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Refurbished TouchPads land on Woot, asking $169.99 for 16GB and $219.99 for 32GB 30

by Derek Kessler Fri, 27 Jan 2012 10:42 am EST

If you have missed one of the multitude of chances to pick up an HP TouchPad, here's one more: HP has put a batch of refurbished TouchPads up on deal-a-day site Woot, though you might find yourself taken aback by the price: they want $169.99 for a 16GB TouchPad and $219.99 for the 32GB version. That's for used-but-HP-refurbished TouchPads, not new, and not part of a bundle.

For comparison's sake, when the TouchPad fire sale first kicked off, HP was unloading brand new versions of the tablet for $99.99 for the 16GB and $149.99 for 32GB. Are we more than a little dismayed that HP and Woot are asking significantly more for used merchandise than they were for new merchandise just a few months ago? Yes, we certainly are. But at least each comes with a 90-day HP warranty, and it's still significantly lower than the launch price of $499.99 and $599.99.

Are the TouchPads a good deal at this price and condition? Well, that’s up to you to decide, but it’s practically the only way you’re going to get a ten-inch tablet priced below $200. In fact, they’re still practically the only tablets you can get for under $200, regardless of price – the only others being the e-reader-purposed Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes & Noble Nook Color (we’re ignoring on-contract cellular-enable tablets for purposes of the exercise, considering that you’ll pay much more over the long-term). They’re also the only webOS tablets you can purchase, but what kind of future they have to look forward to is still uncertain, though at least looking up. So is a $170 refurbished TouchPad the tablet for you? If you don’t already own a tablet and you’re looking for one on the cheap – go ahead and take the plunge, but it’s going to be around today only.

Source: Woot (16GB, 32GB); Thanks to everybody that sent this in!


Looks pretty good to me! If I didn't already have 2, I'd consider getting one.


16 gb sold out.

Anyone that complains about the price of these touchpads, are the reason why it fail in the first place. If these were refurbished iPads with no warrenty for a 75 more dollars, people would say "OH wow what a deal!"
Go on ebay and try to get a 16gb TouchPad for less then $225. I got one for $250 on ebay and no regrets except I wish the deal was around when I bought mine.

Let's be honest here. OS preferences aside, the iPad blows the TP out of the water. The build quality is far superior, the battery life is much better, and it's an overall smoother and snappier experience.

I don't have the 500-600 dollars to buy an iPad.

Wow! This proves that HP pulled the plug on the TP to soon. All they needed to do was take back all of the units that Best Buy didn't want and have them sent to Woot. Then everything would have been just fine. Perhaps they could just build their whole ecosystem around Woot like Amazon did with the Kindle. They could have called it the WooTouchpad.

refurbished, is mostly new most were dead at final test. almost nothing is component level so its new to me..

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this web site doesn't even work properly anymore in IE9

Bought a second 32GB TouchPad :) I don't mind spending $225 for something that I originally dropped over $500 on (before the Newegg reimbursement).

Bought another one to install Android on.

CM9 is amazing, although I have issues with the email app and randomly dropping wifi. But wow, Android has come a long way.

Bought 2 more 32GB. Going to set one up as a picture frame (will give it to my Mom if it works out well) and the other will be the one I **** around with (install android, new kernel, homebrew WebOS release we all know will exist after the full open source, etc) The one I originally bought will continue as my main tablet.

I bought two, one for gifting to a worthy Uncle, and another for playing around with (e.g., installing a dual boot Android/CM9).

However, I thought they were new! I should have read the fine print or came to webosnation first.

I am so trained to pull the trigger when TouchPads become available as quickly as possible since being burned in the past by my hesitation.

Still worth it to me. I am not going to cancel.

Jon Rubenstein leaves HP they day these go on sale.

Depending upon the company involved, refurbished is often a much better deal than new. New comes out of the factory untouched and untested. Refurbished has been tweaked and tested and put into good working order if needed.

But, yes, you have to know who you're dealing with. There are a couple of electronics companies I will always buy refurbished from. HP, I don't know. I really like my Touchpad. . .no problems at all so far. (My aged Pre is a Palm product.) But their printer. Cheez. What a dodgy piece of junk.

YMMV now gone....SOLD OUT....act fast guys and gals...32gb are the only ones left!

Let's face it. The best deal out there is the BlackBerry PlayBook.

Can you dual boot Android on the Playbook? With the TP I get both the OS I love in webOS with the functionality and apps of Android. And ICS is pretty damn elegant if you you ask me. Best of both worlds with a ~10" screen. I'll take that over the playbook any day.


Playbook is a copy of webOS and IMO, not as "pretty". They both have about the same amount of apps but webOS has way more community support. It's just a better OS altogether.

Only one advantage, Playbook can run Android apps, if only this can be done with the Touchpad :(

CM9. Check it out.

The deal lover in me has always wanted to jump on one of the TP firesales/resales. Then, just before I can enter my CC number, I remember that I still don't really have a use for a tablet from any manufacturer. Got a great laptop and a couple of great phones.

32gig sold out by 2pm est

Final tally on the 32g, they sold 3999. It was a good deal considering the shop selling their hoards of new TPs have settled around $275-325.

Bought a 32GB model. Looking forward to coming back to webOS; I've been on Android since jan of 11.

HP TouchPad -- the zombie tablet. You just can't kill it!