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by Adam Marks Mon, 12 Jul 2010 7:30 pm EDT

Restarting your device is sometimes necessary if your phone locks up on you or you just want to clean out the memory of your phone. There are quite a few ways to do this, using either the hardware and/or the touchscreen:

  1. Press-and-hold the Power button for 5-7 seconds until the on-screen options appear, then select “Power” then “Restart”
  2. Press the Option (Orange/Silver), SYM and R keys at the same time
  3. Press-and-hold the Power Button and then slide the ringer-switch back-and-forth three times
  4. Open the Device Info app ( Device Info app ), scroll down to the bottom of the screen, select “Reset Options” and then “Restart”
  5. Some apps (such as Homebrew apps Reset Button and dg Quick Cuts) allow you to create launcher icons for quick restarts
  6. You can also just pull the battery, of course, but it's slightly better to try one of the above options first.
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I've been wanting to ask this... What are people finding as the average reboot time? I have no timed it exactly, but it seems to be right around 5 minutes.

A bit before HP bought Palm I remember them buying a company that had/has Linux on a fast booting chip. I wonder....

Mine takes about 5 minutes to restart as well.
I've only used the reset button though not the power button option or any app.

2.5 minutes

3.5 min

In contrast, my home computer (running Linux, of course) takes under 1 min from power button to full KDE. Thankfully, it never requires rebooting unless I am doing a kernel or major hardware upgrade :)

How about an explanation of the reboot types and which does what..

Does the or-sym-R do a luna or complete reset??

Powering down, and Luna reset have different time variations I believe. Will a luna reset clear the memory like a system reset/power down ??

Press-and-hold the Power button for 5-7 seconds until the on-screen options appear, then select

... And heck, I just noticed a java services reset from Jason's Power Options patch and what role would that play in the mem clearing??


That probably just restarts the java vm. It only has any effect if the java services are leaking memory.

"Slightly better"? How about "infinitely better if you don't want to risk wiping all your data from an unrecoverable file system error causing Palm startup scripts to preventatively reformat your USB drive" ... ;)

-- Rod

Rod is exactly correct. Pull battery on as a last resort because nothing else works.

how can you not mention reboot scheduler? My pre reboots automatically at 3:30 every morning, giving me a fresh device every day!


wtf? Gps isn't working?

I use the reset button app when needed, but I only do it if I get random "too many cards".

I run garbage collection if I surf the web or play a game or two, but if I listen to music or internet radio for longer than an hour I'll do a luna restart. I have the Pre Plus so I never have memory problems other than a little laggy mid-afternoon. Have yet to see TMC other than when Radio Hibiki got updated with a memory flaw.

The hold power button/toggle mute switch three times method is absolutely failsafe. No matter how badly your Pre is frozen, this method will always work in my experience. You should never, ever have to pop the battery, unless for some reason you're specifically trying to get a cold boot to debug some hardware issue.

Just to clarify. It's absolutely failsafe on Pre but not necessarily on Pixi. On Pixi, because of the architecture, it may not work (although this is more unlikely).

Power-wiggle as we like to call it can take a while to trigger since it does a filesystem sync first (i.e. it has to write out all the dirty data buffered in memory to disk).



yes reboot schedgy is great!!!

I use Luna Manager When ever I need a quick reboot I Luna restart Alot of times I use it when my EV goes to 1x

One question I've always had about resetting the Pre. Why does it take SO long? I mean everything is stored in solid state. I thought it would be nearly instant on.

option number 7: open a terminal and type "reboot"

3.5 min

So we know how. What about more info on why, diiferent types of restarts. And forgetting reboot scheduler is not kewl. My phone restarts on its on at 11pm, pretty kewl. I would recommend restarting smart phones daily.

As for the reboot time, it sucks! Hopefully future updates will fix this.

A properly designed environment should "never" need to be rebooted (except to replace battery, or major update, etc). And on the Pre, a reboot is (unfortunately) a very, very, very long ordeal. I don't have a Pixi, but I am guessing it is an even longer ordeal.

Is there another way? I cannot turn my phone on. The power button is not working, for some reason I am unable to push it down. I haven't been able to since this morning, so I did a re-boot and now it will not turn on. If I could get some help or some advice, that would be great. I have had this Palm Pre for under a year!