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Roundup: Universal Search 12

by Adam Marks Fri, 10 Dec 2010 2:09 pm EST

Universal Search - Web search Before Palm officially puts the final nail in the Universal Search coffin (to be replaced with Just Type in webOS 2.0), we figured that now is probably the best time to bring Universal Search to our Tip Roundup. Everyone using a webOS device should be familiar with Universal Search, as it allows you to search for contacts, apps, Google, maps, websites and so much more from anywhere on the device. If you are not familiar with Universal Search, all you need to do it just type while in either card view or in the launcher, and webOS will display the results right on the screen, to be accessed with a single tap. Keep reading after the break to learn what Universal Search is capable of, along with some additional tips to get the most out of your search.

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love US, but still don't understand that Wildcard thang... :-(

Wildcard is used to fill in spaces.

For example, if you forgot how to spell Jon Rubinstein, you could enter J%Rub%st%n and it would find the right information.

It can be used to save time/keystrokes or to assist with difficult spellings.

I hope this helps.

All the best,


THANKS Sam! Concise help, I love it. Don't know why I didn't get that the first time around, but glad you picked up on what some old fart might need to hear!

Universal... HA! No wonder Palm went down. They lost touch with what they did best... Calendar, tasks, etc. No calendar search on a PALM! AND I hear 2.0 won't have calendar search either. My 700p was (and still is) awesome! But for the next device... Here I come Android.

Is there a place on Pre Central where one can view all of tips that have been posted? (I looked but failed to find previous "tip" articles in any of the categories). If not, why not?

All tips can be found on the full version under the category tab labeled tips. I hope this helps.

I love that Palm Dharma Initiative wallpaper! Any way you can send me a copy?

I wish there was a youtube option in Universal Search. I look forward to Just Type in WebOS 2.0

Check out the Homebrew add-ons to add YouTube

really..? WebOS2.0 still does mot have a "universal" search that would include the calendar... Almost can't believe that. Do these people listen to the palm faithful?