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Reboot Scheduler homebrew app does reboots on your schedule 83

by Derek Kessler Fri, 12 Feb 2010 11:07 pm EST

Reboot Scheduler As I’ve often recommended for my friends sporting Windows-running machines, rebooting every day or so is good for the soul. Well, it’s good for the stability of the operating system, and the same can be said for webOS. With limited memory available, especially on the Pixi models and the non-Plus Pre, apps with memory leaks can very quickly overwhelm the device and make it all slow and sluggish. If you can manage to go for several days without being forced to reset, you may notice that it just keeps getting slower and slower.

While the solution to that is to trigger a reset of Luna (the layer of webOS with which users interact), wouldn’t it be nice if that could happen in a more automated fashion? Thankfully, homebrew developer zinge has come to our rescue with the Reboot Scheduler app. It’s pretty straightforward: you set a time every day for the phone to completely restart (I picked 3:00 am so it won’t happen when I might be using the phone). This is a complete shutdown/restart, so everything starts all fresh and chipper when the phone is finished rebooting. And if you happen to be using the phone when a reboot is scheduled to happen, you’ll get a notification pop-up letting you know that a reboot will happen in 15 seconds. From there you can dismiss the reboot and delay it to happen the next day.




Thanks to this useless post, I can actually ask a question hopefully someone can answer.

Does the Pre even have memory leaks after the phone reboots? I've heard this happening and people recording this with JSTOP application.

Derek, do you wake up everyday at 3 am, when it makes sounds to log the phone off and on?

Sweet. I've been waiting for an app like this for a while now. I can't wait try it out.

I've used it for a few days and like it. If you happen to use Brightness Unlinked (as well as the patch to run it after reboot) and have it set to blank out on the Touchstone, it will reboot and go dark again.

This is a great app.

This is actually a great idea, although I've found in a pinch a simple jstop garbage collect and a java restart helps me when I wanna play games. Having a fresh os in the am is awesome. Great job!

Question.. If i dont use this app, and use the luna restart does that do the job?

lol, looks like someone beat me to the punch. I'll still release my PresetReset app, but will welcome collaborative development with zinge

Preset Reset! I like that name!

Does anyone else think it's kinda sad that we have to restart our phones so frequently, that there is an app for that. Ideally Palm should be striving towards optimal performance with long up-times.

Jesus Christ, people just never can't be pleased!

No not really. I know of BlackBerry users who use an app similar to this. Besides I don't think it's entirely Palm's fault for programs that could use a patch or two to fix memory leakage. ;)

Not really. I used to use a BlackBerry Curve 8330 (actually, I went back to using it while my Pre is being repaired) and I had to restart my BB every night just so I would have enough usable memory to run a few apps.

For some reason, RIM decided it would be a smart idea to have system memory shared with storage memory. So the more apps/pictures/ringtones/etc. you have, the less apps you can run at the same time.

so, the amount of ringtones and pics is why my memory is always low on my berry? wow! that is stupid of rim...i will be getting a pre or one of the android phones in march, i didn't think the pre had memory leak issues.

yes i think it's sad

It's very sad. I don't care if BlackBerry users have to do it, I don't care if every other mobile OS requires frequent reboots, they should all be striving to eliminate the need to reboot. It's 2010 for christ sake and there's nobody smart enough to employ a decent memory management system? What a joke.

It's too bad we need this so soon, on a new, "clean slate" OS.

webOS needs to do a better job of clearing the memory, we shouldn't need to reset this phone everyday - closing apps should be enough. The OS should handle it.

I actually think this, like the "app space" limitation, issue will be addressed, and fixed, in a future webOS update.

But, it IS frustrating, and complaining about it shouldn't be a reason to be treated with such disrespect.

If the Pre was just a phone then yes, it would be sad. But it is so much more than a phone! It's basically a computer that can make phone calls. And like most computers, as Derek said,
"rebooting every day or so is good for the soul."

Absolutely...I'm still amazed that I have such a powerful computer that fits in the palm of my hand and is also my phone. And people are complaining that you have to reboot it? Unbelievable!!!

sweet! Nice catch. I didn't know I wanted this until I saw it. Rebooting manually is such a pain in the a**

Soo sweet!

Maybe some people are running some memory leaking apps that I don't have on my Pre, I rarely reboot my Pre and it runs fine.

I agree with you. I have only "had" to reboot my Pre once, in the 7 months I have owned it (of course, it rebooted with OS updates).

I have had to reboot even when I never run any non-palm apps. If you have a couple e-mail and calendar accounts set up and surf the web, you can run into problems.

I think there are probably problems in the garbage collection routines which, since the palm apps are also written using (mostly) the sdk, also affects the palm apps.

This is actually a great idea, although I've found in a pinch a simple jstop garbage collect and a java restart helps me when I wanna play games. Having a fresh os in the am is awesome. Great job!

great app!!

Great idea. Could it check if it is plugged in to the charger, and only reset if so?

Does it run in the background, or do you need to keep the card open?

Runs in the background...

Great... Thanks for the quick response.

If it runs in the background, isnt that going to slow things down when the Pre is running? i.e. hogging background resources...

it's sad when an application like this springs up. While it does give choice and does help, it also points out how weak the sprint pre hardware really is. I love the TMC on every replacement pre I get lol

I am really disappointed in my Pre. I should have waited for one of the better *droid phones. Rebooting a linux-based OS just to keep things snappy? I don't do that with my computer operating systems, and doing it with my phone is even more sad. Not that the Pre is much of a phone. All the slow-down hiccups make dialing obnoxious, searching for contacts a chore, and the "too many cards open" when I have one open is just getting old. The thing is unstable as Windows ME. Buyer's remorse, it just seemed so cool at first. I'm not getting burned by Palm again.

It is not Palm's fault the developers have memory leaks in their apps. Palm cannot do much about that.

Well, Palm should be able to do something about it. The Apps in question run on a virtual machine that has a garbage collector. All memory is assigned to JavaScript variables from the memory manager, and should be correctly reclaimed.

While app developers can do more to help the garbage collector, such as setting variables to null when finished with them, this should only help performance, and not be absolutely necessary.

When an app shuts down, all it's memory should be instantly reclaimed by the operating system. It's not like we're writing C, allocating our own memory.

Background apps are another issue, but for non-background apps this really shouldn't be an issue.

"When an app shuts down, all it's memory should be instantly reclaimed by the operating system. It's not like we're writing C, allocating our own memory."


The only background apps I run are written by palm, so if I can get an error due to lack of memory when no apps are running it is due to a palm error somewhere. Either their background apps are using a LOT of memory, or they aren't cleaning up well when apps close.

OMG my shoes just got wet from all your crying... Its a 1st gen device for crying out loud (no pun intended) I am sure just as many ppl gripe and even more about droid and even more about the iPhone when they first came out.

Either sell the phone or shut up (I would like both actually) and keep your tears off the soles of my shoes! Quit crying a river...

I'm sure Palm doesn't care if you return it. Bye.

So you have never rebooted your phone? No wonder you're having all of these problems. It sounds like you just need to know more about your Pre. Searching for your contacts should be so simple - Just start typing their name on a blank screen and it pops up by the time you get to the third letter. You do the same for dialing. I suggest that you go to the android forums and read some of the complaints they have. They sound just like you, but on the other side.

You are right. This is not MS-Windows (which requires constant rebooting or just crashes). This is based on Linux. And my Linux machines run 24x7, month after month, never rebooting, never going down. Some run for years before I need to do something that requires a reboot (like updating the kernel or hardware).

It is likely, however, this has little to do with the underlying OS, and everything to do with Java/Script and applications with garbage collection. Apps don't do the right thing (and these are not Linux-native apps) and Palm's Java/Script garbage collection is either not smart enough or has some bugs. Memory leaks away until there is not enough to launch something... or something launches and then dies due to lack of RAM.

Yes, the Java/script engine should be looked at, but I have to wonder if WebOS should support some concept of swap also. Swapping to flash was supported on the Nokia N*** Internet Tablets, for example...

Odd you should say that. I haven't rebooted my Win7 machines in months but my Linux box is a clusterfuck of broken xorg and messy driver wrappers. Then again I don't reboot my Pre either.

Great! Looks like after 25 years, Microsoft's latest OS can start joining the uptimes Unix (then, later, Linux) have always enjoyed.... oh, I forgot, until it gets yet another virus :)

If you haven

Sounds like you got a glitchy handset.

That or you're yet another Robot troll.

if i have an alarm set for 6am and an auto re-boot occurs at 3am..... do i end up late for work because alarm was lost during reboot?

As far as I know alarms are not lost on a reboot, if they were that would put this app in a fetal position until it was fixed but I am sure that they are not cleared on reboot.

I've been using the restart app since it was released and no, it has zero effect on the alarm program on the pre.

I as expected as much but I dont routinely restart my pre with an alarm...

First versions of WebOS cleared Alarms when rebooting, some rebooted at night, which would be a no-go for using the Pre to wakeup...


I use a couple alarms and have had no problem with the reboot. I'd actually really like an app that turns the phone off for a period of time. I don't leave my computer or TV on all night, why would I do that with my phone? Of course, if the phone is off, the App can't turn it back on, so that won't work.

This is awesome! I've been waiting for one! Thanks Zinge!

I've been using this since it was released. WIth network time and network time zone set to 'on', it schedules the reboots in GMT. By setting the time and time zone manually, it seems to be working properly now.

Just used it for the first time, it gives a tone alert before it does the restart, any way to add an option to turn that off? (Would prefer not to have it wake me up in the middle of the night...) Still very happy to have it, just a feature request.

great app,I have been using it since release and I love it. I wish all the cry babys would go away,,so annoying, I love my pre,you take the good and the bad with anything. So far,mostly good w this device.

Speaking of memory leaks... how is it that we don't have a memory manager? I'd love to be able to find out why my Pre runs so painfully slow now, even just after reboot. Something is using a lot of resources.

I haven't seen a gui one, but this is Linux, afterall.

Run "top" CLI.

Not sure how useful it will be, since the majority of the memory will be eaten by Javascript apps (which are not Linux-native programs).

Thanks for tipping me off about this App! I use Visual Boy Advance regularly, and it's an absolute pain that every time I want to show my phone to someone my phone is running at a snail's pace. I think by restarting regularly it should run a lot smoother.

The fact that we need an app like this is just kinda sad IMHO.

Every smartphone I have ever had has had memory leaks! Something I am unsure of though,do I have to schedule the alarm EVER DAY or will it automatically reboot every day at the same time?

Shouldn't Palm, as part of their review process, have tests for memory leaks? Its the kind of test that can be easily automated and im sure developers would welcome such feedback too....

Although I don't have to reboot for days, every phone/smartphone that I've used had to be reset every now and then. If you didn't have to reset your whatever device, it's because a)you don't run that many programs on it or b)you run your battery down and it shuts off for you. I'm sure Palm could tweak the memory management a little (maybe in 1.4), but really, it's not that bad.

I gotta agree with jfphysics, I had the mogul 3 batteries and I would let those puppies run till dead. Now same thing with my pre, 2 stock batteries 1 seido. And I generally don't switch out the batter, but being in school it is off the charger at about 5.30 am, and runs down between 70 and 50% by noonish or a bit before.
I do run them down and swap if I am somewhere out or away from my charger.
car charger works but slow to charge, but it is a non stock charger. It's a double usb plug type car charger. I got it so anyone else needs to also charge their decive and have not put it to use to so far, but very convinient on road trips. I may get the palm carger if it does charge faster. Does anyone know?

Hey man, i have the stock Palm charger, and it is the ONLY car charger for Pre that charges at the same speed as the wall charger. I Usually run pandora in background and gps, and it CHARGES. I had the charger that you have, griffin, if i am not mistaken, and it charges really slow. Oh, and do NOT dare put another device in the second USB port. It just divides the power in both, in place of charging at higher power... My little brother used to charge his iPod touch while my pre was put on, and it did NOT charge. I mean. The phone was not in use, and the battery was going down. Sorry for the long post, but this is something people should know... I wasted like 100 dollars buying chargers and finally bought the stock one and it's the ONLY one that works. Trust me.

I very rarely have to reboot the Pre. Plus, my Pre has ony crashed (6+ months of use) once.

Now, my TREO 700P, on the other hand... it would crash or freeze, or just reboot itself while I was trying to use it, about once every few weeks. Same thing with the Treo 600. Same thing with the Treo 300.

When you do this and you had notifications, like an sms or articles from newsroom saved, do you lose the notifications when it reboots?

Christ I have never hear so many people complain. If you're that unhappy with the Pre, go get another phone so you can start finding new things to complain about elsewhere. Bunch of crybabies.

So people should just have blind devotion to the gods of Palm?

I don't know exactly which posting(s) you are talking about, since you didn't reply to anything. But just sticking your head in the sand and pretending there are not any issues or problems isn't very helpful either.

Perhaps if there are "so many" people complaining, then there is a real issue that needs to be addressed.

Forums ARE the place you go and complain about things. People are constantly looking for other ppl with the same problem to create a critical mass to gain more pressure on Palm to fix a problem.
If you don't like it, go outside and watch nature or simply enjoy your Pre.

I can use my phone just fine without rebooting for 7-10 days. Between that time period I notice a huge lag and I begin to reboot. I personally don't have a problem with this. In fact I always leave my desktop on and I discovered that after a couple of weeks - it reboots itself.

With all the latest and greatest technology available to mankind, there are still state of the art machines like Medical equipment, currency counters, computers, Laboratory equipment etc... That use computing and still need to be reset or rebooted from time to time.

So whether you have a webOS, android OS or iphone OS based phone - there susceptible to the same software glitches every computer faces from time to time. WebOS cannot defy the laws of inevitability!

Reading all of these posts, this is my opinion.

People get too riled up. People should not be blind as to WebOS issues but also must keep in mind that this is a first device. I have very seldom if ever had a device without some issues. I know people with the "Droid" they complain. When the iPhone came out people complained. My point is yes there are issues, although I think minor. And yes people should complain. That is how things get fixed. But people need to learn to be more professional. Explain the problems in a civil way. I love my Palm Pre WebOS device. The more I use it the less I want to go to a different device as it is so easy and fun to use. But I will admit there are things that need updated. On that note I think that Palm has been doing very good at providing updates. I am an impatient person, so sometimes I complain about the speed of updates, but the truth is they are doing well and I hope that they keep fixing stuff and I hope to see future WebOS devises and to see what they can do. If you are someone that can't tolerate the shortcomings, my suggestions are to civilly make complaints and people should be patient and should listen. Or get a different smartphone.


I've been wanting an app exactly like only if it could keep track of what I had open so that when it reboots, it then reopens all those programs.

Maybe for v2

It is sad that this is necessary.

But a terrific idea, nonetheless!

now i wish i could find this for windows

windows has a system at facility that behaves like cron, IIRC.

I don't think it's sad. I actually like the reboot that I can have in the middle in the night while sleep. No complaints here.

I am just happy Palm allows homebrew, you guys who develop are awesome. It's not sad that we need to reboot, it's awesome that we can!!

Great to see this, was missing it from my POS days. Hoped it would become part of battery saver app (only because old Radio control app for POS controled both), but great to have...

Just to express the mild shock I experienced reading some of the comments like It's not sad that we need to reboot, it's awesome that we can!!: Don't you guys care using your phone to actually solve real problems??Being an iPhone developer for a year now I have been wondering whether to port one day some stuff to the Pre and all I find is a smartphone which seems to need regular reboots and a community which believes that this is a legitimate task to bother the end consumer with.To summarize my subjective impression: The Pre phones seem to be complex toys which are commanded by a few computer professionals. For me certainly no biotope for commercial success in the mass market.

(First, please excuse my level of english, it is not my native language)

This application and comments, I think, is more a result of Palm being very friendly as a company to the homebrew people that were atracted by webOS, than what you tend to imply. This relation has also created a community of computer talented people that do, create and care about the linux OS underneath the device. But at the same time, normal people, the one Palm is selling their device to is using the device with no probs.

I encourage you to use a webOS device, for me it is clearly far more friendly than any existing android flavour, thats a given. The fact that may not be as friendly as iphone OS could be ok, but just making that point to say that it seems like complex toys commanded by computer professional doesnt really seem fair.

To begin with there is a lot of good things to say about how webOS manages multitasking. No separate windows to kill procesess or anything like that, you just swipe a card out and the application closes, or you just switch a notification option on that very card and the application stop running in the background to notify you of something (and the user _do_ _know_ by design that doing it will result on it, she just gets it). For me, the fact that there are some memory leaks is a problem of a yet not mature enough OS, not a problem of design.

Actually, for those who still say that multitasking is not viable for common people (the ones that _temporaly_ defend the fact that iphone OS doesnt have it), Id recommend seeing webOS approach. Of course if you just keep seeing android or winMO approach youd better be as far as possible of multitasking.

In fact, no multitasking also gives the user a little bit of headache, at least some ways of no multitasking: How can you explain to a normal person that if she just presses the button to select any other application, the one that you were working on may or may not keep the information you got when you left it?. How can you explain someone that clicking a hyperlink in a twitter application may result or not in a web browser actually going to that website... and why into your own application or outside your own application or not at all...

Im pretty sure apple will eventually just insert some kind of management of multiple things at the same time, and it will be an smart one, because they care, but when that happens I for one would love smart people to look back and say "ok, WebOS was the way to go, they were doing it right", not just being blind to a future that already exists.

Yes, you probably found the right words. I'd like to recant (is this the right verb?) or withdraw my sentence about the Pre being a complex toy.
It is a nice example of engineering ingenuity.
I hope I did not offend people to much. I was just upset by the one-sided article and some contributions in the forum.
My apologies.

Please, some remind me what year we are living in? How depressing that operating systems still exist that require this sort of cludge. What also amazes me is that so many people here seem to be so pleased about it.

Get with the plan guys.

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