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Radiant Defense brings Hexage's space-age goofiness to the tower defense genre 6

by Derek Kessler Mon, 16 Apr 2012 5:48 pm EDT

Radiant Defense brings Hexage's space-age goofiness to the tower defense genre

Gaming developer Hexage got their start on webOS back in the day with one of our favorite time killers, the retro-classic modern updating of Space Invaders known as Radiant, with their tongue planted firmly in cheek with cringe-worthy pun-laden dialogue just to put a smile on your face. They're back, this time with a new TouchPad game that has also hit iOS and Android devices: Radiant Defense.

Taking the same retro-new aesthetic as the classic Radiant, the new Defense game puts the old-school tower defense game in space, complete with expandable labyrinths, multiple upgradeable weapons, a multitude of enemies with varying weakness to your various weapons. And the goofy sound effects and awkward beep-and-buzz imitated dialog are still there, along with some of the sillier alien attackers we've seen in a long time (is that Kirby on acid? We'e not sure…).

Radiant Defense also treads a new path for Hexage - it's free, with a limited arsenal at the outset. The game is not just free, it's ad-free, though you are nudged through the dialog and the you-just-died screens to purchase additional more powerful and versatile weapons packs through in-app purchasing. It's an interesting tactic that we've seen other games pursue with great success on other platforms - we doubt the in-app purchasing done through Radiant Defense on the TouchPad will be enough to make a notable impact on Hexage's ledger sheet, but we're glad either way to see them sticking to the same app model even for smaller platforms like ours.

We've been toying around with Radiant Defense for the past few days, and it's brought us back to the days not that long ago where we lost many an hour of real time and battery life to extended Radiant gameplay sessions. Radiant Defense still has all of the cheeky charm of its predecessor, though updated with superior graphics and an entirely new gameplay mechanic. Cringe-inducing dialog included.


Well I love Tower Defense games...but with no Touchpad (only a Pre+ here), I'll have to stick with Rednecks vs. Aliens...or Virus Defense! But thank you Hexage for bringing this game to the TouchPad!

This is a brilliant game. I have been playing it for over a week now and I am addicted but also stuck :( I hit a hard level. Since you have no Touchpad try out GRave Defense and Living Dead Defense :)

Hexage can't wait to buy the in-game upgrades.

try loading through app tuckerbox, their other game (robotek) worked fine on my pre3

Wow what a surprise and I love Tower Defense everything and Hexen Defense looks very impressive.. The gift is highly appreciated. Thanks! Sorli...

as with all hexage games, you can apptuckerbox this to your pre3 and it works flawlessly.

GraveDefense HD (if you're able to buy apps) works also great on a Pre3.