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Roundup: Bluetooth Keyboard 10

by Adam Marks Fri, 07 Sep 2012 6:16 pm EDT

Bluetooth keyboardAlthough webOS first gained the ability to pair and use a Bluetooth keyboard back in webOS 2.0, it seems like it became a much more prevalent accessory with the release of the TouchPad and the official HP wireless keyboard in July 2011. Being able to type on a full-size (or almost full-size) keyboard and having arrow keys to quickly move the cursor certainly offered the opportunity to increase your productivity while using the tablet. While any Bluetooth keyboard should work with a webOS smartphone or the TouchPad, the official keyboard was very attractive since it was not only slim and lightweight but had many keys that were dedicated to some of the unique functions of webOS.

As good as the usability of a Bluetooth keyboard was with the TouchPad and webOS 3.0.0, the final webOS 3.0.5 update improved it even further. It added in many features that improved your TouchPad experience by giving you more keyboard shortcuts that reduced the need to take your hands off the keyboard and reach up to the tablet to perform some simple tasks.  So, here is a roundup of all our tips to give you the most of our using a Bluetooth keyboard with your webOS device:

Do you have other ways that you use your Bluetooth keyboard with your webOS device? Are there any other keyboard combinations that you know of that increases its usefulness? Let us know.

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I'm using the Apple Wireless Keyboard (because I can't find an otherwise suitable keyboard at my local Best Buy), and while it isn't optimized for the TouchPad (top row keys don't work, Caps Lock light doesn't illuminate for some reason, and the Fn key does nothing) it actually does the job. Command and Eject brings up Card View, Option is the alternate characters modifier key, and Ctrl-A -C -X -V usually works in text fields (though it's separated from touch copy and paste). Now all that's needed is a mod to enable all the top row keys and to show battery status and renaming keyboard.

Could you share the details on getting an Apple BT Keyboard(and mouse) working on a touchpad....I have tried a few times but no luck....

I got the HP keyboard on sale for $19 but I don't use it much. I use my Touchpad everyday but mostly for viewing content and short messages.

I love the wireless keyboard. My only question is why the symbol key don't do anything?..

I wish there waere a solution to switch to other languages, that is without need to restart touchpad to switch the language

switch the language of the virtual keyboard?   like this:

I love my HP wireless keyboard; too bad that copy/cut/paste don't work in the browser. It's also annoying when Caps Lock gets stuck on, even though I know how to get it unstuck.

I have still been unable to pair my bluetooth keyboard since I got it over a year ago. I have sent my TouchPad back 3 times and they always say their is nothing wrong with it. it gets stuck "turning on" the bluetooth. Very Frustrating. HP really messed up a good opportunity to set themselves apart from the pack and basically gave up. That type of ownership/management is why big business is failing and jobs are not being made....

Got a couple of keyboards, one for home, one for work. Paired them up with my TouchPad and Playbook and it works wonderfully when RDP'ing to work. Got some other BT keyboards, ie. clamshell versions, but they don't compare with the design, size and quality of the HP.

This keyboard in combination with the proper software makes being a tablet road warrior so much easier. Oh and don't forget about the wireless induction charging dock. Its funny that this is now android's newest innovation? Been there, done that, old news.

I hope Luna CE gets bluetooth mouse compatibility soon!