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Reminder: AT&T developer webinar & Pre Plus giveaway Nov. 4th 18

by Mark Jensen Tue, 02 Nov 2010 9:15 am EDT

The upcoming AT&T “Meet the Expert - webOS Q&A” webinar this Thursday, November 4th, just got more interesting for those considering attending.  AT&T has announced that they will be giving away a Palm Pre Plus to two lucky webinar attendees.  Free Palm Pre Plus phones, an overview of webOS 2.0, and an in depth Q&A with expert webOS developers Greg Hrebek and James Harris are helping shape this webinar into a very worthwhile event.

AT&T is clearly making strides to continue support of webOS development.  The intent of this November 4th webinar, as reported previously, is to continue the momentum gained among developers of other OS platforms from previous webinars and to capitalize on both the announcement of webOS 2.0 and upcoming new webOS devices.

Let us summarize by saying one word, "free."  Free is good, as in free to register with AT&T's developer program, free to attend this webOS webinar and last but not least, two free Palm Pre Plus phones up for grabs for attendees. 

Source: AT&T Developer Program; Thanks @mahootzki




omg we need more devs focusing on webOS. i'm tired of seeing flashlight apps as something new in the catalog, especially since i have the homebrew patch that lets me use my flash haha... im really hoping with the drop of 2.0 GOOD devs are interested in this platform. im seeing a lot of garbage in the catalog these days. PAAAALM

I think there hasn't been many apps coming out because developers are waiting for 2.0 to be released. I think most of the developers have had access to the PDK for 2.0 for a little while now. So when 2.0 hits, we should see a jump in apps. I've also noticed Preware hasn't had many new stuff or updates for existing stuff. Im sure thats for the same reason.

i just hope those apps arnt soundboards, shopping lists, something to teach me how to be a good Jew... i have faith in Palm and HP so im gunna stick it out with webOS, but so much of this stuff in the app catalog is useless. they too often let garbage in the catalog just so the number in the search bar is higher.

The new APIs for 2.0 should give developers access to the mic and camera. You will see cool new apps coming like voice apps and stuff. At least this is what I have got from reading.

yeah what im really hoping for a simple program to record just sound. its kinda dumb that i have to use the camcorder when i want to do that. i have to put puddy over the lens haha

I see updates to Preware apps all the time. A slightly smaller percentage of those updates are junk apps.

Off topic: Just watched some wp7 reviews on youtube. I it just me or the os design on wp7 is worse then android os? Made me sick to my stomach just watching reviewer going from one app to another.

it's not just you, i wouldn't even consider "playing" with one if i see it...

and this is just about os design. I had samsung omnia (win 6.1 os) The phone had to be reset at least 2 times per day due to handup. Wp7 main screen reminds me of one of those oversized remote controls, but there is one part about it that's great... At least it's Finger friendly os.

I was kind of thinking the same thing when I watched the demo's on WP7. Interface is very ugly and unpolished. Well when has Microsoft ever released a good product out of the gate? (I'll tell you when... When MS Dos came out).

At least their commercial was funny. lol

the events is FREE, as a developer you dont have nothing to lose if you attend.

They should give away a couple of Pre Plus +'s (AKA Pre2). Waiting for Web OS2...

I thought VZW was going to be the first carrier to sell Pre 2. Anyway, we have VZW and AT&T on board. Why is Sprint hiding their head in the sand on this?

There's nothing about the Pre 2 here. Only about WebOS 2.0 and the Pre Plus. There's no indication that AT&T is going to be a subsidy based carrier of the Pre 2.

If AT&T is involved, then why can't they be a bit more supportive of the community and give us WebOS 2.0 sooner, rather than later? They were the last carrier to release WebOS 1.4.5.

Is it me, or is at&t supporting webOS more than why do they get the Pre 2?...Today I'll be letting go of my iPhone 4 and getting a Pre Plus, if God permits...