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Round Table: In the coming months... 53

by Derek Kessler Mon, 02 May 2011 2:17 pm EDT

Welcome to Round Table, which is in fact not a table at all. Round Table is a continuing series on PreCentral where we pose a question to the staff and they provide their thoughts and insights. The question could be something simple like “how do you keep your phone secure?” or something a bit more complicated, like “how should HP convince customers to buy a TouchPad over an iPad?” Or maybe we’ll just end up rambling about how lanterns are so much cooler than flashlights. Today, however, we’re tackling an existential question, one that most all webOS users are familiar with: what do you plan to do “in the coming months” while we await the release of the Veer (maybe soon?), Pre 3, and TouchPad?

Adam: Since I don't want to wait a couple months for new hardware, I figure I will open a new line with Verizon and get an HTC Thunderbolt, play with it for 14 days and then return it. Then go to T-Mobile and check out the G2x for 2 weeks before returning that. Then, off to AT&T for a white iPhone4 and of course return that, too. In the meantime, I will pick up a Blackberry Playbook for Sprint, a Wi-Fi Motorola Xoom from Costco and an iPad directly from Apple, then return each of them all before my trial period is up.

That way, when the Pre 3 and Touchpad come out, I will be able to fully appreciate the awesomeness that is webOS. And who know, maybe I can also pick up a job writing Tips of the Day for those other Smartphone Experts sites from what I learned in those two weeks with each device!

Derek: Right now: waiting for Google Maps to load. I’m not sure if it will be done by the time I can get a Pre 3, which will be a problem if I need to find the nearest Sprint store. Please, oh please, let me have a reason to find the nearest Sprint store. I’m thinking I might take up knitting; you know, fun stuff like socks, mittens, straitjackets, those goofy caps with big ear flaps and a ball on the top. I’m also going to spend some time inputting every combination of profane words and insults I can think of into the my custom webOS autocorrect dictionary. You might not think “gogglearmed vaporboating tortoisegargler” is much of an insult, but when it’s coming at you from an enraged webOS blogger wearing a goofy cap (with big ear flaps and a ball on top) who can’t find the nearest Sprint store, well, you might just run away like the tortoisegargler that you are accused of being.

Dieter: I plan on spending the coming months writing a comprehensive tome on the different ways of saying "in the coming months." With chapters on "soon," "TBA," and "later this year," it will be the go-to source for all your impending release language needs. There will also be a complete guide on the different ways to both express and interpret spans of time based on the seasons, including appendices on the Gregorian, Julian, Modified French Revolutionary, Islamic, Coptic, Chinese, and Mayan calendars. I will also get better at cooking bacon, because that's a skill I've really let lapse in an unacceptable way.

Jonathan: Coming up with sneaky, devious ways to convince my wife that I need a Pre 3 and TouchPad. And haunting the App Catalog for the next Angry Birds installment.

Riz: In the coming months I plan on rearranging my sock drawer, writing ‘The Great American Novel,’ and probably discovering if there’s an afterlife. Also, I’m coming up with creative new uses for my Pre Minus to help pass the time while I’m waiting for apps to open. I’ve found it makes for an excellent oyster shucker/boomerang/door stopper. The mirror’s also great for checking if I need to shave again while waiting for Google Maps to load.

Finally, I’m putting forth last-ditch efforts to keep my friends from going to other platforms. So far, “Wow! That Evo really accentuates your pinhead,” and “Hmm, that Epic 4G’s nice, but does it make your butt look big?” have been met with only marginal success. Thankfully the wait’s almost over; I seem to be running out of friends for some reason...

Tim: If Appible, AppBookShop and Brighthouse Labs still feel the need to create such a massive number of apps in our still growing catalog, someone has to be making some money off of them. There are literally hundreds of these apps in the catalog, and more are being published every week. So what do I plan to do over the next few months while waiting for more news about upcoming devices? Why, I'll create my own app empire to compete with these behemoths of the Catalog, of course. We can't beat them out of the catalog, and everyone knows that HP needs some big app numbers to attract more attention from developers. My plan would essentially be killing two birds with hundreds of tiny stones. Pebbles, if you will.

By themselves they may not be much, but just wait until my trailer dumps a full load of BS (that's bite-sized, for those wondering) apps on you. It's a sure-fire plan to keep myself busy while waiting for the news, make two or three dollars in sales, and to give a lot of fodder for the app reviews here on PreCentral. I'll send some Promo Codes to Dieter or Derek so they can download each of my apps and review them. That's enough app reviews for every single day for an entire year! If you ever questioned whether or not I loved our little community here, that answer should be easily seen now.

So... there you have it. That's what our demented minds have planned for the coming months. What about you? The comments await...


it's been in the coming months for what feels like almost a year now.

I'll be spending the "coming months" with the nice challenge of avoiding my iphone/Android friends who have devices that seem like is at least 3 years ahead of the fat pre.

i'm just going to build my own webOS device from scratch. i'm sure i'll be done well before HPalm is able to get something on sprint.

I'll be enjoying this site, which does more to advance and benefit the cause and platform of WebOS than Palm or HP has ever done.

I'm kinda already over this first round of "relaunch" devices. The Veer is not for me in the least, the Pre 3 would be a downgrade in everything but fast task switching, and if I HAD to buy a tablet (I don't) and it HAD to be one besides the iPad (it doesn't), I'd still pick the Playbook or Transformer right now.

Hopefully, once they pass this way too long gestating round of stuff, they can get cranking on keeping up with the standards of the rest of the industry in screen quality, form factor, and app breadth. Anyone who "leaves" - myself included - can always come back just like long as they have something to come back to.

I hope you don't have an email account since the Playbook doesn't have a native email app yet.

At least they have a Tablet to use! You can always use Gmail's amazing tablet version in the browser. Don't get me wrong, the Playbook sucks, but at least it's out!

I would love for something to be out as well, I just think the Playbook strategy is pretty weird with all the non-native apps and porting of Android. I would complain the same way if HP said, "We're not going to try to get people to develop for webOS, we just want to use dirty ports of whatever we can get. Oh yeah, no email. Email is 'coming soon.'" clever. It's absolutely a negative to the publc at large, but not to me. I don't have an "app" for email on my desktop either. I use Gmail like scores of other people do. Browser gets the job done nicely, and it looks great on the Playbook. Plus, that puts any of my web browser windows just one tab away instead of in a separate app.

I doubt he'd even want a tablet. Besides, he can do email on his smartphone. What's the point?

I'd put money on the e-mail app for the Playbook getting released before the Touchpad.

I on the other hand will be most productive taking hours each day trying to figure out how to post from my PRE- even after logging in for the upteenth time??>
I may just call the folks at Guinness World Records, record keeping department to come validate that i have had the most login attempts in one session and the most posting attempts in one day than any other human....
Only way to get my PRE- to work is to put it down just so on the floor, kick it across the room, hitting the wall and flying apart into at least 3 pieces, then very gently booting my netbook, browser on PreCentral, and login and post. Somehow that seems to work everytime... Ohoh....
Excuse me while I find the rubberband, bailing wire and chew some gum so I can quickly re-assemble my PRE- and answer this annoying incoming call......

hehe, you guys are too funny! I am going to try the Nexus S out for awhile, I preordered mine and should get it on Sun. Hopefully HP will get on the ball and I can return to WebOs. The community here is 2nd to none.

Hasn't it been almost 2 years for us "Legacy" device owners?? I'm out of patience and the second my Pre- dies I am out of here. I love WebOS and Precental is amazing. Although it becomes useless when I have no device to upgrade to. I was gonna Frankenpre it up for a while but I really shouldn't have to. If I want to spend my $$ on your products why in the h*ll won't you release any!? Makes no sense to me. Hopefully I'll be back if Sprint and HP can stop fussing around. Get through your stupid red tape and get something done already!

It's been almost 2 years, I've waited patiently, but since HP/Palm has given me nothing to look at or play with, I've been playing with the HTC android phones. The Sense UI is starting to grow on me and I'm really liking the HTC phones with how big screen and thin they are!
However... i am so used to gestures. If android had the gestures area instead of the 4 buttons on the bottom I would have used my sprint 1 year upgrade a year ago. But now i have to wait till my 2 years is up to decide.
I guess I can thank HPalm for making my decision to switch to Android be an easy one since they won't have any webos phones available for sprint when my 2 years are up.

Hey, P|C why haven't you covered the Verizon update posted today. Sprint confirmed today that they have heard of the update but don't have it... at least not yet.

"In the coming months" I will...
1) continue apologize to my wife for getting her a Pre.
2) wait until August when it time to say "bye bye" to the pre and get her a new phone. It won't be WebOS unless "things are made right"
3) continue pretend to not like my work issued iPhone 4 which I secretly learned to really like so I don't make her feel bad.
4) continue to be happy that my employer refused to provide me the Pre+ I had originally begged for and gave me a iPhone instead.
5) continue to enjoy my old trusty Palm Tungsten T3 with the new battery I bought on Ebay.

"Continue apologizing to my wife for getting her a Pre"

This really cracked me up. My brother has to apologize to his wife daily - he convinced her to buy the Sprint Pixi! He had the Pre, loved it, but terrible build quality of the Pre Minus forced him to get it replaced three times. Eventually he had enough and used his early upgrade to get the Evo - leaving his wife alone in WebOS land. Her Pixi Minus is a total piece - the soft-touch exterior has almost completely peeled off, it's so slow that it really can only make phone calls, and has randomly erased all of her contacts several times. He recently had to suck it up and bought her a used Evo Shift off of eBay because she just couldn't take it anymore.

What's even worse: my brother just recently was one of the lucky few who was able to purchase an Asus Transformer. This man was all-in with WebOS, loved his Pre, was really excited about the TouchPad - and now he's a total Android convert. It's really a damn shame.

The apologizing to my wife started almost right after she got the Pre. This was in stark contrast to how much she loved her old Centro and first ever Palm device a Zire 22.

Right away she recognized that the Calendar app wasn't as nice as the one on her older Palm/OS devices. The Contact app was nice but as soon as she synced her facebook friend list she really wished there was a way to mark favorite contacts. And the worse was that WebOS has no built in Task/To-Do list application at all!

She was also disappointed in that some of her favorite games (Bejeweled) weren't available on the Pre. And it didn't take long to learn that all the cool apps that she was hearing about were never available on WebOS. I kept telling her that WebOS 2 would soon be out and with hybrid apps more cool apps should become available soon. Now, my once unassailable faith in Palm has been shattered and I feel like a fool for so often repeating the mantra "just wait for WebOS 2".

As a developer I can't underestimate what a big problem it is to not support hybrid Javascript/C/C++ apps.

The battery life was horrid compared to her Centro which for a whole month, after she got her Pre, kept running on it's last charge. I eventually installed Govnah (thanks to homebrew) to down clock when the screen was off. This improved things but she still bemoans having to charge once or twice a day.

I would metadoctor her phone but I'm afraid overclocking will impact battery life adversely. If it was my phone I wouldn't mind this as much and would be willing to work through any profile or other problems. But, she simply needs her phone to work doesn't want to risk any meta-doctor issues

In the coming months - I hate these words, I do ! - I will be reading War and Peace, or more appropriately Crime and Punishment, while waiting for Godot.

I'll echo what everyone else seems to be saying. No product, no customer. I will be leaving when my contract expires and am leaning toward WP7 at the moment. Sprint coverage sux up here in the woods of Maine and my wifes AT&T signal is great. Hey HPalm, in case you didn't notice their is a ton of product to choose from on the market and none of it is powered by webOS. That about sums it up.

Adam - Now I know why the retail markup on these devices is so high - people are "buying" these devices with no intention of keeping them past the trial period. I'm sure you are just kidding but there is a lot of that going around here.

The retail markup is "so high" for several reasons, including shipping, employee pay, training, facilities, equipment, and - most importantly - profit.

Market forces - i.e. what it costs to do business and what customers are willing to pay - determine the price. Returns barely factor into it.

You forgot taxes. They pay taxes at almost every step of manufacturing: sales tax on the components, employment taxes, income taxes, and taxes to keep the EPA off their back.

Um, I'm only here to audit Econ 101, so can you just tell me what's going to be on the final and when, so I can get my nerdy friend to sit the test for me?

i'll be looking at the specs and lower price of the Epic and wondering if I really should just move on....

I also have a door that needs to be propped open and my wifes almost dead pre- might be a good fit, cause i know for sure she's on her last hpalm nerve before seriously trying android out.

every day that goes by that HP will not at least say "june 5th 2011" more and more people are forgetting about webOS and going android. I have been stringing along my friends that i sold on webOS and every couple days a friend calls me from his new android device. HP is so dumb they dont realize even if they dont hit the date, lie to us. freakin lie to us and say this is the date. doing this will at least string us along a little while longer.

HP every day that goes by, a webOS user dies. how dumb are you? please just make up something.

just get ruby on stage tomorrow and say "june 15th" even if its not june 15th.. we will at least wait it out till then and not jump ship into the seas of coming months madness.

"HP every day that goes by, a webOS user dies"

I prefer to think that they have moved on to a better platform.

I don't think there is a better mobile operating system. I tried Android out for 6 months, have been using iOS on an iPad since Christmas, and have been using webOS on a Pre- for about 17 months. webOS is the one for me.

I just hope that Sprint picks up one of the new devices or I'll start considering WP7. I'd rather take a chance on something I haven't tried than go back to Android. It just wasn't for me.

We all feel the same, but the sad story is webOS is falling appart, and it's not going to rise up soon.

1,4GHz singlecore? in the dual-core era? competing with the GalaxySII, and the iPhone5? it's going to be an epic fail! just like the pre- was

Their only chance is taking advantage of the Honeycom and Playbook fails on the tablet market, but are they smart enough to see that? (I don't see them making the big names signing with the App Catalog... and that's the only way to make it, inmo)

well in all fairness, 1.4GHz single core is freaking plenty of processing power for a phone, even a "smart" one. Taking into account that screen resolutions are so much lower than on the PCs, and the task performed aren't exactly as heavyweight (you will rather not rip & encode DVD on it, etc.), it should be more than enough to handle UI smoothly and responsively. If not, then they have screwed it. Also, it is possible that homebrewers will come up with overclocking kernels, so it is potentially "upgradeable"

I am more concerned about the screen size & resolution - for example matching iPhone's Retina display resolution w0ould result in doubling the original Pre's screen res, with all the benefits of this fact (like almost automatic backward application compatibility - just double each pixel and tha's it, could be done at system or maybe even hardware level). Also 3.6" is still a little bit small for my likings (I will not fell in the same trap that I did with my orig. Pre, that "well, it is (just) acceptable"). No, I expect more after two years of "great, exciting new devices in the pipeline", huh, huh...

No, they've kicked the Pre bucket, they've passed on to Android, they are no more! They have shuffled off this webOS coil, run down the Sprint curtain, and gone to join the bleedin' choir in the cloud. They are ex-webOS users!

Hope so ...I don't want to die on june 1st*, only because I've just moved on to GalaxySII :-D

*Launch day for most carriers on Spain ("on the comming month", btw ...and for real! :-D)

I'm going to take a nap.

it's nice outside today. flowers are blooming, birds are chirping...

Hey Dieter -- I think the WebOS Dictionary needs to have an entry for 'Coming Months' ... something like:

'Coming Months (n) A Term used to describe a vague deadline that might, someday, possibly be met if the stars align and Dieter perfects his bacon frying skills.'

in that definition, don't forget to mention how "coming months" means HPalm hardware must be released only after competitors have released next generation hardware and devices.

This will do it ;-)

'Comming Months (n), popular mock of Palm and HP Execs to webOS users, to make them wait for 9 months to get already osolete technology, while they watch and laugh'

That works too! I've taken to using 'coming months' personally when what I really want to say is 'it's coming soon-ish but it's not yet prioritized or really thought through enough to give you a date'

Thanks to HP, every time I use those words, I can't help but smirk / wince at the same time.

Tim raises an interesting issue, though: how to handle app spam. Individually, these apps will pass a QA test, but as a collection?

when HP gives me my discounted "make things right to legacy users"... Just kiddin. I'll wait til August when my Sprint contract is up and go shopping for the most desirable and affordable phone on whatever network makes me happy; because I can. Soon I shall be released!

Poor guy, he's so tired of waiting he's gonna give even the Playbook a try. He'll probably return it well ahead of the two-week return period though...

I'll be spending the coming months working on the several TouchPad application that I plan to have released to the launch catalog. That and selling organs so that I can afford to buy a TouchPad on my current wage. Anybody want to trade me a TouchPad for one of my kidneys? Half my liver for a Pre 3? Non smoker, in pretty good shape.

No smoker, but I heard you drink a lot.....

I'll spend the next few months reading the same posts over and over in the PreCentral RSS feed.

I love the two comments about Google Maps taking forever to load. Sadly, this could be one of the top things pushing me to want to move to Android. Even my friend's slowish Android phone from Virgin Mobile can load maps in 1/8th the time as the Pre.

Can't use the app when driving, so it better work pretty well when stopped at lights or on a gridlock highway.

Cursing iTunes....

Mourning the fact that the coming months wasn't fast enough for my wife, who just bought an Acer tablet. I was afraid to tell her it made her butt look big . . . LMAO

I'd love to see an article on some apps to secure our devices.
Android has a lot of different ways to accomplish this (notably 3rd party wares). It'd be great to have some builtin or third-party solutions to secure our phones & data on them incase of theft/loss/etc.

The nexus S is looking pretty sweet... and it actually has a release date. Also, HP hasn't really convinced me that they care about phones at all... it's all tablet all the time :-(

I'll be standing in line waiting to see the final movie instalment in the Harry Potter series, figuring that I can re-read all 1,084,170 words again, which should give HP plenty of time to bring out the Pre3. You see, us Potter fans know how to wait: the author once took off a couple of years between books just because she went and had herself a baby! Some would call that being a dedicated mom with her priorities straight. I calls it slackin'! Still, I can wait!

Expecto Pre-phonum!

yeah, "expecto" is a keyword here! Expecto in the comingo monthoso!


@popologuy - cute... Us military peeps know how to wait too! I'll be working on my websites and first webos apps. My upgrade ain't till october anyhoo.

Didn't I read all these same comments a few months ago? I mean with less tears and pain behind them.

The five most common lies: I love you, the check is in the mail, it's just a skin tag, I won't __ in your mouth, and in coming months. How many are feeling they're 4 of 5 with HP/Palm right about now?

it seems that even PC crew is taking a piss now... Hardly surprising,though - well done, HPalm!