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Roundup: Advanced device backup/restore tips 3

by Adam Marks Fri, 04 Jan 2013 3:54 pm EST

Activate palm ProfileWhen Palm developed webOS, they did a great job of backing up the majority of your settings in the Palm Profile backup, such as your App Launcher setup, your synergy accounts, web bookmarks, contacts/calendar/memos entries to your Palm Profile, and more. As webOS progressed from version 1.0.1 to where it is now, the data that was included in your backup also expanded, now including your Linked Contacts and some application data if an app developer utilizes that functionality in their app. However, there are few big omissions in the Palm Profile backup, such as saved application/game data and homebrew apps/patches.

WebOS Internals has helped fill that void with the use of the Save/Restore application and the "Saved Package List" feature in Preware, and we have documented all the steps you can take to successfully backup and restore your webOS data when you swap or Doctor your device in our Definitive Guide to Backing up and Restoring your webOS Device. However, there are a few additional steps that you may want to consider taking when reactivating a device to make the transition easier:

  • App Tuckerbox
    • Before you restore all the packages in Preware's Saved Package List, you should consider installing and configuring App Tuckerbox first. This will add the proper feeds to Preware that will allow you to download any apps from the official App Catalogs that did not auto-download to your device. This will occur if those apps were not compliant with your installed webOS version or were from the beta or web feeds of the App Catalog
  • Use Save/Restore to backup additional system files and images  
    • If you have added some of the advanced scripts to Save/Restore to backup some additional system files or images, you will need to be sure to add those scripts back to your new device before running a "Restore applications" from within Save/Restore.
  • Disable or Remove Voice Dial [webOS 2.x] 
    • If you had disabled Voice Dial on your old webOS 2.x device, don't forget to disable it again on your new device
  • Restore your Text Assist learned words and shortcuts [webOS 2.x]
  • Reset default Email folders
    • While your Palm Profile backup will restore your synergy email accounts and most settings, it will not restore any default email folders that you set for your Sent, Draft or Trash folders.
  • Reset Just Type and Exhibition Settings [webOS 2.x+]
  • Check general settings

Got any other suggestions not included above that you follow when you restore your profile onto a new webOS device?

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I hope HP/Palm/Gram doesn't shut down the backup servers...

I just came across this article. In a few days, I will be going back to a Pre 3 (4G this time) from a Pre 2, and I'd like to have to do as little manual steps as possible.

Up till now, I would manually copy my databases over, except for TealSpeed, which is set up in an area which can't be reached, according to one of the guys at TealPoint (or at least I couldn't cuz I didn't know how). I would open the item on the new one and create a record so that the DB was created, open both devices to USB and locate the DBs, usually in one of two spots. I rename the OId DB to the one just created on the New one, delete that one and copy the Old one over. I will have to do that with TaskMaster if I can't figure out how to add it to Save/Restore.

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