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Review: Dropboxify 26

by Joseph Dowdy Fri, 24 Sep 2010 12:38 pm EDT

Dropboxify For the price of $2.99 from the Palm App Catalog, you too can get running with Dropbox on your webOS device. I have Dropbox on my laptop and keep my super-valuable files synced to their cloud servers so that they can be accessed from a browser or from another computer with Dropbox software and now from my Palm Pre with Dropboxify from developer DoGood. I found that in a very short period of time, I was able to browse my Dropbox files from the app on my phone after putting in my account email and password. Super easy, in fact.

Browsing files was made easy by an alphabetical list of content in folders (with content/context-sensitive icons on them) and files with appropriate application icons in a fast-scrolling list. One touch of a folder opens the folder out into a new card showing the contents. Tapping a file presents the choice to Open (in place), Save, or Email the file.

I found that by tapping Save, it immediately started saving the document... but where? I had my suspicions, but due to the nature of webOS I wasn’t able to confirm them until I hooked up my phone to my computer. Sure enough, the file was sitting in its own Dropbox folder in my USB drive folder. One problem I did have was that not every file saved. Only the tiniest file was successfully saved locally, although it’s entirely possible that this issue was due to not-so-great Sprint coverage where I live.

Dropboxify Dropboxify does pretty much what one would expect from Dropbox. I've been using Dropbox for several months now and have had nothing but good experiences with it; it just works and Dropboxify is no exception even though it's not actually made by the folks at Dropbox (it's made by a developer by the name of DoGood, the only web presence the seem to maintain is a bug reporting site). In addition to Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, BlackBerry, Android, and web browser clients (among others), Dropbox also plays nice with the Pixelpipe service (which, coincidentally, also has a webOS app available).

I can't think of a better way to accomplish the mostly seamless cloud-based file syncing with other software for less. Dropbox comes with 2GB of storage for free, but if you’re interested in picking up more space you can purchase 50GB of space for $9.99 a month, or go all the way up to 100GB to the tune of $19.99 a month.

Of course, you’ll have to remember that there’s nowhere near that kind of space available on your Palm device, so don’t think you can upgrade and keep syncing down your entire computer’s media library. But that’s the great thing about Dropbox and Dropboxify: you have access to all your documents, pictures, videos, and music, but you don't have to download them all locally to get them.

Dropboxify is available from the Palm App Catalog for $2.99.



Be interesting to see how the Dropbox app Jason R. Is working on will compare.

Glad to see people remember. Now that I'm registered for the Palm webOS developer program, I can release App Catalog app. Works out well as I just finished my latest releases of Internalz and can shift my focus back to DropDrive :)

Good to know. Looking forward to use it.

This is a decent app which I use often but I'm definitely looking forward to what you'll offer up for us Jason.

One thing that is sorely absent in this app is the ability to pick more than one image, doc, video, etc file at once to being uploading. I'm not sure if this is a webOS limitation or just something never done in this specific app. Being able to select-all or "ctrl+select" multiple media files at once would be so useful, though.

Jason... make it happen! ;)

If anyone would like an extra 250Mb for a new Dropbox account, feel free to follow my referral link. :)

The last filename in the screenshot at top has piqued my interest. "The Pariah, The Parrot, The .." The what? What's next? Persimmon? Pumpernickel loaf?

The Delusion. Great album by Dredg ;)

you can look at what you have on your phone with internalz app.

You can also access and download from your dropbox account at or ... and it's FREE

This would be great if we had functioning document editing software on the phone. In essence this is a one way sync with the option to upload pictures/movies or email attachments.

In my scenario, I'm best served by Google Docs.

I've been using this app for a while now and its great.

Is stuff stored on your dropbox account encrypted? I'll stick with scp and rsync on servers that I control myself for now.

For what it's worth, DropBox requires the usage of OAuth, so it does have a level of security to it.

Very useful app indeed. I use daily.

Isn't WebOS 2.0 suppose to have Dropbox integration?

NO. Just the QuickOffice app.

Oh I see, well then looks like I will be buying this app soon.

how does this differ/compare with zumodrive ?

Decent app. Would be nice if we could Just Type to search for a file the way you can in universal search.. or music.. or conatcs.. or messaging..
Silly to have to hunt for my file when webos has trained me to just start typing

Question: I've never considered putting documents on the cloud; call me paranoid, how do people handle security issues?

I like Dropbox and Dropboxify, but it would be nice to be able to see thumbnails of images. I have my photo album on dropbox, but I have so many images with generic file names that it is just about useless to try and find a picture through Dropboxify. It would be nice to see a media option like ZumoDrive has for music and images. I would use ZumoDrive but a lot of my media never shows up on my Pre ZumoDrive client. Hopefully if it is technically possible Jason's app DropDrive will do some of this. Also a search feature.

it appears that someone here also likes the band dredg. el cielo is one of greatest albums ever.

The last sentence in this app review says:

"But that

I contacted the developer of Dropboxify to ask why I couldn't stream my music using this app. Here is the response:


When streaming music, the player makes multiple requests to the Dropbox server. For that to work, we need to sign and authenticate every one of those requests. Unfortunately, we don't get that control over the built in music player in webOS.

Thank you for your message. I will search for a workaround to this problem, so we can add music streaming in a future version of Dropboxify."

So, streaming IS NOT POSSIBLE with this app and therefore the review is incorrect.

Bought dropboxify today from app store. using a new HP Pre3. Seems protocaol has changed because I can not login any more to dropbox using dropboxify.

I can't log in either... and I just bought the app! Would be very frustrating if a just bought an app that i couldn't use!