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Restaurant apps for webOS: the rundown 31

by mrkalel Wed, 22 Sep 2010 11:12 am EDT


You know and love @MrKal_El on Twitter, now know and love him here as he gives us a rundown of restaurant apps on webOS!

Who doesn’t like going out to restaurants? But we can all use some help finding where to go and what’s good, especially when traveling. For those who know me on Twitter: I love food and travel. One of my favorite things to do involves going out to try new and exciting restaurants. As a launch day webOS user, some of the first apps I downloaded dealt with finding great new places to go to. After the break I’ll walk you guys through the apps I typically use on my webOS device to help me accomplish this. This guide is great for local use or when traveling. Hopefully it will help any foodie or casual diner out there find interesting and unique eats.

Yelp First up is Yelp. Yelp’s app ties into their website that has over 12 million local reviews covering a wide range of businesses such as restaurants, bars, nightlife etc. I like reading professional and local user reviews equally. What I find with local reviews is a more personal take compared to a “foodie” critique. Yelp is great for multiple reasons. With such a large user base, you will find multiple reviews and pictures of any venue.

Yelp has the option of allowing the user to pick any type of cuisine they might be in the mood for. I also love the money ratings, which is a good estimate on a venue’s cost. Another great feature of Yelp’s app is the Contacts tie-in. When clicking on a restaurant, its contact info comes up, with reviews under. From here you can dial the venue by tapping on its phone number, but a cool feature is the ability to either Save, Map or Share said info. When you click on Save, it is automatically added to your contacts. Pretty slick.

Two other apps I use are mobile by Citysearch and GoodFood. These apps do similar things like Yelp, but both have a much smaller user base. I like to jump between all three so I don’t miss a great local find. I also like the Map View in GoodFood because it allows an instant view of where the venues in relation to your current GPS location. GoodFood also uses a very simple: “Recommend / Don’t Recommend” rating for each venue. While it isn’t as detailed, it allows for a quicker search.

OpenTable Now we move onto one of my favorite apps: OpenTable. OpenTable is a free service that allows the user to make a reservation for a restaurant without ever needing to place a call. It is super convenient and has other great benefits. There are two ways that OpenTable allows a user to search: by restaurant name or by available seating at a specific time. Clicking on the “All Restaurants” button will bring up a list of all OpenTable venues in that area (quick tip: Just Type to pull up any venues you might have in mind). The other way is to click on “Find a Table” after choosing a time; then you will see price and cuisine types.

From these lists, further refinement is an option. Once you select a restaurant, you’re presented with links to reviews, menus and contact info. Now let’s get back to the “Dining Points”. When OpenTable is used, a standard reservation gives the user 100 Dining Points. But there is something called “1000 pt Tables.” Many restaurants will have 1000 point tables throughout the week to grab more business which is great for everyone. If a diner earns 2000 points they will receive a $20 check, 5000 points = $50 and lastly 10,000 points will give a $100. Theoretically, you could dine out two times and earn $20!

Also beyond just points, OpenTable has many partners (Time Out New York, Los Angeles Times, and Yahoo to name a few) that will run promotions like free deserts or half-off a particular night. The one thing to remember is OpenTable is geared to more of a fine dining selection compared to the apps discussed earlier. You can see the benefits of using OpenTable, from getting great reviews, convenient service and free money.

Foursquare Finally, when I show up to the restaurant, I check in with Foursquare. Foursquare is cool because you can get some last minute tips for the venue, like which waiter to ask for or specials not on the menu. Also, if any of your Foursquare friends have been there before and they leave tips, it will pop right up.

I love food, I love going out and I love using my webOS device. It helps me find new restaurants in a convenient and efficient way on the go especially when traveling. Get out and eat, everyone!


Love the main photo... this is how Stacks should be marketed...

oh... and "first"... I think I only get bronze in the Special Olympics for not remembering to say first and having something worthwhile to say... :)

Bow to my Photoshop skillz.

BTW Derek, your name is on the OpenTable card in the middle of the spread. Good work though.

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Very impressed... I have some graphic design work I need some help with... can I just email it to you... better have it back on my desk by Friday 9am. :)

If you google a restaurant, it would give its rating also. I always find those reviews very helpful

its unfortunate that this site is writing articles on RESTAUAUNT APPS please palm do something so there's real news to report on!!!

strange....I thought you were already fet up with precentral, so stop moaning, and appriciate what they are doing! Or stop leaving your stupid remarks.
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Maybe. But webOS 2.0 was guaranteed to come out this year, so maybe we'll get some news soon.

Keep in mind, though, that people do use restaurant apps. Perhaps Precentral thought it pertinent to cover them.

Oh hush everybody likes to eat!

Can someone tell me what's the difference between yelp & where

I know thats just a graphic someone made, but If stacks stacked THAT many cards like in the picture, I don't think it would fit on the screen very well. But looking at it, it got me thinking how cool it might be to have like a spin wheel effect instead of just side to side. Maybe its a little useless and could even be inconvenient. But it might be cool.

seriously, some users are rude.

I love open table. i have around 8,000 points

Any comments on Zagat's app? I know it only covers major metrpolitan areas, but when I'm a tourist, those are some of the places I go to. And they are the standard of restaurant reviews.

Tips are going to be a major part of foursquare 1.7, coming soon.

Also, great article. Something a little more different than usual.

ooo sounds exciting! Any explanations before the bomb drops?

For the love of god, PLEASE stop using the term "foodie." Ahhhh!

Appreciate the review, though!

Foodie foodie foodie.

I wish i could log into my Yelp account and do reviews on the go.

Open table really doesn't work where I am (Iowa) there is two places registered.

Trip Advisor app works great for food and lodging. This one really has been my go to app for anything related to food or lodging of late. There is just too much stuff on that site to ignore it. You cna also log in and create reviews on the go (unlike Yelp). I seem to have more reviews of all aspects of the site than Yelp and the other sites. I must say though I have never used foursquare. Maybe i will give it a whirl, but definitly use the Trip Advisor works great.

yelp is great, but I wish they would update the app so that we can filter searches like on the 'other' big platforms.

Love the feedback guys :)...

What i would LOVE to see is a food app that has WebOS eater's feed back about "hole in the wall" restuarants. alot of times the best Mexican or Italian food, for example, are little hole in the walls that will never make it onto a Zago's(sp?) review.

call it Hole in the Wall


I love Yelp, oh that is awesome pic by the way, with the cards laid out the way the are, one of the reason I love WebOS!

Thanks for mentioning the points for Open Table. Didn't know about it. They should highlight that in the app description or something.

I really like the "Hole in the Wall" idea!

I really like the "Hole in the Wall" idea!

Another restaurant app to consider is "Guy Ate Here," an unofficial app for Food Network's series Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives. It lets you search for restaurants featured on the program that are nearby by GPS, zip code, or address; get address, phone number, map, and which episode of the series it was on; and Youtube links for Guy's video reviews.

I'm a big fan of Yelp (Elite status, amigos) but damn I wish they'd update the WebOS app. It has to have been a year since they've updated it. Its gps is buggy and so is the app itself. I harrass them on their facebook page almost every week in hopes of seeing some results. I mean we cant even "check in" places on their app yet!!!

Odd that OpenTable app isn't available in the UK? They have a UK presence after all: