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Roundup: The Option Key 8

by Adam Marks Fri, 03 Dec 2010 2:13 pm EST

Keyboard - Option Key The Option Key currently comes in two forms: Orange or Silver, depending on if you are on the original Pre or any other webOS device. Regardless of the color, that single keyboard key is quite versatile, allowing you to do quite a number of different thing throughout the operating system. In this week's Tip Roundup, we explore some of the many uses you will find for this Option Key. Keep reading after the break to reexamine all those uses

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I've always wondered -- why *did* they change from Orange to Silver (seeing as how Orange is a Palm colour). Was this a result of Verizon/AT&T being picky?

Who knows, perhaps it will be blue on the new devices (HP).

Ultimately, it doesn't really matter -- just curious.

Actually, one the Pre Minus, it is often hard to see the orange numbers on the keyboard in low light... it's a bit easier to see the silver color, so they probably figured it wasn't worth having orange only on the Option key

So, what are those specific keys used with the Option & Sym keys & what do they do?

The title of the bullet is a link back to the original tips. Just click through...

The option key + tap also allows you to delete events in the calendar app.

cool I didn't know the browser stuff (y)

i like the orange! i don't need to see my keys to know what to press as i've owned my phone more than a couple weeks. it also makes my keyboard look cool and it makes the 'numbers' section stand out which only makes sense. The semi-hidden splash of palm color will be missed if left out of future sprint webos devices.

I think they should make the orange key and numbers light green, it would look a lot cooler..