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Renaming your webOS device 7

by Adam Marks Wed, 27 Jun 2012 10:39 pm EDT

Device InfoDid you know that you can give your webOS device its own name? Why would you give it a name, you ask? Well, whenever you pair your device over Bluetooth with an audio headset or another webOS device (i.e. pairing a phone and TouchPad together), or if you go to to access your webOS Profile details, this gives you a method of uniquely identifying your devices.

To change the device name, just open up the "Device Info" app on your webOS device, tap on the "NAME" section at top, and type in your desired name. Close the "Device Info" app and you are done. If you had previously paired your device with another via BlueTooth, don't worry; you will not need to re-pair it as the device name should automatically update the next time you connect them together.

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16gb on a pre 3? This is extremly rare, isn't it?

I´ve got one. :D

Nah..all AT&T Pre3 are 16GB. the international ones were only 8GB

Me too!!

Should be noted that there's an option in WebOS Quick Install that can detect the device name and use that as the device label in the dropdown box :)

BTW, I named my tablet Eric's Palm Touchpad.

first, i´m from germany / bavaria

got me one 16Gb AT&T from the bay,
flash it with a Meta doctor,

change the Keypad (from a broken Pre3 )

now i have a 16 GB , Quertz , Pre 3
with german keypad


and i always think about what potential would be in WebOS,
with new/aktual hardware