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Review: Seidio Innocell 2600mAh Battery 76

by Robert Werlinger Mon, 08 Mar 2010 12:37 pm EST

The Seidio Innocell 2600mAh Extended Battery for the Palm Pre will add noticeable bulk - there’s no question about that. The question is this: does the substantial improvement in battery life (and I do mean substantial) make the sacrifice in form factor worthwhile?

Fit and Feel

The battery is big. It’s over twice the size of the stock 1150mAh battery, and the fit is almost too snug. Pushing the battery all the way into the battery compartment caused visible movement in the components surrounding the battery compartment - specifically the thermal tape covering the radio.  So yeah, the fit is secure, in fact I didn't even try to push the battery all the way in because the above issue, instead I left a millimeter of play underneath it.


Seidio claims that the back cover, which hugs the back of the Pre like a glove, adds “only about 4mm” to the Pre. That 4mm, though, alters the feel of the device in your hand and in your pocket considerably. Instead of the svelte, curvy device you’re used to, you’ll be brandishing what feels like a stumpy brick. This isn’t to say it makes the device feel terrible, since Seidio was smart with the curvature of the back cover, but it’s a significant enough downgrade that should make you think twice before going with the larger extended battery. This, combined with a noticeably heavier battery, adds to what I’d describe as a tank-like (and strangely more robust) feel to the phone.

The holes cut for the flash and camera work great and don’t obstruct light (in my testing, anyway), and the finish of the back cover is a smooth, matte plastic that feels good in the hand. The extra internal volume created by the larger cover seemed to increase the performance of the speakerphone.

Officially, the back cover isn't Touchstone compatible, but if you're as determined as some of our forum members,  you could try hacking the Touchstone components on to the cover.


Seidio claims 126% more capacity in its 2600mAh battery over the stock 1150mAh battery, and I found battery life to be absolutely stellar with it installed. While I can’t compare the performance of the two in terms of talk and standby time as I lack multiple units and the means of testing such things reliably, I can tell you that it felt like I was using a BlackBerry again in the battery life department. I consider myself a heavy user, and the part of the very group this battery is aimed for. I’m constantly browsing the web, testing applications for PreCentral, frequently emailing, and with the stock battery I often find myself in need of a charge by late afternoon.

After properly charging the battery (Seidio recommends a full 8 hour charge and 5 full charge cycles before the battery reaches full performance), I was able to go for nearly two days on a single charge before the battery finally gave up the ghost and I needed to find an outlet. Impressive.


The price point is good (currently going for $64.95 in the PreCentral Accessory Store), and the battery life benefits of this thing are indisputable, but I was relieved to switch back to the standard battery and back cover, returning my Pre to the form factor that I’ve come to love after testing concluded. If you’re really going to be without access to a car or wall outlet of some kind for extended periods, I would advocate going with the Seidio 1350mAh battery instead. You’ll have the stock battery as a spare and a higher capacity battery without sacrificing the feel of the device.

With the form factor complaints aside, what would make me consider keeping the thing in my phone? Here’s an idea I had earlier: the extra bulk of the back cover actually allows the Pre to sit on its side, with the screen at a 90 degree angle to the surface it’s sitting on. Why not build a kickstand into the back (think Nokia N900) that would allow the screen to sit at a pleasantly viewable 45 degree angle? Give it some thought, Seidio.

If you don't really care about the feel of the device, then this is a 5 star product through and through. I have a suspicion, though, that most Pre owners out there do, so that factor knocks the overall rating down.

The PreCentral Accessory Store provided the battery for review.


Fantastic (and I do mean fantastic) battery life.


The bulk added by the back cover and the weight added by the battery are significantly detrimental to the overall feel of the device.


As soon as they have a touchstone back for this, I will definitely pick one up. I'm just not a fan of unplugging the usb cap every time I need to charge. Palm made it just too convenient with the touchstone.

I would, however, have an issue with putting it in my holster. Perhaps Seidio could make a vertical holster similar to Fortte's....

Yep. I would take a thicker Pre for longer run time, but Touchstone is a REQUIREMENT. The Touchstone is what makes me not normally need a longer run battery, unless I'm having a not normal day.

That kinda hits on three of Pre's greatest weeknesses.

1) The shallow battery makes Touchstone pretty neccessary (at least constant recharging).

2) Battery swaps are hard compared to the flickoff nature of the Treo back panel. And I don't trust all the pieces to continue connecting cleanly if I swapped in Big Bertha once a week for an uncommon day.

3) Reboot time is outrageous, especially from a cold start.

While its great that Pre fits neatly into a purse, I dont carry a purse. I carry powerful, multi-disciplined smartphones and I'm willing for the form factor to be proportional to the utility value

Yes, but if you don't need to charge for 2 days, does the Touchstone still become a requirement? Imagine being able to carry for two days, and just charge overnight?

Also, removal of the Siedio cover is easier than taking off the standard Pre Plus cover. I have an external charger so I can charge without ever plugging in to the USB connector if I din't want to. Honestly, I end up connecting via USB to use QuickInstall enough that it no longer bothers me...

You should get this battery. If not, at least spring for the Seidio 1350mAh battery, because it fits with the standard phone back and works with the touchstone...

I definitely agree with the start time comment. The Pre Plus takes longer to start than my first PC that booted from a floppy disk. In fact, it isn't any faster than when we used to boot from tape...

It would be hard to go back to continuously plugging in a cable to charge. I use Preware for most install needs, so rarely connect a cable to it.

Bluetooth headset with the Pre on a Touchstone at my desk, is awesome. I grab it every time I get up. That would be a dozen or two unplugs of the cable every time. Although, granted, it wouldn't need to stay "topped off" so that would go down.

why don't they just make the whole backplate a battery, that'll slim it up quite a bit, provide an extremely sturdy fit, and could have a higher capacity.

it'll look like a truck camper

Lithium cells have a certain fixed geometry. It isn't quite as easy as just modeling clay. Especially at the small scale these devices are. Much more flexibility in a battery the size of a laptop, for example.

You have enough room back there to alone a grid.. Say you took a battery a little bit slimmer to the OEM battery and moved it down under the seidio then linked the two together. It would look similar to a truck camper: one part goes over the top of the truck, the rest fits into the truck bed.

also, phones in the past always had built in batteries in the back cover. I'm not asking for extreme shapes, just flatten the battery out a little more up and down the back of the pre.

Lithium-Polymer is also far more flexible, b/c instead of a liquid organic solution, its replaced with a solid polymer composite laminating the electrodes and seperators together. Thus it can be used in basically any shape.

"A compelling advantage of Li-poly cells is that manufacturers can shape the battery almost however they please, which can be important to mobile phone manufacturers constantly working on smaller, thinner, and lighter phones."

my 2 year old Cowon S9 uses it. Its also very light weight (as it doesn't need to be in a metal container like Lithium-ion) and manufacturing costs have lowered also

I confirmed via email that Seidio is not building a touchstone version in the past. There have been a couple of members on here that have successfully modified their Seidio backs as well. I absolutely love this battery; I can easily make it thru an entire day with out charging. This is with very heavy usage as well. I had the touchstone prior to the Seidio 2600 and while I loved the ease of use with the touchstone, it is nothing compared to just not having to charge it during the day. I don't mind at all plugging in the cable at night because that is the only time I need to do so. The one aspect about the size; while it is larger and looks even larger than the 4mm, it actually makes holding the phone better for typing. Putting the phone in your pocket is at a point in which you can definitely feel the phone, but it is outweighed by the "feel while typing" and the general performance of the battery.

I think ya'll are too hard on the form factor. I have this with the extended case and I am fully pleased with it. The added heft not only gives the phone more solid feel in the hand, but it also makes it easier for me to type - even single handed typing. The phone definitely feels way more solid now and I love it!

I agree 100%. {Jonathan}

i totally agree also except for the fact that my battery ends the day with about 30% left after a regular day of use where the old one would have ended the day with about -10% (died around 9 or so). yes this is a great improvement but it still dies at the end of the day for mine sometimes. I dont know if mine is a little defective or not but the size of mine just makes it feel a little more comfortable in my hand

How does the back plate effect the camera, flash, and speaker?

From the product reviews in the PC store:

Chad Estes, Aug 11, 2009

The only major downfall is the hole for the camera and flash. The flash, no longer perfectly fluch with the case, glares directly into every picture taken that uses it, rendering the flash completely useless without modification. I havent figured ot what I am going to do yes, but need to block the non-fluch portion of the flash from glaring into the camera lens. Silly-putty, a black marker, I dont know.

Battery - 10
Case - 10
Size - 6
Flash use - 0

They came out with a new back to address this issue. I got mine last week from Amazon and I have had no problems with the flash photos or using the flashlight patch for Video.

Awesome, thanks for the informed reply!

Well, whoever wrote that review had his case on wrong. My flash is perfect and never glares into pictures. It is flush with the case... The guy is flat out wrong.

You may have the updated version another poster has mentioned.

I bought mine about a month ago. No problems with the flash or lens, and the speakerphone sounds better with this back, probably because of the extra space around the speaker.

one issue with the back is that a lot of dust collects in the nook where the camera lens is (especially if you carry the phone in your pockets), and it's difficult to clean out without removing the battery cover on a regular basis. a lot of my photos end up looking kinda murky with low contrast.

I'm just really hoping that Palm (or some third party vendor) brings out a 1600 mAh or similar battery that can fit in the standard slot of the Pre. I don't knlw what Palm was thinking giving the Pre a tiny 1150mAh battery knowing full well what would be expected of the phone from end users.

The battery you reviewed definitely perked my interest, but overall the added bulk just wasn't worth the cost. I'm considering the other battery you mentioned but have serious doubts that it'll provide any significant gain in battery life.

Ugh, I guess with every phone there is a trade off, when I had my Hero I had stellar battery life and great reception but no keyboard and no camera flash and a shittier camera and browser. Now with the Pre I have a keyboard, better camera but lack the great reception (drop calls like crazy) and a laughable battery life, plus the hardware just plain sucks. But overall I stay with the Pre because of the ease of use and I love the camera quality (priorto the 1.4 update that is). I just want Palm to get it together already.

Yeah, the 1350 mAh battery only ever shows a ~10-15% gain as expected. It works out to maybe an extra hour of use. (Actual use, not just standby time.)

That doesn't seem like much for a power user, but can make the difference for someone "on the line." And as pointed out in the review, it frees up your existing battery to be used as a spare for heavy-use days.

Let me say this, the battery improvement which came with the 1.4 update, is fantastic. Prior to the update, after several hours, the battery life would drop down to half. With the update, after several hours the battery indicator remains green. I've noticed the battery life has more than doubled with the 1.4 update. I'll pass on the extra bulk!

I got my Pre just before the 1.3.1 firmware came out, so I've spent most of my Pre-career with both 1.3.1 and 1.3.5/.1 and I noticed that over time (since I first got my phone in late september) the battery seemed to get better and better. I think that Pre batteries need to time to be conditioned.

I did this by keeping my Pre charging at every possible moment but running down the battery to zero once a month. Now after 2-3 hours of standby time (where my Pre used to end up in the 82-87% it will read 97-100%...I don't know if it's webOS running more efficiently or me conditioning the battery but I'm pretty satisfied now.

Slowly but sure, battery life has been longer and more stablized. I also have noticed its less prone to getting super hot when running. I'm impressed with how they've been able to manage the software and firmware and keep growing the device without too much user fuss. If they had started a little higher up the development ladder, we'd be seeing these phones on the street.

Card errors seem less frequent, but I don have my phone on a scheduled late-night reboot, so that may be the mitigating factor there.

I used this very same type battery in my treo 800w and was very satisfied with it. I bought a second one when the PRE caME out. It has paid for itself in not having to worry about power to last for 8 hours or more. When my friend's cellphone batteries are about to die, i'm going strong. I just recently purchased the 3800 battery. Yes, it's larger but the PRE feels so much more solid as well as lasting my over 12 hours on one charge with constant use!!!!

I have this battery, and after a day or two the added bulk became something I liked. The phone feels much more solid, and the keyboard is much more comfortable to use. The battery life really is incredible. I never worry about needing a charge... even using the GPS while listening to Pandora doesn't worry me... This is well worth the cost...

An even better price point is the $50 it's selling for at Amazon. Sorry, dudes.

I just got it last week, and you couldn't pry this battery away from me. I'll never go back, sorry. Avid media maven, I've got Grooveshark, Slacker, my music player, Geostrings, a number of Youtube playlists I'm working my way through, and a phone that roams the moment I pull into my driveway. The standard battery just was not working.

The 4mm is more noticeable than Seidio would lead you to believe, but it doesn't make it feel bad in your hand. They've made the curve very fitting for one-handed navigation. Now, I'd disagree with those who say it makes it easier to type one-handed, but as a female, my hands are probably a bit smaller than the guys who are using it. It does, however, make it much nicer to use type on using two-hands because it doesn't lean to the other side when you're moving your thumbs. If you want to see how it looks in real life, it's about the size of a bar of soap width wise, and a little longer. I haven't had any issues with the flash either, so I guess they've gotten all the batteries out with the new back now.

Anyway, the phone still fits in my pocket fine and a phone I can use is nicer than a phone that looks pretty any day.

Oh yeah, and it also can stand on its side for watching videos! Plus!

Just like to take this opportunity to say I'll be picking up my 1350 mAh battery from It's a few bucks more, but I'll just consider it a thank you to one of my favorite websites. PreCentral represent!

I'm just really hoping that Palm (or some third party vendor) brings out a 1600 mAh or similar battery that can fit in the standard slot of the Pre. I don't knlw what Palm was thinking giving the Pre a tiny 1150mAh battery knowing full well what would be expected of the phone from end users.

The battery you reviewed definitely perked my interest, but overall the added bulk just wasn't worth the cost. I'm considering the other battery you mentioned but have serious doubts that it'll provide any significant gain in battery life.

Ugh, I guess with every phone there is a trade off, when I had my Hero I had stellar battery life and great reception but no keyboard and no camera flash and a shittier camera and browser. Now with the Pre I have a keyboard, better camera but lack the great reception (drop calls like crazy) and a laughable battery life, plus the hardware just plain sucks. But overall I stay with the Pre because of the ease of use and I love the camera quality (priorto the 1.4 update that is). I just want Palm to get it together already.

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Since the Aug review, Seido has worked on the camera flash issue and stated they would exchange defective backs. I don't know if they fixed it or what, since the one I got in late December has no issues and I didn't look into it any further. I agree that it does make the Pre bulky, and I get kind of jealous holding my brick in one hand and my husband's stock Pre in the other. However, I get to hold my Pre a lot more, since I get two days out of a charge, and his is always plugged in. And honestly, it's not that bad, even in my pocket. I love it.

I must say this battery is fantasic for people with big hands and heavy users.GREAT PRODUCT.

ewww defintly not... that thing makes it look so ugly. Besides my battery life isn't that bad when I want to use it sparingly.

will they be making one for the pixi I would not mind if my phone was a bit thicker and I could use it all day I am a very heavy user and I think I'm charging half the day

How does this compare with the Amzer 3800 mAh? Of course it's going to last longer then the 2600 mAh but how much longer. And does anyone know if it's worth it? I'm going to be going on a trip and I want to make sure that my phone stays on the entire time. Haha.

Wow. To each his own and all that, but you'd seriously go with the 3800? I'm all for function over form, but holy cow does the 3800 cover make the thing look ridiculous.

PreThinking had a side-by-side-by-side on the Amzer batteries, and all the numbers were as expected. The 3800 mAh was ridiculous.

theoretically (mathmatically) it should add about 40 percent. It adds 1200 mAh more than the 2600. But it costs twice as much (on and gets lower user ratings. I'd rather buy a second seidio. But, the first one lasts so long that I don't need another battery.

I have been using this battery for a few months now and I really love it. The extra bulk and weight just aren't a big deal to me, functionality is. The speaker and flash both work fine, no problems with glare in my photos as someone mentioned. I will be getting a second battery at some point because I am an avid hiker/camper and this way I can take the phone with me. I agree with some that the phone feels more solid and typing is easier with the extra grip it provides. Remember, bigger IS better.

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Sburlbaw modified my 2600 back cover to work perfectly with the touchstone (magnetic fit the same). It only cost me $50 (including shipping) which was returned to me two days later. I only had to provide him the 2600 back and touchstone back. I highly recommend Steve.

Hmmm... I wish I was having these great experiences with mine.

I was hoping with my light usage pattern that with this battery I would get two days of use as I easily get one and overnight with the standard battery.

The first 2600 battery I got looked OK - it would be well above 50% when I went to bed but the Pre would always be shut down in the morning and need charging before it would turn on. A phone that shuts down every night isn't much use to me so I asked for the battery to be replaced.

To Seido's credit they did send another one very quickly.

Unfortunately the second is as bad as the first and seems to be getting worse. Again there's no worries about getting through a work day with around 50% but by the morning it will be dead as a dodo - I've given up on two days and would just like it to get to the next morning the way the stock battery does. The area where it sits overnight has good signal strength.

I think, given the better battery life with 1.4 that I'll go back to the stock battery and maybe then to one of the 1300 mAh batteries.

you might want to consider the battery saver patch. Puts phone in airplane mode at time of your choosing, mine is set from 1230am to 5am. Wifi and phone radios are off, but can easily be turned back on. Limits battery drain at night.

I, for one, love this battery. Forget form fitting. I only grieved that the first two days.

I would consider myself a power-user and I have 16-17 hr days. Needless to say, I was plugging in at every chance I could get. The battery, if left alone would be dead around noon, then again around dinner. 2-3 charges a day was not so good for me.

When I first got the battery, I was dismayed by the size of it. But, as I used it, I was more and more impressed by what it added rather than drew away.

I took it out for it's first spin after 8 hrs of charging and it lasted me from 6am to 9pm before it died on me. Highly impressive.

Typing feels more solid. I don't have to charge multiple times anymore. And, it was perfect timing for video recording which can drain the stock battery pretty good. And, it still fits well into my hands. (I have tiny hands)

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I've used this battery about 6 weeks. It is great! Easily get 2+ days heavy use. Love the new back with the texture. Similar to my Treo 755p in feel and in size. Fortte modified their Palm Pre vertical case for me. Same price as before. Just tell them you want to use the Seido 2600 battery. It is fantastic.

why don't they just make the whole backplate a battery, that'll slim it up quite a bit, provide an extremely sturdy fit, and could have a higher capacity.

it'll look like a truck camper

lithium polymer can be molded to any shape. In my cowon s9 the battery is curved along the back cover.

i bought my pre on launch day and have now had this battery for more than half of the time ive owned the phone. while it undeniably adds thickness, i would definitely recommend it to any pre owner. i actually prefer the size of the phone in my hands when typing and using the touchscreen with the larger back and it still fits in my pocket nicely. as a long-ish time owner (haha), i would definitely suggest it and rate it higher than this review.

I've had this battery since the first day I got my Pre and I would NOT be without it. It it SOOO worth the extra bulk! Two days is about right, and I'm talking two days of pretty heavy usage. I definitely do wish it was stock size, but it's a very fair tradeoff IMO.

Agree with fzammetti. Awesome battery.

I ordered the 1350 battery and it failed to work with my pre. so I sent it back and got another one... same issue... I just got a refund minus the shipping charge. while the people i spoke with were nice they had no clue as to why two different batteries failed to work. After i dropped my pre causing the screen to crack I got a replacement and decided to give the 1350 battery another try with my new pre and still did not work.....

you must have put it in upside down. Mine works perfectly.

I will be ordering a 1400 mAh battery from Mugen which makes extended batteries for all cell phones. This is not one of those cheap batteries you get from ebay, it's on par with Seidio or amzer. The Mugen battery cost 31.95 with free shipping. There are two sites this is the one with free shipping, there another site with 6.00 shipping.

The Mugen batteries cost waaaayyy more than Seidio. The 2800mAh Mugen is almost twice as much as the 2600mAh Siedio. The 3800 mAh Mugen costs 3 times as much as the 2800mAh Seidio. It is sooo much cheaper to just buy two 2800 batteries and keep a charged spare in your computer bag.

Wow, that's too much additional cost to make sense. IMHO

Note, this is based on the links you and another person posted, compared to Seidio prices on

Has anybody put a Seido-equipped Pre on a digital scale and weighed it? I am a weight weenie and would be very curious to know how the weight compares to that of the Pre with stock battery.

it weighs more...

See my post below for actual weights...

I have both the seidio 2600mAh and the 1350mAh battery.

I find myself using the bigger battery except when I am on a long drive ( 4+ hours). That's because the touchstone makes such a great "car kit" and keeps the phone from sliding around.

othherwise I like the bigger battery. It really makes thumb typing more comfortable, and I never wory about finding a power outlet. That makes me more "wireless" than my iPhone friends that choose restaurants based on where they know they can plug in a charger.

I hope someone figures out how to add touchstone wiring in to this larger case. I'd happily buy a second back to have it work with touchstone.

palm should be putting the 1350 mAh battery in as standard. And anyone that doesn't have a touchstone handy at all times should get the 2600. And they are cheaper on amazon!

another thought for those considering. This battery makes my Pre about the same size as the Palm Centro I was using before. A bit heavier, but about the same dimension.

I didn't mind the Centro's size. And to get a much larger screen and all the other benefits of WebOS in the same size I was using. That's simple.

really, this is a great battery.

I didn't get the Seidio but did get another humongous battery and back. Completely ruins the aesthetics of the piece and makes my pocket look unnatural. I hated to haul it around. It even felt unnatural. Yes, I want battery life and yes I want the aesthetics. Telling me I can't have both makes me want to jump ship.

I love the battery. I Never even think about charging until I go to bed. I bought one as soon as it was available. I had one of the bad backs. The problem was one big hole for flash and lens, once they fixed the problem they sent out free of charge to all that requested. I wear a hip thing that I bought from them too. I even like that better! You just stick a finger underneath and push it up, also allows you to plug headphones in while in case. I told a friend about it and he got one too. He laughs when he thinks how much better this battery is. He bought one for his sister and another friend. they all love it.

BTW pushing the back button creates double post.

You missed another con - back cover is not compatible with the touchstone.

I just weighed my Pre Plus on a postage scale. The phone weighs 5.5 oz. with the 2600mAh battery and Seidio back. The standard Pre with the Touchstone back weights 4.9 oz according to the web site (the iPhone is 4.8 ounces). The Seidio back weighs a tad less than the touchstone back, which gives back a tiny bit of weight.

My Centro with the standard battery (Ironically the same battery that is standard on the Pre...) is about 4.6 oz, so the stock Pre weighs slightly more even though it is much thinner.

So, the Pre Plus with the 2600mAh battery adds about 1/2 ounce to the tiny Palm Pre, which I find to be acceptable weight. It's no bulkier than my Centro was.

That's why I use the big battery most of the time. As I said in a previous post, I only use the thinner 1350mAh Seidio battery with the Touchstone back when I'm driving long distances, because the Touchstone sticks nicely to the console and makes a perfect car kit for the Pre. Once I get another Touchstone back so I can have someone cobble touchstone support for the big battery, it's all I will use...

As the newness of the Pre Plus wears off, I spend less time pounding the internet. With the improvements with 1.4 and less pointless use of my phone for internet tasks (since I'm in front of a PC much of the time and I just use my Pre because I can...), I expect to be able to get 3 days per charge. If I use Airplane mode at night, I bet I could stretch it to 4.

That's as good as my Centro ever was, and almost as good as my BlackBerry Curve.

At that point, the only reason to use the thin back is when I'm at the Verizon store or with one of my iPhoney friends and I want to show off my Pre. For that, I want it to be slim and trim.

I will check back when I get a Siedio back modified to work with Touchstone...

Thanks for the weight info. Just what I was looking for.

I will mod your 2600 back cover to work with your touchstone. Check out my thread.


Kewl! It will be a while before I spend the money to get another touchstone back because I bought so many accessories and apps during the first week I had it. But as soon as I get a spare back, I will send it to you. That will be fantastic!

3 days - two of heavy use and 1 of light use ~ its awesome, who cares how it looks? you look more like an idiot plugging in your phone every 12 hours

the key for me was to get on a cycle of charging when i go to sleep. the 2600 lets me to that every 2-3 days instead of 9pm every night with the stock, then worrying about falling asleep with the phone still on the charger

sweet product

A MUST have....I am a power user and this battery will last me 2 days. I like the feel of the battery cover.

If you use your pre for business, this is a MUST. I got tired of constantly plugging my pre in for a 5 minute car ride. Battery is now never on my mind.

The Seidio 2600 works great with the Optimum belt clip holster (available at by simply placing the Pre face-in. I personally appreciate the extra bulk, which makes it a lot easier for me to type on the Pre-- to say nothing of the stellar battery life. Sure, it doesn't have the sleek river stone feel of the stock Pre, but I'm more than willing to give up a little aesthetically for the improved fit and function.

I've been considering modding the back cover to make it TS compatible, but as many others have noted the battery life is so good with the extended battery that I can easily get 2 days of solid use out of it, and only really need to charge the battery at night. I have no problem plugging in to charge my Pre while I sleep.

Another plus for me is that the Seidio's "soft touch" back cover is not nearly as slippery as the Pre cover. I dropped my phone more than a few times taking it out of a pocket too fast, and it slid all over when I set it on the car seat or center console. I don't have either of those problems when using the Seidio cover. It may not be for everyone, but I'm well pleased with the Seidio 2600 mAh battery.

Several posters have mentioned the improved "feel" with the Seidio battery cocer. Is that compared to the Pre AND the Pre Plus? Because the Pre Plus isn't too slippery with its stock Touchstone-compatible cover.

I really appreciate the honest reviews everyone. I had the Treo 680 with the larger battery size and the larger battery cover, and it looked a little dorky (ok, a LOT dorky) but I LOVED the extended battery time.

The required Touchstone "mod" for this battery cover is the only thing thing keeping me on the fence now.

how is the amzer 2800 battery experience compared to seidio-any such users?