch. As much as I hate cramped netbook keyboards, trying to type a paragraph on a touch screen is 3x the angst.

what about powerpoint?

I was messing with the touchpad today in best buy. The quickoffice app takes a while to open and seems really slow. Tried the galaxy tab and it opened instantly. Crazy how slow it is on Webos

You've got to love pain to be holding out for almost three years to get document editing!

I'm sure it will ship around the same time as the Pre3 (September or thereabouts).

coming soon seems to be the butt of the joke for hp...

"... for no cash"

"Make things right"

"Think beyond"

"Everybody On"

"Touchpad display is simulated"

UntidyGuy, Josh said the Pre3 will not run 3.x. With this and the news that HP said no to Sprint, I think I am being pushed to an Android phone. This will kill me...

(I went thumbs down on my own comment!)

HP won't/didn't land a deal with the only carrier with unlimited data. Does not bode well for all the money the wasted on cloud service assets. HP's path, while technically brilliant (if they could actually execute), does not fit the emerging market place for wireless services.

I don't even know how it's possible to pretend WebOS isn't on its death bed at this point.

Perhaps HP should leverage what little influence they still have with Microsoft to get a Mobile Office suite for WebOS developed for them. In fact it may be a good idea to build a bridge between HP and Microsoft for future WebOS ventures.

So HP dumps the Windows-platform HP Slate in favor of their own in-house webOS tablets, turning Steve Balmer's CES keynote into a vaporware-holding embarrassment. Now it wants Microsoft to port its applications to webOS? I'd love to sit in on THAT conversation.

You've got the right idea but first HP needs to end this silly webOS experiment.

Here's the direct link to sign up for notification with QuickOffice:

Sadly, as a webOS developer, I can see where even the best efforts may run into a brick wall due to the limitations of the SDK. Then they go and throw away the one they had been working on and build a new one with new bugs.

If I remember right I paid something like $25.00 for QuickOffice on my beloved old Treo 650. I'd happily pay that for a good document editing app that worked well on my TouchPad and my Pre3 (If I ever get one). I love my Touch Pad but it's really an enteratinment gizmo without document editing, for me, anyway.