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QuickOffice HD document editing now on your HP TouchPad 153

by Derek Kessler Mon, 29 Aug 2011 4:03 pm EDT

TouchPad owners, drop what you're doing right now and head to the software manager app. An update that we have all been waiting on for a very long time has finally arrived. QuickOffice HD for the HP TouchPad is no longer just a document viewer, but a document and spreadsheet editor, as well. For users that needed document editing for work or school to make the tablet more useful, your wish has been granted, and you can now created, edit and save documents until you heart is content.

It's another promise made good on by HP, as Richard Kerris mentioned that this update was on the way last week. And to think, it was only two months later than we originally expected. No matter: we've got it now and in our first look it works great. The download is free from the App Catalog for TouchPad owners (and not just the ones in the US, either), with a paid version for webOS smartphones supposedly coming sometime in the future.



And it prints right to my HP 8500a Officejet printer on my network!!!! No installation at all...Sweet!!!! Oh and really, I am so impressed with the build quality of the Tpad!

Cool, now I can use my BT Keyboard, thanks for keeping your promise HP!

Thanks for keeping your promise QuickOffice. The only thing HP did was jeopardize this and future updates to all apps.

I ordered a keyboard that should be arriving soon, and that even though I was only expecting to be able to use google docs with it. Really glad I did now!

My keyboard arrived from Best Buy yesterday. Looking forward to testing it on this app when I get home.

you will be pleased. :-)

Dear netwrkr9,

Thanks for having such low expectations.


The power of "scale". Leo and HP definitely have qualified for the High Tech Special Olympics.

...yeah, in the special "Marathon" category, and not a "Sprint" (nor any other carrier, for that matter).

"Timmay!!!" from south park

Now I have a reason to get a TP. That's if I ever find any.:)

Finally :) Just installed it :)

Richard Kerris +5
HP +1

You took the words right outta my mouth!!!

Just need powerpoint

This was a big reason why I originally returned the TP on my first time purchasing it. Glad to see it has finally come. I am loving the TP more and more everyday... this is really the one missing link to a complete base set of functions one would need.

I could see how this could have been a deal-breaker for you after your initial purchase. The lack of a document editing software package was also a huge minus for me but I decided to stick it out. It wasn't so bad since I only really need the word processor. I limped along with the Beta Typewriter app and coupled with a Logitech Android keyboard I had borrowed, I still managed to be productive. Now things have gotten even better with the new QuickOffice and my new HP TP BT keyboard. Glad you are "back" in the webOS fold. : )

Yes!!!!! So glad Quickoffice can edit now! Thanks for the info guys!

It's not showing up for me...

I don't see anything either :(

Nothing here either. Though to be honest, it could be my wireless connection with the TP. It doesn't like my wireless network very much.

I had to do a restart first. Then updates to Quickoffice and Adobe PDF Reader showed up.

I restarted. Nothin :(

It took a while for it to show up in my software manager. And I still didn't see in the the App Catalog. It was in the upgrade. Maybe it'll take a while to show.


Okay, turns out I needed to be at 3.0.2 first. It took 2 weeks for me to get the option to upgrade to 3.0.2 just this morning and I was too lazy to doctor it myself. After upgrading to 3.0.2 and rebooting, quickoffice is ready to go :D

When in the HP Catalog, tap the upper left corner drop down tab and click software manager. at the bottom it should say you have updates!

Great. Now when is the update for my Palm Pre2 coming out for quickoffice?

My Box.net acct has suddenly become a lot more useful

my feelings exactly

Yeah, me three!

I was happy with the Touchpad before, but I purchased it as a webOS enthusiast. This means that it would make a good gift...well, to almost anyone who wants to be productive.


Awesome!!! My brand new HP Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard should be arriving at my house any minute (that I got through Office Depot in their firesale of accessories)

E X C E L L E N T !!!!

"The download is free from the App Catalog for TouchPad owners (and not just the ones in the US, either)", that last bit is really nice too. With all the various perks that US owners it was starting to get very frustrating with the lack of international thinking at Palm.

They got the Pre 3...

No, "they" don't.

adobe was updated also. However app catalog doesn't list the updated changes/features.

It's faster rendering pdfs, at least for me. And it's much easier to scroll through pages now. The previous version was atrocious, so this is a nice update. I'd like it to get a bit faster but it's now perfectly usable.

Nice!....does it happen to have stylus input? handwriting recognition? ;-)

don;t forget speech recognition too :P

Can it read my mind?

Man, can it get any better than today for my TouchPad? First, the 2nd wave of 6-pack HP free apps (I managed to download all six!), I got my HP TP BT keyboard from an Amazon seller today via the mail, I got Free Tether to work on my Launch Day Pre, and now I hear thanks to PreCentral that QuickOffice is coming! WOW!!! What's next? HTC and Samsung fighting over webOS???

I've been feelin the love to my firend! This is the first early adoption I've ever invested in that actually paid me back!!!

Just used it to write my 15-page paper on ethics in marketing (cue laugh track). It works great! My old HP laptop (ironically enough) is going in the closet!

Ok, maybe I'm being thick today; how do you create a new document? I want to import each chapter of my novel in (cut and paste from email), but I can't figure how to create new documents.

What a minute how did you get your free tethering work on a Launch day Pre? That has been my demise since I installed the application

effin sweeeeet. Ironically the TPad seems to be a stronger platform post "death"... If hp wasnt led by such an @$$ and made some smarted choices..nm we all know this.

it was allllll part of their plan. "kill WebOS" making headlines and reduce the price of the TP to get it in the hands of consumers. now that there is a reason to develop for WebOS, devs actually will. genius marketing ploy... i am so glad i got one now :) best piece of hardware i have ever gotten for 150 bucks. that is for sure.

Installed it about 1/2 an hour ago, looks sweeeeet...
Thanks so much to HP and QuickOffice for following through on this...

Awesome! Tried it out and it works great! HP has been on the ball lately... First firewall, then free 6pack promo apps, and then meeting app project deadlines! Looking forward to the Kindle update! Great job QuickOffice!

Which kindle update are you waiting for? Kindle updated for me earlier this week. Can't see an enormous change, but when I switched off "basic page turning" (or some option with that kind of name), the pages curl prettily when I turn the page.

The one thing all webos fans have been asking for and been promised for the past two years.

Good Stuff !

and it works great so far

Finally. Thank you. Now this is what I call a bargain.

Richard Kerris +10

Testing it now! Great Job! Looking forward for future updates including PowerPoint =D

I cant open powerpoints anymore after the update

oh why, oh why didn't HP have 3.0.2 and these apps ready for launch? What could have been?

Nonetheless, thanks HP and app developers.

in UK not working for me :'(

Would it be asking too much to have handwriting recognition for Asian characters too? Would make dictionary searches so much easier.
And what ever happened to "grafiti" from the old Palm"x" days?

I just tested the update. I created a Word document on my Windows 7 PC with Office 2007. I sent it to my TouchPad. I then added to the original document using QuickOffice. Then I sent that modified document back to my Windows 7 PC. Office 2007 (Word) opened it with no problems.

Then I created a new document on the TouchPad with QuickOffice and sent it to my Windows 7 PC. I then added to the original QuickOffice document using Word 2007 and saved it without problems!

Works just fine!

How did you create a new document?

No luck finding the update in Software Manager, even after a restart (scratches head...).

...OK, just showed up in my notifications bar, just delayed about 5 minutes after the restart.

So can I now see Word redlines/track changes on my Touchpad?


This is so cool... the TP just became a serious device not just a nice media pad... QO seems pretty good so far.. very impressed!

I note there was also an update for Adobe reader waiting as well or maybe I just missed that earlier.

Welcome to the modern tablet era.

(Sent from iPad 2)

so how's the flash working out for you?? **** ..

LOL! He's still trying to switch back to that task to check. :-P

No, I playing with the latest app from Adobe for IOS

Adobe unveils PDF creation app for iPhone and iPad:


Be a long long time before you see that, if ever.

it i'll be a long long time before your ipride gets you anywhere, if ever.

You had nothing..

actually i faced the inevitable doom and bought a galaxy tab so that i wouldn't be left out in the rain.

For 28 million people, just fine.

lol, safety in numbers...

Alot better than Touchpad future LOL

How's the wireless charging working out for you too? (Sent from my Touchpad while docked in the Touchstone charger.)

Wireless charging? No one give a flying *@ai about wireless charging. Read the news.

How much did you pay for that Ipad without Flash support???

yeah i use flash a whole lot on my TP and paid 1/4 for this tab that does what i need it to do. although i would rather have a ipad 2, its not worth me forking out $400 more.

One has app support, the other flash. I'll take the apps..

Apple fans will care once they have something that can do it.

The fans will call it "Innovation"

Just like their copy and paste that took iOS - 2 years to get.

Didn't basic mic support take webOS 2 years to get? 2 years for document editing? 1 year to do (very) basic video recording? Something about removing a splinter from someone's eye while having a rafter in yours comes to mind.

Shhh, they're still debating the greatness of multitasking even as my web browser stops loading as i switch to another app.

Multitasking is great, ...
i go to a web site, switch to another card
come back web page is loaded.

Mic Support - Dunno, considering homebrew had my needs I didnt really follow that one. So you may be right...

document editing
WebOS in general - yes 2 years
(persnally I never understood the idea of editing on a Phone)
WebOS 3.0 (Tablet) - less than 2 months
(i understand the point of editing on this type of device)

Video Recording vis
1 year is a bit exaggerated it was 8 months
(you stress the very basic, imo, its a phone, only need basic :) ) I use real cameras for video :)

The splinter in ones eye is opinionated as where my needs have been met just fine. I don't speak for others just myself.

I just grin at the fact that my Old Palm Treo will still do everything current phones do today. Whats the difference? One looks more pretty and multitouch :)

LOL @ "I don't speak for others just myself." just after "Apple fans will care once they have something that can do it." Too funny.

Anyway, the point is while you are pointing out what you think took too long to achieve on iOS (and I agree that 2 years for cut and paste is way too long), you are ignoring the "local limitations". Heck, DataViz was burned at the figurative stake by this very community for not brining Docs2Go to the Pre. There are lots of things webOS fans have been begging for since June '09 that still have not been fulfilled.

"""LOL @ "I don't speak for others just myself." just after "Apple fans will care once they have something that can do it." Too funny."""

2 reasons I said that. Several people I knew that got on the Apple bandwagon literaly called the new feature copy and paste "Apple Innovation" for a smartphone. Thats the only reason I used that line, that and it was meant to be "make fun" of people that are like that LOL :) and......Trust me, I do realize there are people just like that here in WebOS World and AndroidVille.
I shake my head, I laugh, put in my 2 cents here and there and I know it really does no good, but hey I like a convo from time to time.

Oh and I agree, never disagreed. There are still things that I wish could be used.
Remote Desktop is one of them. There are others, however, I must admit they are not needed (for myself) just wanted.

To be fair, cut'n'paste itself was not an innovation, but they way Apple did it was indeed innovative. Compare that to how it's done on the Pre for example. I never understood why Palm relied so much on the hard keyboard for things like this.

Imagine how useful cut'n'paste would have been on the Pre if you could double-tap something and pinch the gesture area to cut. Then tap someplace and reverse-pinch the gesture area to paste. I even sent that and similar suggestions directly to Palm. Naturally, I got crickets back. They decided the desktop approach to cut'n'paste (which resulted in finger gymnastics) was "good enough" (which was ironic considering all the talk of one-handed use). In fact, the initial release from Palm was limited to editable text and text area fields.

So yes, Apple did it right and it was innovative. Palm could have 1-upped them.

Why are you still here? By the way, don't look now, but QuickOffice HD is FREE on the TouchPad, and integrates nicely with the FREE 50GB of storage on Box.net. Oh...and the TouchPad was $99, and it actually MULTI-TASKS. I know. Amazing.

So do you let your kids play those nice Flash based kid's games on the web...err...oh oops! Forgot.

seems to be old news. I had this already since Friday at least (UK).

It looks like the wait was well worth it. Quickoffice is now working a LOT faster and smoother. There doesn't seem to be any hiccups or bugs at all. Way to go Quickoffice, awesome job!

Maybe this should have been the actual release date for the Touchpad. Maybe things would be looking a lot brighter with HP had they waited to release the Touchpad til now when it was truly perfect.

I would still like to see a spell check or integration with the WebOS Text Assist built in to the next update.

It also needs to support some of the built in key combos, like + deleting whole words.

Still, quite solid...and...most importantly...free.


my updater doesn't show **** (Germany here)

Works great! I like the integration with Google Docs, box.net and Dropbox.

Hey APPLE! -- ten bucks for Pages, ten bucks for Numbers. Yeah, I gotcha twenty bucks right here!! ;-)

extremely cool..works great, its just keeps getting better and better. ...joy!

Phenomenal! Thanks to developer relations and to QuickOffice, both of whom have shown they truly care about the community and the TouchPad user base.

My Software Manager app doesn't let me install app updates.
It's only done it twice since I've had it.
Most of the time I just get an error.
Is there a second place to find the update?
I looked in the App Cat, but no luck.

I had the same problem but since the last week (I think there was an update to the App-catalog) I have no problems any more.

I guess you have to try it until you get that update.

what version number has the edits? I have 2.0.928

Mine says:

Quickoffice version: 2.1.1905
Quickoffice Web Toolkit version: 2.1.1172

does not show up for me...i have rebooted several times.

This is HUGE!!
I hope we can get dictionaries and Spanish keyboard support soon!
Are there different fonts available?
Thanks HP! Just in time for back to school. ;-)

There is an awesome Oxford Dictionary/Thesaurus available in the App Catalog.

Plus others that you can download in the app cata

Excellent! Works well. Will it open odt files?

Doesn't appear to b in the App Catalog anymore. :-(

This is HUGE... wait, someone said that... Oh well... It's Fracking HUGE>.. I have just one question for all the iFans... Can your iPad to that?

Now we just need hardware continuance!

So Say We All!!! (A little BSG humor.)

um... Yes, iPads do this and better, using same software (Pages) and auto save and sync between devices.

Yes the iPad can, plus QO has a lot more features on the iPad including PowerPoint editing and video out (soon to be wireless video out) for presentations. Plus there are a lot of other editing packages, including Apple's own suite, DocsToGo and a bunch of Google Doc editors. And after iOS5 everything will sync automatically over the air between iPads, iPhones (which can already edit QO files) and desktops.

Anyone get this to work with a Mac? A doc I create in Quickoffice can't be opened either in Pages nor in OpenOffice. Pages docs I send myself in Word can be opened and edited on Touchpad, but when sent back they still won't open in OO and open with an error message in Pages.

Works with OpenOffice on Linux and Windows with me. Maybe it's a Mac-issue.

Closed Garden? Not dogging, just throwing it out there as a possibility.

does it support ODS and ODT formats? (the openoffice ones)

Looks good, but the TP,s TextAssist doesn't work. So we have a text editor without a spell checker.

Typed this on my TP, TextAssist works well in this browser, and on Memo, it would be nice on quickoffice!

is this on the apps page, because i'm not seeing it

I'm impressed :)

just check my software manager and said there were updates, downloading now.

the editing is great, I just wish quick office would load quicker.

The TP's TextAssist feature would be wonderful.
Hopefully they'll have it available soon.

just got home and did the update.
spreadsheet lets you resize columns. Makes better than what's on my iphone.
what I found to be missing in both doc editor and spreadsheet is while there is both cut & copy functions, there is no paste function.

after update my PDF reader not working T-T. What should i do?? I really need to read my text in TP

Getting my BT keyboard and the QuickOffice HD editing update in the same day was nice. Such a joy. Next is to test document formats across platforms (Word 2010 Win and Word 2011 Mac as well as Pages 09)

let us know how that goes... I started a thread


Kerris: Quickoffice document editing due "this week"
By Derek Kessler | Tue, 23 Aug 2011 8:43 am EDT

My dad was interested in a TP to work on his writing when he travels, but I had to tell him it didnt have a word program.. now I can tell him to run & find one!
Good luck Dad lol

It's very sad that we have to rejoice having two years late an app that's "core" for the traditional Palm user. It's a simple app, these guys procrastinate so much. We are at this point due to "missing deadline after deadline", give the job to somebody that wants it!!

Are you mad? Are you disappointed? Not me. And in 45days, smart office comes to webOS.

I've had my TP for about a week now, and I have to be honest. I was actually thinking of selling it because of two reasons 1) no netflix app (I work nights and need my netflix!) and 2) at the time of purchase, no processor. I have to say now that this update has been made I can live with watching netflix on my iphone4. My touchpad is my go everywhere with me device (used to be my 11 inch MacBook Air). Plus where I work we have WiFi so I can still use crackle.com for videos. For those of you out there that haven't heard of crackle, check it out, its free and legit, heck its from Sony entertainment. Webos kicks butt (NOW!!!).

nothing is showing up for me! Rebooted several times

nothing showing up for me either.

Are you kidding me? I still can't view redlines in Quickoffice? Wtf. Who wants my touchpad? I'm done with it.

Me too. I am done with this piece TOO.

Sold mine today.

I bought Quick Office for my iPad2 - the only concern I had was that sent e-mails (with attached documents) don't end up in my sent mail folders - they appear to come from a Quick Office server, even though I specified my e-mail address. I could always copy myself on the e-mail, to have a record, but I was a bit squeamish about e-mailing sensitive documents when I don't know exactly where they've been sent from (and who might be retaining a copy). Documents to Go files do end up in my sent mail folders when I e-mail. But we know how that worked out for the Pre. I'll definitely look for the Quick Office app for my Pre 2.

Why are the Ipad users trolling this space? (and more importantly, why are you guys feeding the trolls?)

So what they are carefully saying on their blog is that they have now fulfilled their obligations (legal or otherwise) but does not mention any further development or commitment to the platform. Understandable but unfortunate..

one word... AWE-SOME :-)

Anyone know if a Pre3 version is likely? Seems odd that several years after letting my Treo go I still haven't got back in-phone editing.

those that don't see there updates for QD and Adobe, have you all checked your software manager. you all should receive a notification at the top of the screen or open your launcher and go to settings and open up your software manager. At the bottom of the screen it should say 2 updates. If that doesn't work, check and see if you need a system updates. remind you, if your system not update to webOS 3.0.2 then it won't work.

Quick office and the PDF update hangs/pauses. Would this be a WEBOS error? Have 3.0.2 installed.

"QuickOffice HD document editing now on your HP TouchPad"

How cool! And insignificant, all the same. Damn you HP...

It maybe a system error, but i doubt it. It's could be either your internet router not transferring the data(needs a reset!), your internet itself might have some interference(needs a reset). I've learn, depending on what kind router you have, and how many wireless devices you have attach to that one router(single band router), data gets jammed it happens.

Support for rtf and txt files would be nice please.

This works better than anything I have on my ipad. I love being about to open multiple documents from different locations (dropbox, box, local) all at the same time!! OMG I love the touchpad, please HP bring it back to life, show people that it really is the best mobile OS!!!

For hanging just uninstall and re-install ,things now tickety-boo!

I can not see this application in my APP MARKET? I live in the UK.

Anyone else in this region who can see this here (and succeeded in downloading it)?

Had not seen this (below) previous post, which I am copying here for others as well.

By jacksons2815 on Tue, 30 Aug 2011 5:14 am EDT
those that don't see there updates for QD and Adobe, have you all checked your software manager. you all should receive a notification at the top of the screen or open your launcher and go to settings and open up your software manager. At the bottom of the screen it should say 2 updates. If that doesn't work, check and see if you need a system updates. remind you, if your system not update to webOS 3.0.2 then it won't work.