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Review: Facebook App for webOS 54

by Dieter Bohn Thu, 12 Nov 2009 10:01 am EST

The Pixi arrives on Sunday and with it, the ability for Pixi owners (and Pre owners when their 1.3.1 update arrives) to finally download the Facebook app from Palm's Official App Catalog. Here's our review, it's a quick one as the app probably does less than you might expect.

The Facebook app is actually more of a Facebook Friend Feed app. It consists of a list of your friends' status updates, which you an interact it on a fairly basic level. Here's the functionality the Facebook app offers:

  • Read a list of your friends' status updates
  • Comment on their status updates and make them as "liked."
  • Update your own status
  • When a friend updates a photo album, you can view the album within the Facebook app.
  • Comment on a friend's photo album

That's about it. No viewing of profiles, no Facebook chat or Facebook Inbox, no invites. Even with the photo album features, it only works if it pops up in your news feed, you can't navigate to them directly. If you tap on a username inside the Facebook app, it takes you to your Synergized contact card for that friend.

Essentially, it's a Twitter-view of Facebook.  It honestly is good at what it does, but don't expect it to do any more. The rest of your Facebook functionality on the Pre will still live at Or if you're a homebrewer, check out PalmBook.



Honest question. Why isn't the Pre app the same as the iPhone app? Facebook is better on the iPhone than on the PC. It is a best of breed app. It can't be a hardware issue. Why would Facebook not just port the app as is? I am not a programer so I just don't get it. The Pre was made for social networking. It should have the best social networking experience. If I recommended the Pre to anyone, that is what I would highlight. What gives with the Facebook app?

1) Facebook has not made the webOS app.

2) Porting from Object C (iPhone) to Mojo (webOS) would be more hassle than its worth.

3) This is the first quasi-official Facebook app. The iPhone's wasn't that great out-of-the-gate either. Give it time.

what a failure. @#$! you Palm. You had almost 6 months since launch to create or solicit a decent app and this is the bullshit we get?!?!?!


I agree this is a disappointment. They had all this time and this is what we get? FAIL also

You failed to mention FriendsFlow, a *fabulous* $2.99 Facebook client currently in the App Catalog that includes notifications, friending, like/dislike, and commenting. It was the first app I bought, and once you purchase it you can download beta versions in fileCoaster or Preware as well.

I agree... First app to tackle facebook for the Pre and still the best. Started in Homebrew and you just blow it off. WEAK!!!

I will stick with FriendsFlow, thanks. It works great and keeps improving.



WOW, they call that an app? No wonder people are jumping ship. Not impressed at all, makes the Android OS look even better.


I second FriendsFlow. First app I bought once it was available and one of the few apps that is almost always running on my Pre.

And if you're a homebrewer, you get access to newer features in the beta versions.

why is everyone getting mad at Palm...from what I understand and I could be mistaken but it is not Palms fault as they are not responsible for making Facebooks app!! We should be email Facebook and urging them to give us a better app with more functionality!! Go Palm do what you gotta do on the back end to support and encourage our slow moving developers!! Great platform so far in its young not even 6 month life!! All these continuing updates are encouraging and keep my phone feeling fresh and new!

I can't even get it to work - doesn't allow me to log in anywhere. Bah. Off it goes.

Amazing. If Facebook databases were actually working right via the websites I wouldn't even consider downloading this but pulls via the API seems to actually come in order.


Can you upload a picture with a caption? Thanks.

you can with palmbook. that the only reason i have it. otherwise i use friendflow

You can upload a pic to facebook via mobile uploads with captions but I also use FriendsFlow, great app.

no you can not do that with mobile uploades and you can not do it with friend flow.

Yes you can do it with mobile uploads. It's part of Facebook Mobile (I do it all the time with captions).

No FriendFlow doesn't do this but you don't need a separate app to do this. Mobile uploads will do this.

when you say mobile uploads i consider that to be when i go to my photo album and upload a photo to facebook. which does not allow for you to add a caption. it seem as your saying now that the m.facebook webpage will let you do this. i will check it out. i never use this page. is MUCH better than

Sorry about that Drew, I should have been more specific. No, I'm not talking about I don't use that site.

This is what I'm talking about. Go to your Facebook account on your PC. Go to the mobile portion of your full facebook site. Or click here:

Now, look for this: "Upload photos via email." There is a specific email address for every facebook user. Copy yours and add it as an email contact on your Pre.

Now, whenever you want to upload a pic to your facebook via mobile uploads:

1. Go to your pic that you want to upload
2. choose "Share via email"
3. when your email prompt appears, begin to type in Facebook which will universally bring up your Facebook email contact that you added and choose it.
4. Add your caption in the subject line of your email.
5. Send it.

Now you're done and your pic will be in your Mobile uploads in Facebook WITH whatever caption you added. :)

Hope this helps.

oh ok thanks.

Actually, you can.

Mobile uploads (email)...subject is caption...quite simple really.

I'd be a dick about it, but I had a recent moment where I was all over someone for not including something, turned out it was there, I just didn't open my eyes. Guess we are all human.

is it too much to ask for an app as least as good as the blackberry app. so i can upload photos, tag them, and add a caption. also have my notifications come straight to my phone. and i don't me like friend flow. i mean the stuff i care about. like i was tagged or so and so commented on my status, sent me a message etc...

I would also like to be able to change my profile pic

I prefer using it scales to the screen fine, and has a little more functionality than

alright dieter, ya got me a little confused as to why you fail to mention that there is no reason to use any sort of facebook app or even x.facebook. I use my browser and open full PC version facebook daily on my pre. Forget the iphone version! I am able to easily access every aspect of fb, and chat on fb pretty much all day while I'm @ work using the pop-out chat window. So I can't understand why everyone is getting all riled up over it. Here is the address I have bookmarked in my pre. Of course, it is my profile, but for me, I don't want a mobile or app version... I want facebook and that's what my pre gives me.

i want my notification to come to the bottom of my phone integrated the same as text or email. also good luck changing your profile pic to a new one.

you are in the minority, thats why you think he is ignoring you

also, I am easily able to go into my photos, tap the drop down menu, select upload, and send it directly to facebook. I haven't been though, I have been using PIXEL PIPE, which truly is an awesome app. It allows me to tag, caption, and upload to well over what, a hundred social networking sites? Lets stop crying about what apps don't do and just use our devices to do what they already can do. That is, give us the real internet.

Why does the pre even need a facebook app, or for that matter x.facebook. I just use the full facebook site which loads almost seamlessly on my phone. The chat even works when I load the whole facebook page. If I can use the whole site then having an app for the site is completely useless. Palm, spend time working on speed. This is the biggest thing missing from the pre. I love my phone & I love sprint. I just want more speed on the phone.

I too would like FB notifications on the bottom. And everyone should cry and complain...cuz that's when you get shit done

I cried and complained about epocrates, and it looks like it'll arrive soon.

I'll stick with for now. My only complaints with it are that I can't view/make photo comments and that there is no prev/next navigation. Otherwise I can see all comments, see profiles, comment, see inbox and invites and search friends.

What is wrong with the people at facebook? Seriously. I used to just access from my Pr?, and was looking forward to the experience with Flash integration, but then my traffic started getting redirected to which I could not (and still can not) stand. So I went back to using Then that got shut out (more x.facebook crap). Then it was on to, which was at least a step above x.facebook. And then *that* got blocked (it will load, but it will not log-in). So now I'm forced to stare at an experience I despise while I desperately await a true, native appliction-- expecting an experience at least as good as the BlackBerry (which is really quite nice. I miss it)-- and instead I get to wait for an experience that is even worse than the one I hate? For an organisation that touted the Pr? experience at launch they sure seem to have their heads pointed the wrong way. I would hate to drop my account because it is one of the only ways I manage to keep in touch with several people I dearly miss, but if I can't get a usable experience from it (and I don't get much chance to access the site from a computer) I may just do so because it isn't serving me any purpose. I thought these people were highly educated...

You probably changed a setting which got saved in your browser. Try clearing your cookies, cache, and possibly your history. I use the full Facebook site as well, and it still works perfectly fine. It doesn't redirect me to any of the mobile sites.

Considering I clear the data from my browser several times a day every day, I doubt that is the problem. This has been happening bit-by-bit over several months. First, *then*, and (within the last week) It isn't my cache. It is server-side. started working again this evening, however.

go to settings on your facebook! I believe you can change your preference to default the regular site.

Thank you very much Dieter Bohn for the reference to palmbook!

@ all: palmbook is still under developement and there are many features planned for the future. So just talk to us in the palmbook forum and give us some hints to make this app better for you!

Dont forget: Palmbook is free and will be free forever!

(and now that I think about it: Isn't the BlackBerry scripted through Java? I realise some of the calls to the various APIs wouldn't be the same, but shouldn't the framework of the facebook app for the BlackBerry Storm work as a reference?)

boy i wish i knew how to program. I'd make the app.

A better, slicker version of FriendsFlow from the looks of it, hopefully less buggy than that. I don't like either FriendsFlow or PalmBook at this point ( is so much better), so I'm looking forward to this. Complements the existing FB integration (Synergy & photo uploading). Still missing profiles, messaging and notifications. Palm has some ways to go here but the basics are adequately covered.

I don't get the love affair with facebook period.

This seems fine. I'm sure it will improve. if not, is great, full facebook is fine (if you like zoom ing),, or any of the apps (2 currently).

I guess some people want MotoBlur like ADHD on the screen.

I post a few status updates a week, comment on a few friends updates, but I have no idea what people do on this stuff for hours a day.

Why do we even need an app for facebook? I use the full site all the time and it works like a charm, except that the chat bar that is supposed to be at the bottom of the page inexplicable moves to the very middle and blocks a line of text. I have no use for a facebook app, though. The full site is perfect, and once we get flash, will be even better.

For me, using the full site is beyond annoying. All of the pinch/zooming in and out, and scrolling back and forth to read everything on the screen is too frustrating. I have tried using it several times and hated it. The is the only one that is at least tolerable for me to use at this point. I hope this upcoming FB app is enhanced in the future. I would like to make it my default FB app.

I do not see this facebook app in the app catalog. Is it still there?

anyone know why is now being redirected to

Uh...I like the new Facebook App. I have 2 Facebook accounts and neither Friends Flow, Palmbook or x.facebook handles multiple accounts well at all. This app. allows me to switch back and forth between them without having to log in and out.

wow what a bunch of whiners. I don't think the facebook app was meant to replace the facebook bookmark but to augment it. It provides a streamlined access point to quickly post and view your feed. The really remarkable function is the sync with your pre contacts, and even adds a friend's name, profile photo and email to your contacts if they aren't already there which is fabulous. I was really debating whether I wanted to bother putting photos in contacts because I felt it would be tedious, and this app did it all for me in a matter of seconds.

I meant to add that this review is sorely lacking by not mentioning the contacts sync functionality.

peeps using facebook go to settings and default your view to either regular or lite!

this app is really a disappointment! I hope the people at palm have an update with this app and make it like the facebook app on the iphone. This one is pointless! please update!


It is able to take pictures, video and audio recordings without your permission on you iphones, ipad and android devices.