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Reminder: TouchPad early adopter $50 promo code expires January 1 25

by Adam Marks Fri, 23 Dec 2011 6:21 pm EST

With 2012 just around the corner, that means that you only have a few more days to spend any remaining balance on your TouchPad early adopter $50 app catalog promo. If you were one of those original TouchPad buyers in July or early August and haven't used up that promo code, don't forget to take advantage of that free credit before it expires on January 1, 2012. The promo code doesn't have to be used on the TouchPad or even on the same webOS Profile account that it was originally applied to, as it just requires any device running webOS 2.1 or higher (or lower, if you perform some homebrew workarounds)

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If you are not sure how much you have left on your promo code or have forgotten the code, you can check the balance by going to (note: they’ve been having server problems recently, so if it doesn't work now, try again in a few hours) and logging in with your profile's email address and password. Towards the bottom of your profile page, you will find the promo code and its remaining balance. In addition, if you make any purchases using the code, your balance will appear on the receipt.


I still have $38 left on my account. I guess I need to spend it on something

I have 95 cents left so there is nothing I can use it for.

Mine's at 11 cents. :)

I'm at about $12 left.... Oh what to buy!?!?
So many choices, so little credit left.

What about the people (like me) who bought the TP on July 1st and never got the $50 credit? Or a refund from $599 to $149, but that is a different subject.

You probably should have made more noise about that a couple of months ago.

Today you're just plain out of luck.

When a thief takes your money and you can grab some of it back before he runs, don't complain about it months, even years after his get-away.

dont fancy my chances of the profile page ever loading before the credits lost, kinda expected that tho the first few days it was utterly unreachable.

I bought it in presale in June and recieved it in July and never got the promo code!!
Never saw it in my WebOS account details.

Make noise where? I never heard that the right to a promo code would expire. If only I knew who to turn to ... I'm in the Netherlands and never got the promo code nor the early adopter cash-back. So where do I complain/inquire?

As Derek said above, I think it's too late now. But you could try contacting HP.

"The promo code doesn't have to be used ... on the same webOS Profile account that it was originally applied to"...

Is there a post on how to do this?

I think you can just plug in the actual promo code you received when pressing "promo" when buying an app (regardless of the profile).

I too would like to know how use the code with a different webOS profile.

Reading the T’s & C’s in the email I got with my promo code way back when, it looks like I can’t use it on another profile…

“4. The promotional code cannot be applied to orders already placed. The promotional code may not be combined with other offers, is not for resale, and is not redeemable for cash. The code may not be used for partial payment for an app purchase. The code may be used only by the first user to launch the App Catalog and cannot be transferred to other users. The user who receives the promo code can use the code on other webOS-enabled devices. If the user returns the TouchPad device, use of the code will not be permitted.”

Copy and paste promo code to whatever device you are using.

I tried on another profile but no go. Loaded back the old profile and purchase away. I probably should of just used the code without opening the full link in TP - might have bound it to my profile.

is (was) this 50$ promo code only for customers in the US? I've never heard about that in Germany.

Wow a lot of people still running WEB OS. My HP TP is a Android tablet now I bought it to game on.Still no PZ no GTA 3 nothing and every good game that is out for WEB OS you can get it on Android and its cheaper NFS HP 9.99 WEB OS Android 4.99.H e l l even Asphalt 6 WEB OS sale .99cents Android sale it was ten cents.

Currently the WebOS/Account site is down and I cannot get to my code to redeem what I have left. Contacted HP, and they have no estimate on when the site will be back up and do not plan to extend the use by date even if the site is not back up till after Jan.1st. Asked if there was any other way to get my code just to use in the market, and was told no, signing into the site was the only way. So basically if they don't get the site back up with the skeleton crew that HP is allowing to work this week, as the majority of HP is in mandatory shut down, then we are out of luck.

I tried to use my promo code (copied and pasted from email) on my wife's TouchPad and got an "Invalid promo code message". Clicking on the email link brought up an error "Unexpected problem - App Catalog could not complete the last action..." It works fine on my own Touchpad. Unless I'm doing something wrong, it appears that once used on a device, the promo code cannot be used on another device with a different webOS profile.

The code is on your profile, I was an early adopter that had to return my TP to Amazon to get a full refund. So I was without a TP for a few months.

I snagged 2 in the ebay fire sale and the code and the previous apps I downloaded were there when I loaded up my "new" TP!

I also could not get the code to work on my husbands TP it said the code is invaid. Oh well I used it up anyway, think I got 49cents left.

Sooo I got MY TP for $50 BUCKS!! 150-$50 app credit and -$50 mail in rebate.

I'll get right on that ... Oh wait, I'm Canadian and HP hates me ... Nevermind ...

I tried visiting the "Best of webOS 2011" awards link, but all I can see is "poll closed" for each category. How do I see the poll results?

Shame the profile page has been down for days, I can't seem to retrieve my promo code for that last $10.

I just tried to give some away to my sister and it says invalid promo. So seems like we can't give it away.