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Rogers Pre 2 drops to $24.99 with 3-year contract 26

by Derek Kessler Fri, 18 Mar 2011 11:32 am EDT

It seems that Rogers Wireless might be having the same problems with selling the Palm Pre 2 as their Canadian compatriot Bell Mobility has with the original Palm Pre. A few short months ago the Pre 2 was launched on Rogers, going for a very reasonable $99.99 with a three-year contract. As a sign that it’s not selling well, Rogers third-party resellers have cut the price on the phone, and now Rogers proper has followed suit, slashing the three-year contract price to a mere $24.99 at signing. If you’re not feeling a three-year commitment, Rogers will sell you a Pre 2 for $199.99 with a two-year contract, $249.99 for one year (both a $150 cut), $349.99 month-to-month ($50 less than before), and $449.99 contract-free.

Source: Rogers; Via: MobileSyrup


When are these low cost Pre 2's going to appear on line, off contract, and cheap so we can build Sprint frankenpres?

For the last time, there's no such thing as a CDMA unlocked phone.

did you miss the part about building sprint frankenpres????

Then whethere the original phone is locked or not is irrelvant. You're swapping out the whole modem.

But my point being it's getting my nerves that people keep saying CDMA phones are "locked", which badhairguy edited his post.


Ha ha ha haaaaaa...

no doubt. I am on sprint currently, I receved my pre2 from hp a week or so ago. I was looking at prices to run my pre 2 gsm phone, what a rip off! For instance att price was ridicoulas!
I'm on sprint plan my bill is 71.00 amonth always. Plus a shtload of data mins which I get unlimited. If I wwnt to att I'll be paying way over 150.00 a month! What a rip off for GSM phones!

Well here in Germany... I'am paying around $ 20 (including around 20 minutes that I'am calling per month) for my plan on my GSM Pre Plus ;)

Ok, you have to consider that I have no minutes included (18 cents per minute) and my data gets slowed down from 3G after 1.5 GB and I only have 50 SMS free per month, but I still find it very reasonable for that price. Converted to $ I also paid $ 635,55 (yeah... Gadgets from the US usually cost a bit more over here in Europe ;) ) for the phone, if you divide it by 12 its $ 53, which makes $ 73,55...

So basically the same price as you are paying on sprint, just that I can quit my contract every month, buy any phone that I want unlocked and put it on my network and can switch to any cheaper network (there are cheaper ones, I just like the customer service and quality here^^).

It's not GSM that makes it expensive, it's the way the market is locked in the US and also partially the bigger country. A bit more competition and capitalism and you would have much better prices, regardless of the technology used to achieve it.

it looks like these phones are not selling at all...

i wouldn't be surprised if it gets to the point where you get a free pre2 with the purchase of a TouchPad.

They would probably sell better if they actually tried to sell them. I have checked 5 different rogers stores so I could see a running model of the pre2 and webOS 2.0 and none of them sold it. One of the stores even told me they were "blackberry and android only" stores.

If rogers gets the touchpad they will probably only carry it and not sell it. haha.

I can second this. I just called Rogers to get an upgrade so I can finally ditch my iPhail 3G. They were out of stock and suggested I call a retail location. Except every Rogers store in the city said they hadn't even received the phone yet.

Good 'ol Rogers.

This is as bad as when they sold those text-centric Motorola qwerty things years ago, advertised the **** out of it, and yet again, had no stock.

3 years is like a lifetime in the mobile world. I already think 2-year contracts are ridiculous. Do people really sign up for 3 years there?

just called a verizon store in stoughton, mass and they still haven't got a pre2 in store he said maybe next week has anyone seen one in store

Another problem is the pre3 release is just around the corner, so people are just going to wait.

What is your definition of right around the corner? Mine isn't 3-6 months.

People are generally saying June, which is 3 months. That'll go by fast enough, especially since the nicest weather of the year will keep me otherwise occupied during that time!

3 years!????
Holy **** This phone is already out of date. Nevermind owning it for 3 years. They should be paying you for this deal.

I think that is expensive because I think at the 3 year live they usually free.

I live in Canada and I have not seen a single advertisement for the pre 2 from rogers. I've even gone into Rogers stores and have never seen a pre 2. I remember when the original pre was released on Bell, there was some advertizing. Now nothing. Makes me wonder why they are having problems selling.


I made an error taking a 2 year contract on my Centro, (which will be my last 2 yr contract). While all of you got to enjoy webOS..I have been stuck with PalmOS!

from now on in, I will take a 1 year contract and resell the phone on eBay or buy it thru best buy thru their buy back program...

In addition, even if Palm hadn't gone with a new OS, 3 years would make the Pre 2 which is already outdated as relevant as the dodo bird.

Imagine a 3 year old smartphone would be a rather dumb phone! Well it would make a greta paperweight!

take care all,


Just because you have a contract doesn't mean you can't buy a newer phone off-contract. If you stay with the same carrier, no ETF.

I'm a year overdue for a new phone and I would prefer a webOS phone to an Android phone. But I can't imagine signing a two year contract on a Pre 2, much less a three year contract. HP, If nobody is buying the Pre 2 anyway, why not write it off and make Summer come early this year. Please...

In the hope that HP reads these - I have to echo that most Rogers stores do not have the Pre 2 (or at least say they don't) and I have not seen a single one out for demonstration.

Actually, 3 of the Rogers stores I talked to asked me to repeat the name of the phone - staff did not even seem to know it existed.

Wireless Wave did sound like they knew and liked the phone.

We need advertising. The Pre 2 solves most of the problems with the Pre and is a dream to use. It would sell if they tried.

Same problem with VZW stores in the States. I think you are correct about the advertising. Need to get webOS 2.x bugs fixed though.

this is exactly why I think they shouldn't have even tried to seek the pre 2!! I always asked what was the point? Just dumb!

I agree with a bunch of the other posts. I've seen *nothing* for the Pre2 at any Rogers stores I've been to. The only place that even had a dummy phone was Wireless wave.

Pitiful. I'm surprised they sold anything at all!

I'm happy they aren't pushing it. Cause it would actually give them a worse name cause of the lack of apps for the phone.

I have access to a free P2 but said no to it just cause I would rather just keep my pre- and wait for pre3 and TP and all the apps it will have.