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Round Table: webOS developers chime in on HP axing device development 86

by Derek Kessler Fri, 19 Aug 2011 7:04 pm EDT

Welcome to Round Table, which is in fact not a table at all. Round Table is a continuing series on PreCentral where we pose a question to the staff and they provide their thoughts and insights. The question could be something simple like “what's your favorite homebrew patch?” or something a bit more complicated, like “what should HP do with webOS now that they're done?” Or maybe we’ll just end up discussing who should direct the movie about the downfall of HP. Today, we're running our second Round Table of the week, but we're going to mix things up and bring some well-known webOS developers on board for an all-guest column. After the break, developer extraordinaires Tony Arous, M. Esmaeili, Geoff Gauchett, James Harris, Jaron Horst, and Rod Whitby sound off on HP's decision to cease webOS device development, the future of webOS, and their own webOS development plans.

Tony Arous, More Solutions: I really hope that webOS survives, but I’m not optimistic. I’ve been developing for webOS since before the release of the original Pre and recently received my Black Belt qualification. August 2011 is shaping up to be my best month of sales in over a year, so I was convinced that the tide was turning. Well, I was partly right... it turned, but not the way I was expecting.

In the short term, Sports Live! HD is being fast-tracked and will likely be submitted this weekend. I know a lot of people have been waiting and I hope they enjoy it. A minor update will be submitted for Market Pulse HD for some bug fixes and small enhancements. The phone apps, Sports Live! and MoreStocks, will not be receiving any additional updates.

Longer term, new app projects are on hold until I hear an official statement to developers from HP. However, even if webOS is licensed, it’s likely going to be a long time before any hardware is available. In the meantime, I’ll be looking at other platforms (likely Windows Phone 7 and/or Android) to continue app development, but I’m not leaving the webOS community.

I want to thank all the webOS GBU employees that I’ve worked with over the years. I wish them all the best, wherever the future takes them. This community has also been fantastic and was a critical factor in my success. Thank you to everyone I met at the NYC developer event last year, everyone I’ve exchanged messages with on Twitter (@MoreSolApps if you want to follow me!) and all the other webOS loyalists. You’ve all been great!

M. Esmaeili, dots & lines: A month ago our first webOS app Carbon made it to HP Veer TV Commercial, a week or so ago we were asked by webOS GBU for permission to pre-load Demo units of Pre3 with Carbon. And then... yesterday. I stared at my screen for hours trying to digest what I was reading ‘til 6 or 7AM in the morning. I still don’t get it. I almost had a tear or two, and oh the number of “I told you so” gestures that I got from the friends in the industry.

I bet all were shocked, but no one in the world saw this coming in this fashion. This is like someone telling you “Yo! We’re demolishing this building, move out, NOW!”. Lucky for us, we do have a summer house (we work on iOS & Windows Phone 7 too).

The only hope that we had all the way was release of new devices, that for us meant getting decent sales. Veer came out, and we didn’t even see any tangible growth in sales. So we again remembered Richard Keriss’ “Yes we can” speech and decided to wait for the TouchPad launch. Needless to mention any details on that launch. And well, since we waited all that long it wouldn’t have hurt any more if we waited for the Pre3 launch. And that ain’t happening. So what are we going to do? We kept on believing. We did our part, worked hard, stayed positive. HP failed us. As developers, there are far more profitable platforms out there, and far better development environments than the “alpha Enyo”. But we love webOS. And specially the community that’s been so patient with us in ups and downs, in our mess-ups and in our successes. 

Samsung please buy out webOS GBU. You have Bada, so you know OS dev, you have apps and Developer Relations and have built more apps for Honeycomb than TouchPad has apps. Please buy webOS GBU and their amazing Developer Relations team. And oh, you need all the patents in the world to stop Apple from harassing you on every Monday. That’d be my last webOS wish.

What’s next for dots & lines and webOS? We’ll wait. Carbon will be supported until it’s too late. New apps will be paused until we know where the fate of webOS lies.

Geoff Gauchett, Zhephree: I’m sad. I have urges to compare my emotions to events that were way worse than a cellphone being discontinued, but that’s ridiculous. Developing for webOS has been fun and has introduced me to new experiences and people and my development and design skills in my day job have increased because of it. I’m hopeful that webOS will live on on other devices one day, but I keep feeling that’s a pipe dream. I know that WebOS Internals will help consumers still in contracts be able to use their devices, which is great to know. I feel like, at some point, webOS will reach a status of being a hobbyist’s OS, where WebOS Internals is supplying the only available apps - homebrew - via Preware and the App Catalog and the Palm Profile servers will be shutdown. When, I have no idea, hopefully later rather than sooner.

As for my apps, I’m in limbo on a lot of them. I’m stopping development on growlr (but it’s open source!), stopping development on neato! (and may open source it later on), and halting development on foursquare until I get a better feel for the future of webOS. I’m still going to support the users of my apps and I’m going to issue bug fixes for foursquare (which is also open source!) and if there’s a foursquare feature I really want for myself, I’ll selfishly add it in for me and submit to the Catalog or Preware, whatever’s appropriate at the time. incredible! is still in active development, and I just released the beta to a group of testers. Once the app is completed and in the App Catalog, I’ll be taking a break from webOS development until I see something positive. Will I move on to other OSes? I have no idea. I’m planning on FrankenPre-ing my AT&T Pre2 for Sprint, so I’ll be a webOS user for a little while longer, for sure. I’d like to get back to pure web development and that’s been picking up for me lately, so now I’ll have more time for that. I’ll also have more time to relax, hang out with my fiancée, and maybe read a book or something for once.

PreCentral has been integral to my success in my webOS development, and I’m truly grateful for that. As webOS likely moves further into a homebrew scene, I see PreCentral becoming a bigger player in that realm in getting the word out about new apps and whatnot. I will keep developing for webOS until my emails to my developer relations account manager bounce back, and when that time comes, I’ll make a decision.

James Harris: webOS is not dead. Let me say that again: webOS is not dead.

Just hours before the news broke, I submitted the most advanced and powerful education app for any platform. Then the news broke and I sat there in shock at the thought of all those people running for the exit. Now they would never see the tool that would become one of their greatest weapons in advancing their dreams.

From a developer standpoint, our work cannot be killed. We all work on a platform known as webOS remember? Our apps run in a browser. A browser is a thing that all modern mobile devices has. Our tool of a choice? A JavaScript framework. A framework that can be altered and/or improved. No, our work is not dead by any means.

Even if webOS itself does not find a hardware suitor, it at the very least gave us the HTML 5 DNA. We are the fittest in Darwin’s world, we will survive and take pieces of webOS with us.

All we developer’s need to do is simply look more closely at cross platform tools. We have PhoneGap, which just yesterday pledged to support webOS devices as long as there were devices to use. We have Jo, Sencha, jQuery Mobile, iWebKit, and a myriad of other frameworks. There’s AppCelerator, Titanium, and more. Sure, it may take some additional work, but they already share the same DNA.

I for one have a great product and would love to see everyone benefit from its ingenuity.

HP did fail miserably yesterday. They screamed fire in a crowded room and watched as people panicked. They did not inform Developer Relations about this ahead of time (or anyone at Palm it seems), so there were no prepared statements. This delay in communication is only fueling the hysteria.

The Personal Systems Group (which webOS is a part of) is being separated from HP. That means they will be able to get away from the masters that are holding it back. Mix this with some hardware partners such as HTC or Samsung, and it can thrive. Sure, it’ll be an uphill battle, but for a developer, we’ll already share the same DNA remember.

Jaron Horst, Sound Expressions: I personally stopped development after HP’s “Think Big” event. In my mind, HP was making the same mistakes that lead to Palm’s demise - vague timelines, poor communication, “too little, too late” hardware - only new made worse by HP’s ego and arrogance. The fact that they were willing to ditch all of their current users/developers and expect them to wait even longer to get new sub-par hardware “in the coming months” boggled my mind!

After failing to break even on my Mojo 1.x app investment (T-Money), the idea of starting over with a new, incomplete framework and buying new hardware in this bad economy didn’t make sense. After all, if I was to develop my app again, why not on iOS or Android? To be fair though, I polled a handful of my customers to ask what they thought: all but one had moved on to Android or iOS already and had no desire to come back (they did offer to pay double for the same app on the Android platform though!).

I worked for an HP repair shop during my college years and, as a result, I’ve never associated HP with quality or innovation. They always came across as just a budget-minded “me-too” company only on a larger scale. Unlike companies like Apple, HP always seamed to be there for the sale (enterprise contracts) and not to build a loyal cult-following with consumers through quality products, service, and support. Therefore, yesterday’s announcement, although painful from the perspective of a webOS user, developer, and fan, wasn’t much of a surprise.

At this point, I don’t see much chance for webOS to survive unless a huge player picks them up (Amazon or Facebook for example). Even then, I don’t see webOS ever becoming a large player in today’s - or tomorrow’s - cell phone industry. As always, it would be “too little, too late.”

Rod Whitby, WebOS Internals: My webOS devices work today in exactly the same way they did yesterday, and the apps and services that WebOS Internals provides also work the same way today as they did yesterday.

If you purchase consumer electronics for what it might do in the future, instead of what it does do today (and that includes available apps), then you will always end up disappointed.



I would love for the next Round Table to be all the Mobile Nations representatives recruiting WebOS users to their platform. What are the pros and cons of each? Just like Tim did for WPCentral. I'm keeping an open mind for my next phone purchase.

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I really, REALLY wish someone at HP could read the above, and realize that by terminating WebOS hardware development right now, they could be destroying EXACTLY what was needed for WebOS to become a serious contender:


Imagine Pre 3 beling released, maybe not the fastest, or most fancy, but certainly a formidable device, and seeing the app count double in months after, and then double again within a year of its release.

Gone would have been the days of saying they don't have the APPs, and then, HP would have been a contender, and, maybe, just maybe, even more than that.

"In order to get great rewards, one must take great risks."

HP, please, reconisder this direction, or, partner up with (not licene, parter) a good hardware mfr and get the Pre 3 out the door, pronto!

It seems as if no carrier deals could be had for the Pre3 - at least that's my take. So they really couldn't release the Pre3.

ATT cancelled their pre 3 launch as reported in webosroundup, no, that was not the problem, the problems was the lack of good project management on HPs part.

AT&T was on board with the launch, then THEY found out about the hardware cancellation by HP the same way you and I did, last minute, no forewarning.. and THEN they cancelled their order.

I was actually waiting for the Pre3.It is a shame that HP pulled the plug on mobile devices. I love my Pre Plus, even without the updates (running vesion 1.4.5 I believe). Too bad that HP didn't want to go the distance...

I don't think that it is "HP" that didn't want to go the distance, but Leo Apotheker who has no vision for HP except to be another IBM. Yes, IBM has been successful, but you can't be an industry leader by following the crowd. Remember, "HP Invent"! Misters Hewlett and Packard must be spinning in their graves. This guy (Apotheker) makes Carly Fiorina look like a genius. I think that his main objection to WebOS is that it wasn't his idea and it doesn't fit into his vision of HP as a software company. But then again, even selling PCs with a 5 - 6 percent margin is better than selling nothing at a 100 percent margin. You know that people and businesses want PCs but may not need or want the software that you develop. If the stock market continues on Monday as it was moving on Friday, HP may have a new CEO, CFO and board of directors in the near future.

God we can only hope.

I like what Rod Whitby says.

Rod always has a very unique perspective on webOS. I've always grin a little when I see a comment from him contrasted to others.

You have to admit - if it wasn't for Rod, webOS would have been completely dead a long time ago.

Rod's answer is the best. There will always be something 2 or 3 years down the line to change what you currently have. Always. If webOS works for you now, it will work for you for the next couple of years until you are ready to move on.

This whole PR mess from Leo turned this into something it didn't need to be. They could have focused on getting an oem or two to build hardware for the platform, then just pulled their own hardware out of the market nice and neat. Instead "FIRE!" was yelled out by the CEO. Why is he still employed?

HP just has so much money that they aren't concerned with what happens to webOS (or anything they leave in the dust). They are already focused on their next thing. If that wasn't the case then Leo would be in the trouble he deserves to be in.

If HP's stock does not recover, Leo will be out of a job in 9 months.

He should be out of a job now! Along with a dissolution of the entire board.

Leo made a massive mistake. I am sure that it had something to do with equipment sales (phones, pc's) starting to drop. Which meant that maybe the stock price was going to be affected more in the future than it already had before the announcement. Got to watch shareholder value. Correct-they should have tried to get a couple of oem's to build hardware, but that would have required Leo to do something-think. I don't think he will last that much longer...

PS. My Palm Pre works today as it did yesterday...

Agree strongly with Rod, from a personal standpoint. I'm not one to upgrade phones because my contract is up or something new comes along. I kept my Kyocera 6035 until I had to move and change providers, the 7135 until the digitizer started acting funny, and my Treo until the keyboard's "p" stopped responding. They did what I needed, at the time. I lost my Pre+ and bought a replacement from craiglist, the day before HP's announcement! I think I would have done the same even today, though I likely could of gotten a better price. Contract is over in Dec, but I don't see myself replacing it unless it breaks or I lose this one.

I agree. My Pre Plus works today as it did yesterday. I will keep using it until it is dead. Might even pick up a Veer when they drop the price.

Big question, will the editable version of quickoffice ever see the light of day. In all honesty, I am EXTREMELY happy with my touchpad, and will use it as long as it lasts IF I get document editing. If not, it is a worthless brick.

So, if HP will pull a product 60 days into it's sales cycle, what company in it's right mind would use HP as an Enterprise Solution? I know of several companies that had purchased touchpads to see if they could integrate into their workforce. They have dropped countless man hours into the process already (like tailoring a citrix server for touchpad use). All that time and money is now wasted on the whim of idiotic HP leadership.

Lastly, any IT consultant out there that stepped up and tried to push the advantages of the touchpad over other tablets have now lost face.

Let the class action lawsuits begin....

I feel your pain its done! WebOS is over

I think Quickoffice might come out. I'm hopeful if HP isn't willing to pay them for making it that the company will release as a paid app themselves. There's going to be a few hundred thousand owners within a week or two, they'll make good money selling it.

Well if you're not afraid of and have the know how to hack your device with Homebrew software, you could try your hand at installing Ubuntu Linux applications like OpenOffice and see if they fit your needs. It's not ideal and it's not easy but unfortunately with HP having killed webOS, your device is now a hobby device anyway.

>>Lastly, any IT consultant out there that stepped up and tried to push the advantages of the touchpad over other tablets have now lost face.

Word. Not only have in house Apple-hating IT folks damaged their reputations internally (but serves them right for putting their fan fantasies above proper research and decision making...) but outside consultants have as well, esp consultants specific to HP.

In fact, Leo (or maybe it was DeWitt) in the days following commented that they'd been told in no uncertain terms by their Enterprise customers that they'd blown it with the TP: Months and months of pitching it, even getting group orders, and they delivered something that was buggy and incomplete.

I think this feedback had EVERYTHING to do with HP cutting out the PSG, to make a very public declaration to those Enterprise decision makers: "You are our priority."

they really need to sit down and reconsider releasing the Pre3 here in the u.s . You, HP, have made a national spectacle of yourself. People are aware of your products now. So release the Pre 3 NOW. The pre 3 is far from bad. It will do fairly well.

HP probably owns a large inventory of AT&T logo'ed and locked handsets. Their best bet would be to sell them through the HP Outlet.

I think Leo was smart enough not to manufacture a large US order.

Management didn't decide to leave the hardware business and completely restructure the company overnight, this was clearly a long-planned strategy, and the TP's release was incidental compared to what happened Thursday. But with the Pre 3 they would have been making very expensive carrier-subsidized phones, which the carrier wouldn't be willing to subsidize, and the release date was always hazy, and post-breakup, so they could get away with stringing us along.

I'm surprised Leo let the TP out into the wild, he could have pretended to delay it a month as well, but I guess he didn't want to take the risk of raising a red flag so close to the breakup. Whatever they spent making and marketing the TP is peanuts compared to the breakup numbers.

They knew about the decision to terminate WebOS prior to the release of the TP. I am sure they released the TP as a last ditch effort to see if it would stick.

not even a chance, you dont release a product to see if it would stick, like any business you dont make money the first go around, you learn adjust and conquer. People are wrong saying they were late to the party, the dominant player in mobile platforms in 8 or 9 years might very well be a new player, the problem is that they seemed panicky, no clear contingencies in place if those sales target were not met

Upper management decided to release an unfinished and slow tablet with no apps and doc editing because they didn't want to fund WebOS development properly as they were killing it off once they got their breakup finalized. HP's many seemingly bizarre maneuvers and their half-baked OS development over the past few months make complete sense now.¸

You can't seriously think that HP would have kept their hardware division around had TP or Veer sales been stronger. The bad TP/Veer sales and poor reviews were probably welcomed to make Leo's killing off of WebOS look smart. Strangling WebOS development with limited resources and hobbling the platform with weak hardware/promotion had to be the strategy.

If they had fixed the OS, made some apps and released a hot-selling slab phone he'd look like an idiot now and the decision to leave the hardware biz would be questioned. Leo tried to make it right for the people that matter, the shareholders.

I agree get the Pre3 out here. Fire sale it. 99.99 for and unlocked 16gb gsm. They will sell like hot cakes and get a good base until it can be licensed. Will they think that way prob not.

I think a $99 unlocked Pre3 would be a great value, but I don't think the market in the U.S. for unlocked GSM phones is very big. This is just my impression from the number of people I know who go the unlocked route.

I don't even understand the unlocked route.

If HP does sell the Pre 3 unlocked, does that mean I can buy it and use it on Sprint?

I think they are going to unload Pre 2s. Can I buy one and use it on Sprint?

No. It means you can activate it on AT&T basically. GSM only.

Agreed. I just had this conversation with another WebOS user. My FrankenPre2 is performing great compared to my original Pre, but a Pre3 + TouchPad combo would put me in good shape for another year or so.

Bet Dr. Dre is feeling great with his "I need a Doctor" video showing off a Pre Never to Be and Fumblepad

WebOS has always had a great talented developer base. I wish these guys all the luck. For those of us with $50 app funds left like me, buy apps at least to help the above guys and independent developers. Even if you return or sell your Touchpad (I put mine up on ebay but actually no one in their right mind would buy it now that the prices for new ones dropped so low) , just use up the app amount to help our developers recoup their time and effort. If my TP doesn't sell, I'll keep it since it actually works pretty well. I would say that the webOS crew at HP seem as blindsided as anyone and I still have respect for them. The HP Ceo and others that made this plan - not at all!


so now that people are actually buying the tablets wouldn't it be worth keeping webos alive and developers happy?

Depends. From what I've seen a lot of people are getting them hoping to run Android at some point.

Others are buying to put it up on Ebay.

Who knows how many WebOS users there will actually be.

I think they will just wait and see if any of the now hundreds of thousands with TouchPads buy any apps. The death of the App Store and such will be slower. It will not be as rash as what we saw the other day: the insane "were taking our ball and going home because Apple is too strong and our big friend Microsoft might want us to play some day!"

Many fools are trying to buy the Touchpad to put Android on it indeed. But they will soon see that the tablet in hand may look like a big old Ford truck, but the engine (OS) is one of a Ferrari. Maybe they are wise, match clunky OS (Android) for clunky body (TouchPad hardware), but I think people will think twice about deleting webOS if they get to playing with it.

So many friends of mine ran out and got a TouchPad today! They are all calling to say "show me how to do this, and wow, this is awesome!" Most of them just tell me how they are super bummed that this awesome OS is dead. If I were HP, I would see if any of these new users stick around my servers in a month and I would troll these forums. Use the data you glean to sell the OS entirely to Samsung.

Who knows guys, maybe they are as diabolically genius as Claudio says... If so, they may have already given Amazon a chance to get a head start on building an Amazon WebOS tablet! Hey, a guy can dream, can't he?

Alas, I don't think these guys are smart at all. Listen sometime to their executives when they get interviewed. They are overpaid wussies who have been suckling the corporate double-speaking teet too long.

what happened to our usability of webos hardware if they shut down the palm profile servers??

webOS internals has already said they can operate separte from palm profile. So you will just have to use preware to get apps, etc. I don't see this happening but I didn't see what has happen coming.


What? sh:t?


webOS is not dead it is just badly wounded. Only time will tell how it will survive. I know there are a lot of new TouchPad owners today ready to download apps. Hardware is needed fast, HP get us a hardware deal and calm down the people running from your crazy fire!

It's not dead. It's pining.

unbelievable! I cannot understand that HP would just pull the plug on their devices. All this talk of an ecosystem, it not going to materialize with the lack of leadership at the helm. Why should anybody buy a device if it has webOS on it? Not me anyway, I'm moving to Apple. I have stood by webOS since pre- and still have the sprint pre-, waiting for the pre3. No I'm not waiting as I lose face with everybody around me glorify Apple and their IPad or IPhones. Everybody Apple won and its time to raise the white flag, join in and crash your user profiles on the palm servers. HP your an idiot who doesn't have a clue! Why did you buy palm anyway? @toofast4yourazz yes *it happens! I'm tired of being played the fool watching how you can facetime on a IPhone. And all touchpad can do is multitask are you kidding me. I'm out!

I just want to say to all you developer thank you from the bottom of my heart. You guys make this community great. And I'll stick around for much longer. My Pre- (soon to be frankenpre2) does everything I need it to do, and I'll be around until it dies.

Sage advice, Rod. You are the wisest of the WebOS Elders.

webOS elders? Seriously dude?

"elders" is mild. I've seen some become deities around these parts.

Please hang in there, developers. The faithful need you.

thanks to each of you guys and all of the webOS developers, you have made my life more productive and fun over the last couple of years, and I will continue to hold out hope for this platform to make it, but like Rod said, "my device works today..."
by the way, here's hoping for a "fire sale" on the pre3!

I'm hoping these interviews were done before the firesale of the Touchpad was released on the world.

I think some developers will get the devices in the real world that they were hoping for.

In other news, "HP Touchpad for Dummies" now available for pre-order at Amazon.

"HP Touchpad for Dummies" $499 for 16Gb and $599 for 32Gb. [rimshot]


I was the Tech Editor of HP TouchPad for Dummies. The book has been cancelled.

Ouch sorry about that. The hits just keep coming.

I think you should have cancelled that book three weeks ago! At this point, you should print it... Do you know how many beginners are buying TPads this weekend?

Really... you guys liked Rod's answer? Of course I love everything he has done for WebOS and that's why I was happy to see he was a part of this round table but when I read it, it just seemed like he just stuck his head in the ground and decided to ignore what happened. He made it seem like nothing was gonna change for webos which I SERIOUSLY doubt. Plus the fact that he completely avoided the question. He hardly talked about his thoughts on the news and he didn't even answer about his thoughts on the future of webos or his development plans. He didn't give any "sage advice". He made a statement that many others have made. Live with what you purchase.

I tend to agree. Rod's answers usually seem to be 'holier than thou' [read smarter]

Maybe he knows something we don't, or maybe he's being pompous.

It seems to me that HP is trying to tell us that WebOS isn't dead, only left without new HW for now.

I have waffled on taking my TP back to BB. but my indecision stems from not knowing if there's going to be fixes for the bugs that it still has, or good office software without a major hack. I know it can be used sans profiles, but Synergy was one reason I liked it.

This round-thingy has not added to my confidence.

With today's dramatic decrease in prices, the remaining stock flying off the shelves (Atlanta, GA is sold out everywhere and with the exception of Best Buy apparently isn't participating)it appears WebOS may have just gained a few hundred thousand if not a million or more new users.

With existing users, there seems to be a great opportunity for profitability for developers (for the short term anyhow).

I am one of the hordes that did not consider WebOS at all when buying a Tablet (I have a Transformer), but at $130 each (Office Depot charged a little more), I bought 2.

You guys are about to have a massive influx of new users, if you all can keep the apps going, WebOS may not die after all.

It may have been a great move HP to expose hundreds of thousands to WebOS so cheaply, from what I hear, if it's half the kick **** OS I've heard it is, HP may have just given WebOS it's biggest boost yet!

Are you going to be buying two copies of each app for your two Touchpads? I see a lot of reports of people buying 2-4 Touchpads at these prices. Most of these will never see a paid-for app.

I just bought one for $99 today, too, and have been messing with it for a few hours. Webos is nice, but compared to my Transformer or my wife's iPad, the hardware is just not up to scratch, and the apps aren't there. For me, it's probably going to be a great deal on a color ebook reader, web browser, photo viewer, etc, and I won't expect it to have all the apps available for android or ios. When I'm done playing, one of my kids will probably inherit it. We may buy a few paid apps (a DLNA client to watch the movies stored on my NAS box, for example), but probably not a lot.

Exactly. The devs now more than ever, need to pump out their apps.

I'm a regular Pre+ user. I wanted the TP, but the price point was too high. I was going to wait until Christmas and see if I could get one on sale. The woot! offer was too good to pass up. I'm loving my TP.

The folks at Epocrates look like geniuses now.

I hope Lenovo buys the group or at least licenses webOS. Their labtops and desktops are quality hardware and they continually update their software.

A Chinese company might, I agree. They have an insatiable appetite for US IP and Web OS has a lot of nifty IP, for sure.

Maybe WebOS could become the Buick of cell phones.

So where are the introductory articles that PreCentral usually posts on occasions like "So you just picked up the $99 Touchpad you didn't want otherwise..."

So who the **** bought up all the Touchpads before I could get one? Am I naive to thing that with the ridiculous sales today, some group like HTC, Samsung, or the folks behind Ubuntu would make a run at WebOS to show HP how it's done?

I got one from Sam's Club for $99 at around 12:30 PST last night. They were sold out in about 20 minutes.

I think many people bought it hoping to run Android on it at some point.

I did. But I don't think there's that many outside of Best Buy and HP themselves. Hopefully HP will open the floodgates next week or donate them to kids in India.

Ebay exploded with TP one-day sales last night and this morning.

As someone who's been waiting to get a touchpad to develop with... I'm disappointed we weren't offered this deal before the general public... I went out at 8 and looked till 12 and foUnd none... Looked online while out, none... Called warehouses of hp, staples, ECT... None... If I get one I'll work on developing for it, if not I wnt and it's not looking like I will :( I can afford 100$ I can't afford much more so it would have been a nice opportunity!

All the WebOS phones on the HP store are listed as sold out now. Any idea where we can find unlocked Pre2 or Pre3s?

Optimism is one thing, but this has moved well into fantasy land for some. HP is likely funding some of this fire sale to help save channel relations. They are not doing this to increase the customer base. They do not want customers; they just want to unload the responsibility for these things and move on. What are all these new customers going to do when their speaker cracks, or sound stops, or any number of issues crop up? HP does not want to support these things. The stores are probably going to have to process a bunch of fire sale returns, another nightmare.

HP has not promised to continue development of wOS for hardware like some have tried to spin it. They are out of that business! They might leave a small development team in place to try and get it in shape to sell to another company. As it is, there is no other company who wants it. After that, they may see what the enterprise printer division can do with it. They see possibilities for it as an embedded OS, not a consumer facing OS.

Stop saying that they have not given up on wOS. They have absolutely given up on it with regard to devices you might buy as a consumer. Go back and read the transcripts of the conference call. HP is done with pretty much all consumer facing efforts. Let go. Move on.

If the developers haven't noticed, the Touchpads are selling out EVERYWHERE. My local walmart apparently even had a run on them and was sold out by 8am. There will now be a nice userbase to buy least one silver lining.

This message needs to hit developers, so they don't STOP developing. If all of the touchpads sell through at this price, it will be one of the biggest device specific tablet user base to develop for. Obviously, it will be no where near the Ipad base, but MUCH less App competition.

I remember people saying that to the Amiga developers, too.

I hope developers stick around.... All those TPs that people scooped up today need apps!

The TP needed apps long before today. That's, in part, why their being practically given away. If they couldn't get apps when the largest computer maker was pushing hard for apps and the ecosystem, what makes you think big developers will care now that HP has knifed the baby?

i would humbly suggest that even though there was that little announcement about the pre 3 and what not back in Feb, that with in a very very few short weeks this whole TP, pre 3 etc being dropped was a done deal. I frankly do not believe that HP was even trying to get carriers. Face it, Tablets are new in the consumers mind. HP had absolutely no plans to complete the original plan. They had a contract to build TP's which they could not get out of.. they sold them off fast and hard. A blow out sale. The Pre 3 lolol.. probably was never built in the numbers that were needed to make a go of it. Little things point to this, Rogers and Bell, suddenly pull all pre sales off their sites. gone kaput. this was before the announcement.. my bet is and will remain, that they were looking to make a little back on something ol Leo didnt want but were committed to via contract.. So as the saying goes Buyer be ware. Gotta love this stuff.

I guess I am on the 'Rod W' track. Not having money to spend on a new phone anyway.
But like a couple of others, my heavily home-brewed Pre minus is limping along with a cracked screen.
So, someday soon I may be forced to end what has been a fun relationship with Palm that started when it was U.S. Robitics and I was a hard charging road-warrior salesman with a love for gadgets. Now I am a GrandPaGeek that helps my college age grand-kids recover from dipping into the ethereal dark-side and getting virus-singed in the process.
I implore you, Jedi knights of the PreCentral roundtable, guide me through this disruption in the force. If I am forced to start over, what device will best fulfill my addiction? Are there home-brew apps available for Androids? What can I go to that is probably not top of the line, considering cost, but I can tinker with without leaving behind a trail of smartphone bricklets? Considering I am limited to Sprint.
I humbly and sadly await your guidance.

Go forth to Windows Phone 7 my son. I made that eternal journey last month, and its great.


Dearly beloved developers, I want to ensure you hear this clearly. From everything we are hearing internally at HP, the company absolutely plans to support the webOS long term. Now, please note I am not in upper mgt. so all I can state is what we are being told.

Actually, many mgr's are very excited to have so many TP sold since this boosted the user community much faster than originally planned. It's assumed that this will drive better opportunity for app sales.

Please keep developing ! You now have a huge market of users.