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"Roadrunner HD" and webOS 2.0 pop up in logs, this time with 640x960 162

by Derek Kessler Fri, 20 Aug 2010 9:36 am EDT

Roadrunner HD

It’s happened again folks, another Metrix developer log sighting of the infamous webOS 2.0-running Roadrunner, this time packing an “HD” suffix. What, pray tell, does HD mean in this case? It means an iPhone 4-matching 640x960 resolution, or at least that’s what was reported back to the logs.

This time the developer was Killin’ It, and the app was the relatively popular game Cloud Hopper, As before, it’s entirely possible that somebody has performed some malevolent trickery to make this happen, but unlike the Roadrunner spotting in Foursquare’s Metrix logs, this one wouldn’t be quite so easy. Cloud Hopper’s source code has not been made publicly available like Foursquare’s, which means any charlatan attempting to pull the digital wool over our eyes would likely have to perform some pretty tricky modifications to the webOS emulator to get it to spit out Roadrunner HD as the device, webOS 2.0 as the OS, and the heretofore unseen 640x960 as the display resolution.

Check out the charts for yourself after the break, with the usual caveat of "we can't verify this for ourselves, so take a healthy dosing of salt alongside."

Source: Killin' It LLC on Twitter

Roadrunner HD charts


waiting along with everyone else...

how about a september 19th release date on sprint, the day of my upgrade.

I (like I'm sure many others are) having sitting on my upgrade for a little over a week, in the throes of anxiety waiting for the announcement. But I would take September 19th.

i've had mine since june 1st, and i've got a crack starting on my charger port. this is dedication, my friend! hah

Strange. I was lucky #13 on release day, which was June 6th. How'd you get your earlier?

Doesn't matter which day of the month you got your Pre, according to Premiere plan, you're eligible for the upgrade from the first day of that month the following year.

I had that on my original Pre. Eventually, the screen cracked and I couldn't use the touchscreen anymore, so I had to insurance it. But I held on to that sucker as long as I could. And I'll hold on to this one till the next Pre becomes available (or it dies).

I can't even make phone calls without speaker phone on mine lol. (and no it's not the stupid headphone recognition issue, i had that several times and i can tell the difference. can't fix this one) Passed warranty period and insurance wont cover it due to usb crack. so kinda waiting anxiously on upgrade for webos device

my phone's attena randomly goes out, and my phones been restarting a bit, its because I dropped it super hard a month or so ago.. I really hope the hardware next time around is good

that's just sad man .... Come on palm ... Make it right

September 1st, that my upgrade date. That way the bugs are worked of for ya :)

is that the date of your 1 year?

if so, i bet you can really upgrade on 9/1. sprint upgrades all start on the 1st.

check it out at http://sprint.com/upgrades

I think even one month earlier too. I bought mine in august, and I was told july 1st was when I could upgrade both by the in-store and customer service employees. So technically an 11 month upgrade is what it makes it...

I love sprint.

haven't taken advantage of it yet though. Waiting for next Palm.

I sure hope we get something with some nice specs and that would be nice to start with.

damn I can't wait let that screen be 3.7+ inches and I'll be a happy man

This resolution is exactly double of the Pre, which, makes sense so that scaling happens easily.

What would also make sense that the screen is at *least* iPhone 4 size. If it was any smaller than 3.5" it would have a higher ppi than apples "retina" display, which im sure wouldn't make sense because then (according to apple, at least)the human eye cannot distinguish any pixels on the screen.

Wow competition is good.

Double each direction so quadruple the resolution. Which means this could be the webOS tablet not a phone. :( I hope it isn't the case but it seems odd we have a confirmed tablet announcement but not a confirmed phone announcement.

as much as I hope that the device is a phone with a screen bigger than the iphone 3.5in. I have a feeling that the palm will only go 3.5in and not bigger than that for their phones...i hope to be eating my words in the end though.

The whole HD thing doesn't necessarily mean that the next Pre (2) will be HD. If it is, that's great, but for those of you reading this, just be aware that applications like Angry Birds on the iphone are called Angry Birds HD on the iPad. So it's likely the HD could be for the next palm tablet.

On another note, I agree that the screen size needs to be larger for those of us who are struggling with the smaller one now. I think Palm should continue to release a hardware refresh on the existing Pre so those who like the smaller screens can be happy too. Why limit the entire world into two buckets? (Pixi & Pre).

Last, I'm very worried that Palm is going to be coined as an "immitation" iphone. It seems like they are coming out with similar product specs as the iphone after they release theirs. I sure hope they change the internals a bit more. Screen resolution is understandable, but I hope they'll release a quad core chip over 1Ghz or something like that. (This way multitasking will scream) Just hope they stuff it with a huge battery.

The "why only two" logic withers in the face of the One way or nothing approach that has worked so well for Apple.

and iPhone is getting pwn3d by Android who is delivering every imaginable form factor and style.


The iPhone only runs on one network, while Android is on 4. That makes for a pretty big mitigating factor.
And slightly outselling the iPhone for what, one quarter, during which Aple didn't release any new smartphones, that isn't "ownage" (I refuse to deliberately spell like a half-literate retard).

I'm no Apple fan, quite the contrary, but you simply cannot argue with their success.

Ughh.. Mr Jobs really has that ability to throw BS up peoples a55holes. What is distinguishable to the eye is hardly based on screen size and resolution alone, the biggest factor is how far you are holding the device from your face. Ever notice how 720P and 1080P are far less distinguishable the further you move from your TV?

The math is very easy, for the iPhone in particular to be indistinguishable to the eyes, it must be around 11 inches away from your face. By the same account a device with ~4 in screen at 800x480 resolution would have to be kept around 13 inches from your face to have the exact the effect. (of course all of this assumes 20/20 vision)

Not sure about others, but I rarely have my phone closer than a foot to my face.. Now of course compared to previous iPhones, the detail is night and day, but compare it to the leading Android phones and aside from the extra real estate, there is hardly any advantage for your eyes.

Well put. I would say 960x640 does have one advantage over 800x480: aspect ratio! 1.5:1 is better than 1.67:1 in my book. I really don't understand the drive toward really tall, narrow screens on smartphones, and really wide, short screens on desktop monitors. Actually, on the desktop side I guess it's not so hard to figure out--the phrase "full 1080p HD" sells. On the smartphone side, I suppose it does make some sense to have a tall narrow screen in order to make room for a portrait virtual keyboard. But otherwise I don't get it. My first thought when I saw my friend's Droid Incredible was "why is it so NARROW?!".

I agree completely..i hate the trend of the narrow phones we are seeing these days..manufacturers need to find the perfect spot between how narrow and wide a device should be. I like the 4.3" look and would love for my next palm phone to be that size..however I know that's not for everyone...this is why palm needs to release more than one device one thats 3.5" and one that 4.3" everyone would be pleased

All good things come to those who wait.... or so they say :}

it shows verizon at the bottom of the graph, I just hope that sprint gets it too. My current pre is falling apart already.

Thats Version Count. Not Verizon.


watch out Coyote the anvil is about to drop lol!

smartphonus supersonicus

that's awesome znif57finz!!


"meep meep"

It's "beep beep" in the comics, dang it. :D

Very nice usage of the Warner Brothers lingo!! :D

Lmao, Love It

please let it be 4" screen please.

at first with the EVO i thought 4" is too big (i don't have tiny hands), but then i held the Samsung galaxy S, which is also 4" and that felt nice.

Please don't be any bigger than 3.7"

I concur

Anything 4.0 to 3.1 inch and I'll be happy.

That's what she said.
Rather, that's not what she said...


I'm actually gonna make a new hardware comment here... I think the 4" screen is the sweet spot. I've used some friends 4" screen devices and at first it seems to big but within a minute or 2 it just feels sooo comfy.

a September release would be sweet. Heck I'd be happy with a simutanious release with Verizon. Just as long as it's soon. After playing with the larger phones like Evo 4G and my ladies Samsung Vibrant (T-Mobile) then go back to my Pre. It takes me a minute to get used to the smaller design.. But at the same time when I start using my WebOS after using their Android OS I remember why I'm so patient.... The ease of use of WebOS and how much easier it is to navigate is such a better experience then Android.

I love the Roadrunner image Derek. Please Palm, surprise us all. I love my Pre and wouldn't trade it for any phone currently out there, but that doesn't mean I'm not jealous of the EVO's hardware on a daily basis.

Give me a reason to feel adequate again :)

I told all those people that switched from palm to android to just wait for new hardware. hopefully it'll be worth it and i can Flash (pun intended) this in their face!

Either this is a deliberate 'leak' by HP or a hack job. Personally, I'm leaning toward the latter. HP has expressed a distaste for leaks and, if the first instance wasn't fake, then they knew PC is watching for that now and would have changed their protocols for handling apps to test. Instead, we get MORE information about this mysterious device? It's possible someone got sloppy, but I think it's more likely that someone decided to see how much they could hack the emulator and mess with peoples heads.
That said, I hope it's not a hack and instead is HP's way of tossing us a tiny bit of bone as they wrap up testing on a sweet ass-kicking new device.

Does it say what carrier this is on? Please be Sprint

The Pre was a well kept secret before it was unveiled.

They've been doing a good job with this one so far.

I WANT THIS THING SOOOOO BAD!!!!! Agree that HP is gonna wait until a couple weeks before or even shorter amount of time before they announce this as coming out. Cross carrier would also be huge!

When HP bought Palm they mentioned that they wanted to use the OS in more than just Smart Phones and Tablets, and mentioned using the OS on their printers as one example. Since most people think of a printer more as an "appliance", rather than as a device that needs a full blown OS, I think that leads into jokes about putting WebOS on a toaster.

I think it will be best that the device comes out for more than one carrier so long as one of those carriers are Sprint ;-)
This way more people will have a WebOS device sooner, and more people will have that device in particular. We need more people to have WebOS, as much as I like having it as my little secret. Still only one person I know has a WebOS phone (Pre) and its like seeing a Unicorn whenever I see a Pre or even a Pixi in public.

i hope the resolution bit is true! i will be happy with 4" screen, after playing around with a htc phone i realised how the extra screen space makes a huge difference when browsing the net.

p.s why do people keep going on about webOS on toasters, did i miss something!!!


if the are just now testing it on external sites... how far along do we think they are in terms of being production-ready or in manufacturing?

Based on history, someone like Dieter should be able to guess-timate how long it takes Palm to release a phone from it's first public testing...

Dieter? Beuhler? Anyone?

Whether or not this is true, it doesn't matter much to me. Any rumor right now is a ray of hope. And right now - this rumor sounds really freaking good!

I'll take two Palm.

oh dear... I feel like were all waiting for an iphone or somthing. ;)

I like the pre's form factor, so im curious as to how a 4in screen is incorperated. With somthing that large, would they still do a vertical slider?

That'd be one big ass peble.

they can move the gesture area to the bottom or side edge instead of putting the antenna there. I actually think that would be cool to be able to gesture on the side/bottom edges... and use the entire face for the display.

Love the pic... meep meep...

Hey you didn't say "beep beep." Good for you! lol

I second that!

And I third it. :)

I smell bullshit.

everyone begs for them to "leak" information, so don't look a gift horse in the mouth.

Did anyone else notice the version distribution? There were a lot more instances then 1.4.5 instances. How I'm reading into this I see three possibilities:
1. Verizon has more of an install base then Sprint.
2. Verison users have bought this app more.
3. These logs are from right around the Sprint upgrade to 1.4.5 and so everyone wasn't upgraded yet.
I'm thinking this would be more on the lines of 3, but the developer would be able to confirm this. If this is the case it might be that this came online similiar to the time as the non HD Roadrunner appeared in the 4square app, and therefor before HPalm may have deceided to be discrete if they have deceided to be discrete at all.

Just an observation, I sure hope this turns out to be true, but it does make sense for scaling and also alowing iOS devs to more easily port their apps when the resolution is the same.
Can't wait for the new device.

wouldn't include any non-US carriers?

the US was the last market to get (and to still be waiting on) 1.4.5

I think only us here on the forums actually upgraded to 1.4.5 the day it came out lol
It could be that all the "regular users" on sprint haven't upgraded yet, or the automatic update thing didn't go off yet.

Here's my take:

This can still be faked even though CloudHopper isn't open-source. How? The same way my foursquare logs got faked with the "Hurricane" entry: by altering the source code of forusquare. Just as you could alter the device name, webOS version, etc, you can alter the appID. Set foursquare's appID in AppInfo.json to CloudHopper's, run the app on the emulator or your phone, and boom, you just faked a log.

However, it's not likely. CloudHopper is a popular game, if not one of the most popular on webOS. The odds that Palm would be testing it on a prototype device are very high. They're likely testing a variety popular apps.

So, while it would be SUPER easy to fake this, I'm siding with it be legit.

could this "Road Runner" be a codename for the upcoming tablet?

That's what I was thinking.

But we do know that the tablet won't be out until the first half of 2011.
I don't think we've been giving a concrete timeframe when a new phone will arrive, but I think most think at least before the end of the year.
We do know that webos 2.0 will come out before the end of the year and it would make sense to release it with a new flagship device, and I think they would want to start testing this before a tablet, so my money is on new flagship phone.

wouldn't the resolution on a tablet be higher? that isn't the same resolution as the fruitPad... I would want a tablet to be 720p resolution...

I call foul... The fact that the res is the same as the iPhone 4 and it came out after Foursquare's was made public makes me believe someone spoofed this, which isn't really all that hard.. Foursquare's report just gave someone with the know-how the idea to do it.

The reason I think Foursquare's is legit is because if someone were to fake it, they'd make it "C40" which I've said from day 1 never existed and would never exist.

Look at my comment above, I think the distribution of webos versions may point to these logs being from earlier, possibly at or around the same time as the 4square logs. The developer should be able to confirm this one way or another though.
And reading the article seems to indicate that it wouldnn't be trivial to fake this as the source code to this app is not publically available as 4 squares is.
It also makes sense that they would release more then 1 device when they do a release as not everyone will want a larger device which a 640x960 display demands.
Hence the Roadrunner, and RoadrunnerHD models.

"It also makes sense that they would release more then 1 device when they do a release as not everyone will want a larger device which a 640x960 display demands.
Hence the Roadrunner, and RoadrunnerHD models."

That was my first thought as well. It does make sense to test and release multiple devices with slightly different specs. Maybe the Roadrunner is a Pixi replacement and the Roadrunner HD is the Pre replacement.

I'm hoping for 3 sizes
Pixi size and format
Pre size and format
'xxxx' 3.7" to 4" keyboardless slab.
While I like a physical keyboard I think I could live with a touchscreen since I consume much more text then compose it.

They definitly need multiple form factors..
-Verticle slider like pre (possibly with slightly bigger screen without making the form much bigger.
-Horizontal slider for those who like that.
-Slab (virtual keyboard only) with the maybe a happy medium screen 3.8 lol

Reason why android growth curve is so much is the dif form factors and all the phones out there running the os.

More phone factors = more phones out there = more apps = market share growth = mindshare = webos being a top contender..

If you want to make a splash the os and ram need to be more than all the current phones, ie, you need more than 1ghz cpu... dual core/ quad core this bitch up

1ghz is last years hotness.. it needs more, espcially to run webos smoothly.. and enough ram to process it smoothly.. thats my biggest hang up on the pre now, its soooo slow sometimes..

on a side note.. make it so you can listen to music while playing app games.. or webos interals/ other patchers, make it happen if possible..

You can already listen to music while playing games.

how??? I haven't been able to.. it always pauses it

Man, if these logs and foursquare's end up being fake, I'm gonna be a sad panda.

However, I think I've convinced my girlfriend to wait another month for the new HPalm device. She plans on switching to Sprint from VZW, and I can't in good conscience recommend the Pre to her this close to a rumored release date. If the Roadrunner HD releases on Sprint next month, I'd wait in line for her on release day. Hell, I'd probably even pay for it just to play with it.

why do you think it'll be out on sprint next month? o.0 last i heard the latest rumor is verizon october pre 2....did someone come out with new info/rumors?

Don't think it was a solid rumor, more like speculation. If they're rumored to release on Verizon in October, I think some people have speculated that they'd release on Sprint in September. I remember hearing it somewhere, just not sure where. Again, it's speculation, not a rumor, and may just be wishful thinking. But you can start spreading it around as a rumor, just tell people you heard it from some Sprint rep.

I think we may have some more information next week, though. I believe Monday is the last day of some HP-imposed silent period, as Rahul Sood mentioned on a webosroundup podcast.

There have also been some comments reported from sprint reps that lead to the conclusion that at least an announcement is due in september.

To spoof an identity, I thought all you had to do was modify & replace the metrix lib that gets called by the app. I didn't think mods were necessary to the app.

Did I get that wrong?

Nope! That's all it takes. You'd just have to download the Metrix lib, put it in an empty "hello World" app, name it the same appID as the app you wanna spoof (com.company.appname), change 3 lines in the Metrix lib for the Device name and resolutions and OS version, package it all up, run it on the emulator, and you've just spoofed an app's logs.

Which I absolutely didn't do. I'm just as surprised as everyone else! When I posted the original picture, I wasn't even aware the name was differentiated with the "HD". :)

I'm happy Palm has noticed Cloud Hopper!

1.4.5 took forever and that was an extremely minor update.

I wouldn't bet on seeing 2.0 before middle next year.

I'll take your bet, I'll even give you 10 to 1 odds. The fact that Rubinstein said it would be released before the end of the year makes me pretty confident in at least this.

I'm hoping the reason that 1.4.5 took so long was that most people were working on 2.0. Given that they said 2.0 would be out before the end of the year, it would look really bad if it slipped...

PALM / HP has said PUBLICLY that 2.0 is coming in 2010, so you sir - are mistaken

Do you mean the same Palm that said Flash would be here in 2009? Err, first half of 2010? Err, sometime...

And before you say "talk to adobe", adobe has turned it over to Palm -- just look at Android, it has it...


Adobe turned Flash over to palm very recently, after missing the 2009 and first half of 2010 deadlines. Adobe missed Adobe's deadlines.
Palm has been very good about meeting their deadlines for stuff they produce, they can't control Adobe or DataViz.
With the HP merger, who knows what HP's stance on Flash is. They may believe, as Steve Jobs does, that Flash isn't worth the hassle and HTML5 will replace it sooner rather than later.

While 1.4.5 may have seemed like a minor update to the average user, since it didn't bring a ton of new functionality, from the software perspective it was actually a pretty big deal, the PDK boxing was a pretty big deal. It was also developed in the midst of a huge corporate sale with Palm's limited resources behind it (and delayed more than a month by carriers). They were also likely working on the 2.0 functionality at the same time.

If you spend more time here matty, 145 was ready for a while. The carriers appeared to have sat on it, in fact, only Sprint released it in the US so far. I'd have to assume Palm is capable of working on more than one reaseable O/S update at a time. They're not baking turkies in a small oven are they?

"smartphonus supersonicus"--znif57finz


Here's to hoping...

I just got my phone referbed anyway. It's like I have a brand new Pre. They just replaced the front panel/screen.

the first one lasted me a year. I now have another year of waiting patiently. I can manage.

can the dev that provided this data also tell which carrier was being used?

No, all of the data is aggregated and you can't see what carrier goes with what phone or goes with what webOS evrsion, etc.

wouldn't the resolution on a tablet be higher? the fruitPad is 1024x768... I would want a webOS tablet to be 720p resolution... same as my netbook. That would be a great feature to beat Apple with, and it would make it great for watching HD content...

Could this just be them testing the new tablet and not a new phone? I mean I want it to be the new phone but I have doubts.

I hope it's the "Palm Roadrunner" and not the "HP Roadrunner."

So, let's assume this is a new device and not someone's hack job.

Wouldn't we see this much more than just one device? Do we really think that there would just be one prototype? And wouldn't it be showing up everywhere instead of just two apps logs?

Just seems awfully suspicious to me...

I agree.
Playing devil's advocate though, given HP's dislike of leaks, I would bet they have an alternate method of downloading apps, specifically to avoid this sort of thing. But testers being human and fallible perhaps one of the testers slipped up and didn't follow protocol which resulted in the leak.

Just a guess. If I had to put money down thoug, I'd say hack job.

If the screen is a little bigger fine, I don't want the new Pre to look like every other large brick out there. Keep the uniqness of the Pre design so it stands out like it does.

the problem is that the Pre actually DOESN'T stand out. If you just set it on the table many people won't even realize it's a phone. If you look at it on a display at some place like Best Buy, it practically disappears in to the display because it's just a black blob. I know Palm designed it when there weren't a zillion iPhone knock-offs, but the next one needs something obnoxious on the front and back to people can distinguish it from the table cloth it's sitting on, know it's a phone, and are compelled to pick it up.

I flash mine around on airplanes, meetings, and restaurants. Even the people I'm with never ask about it, even after I open it and start typing or answer a call.

Of course, I eventually start telling them about it whether they want me to or not.

my upgrade is in september. I believe 17th, or 22nd or something. Either way.. Before october. Plz palm release thing haha.

Please, please, please let this be real... I'm skeptical because of the resolution though. Seems like a really short amount of time to build a 60 x 640 device. But who knows, maybe they had inside info. This is really nice to know though.

they had more then a year

Palm doesn't actually build displays. They buy them from a display manufacturer like Sony or Samsung. Those manufacturers are always bringing out new screens that are sold to phone makers...

Why has not shown up in any of these logs? Are these apps not available in Europe?

Yes they are (spain)

My first comment dude, you can be proud...


What's Nova-Armagnac? "New Brandy." Are Palm's codenames booze? That's pretty awesome, if true!!! Beat's Google's desserts, for sure :)

This is what I'm wondering! Nova was the codename for a long time for the OS that was to succeed Garnet back in the Treo days.

Also couldn't Cloud Hopper's code just be pulled directly from the Pre itself with basic knowledge of how to get into and navigate Linux??

WOW a 4 in. Screen I remember the day when 6" was considered small...
We just went from a Pebble to a Rollin' Stone!
go HPalm...

If this is new hardware.... Please keep the physical keyboard, preferably in portrait orientation!

funnny thing my upgrade is today which is also my birthday I bricked my first pre(and don't say it's impossible I've manged to do the unthinkable)and am now using my bros old pre with broken wifi and flash flauty slider too. Now this is dedication even thouge I've been eyeing the epic this made me stay pre.

Wow just scrolled down 87 coments on my Pre.. We need a top & bottom jump on 2.0 . But palm gon do it big so might as well

Yea page navigation needs some improvements, I will agree with that.

there's a patch for that.

Last I checked it was broken. Does it work again?

if its true I say its an Autumn release. Like everyone ese I am crossing my fingers. It will be the first time I buy a phone days, instead of months, after its launch.

Well, the higher resolution looks nice for me, but I hope that the Palm "Roadrunner" HD is a new Palm smartphone that would be released additional to the existing Pre and Pixi lines of Palm Smartphones. I would prefer a Pre 2 (of course, with the same overall form factor, comparable screen size and resolution as my current Palm Pre, but improved specs and hardware as well as WebOS 2.x) over any oversized new Palm gadget that would be to large to be a (smart)phone. But I would love to have the additional option of a new top of the line Palm Smartphone, even if it were only to kick apples and droids. If I were restless for screen landscape, I would prefer to have a Palm Pad as an additional gadget next to my Palm Pre, Palm Pre 2 or Palm Pre Whatever. ;-)

I think that the iPhone 4 screen size is the ideal size! The larger Samsung Galaxy S screen feels too big to me!
I think the Pre is a fantastic size! I just feel they utilise a little more of the surface area on the front face!
I can't wait for the new hardware & webOS! & I am willing to wait for it! I prefer the app availability on the iPhone & Android but can't stand the OS itself! As HPalm & webOS gets better it will all come our way too!!

Palm better hurry up and at least announce something soon before the Win 7 Phone hype machine kicks in. Might as well do something soon so that they don't have to share the stage with all the new Win7 Phone hardware that will start coming out very soon.

Announcing something now will also make it easier for me to stick with my launch-day pre instead of jumping to a new platform. The wobble is getting worse and the USB crack has reached my screen. I'm a Sprint Premium user (most other Sprint Pre users are too) so all the launch day Pre owners are already able to upgrade devices at new customer prices. I've been trying to hold off for as long as possible to see what Palm has up their sleeves. But, with a handset that is slowly breaking down, it is getting harder and harder to hold out.

I think that the iPhone 4 screen size is the ideal size! The larger Samsung Galaxy S screen feels too big to me!
I think the Pre is a fantastic size! I just feel they utilise a little more of the surface area on the front face!
I can't wait for the new hardware & webOS! & I am willing to wait for it! I prefer the app availability on the iPhone & Android but can't stand the OS itself! As HPalm & webOS gets better it will all come our way too!!

Just wanted to point again that all of this interesting stuff is coming via webOSroundup's product Metrix.


I think Palm should release three new smartphones by the end of the year. The only way Palm will get noticed is if they release at least a 4 inch + slab with some awesome specs, better than the Droid X and Evo. Another phone that replaces the Pr? with a 3.5 inch screen and a much improved keyboard and form factor with 1Ghz and such. Finally a Pixi replacement with 3 inch screen, and the same specs I mentioned with the Pr? replacement. All of this will make Palm/HP a winner and of course WebOS 2.0.

4" plus is waaaay too big.. definitly no more than 4"..

but totally agree that it needs better specs than any phone out there.. more cpu power.. more ram

I think the current form factor is just about perfect. I just want metal and glass construction and a snappier OS. (A kick-butt camera wouldn't hurt, either.) I hate those big-ass phones that look like bricks next to your face (ahem, Evo, ahem).

Apple has a patent on multitouch on glass. Won't happen.

Like their patent on pinch to zoom or their patent on kinetic scrolling that we don't have on our Pres, either?

Good thing Apple never produced a smartphone, because Palm has the patent on that.

I'll bet money dollars that the next Palm has glass...

You'd lose. I'll bet you a wooden nickel, even give you 10:1 odds.

I might...but it won't be because of any Apple patent:


I want it before december on sprint or I'll have to switch to android.

Sorry double posting Pre lol.

Introducing....the new Pre HD featuring WebOS 2.0

Roadrunner = Vertical Slider (stands up narrow and tall)

Tweety = Candybar
(Compact best for calls and tweets)

Foghorn Leghorn = Tablet (big, draws everyone's attention)


Pepe Le Pew = Next Android device

I call "awesome" on both SFHandyman and znif57finz.

I LOVE that comment...LOL

Ill switch whenever sprint reps in flak jackets and shotguns come running through my door like "sir.. sir put the phone down"... or until the next webOS device comes out. Till death do us part!



you know what would be pretty tight in 2.0. The ability to run 2 apps at the same time on the same screen. I know its far fetched but its like android multi tasks but its a pain browsing back and forth. webOS does it easily with the advanced swipe.. why not take it further and allow some kind of multi apps window. Let you watch some widgets while you play a game.

With a dual core/multi core processor, that would actually be a possibility. Each core would run the processes for each card, so you'd need a giant screen to be able to accommodate multiple cards. That would be "true" multitasking; actually doing two things at once, instead of the phone making you think it's doing two things at once.

Sounds like a good fit for a tablet in landscape mode. Kinda like when I drag an application window to the left or right side of my screen in Windows 7.

agreed that would be nice in landscape