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Roundup: Keyboard Shortcuts 4

by Adam Marks Fri, 19 Nov 2010 2:35 pm EST

Pre Keyboard In this edition of PreCentral's Tip Roundup, we focus on some keyboard shortcuts or keyboard combinations that are available as a result of the presence of a physical keyboard on all current webOS devices. For a complete list of published Keyboard Shortcut tips, click here. For a summary of the top tips, keep reading:

  • Shift + Backspace
    • Provides the ability to delete an entire word instead of just a single character
  • Shift + Enter
    • Tabs between fields on a variety of stock and 3rd-party webOS Apps (but sadly, not in the browser)
  • Meta-tap (Gesture tap)
    • Press-and-holding the Gesture Area and then tapping on a keyboard key or an area of the screen to initiate a specific action (e.g. Copy/Paste)
  • How to take a screen shot
    • Self-explantory!
  • Accessing the USB Drive
    • Quick keyboard combination to activate the USB Drive mode, especially useful if your touchscreen is broken or unresponsive

Got any other great keyboard shortcuts or combinations not already covered by a PreCentral Tip?

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Shame about the inability to tab in the browser; can't think of a more useful place to do so...


There is still no way to delete characters to the right of the cursor key. The backspace only deletes characters to the left, now with Shift delete its words to the left.

How to delete characters to the right?

Is there a HomeBrew app for that?

Hold the SHIFT (Up arrow) button, swipe to the right to highlight, then press the backspace key. Tip:

How about ways to:
1) Tab to beginning of a line, or to the end of a line? Tapping, especially at start of text line, often just doesn't work. Often just have to start a couple of chars from beginning, backspace and retype the start f the string.
2) Ever been near end of string of SMS msg that is near 'enter' icon in input field? Most of the time I end up sending msg before I'm ready.
Precise positioning of the cursor is just plain too difficult. A way to just move the cursor right/left like old Treo arrows is needed.