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Reuters: HP pondering sale of webOS, likely to net "hundreds of millions of dollars" 95

by Derek Kessler Mon, 07 Nov 2011 7:57 pm EST

Ever since HP decided that they were done making webOS hardware, we’ve been pushing, prodding, and outright calling for them to sell webOS somebody, anybody, who was willing to do something with our favorite underappreciated mobile operating system. There have been plenty of rumored suitors, though nothing solid, and recently it’s appeared that HP might even back off from a hypothetical sale and just use parts of webOS internally.

Reuters is tonight reporting that HP has enlisted the assistance of Bank of America Merrill Lynch to determine whether their financial interests would be best served by keeping or selling webOS (or both?). According to four sources ‘close to the matter,’ HP expects that any sale would result in their recouping a fraction of the $1.2 billion paid for Palm last year. Specifically, they’re expecting the sale of down-but-not-out-but-pretty-close webOS would net HP “hundreds of millions of dollars,” which is certainly more than they’re making from it right now.

Several companies are reported to be interested in purchasing webOS because of its patents (including such foundational patents as integrated handheld computing and telephony system and services, i.e. smartphone). We’ve heard plenty of rumors – Samsung, HTC, Nikon, Amazon, and now we have a new name to add: Oracle. Ironically, or perhaps not so, Oracle is where the ousted HP CEO that oversaw the company’s purchase of Palm, Mark Hurd, currently serves as co-president.

Source: Reuters; Via: The Verge



I had such high hopes when HP bought webOS. What the heck happened?!?!? What a bunch of HPnisess!


HP bought Web OS so they could wipe their asses with it.

It is dead and nobody in their right mind is going to buy it.

There is too much negative press attached to the name at this point thanks to HP.

That comment seems like a good reason to post a link to (kortlink is a danish shortlink, the link points to a CNN video telling about trolls and how to deal with them)

Är du dansk?

Ja, jeg er dansk Pre3 ejer :-)

Thanks, I think I'll just ignore guys like that from now on.

The CEO who had a good vision for it was fired for bunk reasons by a board who does nothing but in-fight, and they replaced him with a complete moron who drove down the companies stock more than 40% in less then a year, then left with a nice $25million golden parachute provided by the imbeciles on the board.

Simple really.

Reading the simple truth like that made me cry inside a little. :'( However, I will continue to love and enjoy my Touchpad until the day it stops working. Then, I'll buy another one off ebay!

HP Touchpad 32 gb...has the best price to awesome ratio out of anything you can spend your money on

Actually I would say the ps3 has a better price to awesome ratio. I love webOS dearly... I have a sprint pre, a verison Pixi plus, and the touchpad. But the ps3 has DivX, DLNA and Netflix.

Oracle would be terrible for webOS users, they have no consumer products which could leverage any of the webOS ecosystem.

Linksys is about their only consumer facing division and they're not about to make smartphones or tablets. webOS on a router isn't going to be very useful to many people.[edit: my mistake, as pointed out, Linksys is Cisco, not Oracle. Do they have any consumer facing business? (Beyond Java & Open Office which I wouldn't really call consumer)]

Oracle will be buying it purely for the patents and they're well known for upsetting users of acquired products (MySQL, (Open)Solaris).

Awesome! I can't wait for the Linksys smartphone. Black and blue with two swiveling antennas coming out of the top.

On the other hand, Oracle owns Java. By owning webOS as well, webOS can reincorporate an official JVM, opening up a whole lot of dev potential, and not get sued for doing hacky, proprietary things to Java like Android does. (If you also recall, Microsoft got in serious trouble for doing the same sorts of things to Java back in the day. There's precedent.)

If webOS wants to be legit in the business/corporate world, Oracle is a mighty trustworthy and established name to have behind you, easily as trustworthy as HP.

This doesn't mean that Oracle is going to be building hardware...not at all. This could end up in one of two directions: Oracle uses webOS as a tool to legally thump Android, which would be eventually pretty bad for everyone (except Apple)...or Oracle builds localized versions of webOS to license to corporate customers as an official "Oracle-blessed" mobile OS for imaging to corporate mobile devices. I suppose they could also go out and acquire some hardware vendor to make new consumer devices as well and produce some for release to the general market, but it's hard to make a living doing that when you're fighting against the mindshare of Apple and Google.

I don't think it's all bad, but an Oracle acquisition would certainly mean a major change in the webOS business model. Unless, of course, Mark Hurd is given a whole lot of Oracle budget to make webOS phones and tablets just like he used to want to.

"...easily as trustworthy as HP."

^^^ hmmmm, well we know how "trustworthy" HP is. so...

I don't think webOS has any chance on the consumer market right now, where there's no place even for Blackberry (this BBX thing is their last breath, their very own webOS, for all purposes, ironically)

The only value webOS has is Palm's patents, whitch we don't know if they are even for sale. But if Oracle is buying, is because of the patents, which could beguin a cascade of bids involving Google an Apple (interested all of them in their own war of patents), that's not of any interest for us

So I'm sad, but it's been 1.5 years of sadness already, and it's time to look somewere else.

But I'm also happy because WebOS has caused big impact in the industry anyways. Everybody has kept very close eyes on it from the very beginning. There's no chance that it's not going to inspire every designer from now on, just like other great products did before. Even more when it's definetly gone, and nobody is afraid of "borrowing" from it. In some way webOS is going to make every future design a bit better just by inspiration, it's going to live somehow in many other places from now. Just like Obi-Wan Kenobi whe he died in the Death Star ;-P. Farewell webOS, it's been a very very great pleasure

I'm just sorry for Homebrew, they're far more amazing than any other community out there, and I know them all ;-)

Tell me about it. Oracle is also pretty opposed to open source. Just look at the whole Openoffice and Java debacle. If Oracle were to buy WebOS, that would mark the end of WebOS in my eyes.

Actually, any sale will mean the death of WebOS in my eyes. It's now just a toxic asset if you look beyond the patents. Palm and HP both blundered the best mobile OS. Now that's an expensive tag team.

I just hope Canonical does a great job with Unity. By the time 14.10 comes out, my Touchpad and Pre(-) should be on their last leg.

Linksys is owned by Cisco, not Oracle:

Oops, my mistake, I've made a note of that in my original comment.

I think my original position still stands though, Oracle does not care about consumer facing products.

If webOS is bought by Oracle, you can pretty much say goodbye. Oracle destroyed Sun and is ruining every customer relationship to date. They are a greedy company that could care less about loyalty. Any reseller will tell you that.

They've upset too many people - including myself. I would unfortunately have to say goodbye to webOS if Oracle buys them, even though I am a long time webOS fan. I wouldn't even bat an eye.

Yet another reason why Oracle shouldn't buy webOS - they're just going to do it for patents!

In what universe do you live that cisco = oracle?

You do know Linksys is Cisco, right?

dont care if its a good or bad result, as long as something concrete occurs with webOS, as we are we dont really NEED a new owner anyways, its just handy if we do get one and they forward the OS.

If we dont get a new owner or get one uninterested in webOS then thats bad, but at least wed know where we stand.

Is that out of your price range Derek?

Hah! I think Derek offered $5k (maybe it was $10k).

I know you were just kidding, but maybe the price will be low enough for the webOS community to buy it. You have to have dreams, right?

Oops. If I would have read the next post I would have seen this was already mentioned.

Can we start up a collection and buy it ourselves? Maybe webOSinternals can take it, too? We can come up with a fancy new company name if we need to.

This is exactly what came up to my mind ... how many webOS users are we? How much would have everybody to pay?

We should make a "Let's buy our own OS" App and try to reach the 750m - wouldn't it be awesome to have a the best mobile OS as Freeware? :)

Maybe some bigger companies would join such a foundation ...

... yeah, sorry, cannot stop dreaming ... :)

Well, there are 4.1 million webos users according to a post on the verge, so everyone would have to pitch in $200. And while that would be cool, how would we go on to develop new hardware? Plus most people at webos internals have other jobs, and do the webos stuff in their free time, just how fast would system updates come at that rate? google, apple, and microsoft have teams of full time employees working on their os's everyday and still take months for updates to come out.

my bad, it was 4.2 million

BTW, thats not that unreasonable, there are around 200 million iOS users, so 4.2 million for webos doesn't seem that far fetched.

There MAYBE were 4.2 million Palm Profiles ever activated.

Keep in mind these aren't 4.2 million "active" users anymore than the PreCentral forums has "450,000" active members (more like 1 percent of that).

Also, keep in mind that this isn't one-to-one with sales either. Any device resold had an owner setting up a new Palm profile. And so on.

But yeah....try building a crowd-sourced community on the backs of people who don't wanna pay more than a couple hundred for a tablet. See how that goes.

Thats true about the same devise creating 2 palm profiles if sold, but its also true that some one who upgrades to another webos devise wouldn't be creating a new profile, particularly people who have a webos phone and picked up a touchpad or two (like the people on this board). So we can say there are a lot of NEW webos users.

Whats really tough is knowing how many are still active, Im sure a lot jumped ship after the hp announcement, I know I picked up a windows phone after the announcement, came back with the pre 3 after the prices dropped on ebay.

Also, yes people are very apprehensive about spending money on anything webos right now.

It doesn't get anymore retarded than that..


Ok, seriously though; why not create a 'pledge' on, or a similar site, and see how much interest might exist in this nation of ours? Set the goal of creating a privately traded corp, or (or a 501c3 or like if you're to be collecting via donations) who's purpose will be to make a competitive bid on WebOS. Its aspirational at that point. No one (legally) obliged to follow through from either end, but its a mechanism by which one can get SOME idea of what we might be collectively willing/able to do. Even if it didn't add up to enough to be actionable (and where actionable equals buying WebOS, that's probably the case), it would be fascinating to see to what extent we're willing to collectively back the passion that still exists in this community in dollars/pounds sterling/krugerrands/what-have-you. Just think of that warm feeling you got when WebosInternals doubled their weekly donation target recently. And the amount that some of us have spent on new/extra/backup WebOS hardware in the last few months is certainly another expression of that( and would damn interesting to do a separate pole on).

There's no harm in it, and it has the potential to give a slightly different voice (they say money talks) to the interest that still exists in WebOS. We're told there are 500,000 registered members now in this community alone. How many among us wouldn't be willing to put up even $1 to keep this great Nation of WebOS, this mobile ship-of-state sailing on?

And to those that would respond instantly with troll, to you I say "how do YOU sir place value on your time such that this great, once-great, again-great thing to which you claim you can give no more, which for yourself holds not a single $,£,or € more value can still be worth to you the value of your time to return here and deride those who would not join you in consigning this nation to a grave in which its still-beating heart will not, nay, CANNOT let it rest!"

Lords and Ladies, thank you for your time.

Help us Canonical. You are our only hope.

shouldn't it read "Obi Wan Canoni"? :)

Thats not who I would want to buy webos, but I guess beggars can't be choosers.

Also, it could be interesting if there is still bad blood between Hurd and HP, he could make it his own personal vendetta to embarrass HP and make webos successful where HP failed,

now THAT i would LOVE to see come true :)

That idea I like!

I'll have to be blunt, but if your hopes are for webOS to land with a sure shot at making an explosion in the consumer space, the best hope would be for Apple to swoop in, buy webOS, and call it their next generation iOS. The fight for mobile mindshare is much harder than it used to be considering there are two big players in that market instead of just one. I'm really not so sure that a company like Samsung or Sony could even make it a hit, rather than just keep it alive.

However, there IS still a lot of room in the corporate market, even if it's not as glamorous. The big player there is still RIM, and it's not like the corporate types really feel great about that.

I have been wishing for Apple to buy webOS, and incorporate what it can do (just type, cards, multitask, synergy)into iOS. The only drawback in this route is I suspect Homebrew and webOS-Internals would not have a home in that invironment, Apple is too closed shop.

Homebrew and webOS-Internals are primary reasons I even went with my Pre, will be sad to see them do.

And to the discussion above, I would gladly pay quite a decent sum to help get webOS into hands where it can survive, like webOS-Internals.

I have spent the last month trying other hardware/software combinations, they all suck. Yes, I would contribute.

I would prefer Google to buy and incorporate WebOS. ICS already beginning to show signs of M.Duarte's work. i say COMPLETE THE MERGER and make android the most powerful OS out there.

ps. i would contribute to the bank.

about game over. my guess is HP is trying to sell webOS and keep the patients. wouldn't surprise me one bit. They botched this so bad...

By the end of 2012 most of us will be on another platform with phones and tablets. Oh well...

Thanks Leo! Jack a ****

Oracle has definitely thrown a few elbows over the last few decades they've been in business.

But my personal observation since the 1980s is that they generally do not just kill products, companies or technologies that they buy.

Larry Ellison wants to rule the tech world, and if he and Mark Hurd think webOS can help them compete against Apple, Google and Microsoft, etc., then the webOS community could do far worse, in my opinion.

At the very least you won't have a shrinking violet or a bunch of know-nothing, non-technologists deciding what to do with webOS.

Maybe RIM should buy it and incorporate it into their QNX.
Even I have moved to WP7 I still would like it to do well (:
Think RIM would be the best match tbh

Shouldn't that figure be more like hundreds of dollars?

I hate to be Chicken Little here, but even if by some miracle HP manages to sell webOS to someone else it won't matter to us. webOS devices are dead, dead, DEAD. If HP manages to sell it then the App Catalog will shut down and all support will cease.

webOS is no longer a contender in the mobile market. Soon the only support will be the guys in home brew.

This is right on. What ever form WEBos continues on, it will NOT include phones and therefore is useless to me. Let it go.

It wasn't even a good ride. It was a series of painful missteps that concluded with HP. It had several bright spots like Homebrew, without which the platform would have never made it this far. I saw and believed in the potential, but it was never even close to being realized. The software was never optimized and the hardware just plain stunk.

And before you flame me, I'm still using a Pre-, hacked and brewed to not even be close to what I originally purchased.

Up until a month ago I was also using a Pre-. But it died (my 3rd one) and I with it my willingness to hang on.

Out of the "hundreds of millions of dollars" what's Jon R.'s 2-cents out of this?

let google purchase it and optimize android to use more of webos's features.

YES! YES! YES! a million times yes!

I hope not Oracle, they've just become litigation wholesale lately.

...HP has enlisted the assistance of Bank of America Merrill Lynch to determine whether their financial interests would be best served by keeping or selling webOS...

So they did a very similar thing with the pc business and then decided to keep it. This could just be an excuse to keep webOS without looking as bad as straight up reversing there decision to kill it. It could be found to be better to keep it.

...correct! Seems to me that PSG are back in business, the windows tablets etc will be rolling out fairly soon (I bet), but it could be that WebOS would make a re-appearance on the already designed and built 7'' TP and the Pre3. The issue over WebOS updates for Pre3 is only 'hear say' from an employee who admits he's not in a position to know! So there is a 'slim' possibility that HP will keep with WebOS and build kit - and more likely if the 'consultants' indicate that money can be made by doing so (even if it's not a landslide).

Apple is going to buy webos... yep, you heard it here first. Why? Because their lawyers need something other than rectangles with rounded corners to sue the competition for.

How is this even a question?

Which will HP gain from more: selling an asset, or keeping it and not having any clue what to do with it.

WebOS is worthless unless someone is making products that use it. If HP does not intend to be that someone, they should sell it. The question is who is going to pay for it.

We better start figuring out how we're gonna back these things up for when they shut down the servers with our apps and data on them.

That has already been figured out, see webOS-Internals.

Who cares? You'd want to install a different OS.

What! HP has to hire BoA/ML to tell them what they should do? Or explain it all to Meg Whitman! Wow, the bungling HP continues to slide down the slippery slope of cluelessness into technical oblivion ..........

Ok, if Oracle does buy WebOS I'm going to call up my old boss there and claim that it was my idea first.

Seriously, though - if Oracle does consider a WebOS buy, the decision will be made on whether the deal is financially good for Oracle. And the company has a track record of making their acquisitions work. Lot of very smart people there, both on the business side and the technology side.

I hear ya. There's a lot of webOS fans out there ready to buy the next 99 dollar device. Oracle could make a killing.

Now the article (on Reuters India) mentions Oracle, Amazon, RIM, IBM and Intel as potential buyers.
Amazon would be commerical devices. RIM I assume would use it as is. I will say that anyone that still uses a blackberry OS phone would be impressed by WebOS . .
IBM? Don't know what they would do with it.
Intel would attempt to open source it, if possible (there might be some licensing issues with doing so). They would then try to get some hardware standarization behind it using one of their mobile chipsets and try to get some phone makers to make some reference platforms.

Intel could be interesting, after all webOS would not be a bad starting point for their Tizen initiative.

is it me but does it seem like google/android is runned by the government???? Does anyone have a actual list of all there acquisitions within the last year and a half as well as the way they integrated all there software slash spyware programs in order to track and monitor all our day to day life functions been down to the way the search engine works by scanning your harddrive to give the best results out of billions of possible choices better yet google voice, or geo tracking, there market share is incredible imagine the true power they would have if there were no webOS or ios to slow them down slightly if they weren't the government would you think the government would let them get so big and not one law suit be filed against them, I mean come on how many people sue WALMART because of there size but nothing against google at all ever sees the light of Day???? And do those guys ever sleep I mean has Anybody ever heard of them in the software community they crank out more updates and programs then anybody and there aggressive tireless and focused if that's not the GOV. Then they sure are a close 2nd

Why doesn't someone finally stand up and yell from the top of Palm, over to GARMIN, "hey were for sale! You build small consumer devices, we run them!!"
I think at this point at time, they need each other as much as they need their own new way.
WebOS can run on anything, Garmin makes anything run anything every which way.
They also highly need a uniforn UI, as well as to "go beyond" to stay relevnat.

There is no Palm. Thanks for playing though.

If this is true...webOS will have gone full circle since Mark Hurd was the one who pushed thru the purchase of Palm...was then fired as the CEO of HP and then is I think CTO at Oracle!

He is very passionate about webOS so hopefully they can make this work....

Take care, Jay

Isn't he [Hurd] the one that said HP didn't buy palm (webos) to make phones?

I think Hurd's exact words about the Palm acquisition "That's is very value proposition."

That's true passion. It's the same thing I said to my wife when I asked her to marry me.

Hi all,

Earlier in the thread it was discussed that Apple should buy webOS...that a HORRIBLE IDEA! B/c Apple will not just squeeze out the Home Brew community...then we'll be locked into Jobs' no keyboard & removable battery mantra!

Take care,


although i agree that apple would likely be far from best choice, i believe we ought to give them credit where it is due. look at the way they treat/love & cherish their customers, look at how well they optimize their OS - it runs butter smooth, it works how it is meant to, and the hardware is of some good quality.

...that said, as i stated before i believe Google would be THE best for WebOS. :)

Take care,


Well, I looked at the way they treat/love & cherish me as a customer. Twice. And I wasn't happy with it. I don't know how things are in the rest of the world, but three weeks to repair a so-called business-ready device (ex-iPhone and ex-MacBook Pro) is way way WAY too much.

I don't care much about geekness or how pretty a device looks. It should be just there, when I need it to work with.

I see Jay's still around being a goofball. Still no webOS device for Jay and still crying about Apple.

I'm holding you responsible if he starts making up wild conspiracy theories again.

I am also going to blame you if he starts telling us unrelated stories about his life.

Whatever HP does with webOS, you can be sure that it will NOT be done for the good of current webOS users who might happen to be Apple-averse. They didn't dump the TP hardware on the market at firesale prices in order to build some kind of loyal money-losing base that will squawk if the next TP costs $300. webOS is an asset to be maximized and sacrificed if necessary.

The fact that they fired the hardware team already makes it plainly obvious that they aren't planning on doing the hardware anymore since acquiring the personnel is probably one of the most expensive things about developing a new hardware line.

I agree that the firing of the webOS hardware team does make a strong case against expecting new webOS devices from HP.

However it is not impossible for HP to launch new webOS devices without such a team. After all both HP and Palm have a history that involves HTC doing most of the design work on their previous generation smartphones(the iPAQ and Treo lines).

HP, if you're not going to do us good by selling to a company that will continue to make consumer hardware and will just dissolve it for it's patents, please do right to the community by open sourcing it. It's really our only hope to survive...

Word is, IBM will buy it, call it webOS/2, and use it in automatic teller machines after getting everybody all excited about it as a desktop OS first.

@ depscribe

No! Who would want webos on an atm? I could see it now, you go to withdraw money, TMC error! It then reboots in 5 minutes lol

Just bought an HP desktop from Best Buy this past weekend! Plus, I bought the 32GB TouchPad for the family to add to the other 3 I bought awhile ago.

I think the bundling strategy is actually good, especially with the holidays coming up. I had an old desktop that needed upgrading, and I felt this was the time to do it.

I pondered buying the i5 or i7 Intel processor, but I ended up picking the HP desktop with an AMD A8 Quad-Core with 1.5TB hardrive and 8 GB RAM, since I was still able to buy the desktop and get an HP touchpad for the same price as the i5/i7.

While I bought mine, another person came in and bought an HP desktop with AMD processor and HP touchpad for themselves. They actually didn't know about the bundling offer, but when I told them, the wife said I'll get it for you honey. She took it immediately from him and said it was his Christmas present!

Note to HP: HP hang in there with WebOS. It will be a long battle, but us WebOS users in the field can help spread the word. It takes time to grow the business, since you were late to the tablet game. Yet, we are there with you and will support you in the trenches, even if at Best Buy on a Saturday. Don't sell WebOS. Give it your all, and you might be suprised. License off the WebOS to another handset manufacturer to keep you in the mobile game.

I would like to see HP get back in the webOS market. I'm afraid anyone else will just buy webOS for the patents and webOS would not live on.

I find it simply amazing that a great Mobile OS can be built and summarily blown by the incompetence of not one but two companies. Face the fact, the "weight-challenge large woman with a great personality" has sung and hit the high note. WebOS is over.

I for one will never contemplate a HP product, ever. HP is a textbook case of hiring an exclusive club of opportunist scavengers who yield enough power to get golden parachutes after blowing great, products and cash. The upper management will move on to **** something up.

Have you ever considered that a more likely scenario is not that a great mobile OS was blown up by two different incompetent companies but that the mobile OS is not all that great? Occam's Razor anyone?

The fact that you like the user interface does not mean that the OS is great. Similarly, the fact that you have gotten used to certain gestures on a Palm does not make it intuitive to anyone else.

Did you know that Occam's Razor is known to produce misleading conclusions when used by people that don't know how and when to use it?

Since a lot of this is purely hypothetical. I think the companies that might want to consider a different strategy than they currently have are brick and mortar retailers. With Amazon's Kindle Fire and Barnes and Noble's Nook, a lot of customers are turning towards digital purchases for their entertainment. And especially with the Kindle Fire it's possible customers may start turning even more attention towards digital purchases of real goods, goods normally sold through brick and mortar shops.

Maybe Walmart or Target should consider venturing further into the territory of digital content and purchasing to compete with Amazon's array of services. I think one of the advantages brick and mortar shops, is like Apple, they have a physical location to showcase their gadgets.

I'm sure there's a lot to think about and a lot of disadvantages for a company like Target or Walmart to jump into this. I'd be interested to see what you guys think.

I don't see the reason why Walmart or Target would need to set up their own competing market. After all both Amazon and Barnes & Noble have shown that they are willing to develop the apps needed for people to get access to their library of content.

There would be way to much work involved in making a digital library of their own.

Yeah I agree there definitely would be a lot of work in setting up a digital library.

What I see might happen is Amazon specifically will take away a lot of customers from brick and mortar shops if Amazon makes their tablet shopping experience even better than their website. Already a lot of people prefer to do their shopping online.

I think what stands our for me in recent memory is the bankruptcy of Borders. Their late entry into the digital market is one of many factors that I believe led to their demise. Then there's Barnes and Noble and their digital strategy seems to have kept them afloat when other book stores are closing up shop.

It's a stretch, but I think standard retailers have an edge over other tech companies in that they already have relationships with entertainment and media companies to sell hard copies. Strictly tech companies(Except for maybe Sony) would have to develop those relationships from scratch.

I gotta say, that is one of the funniest graphics that I've ever seen! Great job.

so far as I read all of the comments, it appears that we all want HP to at least continue with webOS. the way they handle how they did was like having a child whom you raise and found out it wasn't yours. sad. I purchase the TP like any Android lover did. was to adopt the child and try to give it a happier home.

I have flash my TP to partition to Android, and it works for me. Plus I still have my webOS on the other hand and I like it. the technology that HP bring with the pre phones and TP is totally unique. but somehow it never really commercialize in my region and I am from CA.

HP have many support from consumers like me awaiting to hear if webOS will be revive. Now that you got it in the hands of a user, c take some control in that manner. build a better webOS, don't keep yourself within the box, think outside of the box like we all know you can. good luck to HP.

With all the patent lawsuits coming from apple etc, it would be most wise for google to jump in and take control of webOS. Companies like htc and Samung would be able to breathe much easier. Just saying.

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The hopefuls who expect HP to keep, nuture, and continue to grow the WebOS ecosystem are seriously delusional. Why? Because the idiots at HP only changed the pilot of an aircraft that is not fit to fly. HP, as a company, is so fraught with problems due to the rampant incompetent idiots both in higher managment as well as the board, that the damage has been done. While WebOS could have been a highly competitive ecosystem (smart phones, tablets, desk tops, lap tops, even printers) for the masses, it is now very dead thanks to the HP board who hired Apothe...whatever the **** his name was, as their golden boy. Problem was, he had no vision, and that hasnt changed with the hiring of Whitman. They are just holding out now waiting to see who will give them the best price for WebOS. Period. HP needs to change their corporate mantra from Invent to something like Implode. Or Insane.