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Review: Verizon Palm Pre 2 108

by Derek Kessler Mon, 04 Apr 2011 6:53 pm EDT

Verizon's Palm Pre 2 is the original Pre done right

What the Palm Pre should have been. That’s been our response to the Palm Pre 2 since we first got our hands on it, and it continues to be our response now as we’re finally getting to review the Verizon Pre 2. The differences between this phone and the unlocked variety are few: a CDMA radio in Verizon’s, and a GSM radio in the unlocked one. The differences between this phone and the original Pre, or even the Pre Plus are much bigger than they appear on the surface.

The Pre 2 contains a 1GHz TI OMAP processor, in comparison to the 600MHz affair inside the previous Pre-series devices. It also has 512MB of RAM and 16GB for storage, the same as the Pre Plus and double on both counts what was available in the Pre. Physically, the keyboard on the Pre 2 is much improved over the older devices (especially the double/missed typing keyboard from the Pre Plus), the slider action is more solid, it has a flat glass screen, and it weighs just a touch more. Oh, and there’s that whole webOS 2.0 thing too. After the break, we really get into the nitty gritty of what makes the Palm Pre 2 the phone that it is, and how this phone is the underappreciated true successor to the Pre.


Unlike the Pre and Pre Plus, Palm opted to ditch the funky angled-for-display corner on the packaging for the Pre 2, instead giving us the rectilinear version of the box. It still comes wrapped in a smooth plastic sleeve, adorned with carrier logos and the like. Slip off that sleeve and lift off the top and you’ll find a Palm Pre 2 inside at rest, battery pre-installed. Below its perfectly-sized clear plastic tray is a bundle of packets sporting red Verizon branding: Getting Started, Gesture Guide, Consumer Information About Radio Frequency Emission and Responsible Driving, and other Important Consumer Information.

You’ll throw all of those away (especially the last two) to get to the bits underneath. There’s a box inside the box that contains the Micro-USB charging cable, AC USB adapter, and Palm-brand headphones, all swathed in black. Palm broke with the previous Pre packaging precedent here as well: instead of separating the pieces with an eco-conscious ribbon of bright orange corrugated paper, they instead built a cardboard tray with slots for the plastic-wrapped charging and listening bits. It’s easier to deal with, as we suspect their customer feedback reflected, but we can’t help but lament the loss of unique funkiness in the packaging.

Yeah, it's packaging and yeah, we just reviewed it. No apologies.


On to the phone itself. From the rear you’d be hard pressed to tell the Pre 2 apart from the Pre Plus (or a Touchstone backed Pre). That’d be because in that arena Palm didn’t change a darned thing (at least outwardly). The Pre 2 uses the same back, battery, and lower-half chassis as its predecessors, though undoubtedly it’s seen tweaks to improve durability. Same speaker, same LED flash, same camera.

Actually, the camera’s not quite the same: it’s seen an upgrade to 5 megapixels, but it’s still a fixed focus shooter living in an autofocus world. It does still at least have Palm’s “extended depth of field” technology baked in, so you can get some software-enhanced imagery, but as with the Pre, we don’t recommend you go looking too closely at your shots. Yes, the 5MP camera is an improvement in raw pixel count over the older 3MP sensors. Does it take fantastic pictures? No. The problem is that extended depth of field tech, which while making for slightly sharper shots, sacrifices a degree of image quality and makes us long for an autofocus camera in our webOS devices. As before, low light performance is barely adequate, and the dinky LED flash is only good for real picture quality improvement for a few yards. When it comes to video, the Pre 2 is really no better than the older Pre phones. It records at the same 640x480 resolution (the 5MP camera snaps pictures at 2576x1928) and spits out video in friendly H.264 mp4 files. We suppose the biggest frustration with the camera in the Pre 2 (and all other webOS devices) is the software and the complete lack of any customization options. It takes photos and videos, and not much more. All that said, they say the best camera is the one you have on you, and if this is going to be the camera you have on you, it’s not a bad one to have. Not great, but also not bad.

Up front is where the real action is. Instead of the curved, easy-to-scratch, crack-prone, fingerprint magnet, plastic front that was present on the Pre and Pre Plus, the Pre 2 has dispensed with those unpleasantries for a more modern, chemically-hardened Gorilla Glass screen. No matter how smooth you thought the Pre’s screen was, this is smoother. Performing the wonderful webOS gestures  we all know and love is a buttery smooth delight. It’s also perfectly flat, with a very thin plastic ridge around the front, blessedly coated in the same soft touch material as the Touchstone backing. Being chemically-hardened, the glass is both shatter- and scratch-resistant. We aren’t about to put it to a harsh key scratch test, but trust us: this stuff is good. Underneath that glass is the same 3.1-inch 320x480 24-bit capacitive LCD screen from the older Pre-series phones. One additional benefit to the glass screen: when wearing polarized sunglasses the screen no longer appears awash in iridescent waves (though it does still darken considerably in landscape mode).

Between that Touchstone back and Gorilla Glass screen lurks an assemblage of underappreciated and underreported hardware. The Pre 2 has a Texas Instruments TI OMAP 3630 clocked at 1GHz as its beating heart. And compared to the 600MHz chip in its predecessors, this heart is pumped full of adrenaline and steroids. Of course, we’re comparing this with webOS 2.0.1 (still wondering when 2.1 will land for Verizon, if ever) to lesser hardware running the older webOS 1.4.5, but we’ll take what we can get. And what we get is an experience that is not in need of overclocking, nor underclocking as the Pre 2 dynamically throttles down the processor when full power is not needed. So you have maximum thrust when you need it, and exellent fuel economy when you don’t.

Apart from the processor, the Pre 2 also contains 16GB for storage (~15GB user accessible), and as with all webOS phones, can be mounted as a USB mass storage device to your computer to facilitate the easy transfer of files. You might be wondering why the Pre 2 didn’t improve on the Pre Plus’ 512MB of RAM. The simple answer is this: it didn’t have to. We rarely had memory issues – the dreaded Too Many Cards Error – on our Pre Plus phones, and we haven’t had any thus far using the Pre 2. Simply put, 512MB of RAM is more than enough for a modern smartphone. Heck, it’s enough for many tablets, but we’re glad to see HP is putting more than that in the TouchPad.

Slide the Pre 2 open and you’re greeted with buttons that look very much like the same old keyboard from the old Pre. The layout is the same, but the differences are subtle. The Pre 2’s keyboard is definitely more clicky than that of the older devices, and we haven’t suffered from any of the missed or repeating keystrokes that afflicted many Pre Plus owners. Additionally, the keys are ever so slightly flatter, which makes them feel more broad and gives us better confidence in our thumb pushing. Of course, there are only so many improvements that can be made while sticking with the same Pre form factor and frame. Key travel is still pretty shallow, so while it’s more clicky, it’s just nowhere near as awesomely clicky as the Palm Pixi, or even the classic Treo 7XX keyboards.

On the subject of the slider, it’s yet again more refined than its predecessors. Palm was making steady improvement with the Pre-series sliders from the near disaster that was some early Pre phones to the more solid performance of the Pre Plus. The Pre 2’s slider is definitely much more solid, though it still has some slight wiggle, though no more than we would expect from a similar long-track slider phone. It snaps right open and closed with no issue whatsoever.

Everything else with the Pre 2’s hardware is just about the same. The volume buttons, headphone jack, ringer switch, and power button are all in their familiar positions, and even made out of the same material. The Touchstone battery back is exactly the same, and just as frustrating to move as it’s always been. There’s one more minor improvement that’s been hailed with resounding choruses of herald trumpets from the user community: the Pre 2 has finally ditched that cursed little USB door cover for an exposed Micro-USB port like practically every other phone produced over the last three years. That’s right, no more fussing around with a silly little plastic door on a miniature leash and having to reach up under into the slider seam with a fingernail to get to the USB port. It’s out there in the open for all to see, and it’s not ashamed of it at all.

The Pre 2 is the phone that webOS deserved from the start. It’s got the guts to handle webOS with aplomb and then some. In fact, if this had been the launch phone for webOS, or even the Pre Plus (which we imagine Palm really wanted it to be), we could see an entirely different world for webOS right now. But it wasn’t, and neither HP nor Verizon seem to be particularly keen on pushing a really decent device to customers. We actually had to go our and buy this phone ourselves, as HP wasn’t going to give us a review unit. It could be that they don’t want attention focused on the Pre 2 while they’re winding up for the launch of the Veer and Pre 3, but they’re neglecting that this is a solid smartphone, and it’s available at a very reasonable price on Verizon.


We’ve already reviewed webOS 2.0 in depth, and sadly, more than five months after we first reviewed the operating system, the Pre 2 on Verizon is shipping with the same software. It’s frustrating to know that webOS 2.1 is out there with features like Exhibition and a multitude of bug fixes, and it’s not available to the Verizon Pre 2. Given how few of these phones we suspect Verizon expects to sell, we don’t know that they’re going to be willing to invest the resources in approving the update, which would be a damned shame. With all that out of the way, we’re not going to go in depth and review webOS 2.0.1 on the Pre 2 for two reasons: we’ve already done that, and with webOS 2.1 now available that just wouldn’t be fair.

There are a few Verizon-specific apps on deck: First up, we have VZ Navigator and Mobile Hotspot (technically not a Verizon exclusive, but included out-of-the-box due to the availability of tethering plans). VZ Navigator hasn’t changed at all from its previous incarnations, at least on the surface. Usage of both apps will cost you, however. VZ Navigator is a $9.99/month plan option, while Verizon and/or HP have elected not to extend the Pre Plus’ free Mobile Hotspot option to the Pre 2. That option will cost you $20 a month for 2GB of 3G (or 2G *shudder*) data.

There is one exclusive software feature that the Verizon Pre 2 brings to the webOS party: Skype integration. Thanks to Verizon’s exclusive deal with Skype, the VOiP service is deeply integrated into webOS on the Verizon Pre 2. The set-up couldn’t be simpler: all you do is enter your Skype log-in credentials and it automatically loads your Skype contacts into webOS. If our Skype contacts only had a Skype username, Synergy auto-linking failed us, requiring manual pairing to make the magic happen. With Skype Synergy you get integrated Skype calling built in to the phone (only to Skype accounts, calling a phone number automatically happens over cellular) and Skype chat in Messaging.

Call quality and connection delay (upwards of ten seconds until ringing) on Skype was actually a touch on the disappointing side. We had hoped that we would get 3G voice quality calls out of the deal, but Skype callers all reported that our voices sounded worse than a normal Skype call, or even what they would expect from a cell call. Of course, there’s the problem with most Skype users doing their calling from a computer, which tends to always have higher quality speakers hooked up to it than a phone earpiece, so it’s a matter of perspective. They’ll know you’re on a phone, but the sheer convenience of having Skype on-the-go and so well integrated into webOS simply can’t be topped.

Lastly on the software front: Verizon saw something right in the world and seems to have decided that the Pre 2’s GPS didn’t have to be crippled like the Verizon Pre Plus. Without that blocking the Pre 2 was able to achieve an accurate GPS lock in seconds flat. aGPS (cellular-assisted GPS) is still locked down to Verizon apps, but regular GPS now works without interference, It’s a small victory to have fully functional GPS on the Pre 2 without having to pay Verizon for the privilege or hack it into barely functional oblivion, but for reasons beyond our comprehension the older Verizon webOS phones are still stuck with crippled location functionality, and still brings a tear to our eye.

Daily Usage

Using the Pre 2 in conjunction with Verizon’s network is like getting a German sports sedan and driving it at the speed limit. You’ll have a pleasant and reliable experience with enough power to get you through your work, but you won’t be going that fast. That’s not a knock on the hardware – the Pre 2 could easily handle much more data than is capable of being piped in over the cellular radio (just use Wi-Fi if you don’t believe me) – it’s a knock on Verizon. Big Red’s 3G EVDO network is super reliable and has fantastic coverage, but it’s simply lacking in speed. It’s not so obvious in using apps on the phone, but when you fire up that Mobile Hotspot and hook up the laptop, then it becomes a source of consternation. Verizon’s brand-new LTE network makes up for that and takes a bounding leap over AT&T in the process, but that’s of little consolation to webOS fans who don’t currently have a 4G smartphone looming on the horizon.

With the exception of a drive far out into the boonies (we’re talking three hours from all recognizable modern civilization, where all cell phone reception goes to die), Verizon’s signal never failed in our testing. Call quality on Verizon was just as good as we had expected, which is to say it was good. Not fantastic, not great, but good. As mentioned above, Skype call quality was also not great, but hard to compare. The Skype user on the other end usually had a better microphone and speakers than they would with a phone, so the audio received on both ends may not have been truly indicative of the quality of the connection. But... Skype integration worked exactly as advertised.

Battery life with the Pre 2 has been lifted out of the realm of dismal and into that of adequate. If you’re a heavy power user you’ll want to keep that charging cable nearby or stash Touchstones all around your home and work. But for the regular user they shouldn’t expect to encounter any difficulties in making the phone last through the day with juice to spare. You’ll still want to charge it up overnight, as you’ll be running on fumes come morning, but it’s still better than the Pre and Pre Plus, with the same battery, and more powerful internals. The battery life improvements come in parts from both more efficient chips and from more efficient code with all of the native programming goodness baked into webOS 2.0.


The Pre 2 is a difficult phone to review. In part because it’s not all that different from its ancestors, and in part because when it is different, it’s significantly so. The glass screen, faster processor, and webOS 2.0 all combine to allow the user to experience webOS the way it was meant to be. It’s fast, it’s smooth, and it multi-tasks like Mike Tyson punches (which is to say, really well). The Pre 2 is everything that was great about the Pre – the form factor, the keyboard, webOS – wrapped in a fresh skin that fixes much of what was wrong.

It’s a solid little phone. It’s not the fastest, biggest, thinnest, or newest phone on the market. But it’s no slouch either. For many the Pre 2 might be the perfect smartphone: it’s small and pocketable, while still having all the power they could possibly need and a physical keyboard to boot. But many will never know that it was an option, as HP and Verizon don’t seem to be all that interested in pushing the Pre 2 with any sort of vigor. In a way, we can understand why; the HP Veer is just around the corner, and the Pre 3 won’t be that long behind it.

But in a way, we can’t forgive it. The Pre 2 is a good phone. It deserves its moment in the spotlight, not a press released followed by what amounted to a footnote in the announcement presentation of other products months later. Instead HP and Verizon are content to let it sit in the back of their stores and warehouses where potential customers have to know that the phone exists and actually want to see it to get a demo. If the Pre 2 had come out on Verizon in October when it was first announced, then we might be singing a different tune. But with the release landing so many months later than we suspect was intended, it’s like HP and Verizon are just going through the motions because they couldn’t afford to stop the wheels of distribution. “We’ve got the phone, we might as well release it,” seems to be the overwhelming attitude.

Which is sad, the Verizon Pre 2 is a good phone. It’s fast. It’s solid. It does just about everything we want it to do and never once balked at our asking it to do too much. It’s everything the Pre should have been, and it’s made us more excited for what’s yet to come.


Nice review. Lets see the next Pre on Sprint!

Very nice thoughtful review of the Pre2. Great information and well stated.

there used to be like 100's of comments on this website, now hardly anybody comments on articles. I guess people with the lack of new hardware are moving on.

So true! The Pre2 should have been the version Verizon released as the Pre Plus!! It's like watching paint dry as a Palm user.

Palm/HP have abandoned the original set of Palm WebOS supporters. I got tired of waiting and recently moved on to another platform. The options I now have are ridiculous compared to Palm.

Curious how the Pre3 will be, but if its not beating out the iphone or Android phones how can they possibly keep any of the market share?

Good luck ya all...

After using an android device for months now I certainly miss my Pre. Yes it was slow, yes the battery life was far but it forced closed apps **** like on task manager, no need for an app to do everything! I need 3 apps for my email on an android device. One for Gmail, Yahoo, and Hotmail. More apps on android to run these 3 email accounts make it slower, more ram usage and thirsty. Android lacks polish. It is a jack of all trade and a master or none...ok maybe web browsing. Contact searching is a joke on android. if you have a company name and a persons name for a contact if you search the company will not find that contact.! No push notification on Android for facebook...pre yes! Yes the pre doesnt have all the apps and I would love shopsavvy and a few other apps but I am not gonna lose sleep over them.

I am hopeful the Pre3 and the TouchPad are going to be good. For I am counting the days to get off android. I also tested an iPhone on Verizon for 14 days and took it back. It is so boring of a platform. Multi-tasking is horrible. Notification were intrusive to say the least! Yes it has apps but once again I want this as a phone first, then email, then txt, then web...apps are nice but not a deal maker for me. The iPhone did work pretty well as a phone. But it did nothing for me. The Web Absolutely blew on it and it was slow! The lack of web might explain the apps support. It needs apps to make up for its lack of real web support. No flash!

I agree what you said..

I have Pre Plus running WebOS 2.1 + flash plugin

I have Samsung Galaxy Spica running Android OS 2.1 , and have several experiences using Motorola Droid 2, Droid X, Samsung Epic 4G, Samsung Fascinate, HTC EVO 4G and other low end Android phone.

I have iPod Touch 4 and an iPad

Before all of them, I was Palm OS fans, and Windows phone user.

But after have lots of experience about mobile phone OS, I can said WebOS is the best OS I ever know.

Android have many lack here and there, but the most is the task manager.

iOS device such iPhone , iPod Touch 4 , iPad is a great device, but alas, iOS very lack of multitask and lack of many things because very depend on iTune. I have many bad experience with iTune. Files that not supported by iOS need a third party software and need to by sync using iTune.. ie Office file & movie files (beside mp4). Somewhat like old fashioned OS.

WebOS, lack of software and games collection, but the default build and awesome patch by Precentral Gurus, make WebOS better then any OS. Even iOS patched using Cydia, can't beat WebOS with Preware.

Lots of people won't believe what I said, but please, try all of the OS, buy them if you must, not just test couple of minutes then make a bias comment.

Pre 2 surely an awesome device, but knowing Pre 3 will be out couple of months, I will wait Pre 3 instead.

Carrier care only profit, so Pre failure because of Palm bad marketing, but I'm quite sure HP far better then Palm if we talk about marketing. And I look forward for HP Touchpad & Pre 3 available worldwide.

I am also a former Palm user turned to Android for new hardware (Evo 4G). Now I can't answer all of your problems, but for email use K9 mail. I have 3 email accounts (2 gmail, one msn) all working through it at once. It also supports yahoo, and most other major email providers. It has a unified inbox (like Palm) which I found to be very nice and is really what drew me to it. If you want push notifications in Facebook get rid of the stock fb app and download "Flow".

As far as force closing apps, I have had 0 issues with that since I rooted.

Like I said I can't help with all of the things you mentioned, but hopefully the couple things I mentioned can make your experience a bit better until you can switch back to a newer WebOS device. I personally look forward to playing around with the Pre 3 if it ever makes it over to Sprint. Tis a **** device.

The new forum rules aren't helping either.

Indeed. What is there to say but affirm how "great" things are going and being careful not "rain on anyone's parade"? The mods have snuffed all of the life out of these once vibrant and interesting forums. But at least no one is bothered or offended.

As for this device, who would buy it knowing you may never, ever get an update from Verizon? Or that they may or may not carry the Pre 3 or any other WebOS devices? After all, both the Pre 2 and Pre 1 were announced as coming to Verizon around 5 months each before either landed on store shelves. We're supposedly 2-3 months away from the launch of the Pre 3 and...nada.

Aw, let me play a sad song for you on the world's smallest violin.

Given how infrequently I comment on even main page articles, does you really think I spent more time than it took to type my last post lamenting how bad the boards here have become. Get a clue and some help writing snappy comebacks.

Anyway, look forward to that blockbuster Pre 3 launch during the month of ___________ on ___________ carrier featuring the brand new apps _______, ________, and who can forget ____________?

Whenever and whatever that is, it can't be as badly screwed up as the "launch" of the Pre 2. That's not physically possible.

Wow, you just like to complain LOL!

The mods deleting posts is happening. And its bad for the forum.

It's a shame they ran off many longtime members. Any thoughtful debate is now banned. Pretty much a smack in the face of some who've contributed over the years to this site and helped make it what it is today. In their place are relatively newcomers who are doing the policing who continue to cheerlead with blinders on.

I suspect it will come back to bite them in the **** when traffic (and, subsequently, revenue) goes down.

A forum built on sticking their heads in the sand just doesn't seem profitable to me.

May be HP told them to delete.

The way the forum is run is unbelievable. The new rules just give carte blanche to spin all sorts of half-truths and outright lies about Android and iOS knowing the mods will lock the thread (or worse, delete posts) as soon as they're corrected.

Whatever it takes to make WebOS look good, I suppose. Even if it comes at the expense of open discourse and intellectual honesty.

Yeah...gotta love the mods deleting posts and only allowing any protest to be done in private so people can't see how bad things have become.

All in the name of "cleaning".

Or apparently banning members who point this out.

Well, since anyone who is banned has their offending post erased and/or edited, we'll never know, will we? You have no way of knowing what I wrote or didn't write.

The mods should just go ahead and write our posts for us. Less trouble.

Can't PM you to figure it out either. I was interested in which one of the 4300+ posts was the straw.
Agreed, it is getting quite stuffy around here. Pretty **** too, unfortunately. I'll miss ya in the forums.

When the mods have their email set to not accept messages from members you know you have a problem!

And the word sn/obby is censored. o_O

Unfortunately Palm and HP just couldn't get their stuff out right and in time. Many people have flocked and I'm ready to as my phone is on it's last leg. I'm not going for a Pre 2 and certainly not a Veer. I can't hold out for mid-summer for a Pre 3. Likely I'll be jumping to iPhone on Verizon. I've used one quite a bit and I am blown away by stability, smoothness, display and a wealth of support for apps. You just can't beat it.

Meanwhile, HPalm still hasn't made fixes to many small things that end up being big - such as allowing the ability to add attendees to appointments. How many years to get this done? pathetic.

We all know it takes time for HPalm to get new gear out the door, but they blew it with this one. Too many people waited only to hear the ever ongoing "in the coming months". People aren't going to wait around for a product. Hopefully if Palm plays their cards right, they'll get a new breed of Palm enthusiasts, but they've burnt the bridges with many of the old-timers.

Unfortunately Palm's still messing up big time, especially with the Palm Pad. Seriously, why remove gestures and make alerts look and feel like Android? They took away some of the best features of webos. Yet others are introducing it into their platform (xoom).

I really can't help but think they've lost most of their insight on what a phone should have and use. If any people who are still on board have that vision, they're probably being silenced. Sad HPalm.

I used to check precentral daily, just waiting for a new webos device to be announced and released. I used to say to my android/iphone friends "Just wait... webos is going to come out on some awesome hardware." ... that was 12 months ago...
I think many people, including myself are just disappointed with what was recently announced, with lack of release date and carrier details.
Also lacking a non-physical keyboard phone.

Enthusiasm is just way down. I myself am finding it harder and harder to not get a new phone.
My palm pre sucks. It freezes all the time and a reboot takes up to 6 minutes. Android phones are starting to look better and better every day.
HPalm has planned to release the veer before the pre 3. In my opinion, this is a marketing mistake.

Well, this article isn't very controversial. The Pre 2 is a good device that should have been released earlier. Still think HP should update Pre 2 specs like autofocus camera now. Won't upset the few Pre 2 owners too much since there aren't many. The case and screen could remain the same and the processor seems fast enough. After all, the Pre 3 is significantly larger than Pre 2 > Veer. So an updated Pre 2 would still fit in the family and should be relegated to junk heap. Now add a slate device for those hungry for that form factor...

I moved to the side for awhile (WP7 on a DVP). Like it a lot but still a little torn. Miss WebOS and will probably come back summertime. For sure I'm getting a TouchPad.

Great review!
Check out this video of a speed test between the Pre + and the Pre 2:

It's been slow in the WebOS world recently. I am hanging on strong for the Pre3. I refresh many times a day hoping for a nice article to read or something Pre3 related. Keep up the good work guys.

Just follow PreCentral using Google Reader and keep Google Reader open.

Great review! For love of god, couldnt not understand, why they couldnt release this phone all over the world in August. The hardware is practically same w glass and faster processor and they could have just optimized the software to 1.5 instead of 2.0 in order to get it out in August.

Two years too late, same form factor. No dice.

no kidding! precentral is really running out things to talk about. HP is slowing killing itself!

I hate to sound like a broken record, but if HP/Verizon are not going to support the phone, then drastically cut the off-contract price to dump the devices and build some webOS marketshare for app developers and mindshare for the upcoming Pre 3, Veer, and TouchPad. $200 cash, off contract so that it would not impair an upgrade path for those future devices seems reasonable and win-win for both HP and consumers.

I've been saying this for months.

I wholeheartedly agree. I keep checking the hp website hoping that they'll change that $450 price, which has been the same since November, 2010. It's been said that the Pre 2 is really a developer's phone; well then, give it away to developers free, and a huge discount for the rest of us.

Does anyone know if the Pre 2 or the soon to come Veer or Pre 3 are going to be Sprint?

Why is this a daily question?

No offense, but seriously. If any news would be available on carriers, it would be on the front page.

I'm so sick of seeing this stupid question daily numerous times.

It's still a question that deserves to be asked simply because HP/Palm and Sprint have been so tight-lipped about it.

At this time, Sprint has not announced its support for the Pre 2, Veer, or Pre 3. And no worries, Lostinthough43, you're question isn't stupid like kjb86 so bluntly states; it's just one that gets asked a lot around here lately.

Pre 3! Pre 3! Pre 3! Pre 3!...

By the time it comes out it will be

It already is outdated. Its processor is pretty impressive though.

AHhhh damn, I wish I would have looked harder for Pre's on sale on Kijiji or Craigslist before I bought a replacement Pre minus a couple weeks ago...not that I really want to pay $250-300 for a Pre2...but this is what I want seeing as how the Pre3 either wont be coming to canada, or it wont be here until 2012


When I went to checkout the Pre 2 in my local VZW store, it was basically unusable. They had the cord attached to both the back and front on the phone. The front left corner on the screen had a short cord attached to the back. Couldnt open it all the way and the top left menu was impossible to get at.

Sounds like your local VZW store is trying to kill the device without even giving it a chance. No consumer would buy a device, especially a smartphone, you can't even fully demo for yourself.

Plus they didnt have it on a touchstone, so there was also another cable in the side for power. It was a mess.

How does Google Maps perform on a Pre 2. It takes forever on a regular Pre, even when it's overclocked. For anyone that has used a Pre 2 and an iPhone, if the launch speed of Google Maps on a Pre 2 up to that of an iPhone?

It loads and gets a signal for me within 5 seconds.

Rogers in Canada

used both. although there's a noticeable improvement from the pre to the pre 2. it's no where near the launch speed of the i phone.

great review, and accurate too. I'm on my third Pre 2 (1st - hardware defect, 2nd - bad slider wiggle). Now that I have a working Pre 2 it really is a great phone that I will be content with for a while.

The timing is tragic. I could have converted several of my friends to webOS had this been released on Verizon 6 months earlier. Still might, but now the problem is becoming apps (you'd be surprised how essential Words With Friends can be to someone).

I guess it's the simple things that matter...

I know this song has been sung many MANY times before, but since I no longer have a Pre and sprint is making us Smartphone users pay for 4G anyways, no way I am going to pay for something that I cant use, so I will not be getting the Pre3 unless it suddenly comes in Wimax flavors!

With that said, the Nexus 4G will probably be my next purchase unless HP can pull a rabbit out of the hat by this summer...

The Pre 3 apparently won't be anywhere any time soon (we haven't even heard confirmation of when the Veer id dropping and that's due a full season of the year before the Pre 3) while the Nexus 4G drops on Sprint in early April/within the next two weeks, so I'd say this is a foregone conclusion.

Makes no difference to me since I won't be getting 4G coverage anywhere near where I live or work.

Just something to take note of- the original Pre/Pre Plus are downclocked to 500MHz by default. not a huge deal, but something worth noting

Anyone know if Verizon would would swap me for a Pre 2 due to my Pre Plus keyboard being fubar?

I would like to know that answer too! I have to reset my phone daily & my keyboard numbers get stuck..

What I'd like to know is what happens to insured users? I have insurance on my Pre Plus, so am I paying for nothing at this point?

Not unless you're really good at screaming and demanding that Verizon does it. Otherwise, the non choice will be Palm Pre Plus, which although not a bad phone, is nowhere near the Palm Pre 2! My choice will be made Jan 2012 and I'll probably go with the PP3

The answer is no. I think Verizon employees want nothing to do with Palm.

I am about to get my 5th Pre Plus in 54 weeks due to hardware and serious software and OS problems that lost my contacts, memos and calendar, and they want to give me nothing.

Palm/HP after a rigmarole offered me 20% off the Pre 2. Under my Verizon plan that is a savings of $24. I've put dozens of hours of time into my Pre+'s problems.

I have been with Palm since 1998, and Palmphones since the Kyocera in 2001. The Treo 700p was almost as bad as the Pre+, but at least it didn't lose my sales leads, contacts and appointments. I have been suffering since 2008.

This is kinda sad. I bought my palm pre plus in August of last year and I've really become a fan of Palm. Now I'm tentative to invest in a new Palm phone when mine dies out because I just don't know about putting my money in a company that just doesn't seem to know how to deliver. This is my first Palm phone and I really do love it and what it can do. I just feel kinda shorted by buying the pre plus while hearing supposed promises of webOS2 becoming available...and then they come out with a different phone altogether. My palm pre seemed like a phone that I could invest in and get updates, etc. but with the pre2 coming out on the back burner and the pre3 coming out in the summer--I'm probably going to switch platforms after my phone dies out. I mean, iPhone and Android are quickly taking over the smartphone market (let's be honest, they practically already have for the most part) and I just don't see Palm being able to keep up with the competition, the capital of Android and Apple, the support, the diversity, etc. Sorry palm, you got me on the fence.

to add the apps are no comparison! my Itouch does more then my PP+ (except make phone calls) ...APPS are essential!!!!!!!!!!

I'm in your position - bought the Pre Plus in July, and am dismal about prospects for the future. It was the easiest phone to use and very natural - the tethering was a huge plus. But then find out that it won't get things that were promised (Flash) and no voice dialing (ever, since they won't give us 2.x) and my mind strays, longing for the next upgrade opportunity and considering switching to something else.

I can soo relate. I got my Pre+ late (Sept/Oct) and shortly after became an instant WebOS Fanboy for all the reasons we've come to appreciate. But, as of late, I an wondering how much future growth there really is in this platform / ecosystem? It's a nagging fear: Is this the OS2 / Amiga /Beta-max of mobile with just a long spin down? IE: A better quality product - but not enough public support to become a standard. Right now..I'm happy. But have to wonder if the hard earned dollar will simply go farther with a more standard platform with all the apps and accessories that go with it.

Had a similar experience. Bought my sprint palm pre two years ago. Very pleased with the webOS experience. The synergy. The way I switched between apps. After heavy use I became displeased with the lack of speed and the very plastic hardware. Preware and overclocker helped but drained my battery. I constantly checked pre central for updates to webOS for features that was promised.

So, when I noticed the pre2 was on hp's website for free I made the switch to verizon. It improved upon all my complaints above. The hardware upgrades make the phone work fluidly. I am not concerned the pre3's front camera or voice dialing. My only fear is that I would never have an OTA to upgrade webOS 2.0. Man I hope thats not the case.

Nice but Im still running webos 1.45 on my PP+, please provide a link or update so I can install 2.0 so I will continue w/HP/Palm or come June, see ya later, hello Android or Iphone

The Pre+ will not have OS2.

I went to 3 verizon stores(SF bay area) + my local bestbuy, none of them carry the damn thing. The one down San Mateo guy said " Verizon doesn't carry Palm" WTF?? I said you guys offer it online the he said yeah "but we don't carry it" then he proceeded to try to sell me a thunderbolt.
HP WHAT THE F@CK?!?!?! At least sell the damn thing tru metro or Virgin mobile so we can see the thing in actual stores.

I had the same experience only she laughed at me and said that the Os is too complicated. Then admitted that they only sell things that they fell user won't return because return count as a strike against the sales rep. Remind me again...why is that my problem?

At my VZW store the repair reps said they had a ton of Pre+ problems, including my 4 returns in the last year. With the Pre2 they have no repairs or returns... That's because they don't sell it at the store. Buy it online.

My buddy who works at a Verizon store told me they got one in today (he said he ordered it for me), so I'll be checking it out in a bit. He said he can't do anything with it until it's activated, I'm going to look up the activation work-around so we can check it out.

did the ##DEVMODE# deal, now we just need to create a profile (still looking into the details) so they can get some apps on the thing and start showing it off. VERY solid device...seemed pretty fast too.

Solid review. If I knew that the Pre3 would be released as late as say Sept I would have bought a Pre2 months ago but now all I can do is hope the Pre3 comes in June. Thanks!

Don't count on the Pre 3 in June, my man. I wish that was the case, but it's not.

I would have liked to see Skype on all Pre 2's, but the carriers got us on that one again. The AT&T/T-Mobile merger is only gonna make things worse for us.

I went ahead and paid for the upgrade on Verizon. I have two problems with the new phone so far:

1. When I have had the phone on for a few days, I start to experience the "too many cards open" error. [Note: This can be with as few as one or in some cases no cards open.] It usually requires a re-boot and I can get another 5-7 days out of it.

2. In the Chicago market, apps cannot identify my location; when I was in Texas, it worked without a problem.

Lastly, there seems no easy way for Skype conversations to use a separate messaging sound.

This phone was supposed to come out in June of last year but due to the acquisition got delayed and had the wind taken out of its sails and sales.

To add insult to injury Verizon waited until February to actually launch it after Pre3 was already announced. Now it looks like an orphan and no one is willing to buy it at full price when Pre3 is expected to be out in a few months.

I just hope Sprint gets Pre3 otherwise I will have no option but to go evo 3D. I may still get touchpad although without Pre 3 integration (not tts but bluetooth call transfer) it is less appealing.

I hear the "it was supposed to come out in June" thing a lot, but I'm curious how that would've gone over since WebOS 2.0 was not ready until October (and the acquisition shouldn't have delayed its deployment).

And you can't blame Verizon's reaction. HP put no marketing dollars behind the October release, and Verizon had already spent millions for two TV campaigns for the Pre Plus, along with giving away a free mobile hotspot, which they didn't do for any other smartphone in their lineup.

To this day, it is HP that is treating the Pre 2 like a red-headed stepchild with no promotion for it before, during, or after the Feb. 9 event.

It's baffling

THE RIGHT SIZE - I am a Palm/WebOS loyalists and will definitely get the TouchPad and want to update my phone (PrePlus). After reading about the Veer I thought I would like the size, then I started thinking it would be a little small for me so I starting thinking about the 3. Definitely to big.

The 2 is really the perfect size, now if I could just upgrade without waiting another year.

I have to say that I love the review. I will admit that the review of the packaging tickled my funny bone. (Yeah, I know. I'm weird. LOL)

I agree that this should have been the phone released back in August. It would have been a great addition to the family at that time.

Now, since there is no big push for the Pre2, no one really knows that it exists. I will even admit myself that I am trying to wait until the Pre3 arrives on scene before I upgrade. If it's not here or I can't get it, no problem; I feel that the Pre2 will still handle everything I want it to.

I will say that the free Mobil Hotspot will be missed, but there are worse things to happen in the world. (That and free tether may help on that front. :-D)

Over all, great review. This is just the type of thing I need to convince the naysayers that my platform is not dying or dead. :-)

i'm honestly amazing confused about where Pre 2 is in the HP product cycle. Is it just getting relased or on the way out or neither? Didn't they reduce the price which would signal they are phasing them out for the Pre 3? Regardless all a bit confusing.

I'm a card carrying palm phone user for 10+ years, as are probably most of the diehard stragglers left here. I was so excited about the pre3 and all of the anticipation that led up to it. But now I'm asking myself, "why?" I love the form factor, but after playing with an associate's EVO for a bit, and drooling over the news of the EVO3D, I have to question even more why I should stay with HPalm. Time will tell.

If I did go android (ugh) I'd probably go for an HTC phone, as the other android phones I've played with have a sucky UI.

Since both EVO3D and Palm3 come out in summer, It will be great to compare features/reviews.

I find it hard to believe that a company like HP/Palm didn't/doesn't have a bunch of interns or something to scour the net for feedback from actual users or recommendations. I currently work as a desktop support technician for a bank and I recently set up 2 machines here for some one to sit and troll through the net looking for slander and news about the firm, then reports that back to Corporate HQ for action to be taken. Is it possible that no one in HPalm has any idea of what the end user wants or thinks, or the decency to look into places like precentral to get an idea of what's expected or being said, or do you think it's a matter of them not caring? I think the latter rather than the prior. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to hit the internet now-a-days.

The folks at Palm, and at HP PSG, are very aware of what "the end user wants or thinks." They also interact with the end user community in a way and with a frequency that is, to my knowledge, almost unprecedented. Just look at how many high-level HP'ers are not only *on* Twitter but respond directly to users' tweets, and how HP has embraced (rather than sued) webOS Internals and the homebrew community, and compare that to *any* company of HP's size and reach. Whether or not that interaction results in particular products at particular times is an entirely different question, but have no doubt (and do not undervalue the fact) that we are being heard. {Jonathan}

After 9 hours with Palm Chat support over 3 days, they allowed my calendar, contacts, and memo data to be lost between my Pre+ and the cloud due to a backup failure that lasted for 8 months with no one knowing, I flamed tech support in a web evaluation.

The next day I got a call from corporate and was connected to a top level support guy who determined, after an investigation, the exact reason why my data was lost and the moment when the tech-chat-support team gave me the wrong advice which lost my data.

The level of personal service was impressive at that point, considering that one of the morons at chat took 60 minutes to understand the previous chat session.

The corporate guy pinpointed pretty closely almost exactly how and when PalmHP support and their product seriously failed me. He could almost pinpoint where and when my data evaporated from the HPWebOS cloud.

That knowledge didn't make good that my calendar from before March 2011 is erased. My contacts since January 2011 are erased. My memos (sales leads) since October 2010 are erased.

The only saving grace in all of this: google kept my calendar on their cloud. My phone has nothing before March 2011. Google 1: HP 0.

It is interesting how some of the data was lost backwards, and some was lost forwards.

We chalked it up to software and operating system problems making my backups spasmatic.

The excellent tech support (actually it was forensic analysis) happened after my personal and business data was lost due to OS, software and tech support failures, since chat support is dodgy, and so is phone support to a lesser extent.

They did commit to sending me a replacement device, since the four refurbs from VZW all failed mechanically or software or both in a year.

This was promised to me on July 1, 2011. It is now the 13th. On 7/8 I followed up and they forgot to send it to me. Both times they committed to giving me tracking information, which hasn't happened. My current replacement phone has been broken since June 23 with different issues. Like the previous one, it is a combination of hardware and operating system issues.

You'd think after all my losses that they'd make sure that their support from the corporate level wouldn't fail me again, but I'm just consistently unlucky with Palm since 2007. I was amazed that they botched delivering a replacement, especially since it is under warranty and I gave then a $400 authorization.

I guess my corporate tech support is not great, but it was kind of cool figuring out how HP allowed my data to be ruined.

My advice: make sure your backup is really backing up before you replace your broken Pre+, because when you replace it, they have you erase your data. Once that happens, you are beyond help. At least if you don't have a subpoena.

I also advise getting synched to your desktop again with PocketMirror Echo or something.

It is amazing that Palm doesn't have a way to let us use our contacts on a pc or allow us to back them up to our own pcs without buying and adopting additional software that they bragged that we wouldn't need, since the cloud is so great.

This web0S transition was a dog for me.

My advice to HP-Palm: better hardware, better software, better OS, better support (that solves problems efficiently, rather than inefficiently that makes problems much worse).

Also, it would be good to know if our data is really being backed up to the cloud.

Also, considering how abused I've been, I'd like two free upgrades (pre2 and pre3), and several accessories for free, and a printout of the manual.

All of these requests were denied.

I learned that HP is a 'green company!' They feel it is more 'environmentally friendly' for *me* to print out the 500 page pdf on my HP printer, with my HP ink, and my HP paper that I buy from them, too.

I call this "Side Sourcing." This is when a company shifts it's responsibilities to its customers. It can also be called "Greenwashing," using environmentalism for marketing or to reduce service.

Why do I want a manual printed out? If I'm going to continue to trust/risk my business and personal relationships by using HPWebOS/Palm, then I want to read up on how I can reduce my risks, as well as get as much out of the product as possible.

The guy at corporate whom I asked for the manual was incredulous. In his voice I could hear: "How can we possibly get someone to print out the manual?! We don't have interns at corporate anymore, and even if we did, we don't have actual printers at HP! And even if we did have interns and printers, I have no possible way to even imagine how I could possibly request one to satisfy this loyal customer who used to be an evangelist and is becoming a rabid hater."

I feel bad for him. He is so disempowered and so alienated from actually helping customers and solving problems. He is reduced to being an "understanding" shill.

Palm/HP's neglect of the transition between the Access Desktop to WebOS was unconscionable and I don't think that sitting at my computer looking at a 500 page pdf is going to help me prevent all of HP's problems that they can cause me.

The buyer is beware now. I don't trust them.

They don't care about us when it comes to delivering actual things that work and help.

Anyway, corporate HP *was* sympathetic. They constantly stated that they "understand," and apologized for my "inconvenience."

After hours of cajoling, they were really supportive. Instead of free upgrades, accessories, and a printed manual, I was offered $24 off the Pre2 (20%) and $50 off the Pre3 (about 13% discount) whenever that comes out. I just have to keep a bunch of service request numbers handy.

Sure! I'll put them in my Memos, which I hope they don't lose again.

All in all, I'm looking at spending $470 on Pre2 and Pre3, including the discounts, but right now I can get an iPhone4 for $200.

I'm going to listen to my VZW Tech Support guy's advice and go to the Apple Store and see how I can switch, and then make a decision.

I feel like an abuse survivor between the Treo 700p and the Palm Pre+. I just keep going back to my abuser, hoping that the abuser will get better, that things will be good like it used to be when Palm was my competitive advantage. Now those Pre+'s that keep breaking are my albatrosses.

Meanwhile, I should listen to my instincts. My first one was that the WebOS is dangerous and inconvenient, and it is.

My current instinct is that Verizon employees hate Palm. They hate Palm because it is a pain and a dog.

HP corporate is neglecting Palm and us. I am afraid that they are going to foist another big change on Palm users again and leave us in the lurch, trying to pick up the evaporated pieces, wasting our time, ruining us.

Too little, too late :-(.

I held out longer than a lot of other folks, but my Pre Plus (Verizon) just got replaced with a Droid 2 Global.

The UI comes nowhere close to WebOS...but better hardware and app availability (Kindle, RSA SecurID, QuickOffice) made it necessary. HP/Palm is just now releasing a phone as good as the Pre should've been in the first place, and they aren't going to give Pre/Pre Plus/Pixi the WebOS 2 upgrade they promised...and on and on.

It's a darn shame. It's a better platform, but I just couldn't stick it out any longer. Hopefully I'll be back someday.

The review is very well written, the phone itself is great, I've played with it in the Verizon store.

Unfortunately there's 0 demand for it and sale reps push android and iphones to customers that walk in.

As for me I'm on Sprint and already used my upgrade for the HTC Arrive.

I qualify for an upgrade on Verizon at the discounted pricing ($149.99)but I think I'll wait for my October upgrade with additional discount. I fear I'll miss some patches and the occasional use of the hotspot which I don't use enough to pay for. Also, if I do decide to splurge on a TouchPad someday, I've not been able to figure out what limitations there would be in synergy between that and a Pre 2 vs. a Pre 3 besides the touch to share, which I don't really care about. I like the size of my current Pre+ because of pocketability, but the Pre 3 larger screen may tempt me if I can still get it into my pocket. I know I'm rambling but this is my train of thought in considering what to do - anyone else have the same issues? I just wish the Pre 2 was a full-fledged part of the phone line-up with the same features as the 2 new models. Couldn't they keep the same size but upgrade the guts to match the others - maybe a Pre 2-1/2 or Pre 2+?

P.S. about the usb cover on the Pre/Pre+ - I've always opened the slider first before opening that cover because it was the only way I could figure out to do it when it was new because it was so tight. Now it's loosened up a bit and I can get it with my fingernail without opening the slider first. So one good tip came out of this for me - thanks!

Pretty accurate review (although it's kind of an annoying writing style, but I won't nitpick). I love my Pre2: snappy hardware, and webOS 2.0 rocks! I never use navigation any more. I do everything from Just Type.

There is one inaccuracy in the review: "You might be wondering why the Pre 2 didn’t improve on the Pre Plus’ 512MB of RAM." In fact, HP DID upgrade the RAM from 166 MHz to 200 MHz RAM, and it's very noticeable AND welcome. Another upgrade they failed to mention is that HP is leveraging the graphics chip on the TI OMAP 3630 to bump up the screen refresh rate to 60 frames/second, which also is very noticeable: delivers a smoother scrolling experience.

I remember hearing about the Pre 2 as early as November of last year. I even remember going out of my way to find a Verizon store and talk to the reps about when it would be released. One rep even gave me her card and promised to call me as soon as the phone was released. Months passed and it was finally released in Europe but didn't come to the US on Verizon until February with the upcoming Veer and Pre 3 announced at the same time.

By February, my enthusiasm for the Pre 2 had dissolved, melting away in the comedy of errors which was HP's big webOS event. (I'm specifically referring to the big drama of webOS 2 not being available for older devices despite months of assurances that it would be. This particular point wasn't mentioned by HP in their big event but rather came out a few hours later, making HP look like a bunch of weaselly amateurs instead of like the biggest computer company on Earth.) In the space of a few hours, HP had basically taken the wind out of its own sails - at least they had for me.

Now months after its release. The Pre 2 is almost as elusive as it was before it had been released. (That Verizon rep never did call me.) It's a sad story about the little phone that was good enough, smart enough, but doggone it for some reason people (and by people, I mean HP and the carriers) don't like it.

I finally watched Engadget's little get together with Jon Rubinstein ....

... I'm not sure this guy could be more oblivious to the frustration of the marketplace concerning his products.

I have been BEGGING for HP to give me a reason to hang on ... some sort of MOMENTUM into the product launches ... but here we are ... April 5th and STILL no news on who the **** is going to carry WHICH PHONE?!?!?!

I can't believe I'm saying this ... but ... I think I'm done.

I just don't see the upper management at HP PUBLICLY saying to their dedicated fans "We Here You, We Screwed Up, here ya go... Veer-May-AT&T, PRE3-JUNE-SPRINT, Touchpad-JULY-AT&T.

They have ZERO understand of the rapid moving marketplace they are trying to occupy and it's killing me.

IPHONE 4. Tomorrow. IPAD2. 2week Delivery. Done.

The APPS I have so desperately been wanting to develop for webOS aren't going to happen. HP has given me nothing but roadblocks and Apple has been saying "Hey .. we're here with buyers for your app... what have you been waiting for?"

I'm asking myself the same thing.

this definitely does sound like what the Pre minus should have been. well too bad. I thought I could at least wait to see what HP was going to offer pre minus adopters, but used my upgrade 2 weeks ago on the HTC Arrive and I'm now much happier with a phone and OS that is actually responsive. so long webOS, it was nice knowing you.

POP email dose not work on Verizon as they still have not released the 2.1.1 update. The phone is useless to me and Frankly I should have been made aware of this before getting this phone. DISAPPOINTED...

I wish it came with the free 5GB mobile hotspot that the Pre Plus has on Verizon. That feature keeps me from switching to an iPhone 4.

Thanks for the excellent post Derek! I have found the Pre2 to be a very nice upgrade from the original Pre. Much faster and with WebOS 2.x - a great smartphone!

Derek, you should disable the autofocus. Kinda annoying :D

Too bad you don't mention that emails on the Pre 2 now get "unable to download message" regularly and Google Calendar no longer will let the Pre 2 sync to it. Oh, it works from your computer calendar to your phone, just not the other much for it being a "smart phone." If you owned a Pre Plus and "upgraded" to the Pre 2 you now own another phone that Verizon and HP won't support. I have been a Palm fan from Palm Vx days but it is getting harder and harder to hang on...

OMG!!! I wish Palm would just say what the differences are, and if there are bad ones like features being trashed, then bring those features back. I'm not very technical, so I blame myself, but it has been and it continues to be Palm abusing us.

Whom should I switch to?

Great. Now that I upgraded to the Pre2 I'm wondering if it will ever upgrade to 2.1?

Marketing fail. This phone is great.

Not sure I may have replied to this already, but I purchased a Pre2 when Verizon had it on the $49 special, for my wife. She has been using it for several months now and is very satisfied with the phone. It is just like the review states, it does what you ask, and quickly. It it fast, the touch screen is much more sensitive than our pre plus phones. I really like the grip material all around the edges, it just feels more secure in your hand. Overall my wife is very happy with her phone. I am not due for an upgrade until December, I am hoping the Pre3 will be out by then, but in the mean time this is a very solid phone, and if you are not buying a TouchPad and don't care about the touch sync, this would be a real bargain replacement.

I have an older Palm Pre, and have been very satisfied with it, except for the fact that IT DOESN'T HAVE A VOICE MEMO app. There is apparently an Web OS2.0 program that will work, but that won't do me any good. I'm considering moving up to a Pre2, and wonder if someone out there can tell me if all of the apps that I have purchased over the last two years will work on Web OS 2.0.



Who exactly, told you that the hotspot wasn't available? Or should I keep my mouth shut and hope no one notices... ;-)

@GregMa, Zcorder is awesome for simple audio recording on a budget...

When will CRAPY VERIZON get the at least the 2.1 WebOs UPDATE out to it's Pre2 Users? Verizon sucks.... They need to get on the ball... ATT and Ulocked got the upgrade in March...


Just upgraded to the Pre2 last week. This thing is off the hook. They fixed everything that was missing on the Pre and added a few things I didn't know I wanted on there. It's a definite improvement to an already awesome device. Oh, and I'm on Verizon running webOS 2.1.0. It is doing right by me so far. Definitely check it out!