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Rumor (debunked?): palmPad details leak out? Updated x2: Sketches a repurposed Slate 112

by Dieter Bohn Tue, 21 Dec 2010 3:02 pm EST


FoxNews has uncovered the above sketch detailing the upcoming palmPad, which they say will debut at CES in January. They say there will be four models of the palmPad, all running webOS 2.5.1. They claim that all four will be "a spin-off of the never-released HP Slate." That latter claim is incorrect, of course, as the Slate was released, albeit in limited form.

One version, for consumers, will run on Sprint's WiMAX 4G network with specs "nearly identical" to the iPad, but adding HDMI-out, front and rear-facing cameras (1.3mp and 3mp). The palmPad is apparently slightly thinner than the iPad, with a 9.7" inch screen, weighing 1.25 pounds, has a USB 3.0 port, and what they are calling a "multi-switch" that presumably is designed as a silent switch.

The image above provides further details - including an optional dock. Up top we see what appears to be power, volume, and that "multi-switch" switch. On bottom we see a dock connector and two audio ports, presumably one is a speaker and the other is a microphone. On the right we see a headphone jack and the aforementioned USB 3.0 port. The lefthand side is more curious, there is a section that looks like it could be a SD card slot and what looks to be a Mini-HDMI port for video-out.

Another version will have an 8.9" screen and be targeted towards education. That will be debuted later in the year. Clayton Morris suggests that the palmPad (note the lowercase p in Palm) will be announced at CES in January and released in March.

Update: Not to toss too much cold water on these rumors, but a couple things to note. A closer look at the supposed palmPad sketches next to the Windows 7 HP Slate seem to strongly indicate that what we are looking at is simply sketches of the Slate with the palmPad name attached to them. The Press Shots from this Engadget Gallery show that all of the ports line up exactly with the sketches above, including the supposed 'palmPad dock' above.

Whether this means that the rumor is false or the result of a mashed-up leaked document that happened to include the Slate's photos pasted with the PalmPad's specs or... something, we don't know. In any case, consider this one to be developing instead of confirmed.

Update 2: We might feel a debunk coming on. This is the HP quick speck sheet from HP in PDF form. The images match the above images from FoxNews exactly except that "Optional HP Slate Dock" has been replaced with "Optional HP palmPad Dock." The numbers match as well. In other words, the image from FoxNews is most definitely a repurposed HP Slate. It's still possible that somebody from within HP simply used those images as a stand-in on the palmPad specs, but again, this one's up in the air, folks.

Source: FoxNews



Wow... That thing will be damn sexy if these rumors are true.

this device has already been released a while ago. you can watch it here:

the only difference is that it's running windows 7 tablet.

Let's be honest here, when was the last time Windows ran at full speed on anything that didn't have the very latest specs in terms of hardware? A tablet has horrible specs when compared to a desktop, so lag is to be expected.

WebOS, on the other hand, was built with low specs in mind. I don't expect it to be slow on a tablet.


OHHHH.... it is so on!!! :) the next two weeks are going to be the slowest two weeks of my life!!

well I'm a little excited. I just wish they would have tried to give it specs that would make the ipad obselete.

Like what? According to the report it will have usb3, 4g, front and rear facing cameras with flash, mini HDMI. Last I checked the ipad had none of these. (and of course WebOS!!)


Considering that very few specs are listed, I don't know how you can say for sure what it has internally.

Hopefully they are wrong about the specs being close to identical to the year-old iPad. For one, I would like to see a much higher-resolution screen. It's no secret that the next iPad is going to have a full-blown "Retina Display" and will be out within a few months, so it would be great if HP released a tablet with similarly indiscernible pixels.

full-blown "Retina Display"
What does this mean? I'm sick and tired of hearing about 'Retina display'. Yes the iphone 4 has an excellent resolution and dpi, but 'Retina display' is just marketing.
I'm sure the next ipad will have a 'Retina display' because it markets well, but it doesn't necessarily mean anything.
If a 9.7" screen ipad had the same dpi as the iphone 4, then the resolution would have to be: 2530x1897, do you really think that will happen? If so I'll make you as large a wager as you want and I'll give you 2 to 1 odds. Of course since 'Retina Display' is a made up term I'm sure the ipad will have it no matter what the resolution ends up being.

HP needs it's own marketing term for a high dpi display, something that would seem better than a Retina Display.. something like "Cornea Display: Leaving the Retina behind..".. OK, so it's a work in progress.. I'm just tired of hearing "Retina Display".. it's just meaningless marketing hype.

Better yet, Optic Nerve Display, one-upping the retina.

This is good, only I think they should include a reference to the developer of Optic Nerve Display...which we all know is famed scientist Ugata Lata (pronounced LA-ta, like Fa-la-la-la).

So how about Ugata Lata Optic Nerve Display? Kind of catchy? No?

Yes it is marketing term, but at the same time, you know what the F they meant. It's screen resolution and dpi will give the appearance and effect to the user that the iphone 4 does but on a larger scale. How hard is it to understand? Yes Apple marketed a made up technology, surprise surprise. But people understand what it is when they see it.

No 7"? :/ I hope that's the third version.

7 inches is a terrible size for a tablet. It's not large enough, at all, to be more useful than a smartphone, yet it's far too large to carry in your pocket. The only reason that so many manufacturers have targeted that size is because they simply could not compete with Apple on the iPad's pricing, and because Android wasn't ready to run on anything larger (though this will also change at CES with the announcement of Honeycomb).

I'm glad to hear that HP isn't trying to pretend that 7 inches is what consumers want when it's pretty clear that the iPad form factor is what consumers want.

HP can compete on pricing, and webOS can compete at 10 inches. Really looking forward to CES now.

Are you kidding? First of all, there are already 10 Android tablets. Second, 7 or 8 inches is a perfect size for a tablet, especially if you intend to do any kind of typing on it. The iPad is horrible for typing. The ONLY advantage that a 10 inch tablet has over a 7 inch tablet is if you intend to do a lot of drawing on it, granted there is a good app for that and you have a capacative type stylus. Other then that a 7 or 8 inch tablet is the perfect size for everything else (e.i. gaming, typing, browsing the web, video calling, etc.) 10 inches is just too big and clunky to feel good in the hands.
Maybe it depends on how you intend to use it. As a handheld device, 10 inches sucks. As a device that sits in your lap, its better.

They're supposedly going to sell a bluetooth keyboard as an accessory for the PalmPad, so typing isn't something I would worry about.

Do we think it'll sync my existing app purchases via the Palm Profile, or will I have to buy Angry Birds again?

yes, palm will need a way to give us access to our already purchased apps.

but even if they do, it might be upto the publishers to decide if the apps will need to be re-purchased for the pad.

there are some ipod/iphone apps that need to be re-purchased for the ipad.

I hope we'll be able to log into multiple devices using our Palm Profiles at the same time.

A few direct quotes from the FoxNews Page (

"But the product that could prove to be the strongest competitor isn't from Blackberry-maker RIM, nor a gizmo from the Windows and Intel crowd.

It's from the dark-horse rival, Palm -- and its owner HP."


"We know CES will be chock full of tablets, but I

I feel very confused agreeing with Fox News...

Don't let politics cloud your inner geek vision!

I am buying one as soon as it's on sale. No doubt.

It's the Christmas season, time to put aside the silliness of our everyday allegiances and stand together as a people, united with one purpose...and I don't just mean to enjoy the holiday beverages at Starbucks while we can get them. No, there is something deeper at stake here...Palms around the world joining together in unity!

And world peace, that's another good thing to rally around.

Fox News? Really? Whatever, I'll take the news/leaks anyway I can get em!

at least its not some random chinese website or a geek blog.

FoxNews doesnt post electronics news on a whim, they would only have posted this if they trusted the source.

Fox News and quality journalism go hand in hand :p

Fox News runs a thrill up my leg.

The big question is price. The HP Slate 500 is an amazing device, but the price is just way too high.

Chop off a little for no Windows 7 license right away, then chip away from there....

Plus, they're probably (hopefully) going to make more than 10,000 of these, so the economics of scale will work to drive the price of them down.

Let one model be WiFi only, hell if I want to pay for a monthly contract for one of these things. Otherwise, nice.

yes, this please. though i may still get it on sprint.

Agreed. I'll use my pre to tether if I want data outside of wifi. Exciting!

ooohh, 8.9" screen just may be the sweet spot, 7" feels too small and 9.7" feels too big. If the screen resolutions is high enough (looking for 200+ dpi) and if its using the next gen dual core processors, count me as sold!

sounds SWEEEET :)))

The biggest obstacle in moving to a device without a keyboard is the sheer number of unnecessary keyboard-reliant shortcuts. I cannot think of a existing keyboard shortcut where tap, tap and hold or gesture + tap couldn't act as a replacement. Seriously, dump the reliance on the physical keyboard, it's webOS biggest usability issue right now, a random nonsensical inconsistent approach to shortcuts or additional menus/options.

I would like using a bluetooth keyboard with it.

Excuse my language, but this sounds f---ing awesome.

FINALLY, something to get excited about with WebOS. Hopefully this is just the beginning of a rush of rumors/leaks about multiple HPalm products on the verge of release. Woohoo!

Long time follower, just joined to chime in my excitement over the news! Cannot wait to hear more as we approach CES.

And here I was seriously considering getting a nook color after the holidays. I may have to reconsider that thought process...

my nook is on its way (2morrow). will root to get youtube (if needed).

when the weboslet comes out, i can always give it away.

march isnt specific enough, i want day and date, and throw in a time where i can preorder.

March 31 @ 11:59 pm

Still needs a comic book reader app though ;)

There's an app in the Precentral Homebrew gallery that lets you read Garfield comics. I like it.

some of these specs, minus the screen size is what the Pre 2 should have came with.

Good to hear that Sprint has not abandoned webOS.

Best thing is the University tablet. Seriously found a niche not yet filled.

Its a niche not filled, but its going to be a hard one for HP to fill.

Most university professors and students are very liberal minded and have an uber lust for Apple based devices. You are going to get some backlash from them for being forced HP products by the University.

And I say this with a Masters and on a Macbook Pro.

Which is absurd since Apple's business/tech model is so closed tight at this point that it's actually very anti-free thought. They've switched roles in their 1984 Super Bowl commercial.

Free thought is just an illusion they put themselves under to make themselves feel good. You won't get an environment more hostile to innovation than academia.

Academia is very open to free thought. You just need to back up your ideas with something.

The most hostile environment to free thought is this thing called 'religion'.

No, no, academia is not open to free thought.

And it depends on what religion you're talking about. In Christianity, you don't agree with your denomination, just go and start a new one, build a church, and get a few people to agree with you. In Islam, just hope you can get out alive.

I just read the Fox article.

ASSUMING that it's true, my prediction is that Palm has landed a deal with a specific university to pilot the PalmPad, like the Amazon Kindle pilot that ran at Arizona State for a short while. I am betting that the university version will not be available to the general public, and I'm also betting that this is being tested with an online university. I'm also prediciting it will be a for-profit school. Non profit schools would allow their name to be used, but with for-profits, this kind of information is proprietary. We probably won't know what school until the pilot runs, or maybe not even until after that, or ever. That's just my take on it.

I've marked what I see in the article below:

A fourth version won't be shown off at CES, I'm told, but it will be ***custom made*** for university students ***to prove how versatile the machines can be.***

The university version sports an 8.9-inch screen and will have access to ***a university’s*** internal educational software; it'll also sport any other ***specs specifically requested by the institution.*** Students will start using these in the Fall 2011 semester, HP hopes.

Read more:

Sweet as anuthing, would very tempting when I have the money for it

its funny, i dont know the man (mr morris), but not a fan.

I have to partially agree... he's kind of a dufus on Fox's morning show. But, it's finally nice to see some positive press about Palm for a change!!

I don't know enough about Mr. Morris as a journo, but the guy who managed to not only get into bed with, have a baby with, but also marry Natlie Morris nee Del Conti has got to have something going for him:)

As for the story itself, it does not suprise me that HP would recycle the Slate design. The palmPad has got to seriously undercut the iPad on price and one of the best ways to do that is to milk economies of scale for all its worth and reuse industural design concepts when possible. If all this pans out and the price is good, a lot of Android tablets are going to start looking like crapware.

Lighter and thinner than the iPad??? :)

You know that doesn't sit well with Mr. Jobs. He lives to throw out talking points like that about his own products.

Now, give me a Wifi only version, for the same price or less than an iPad with equivalent memory, and I'm there!!

Based on the images, there's no way that is thinner than the iPad. Alas, it looks like the images may in fact be the Slate...but that doesn't mean the whole thing is debunked. Just the images.

want wifi only version dont need 3g or 4g just tether to my phone for that stuff

wow!!! Sounds AWESOME Give this baby webOs and ladies and gentlemen PERFECTION at last!!! Love Webos!!!

oh shit!

its sound like it will be powerful and everything i wanted it to be but they said it will have similar specs to the ipad? when it comes to processor ram screen res i hop not i hop those specs are closer to playbooks specs not ipad

This is it! WebOS is BACK. Long live Palm!

Version 1 sounds great. Start on version 2 now to keep the momentum going! Think outside the box!

The big question is price. The HP Slate 500 is an amazing device, but the price is just way too high.

C'mon don't take back the first good news that has been on this site since.....????? Maybe a leak to keep the competition guessing?? But where did all the details (university pad, and two other pads, etc) come from?? Must be some truths to this leak!

nice I been waiting for it

A repurposed HPslate running webOS w/ multiple form factors would work for me...

Maybe they manufactured a whole lot more Slates than they let on, but only chose to sell 10K of them to use the rest as webOS tablets.

I note that "VGA webcam" in the original spec has been replaced by a partially obscured "megapiel [sic] webcam." Not to say the misspelling indicates that the "leaked" image isn't real (why would HP bother to redesign already tooled hardware, after all), but it doesn't bode well. {Jonathan}

I only hope this is true, I want this tablet! I hope it is as good as rumor has it! I can't wait until it is confirmed. Love my Palm Pre, and would love to be the first to own a Sprint 4G palmpad.

Price is never low enough and I don't think it will be low enough in this case either, but if HP is serious they can market it at a pretty low price point. Though the app catalog is not big now if it does grow their revenuse from app sales go up too. With Windows they basically get a one time profit, with webos and the appstore they can have a recuring revenue stream for app sales. Hopefully they have the hardware, price, and buzz to draw sales which in turn will draw developers.


"Naysayers be damned..."



it sure as hell better not be a repurposed slate. That thing is not at all sexy, and it needs to be if it's gonna succeed. Not to mention we need gesture area(s).. Besides, the slate looks too big to be what the guy was holding in that leaked blacked out photo a while back..

I don't think this is the device we're going to be seeing at CES. The original slate does not resemble the keyboard that supposedly leaked last week. The PalmPad was supposed to mimic the design scheme. The Slate does not. Hopefully the other new regarding Sprint is true. Although, I'd much rather hear about new handsets. And not any damnDED "teen-phones"!

Here's to hoping that the sketch is just a placeholder that someone from Fox News repurposed for this story because they couldn't get access to the actual sketches. Sounds like 2.5 will be tablet optimized. I sure hope they have 3.0 ready to go by the middle of 2011 to complete the reboot of the webOS brand.

It makes sense... Enyo will be beta in March, and webOS needs Enyo as the framework for the palmPad...

(sure, early adopters will get zero apps in the catalog from the beginning, but...)

Clayton Morris from is getting ready to do MacBreak weekly on http:/ so perhaps he will mention his scoop on the new iPad competitor. (11am Pacific)

Debunked or not...I am getting excited about all the leaks lately! Where there's leaks, eventually there's a flood!! Bring it ON!!! :-D

For me...exciting news no matter how accurate. I'm getting totally stoked about the "coming" weeks.

Just as with the current webOS devices (original Pre excluded if you'd like), this one will probably also be a quality product. However as we've come to discover, Palm + (quality product) != (mainstream winner).

I "REALLY" hope that HP Palm takes to the airwaves, or any other available "waves" for that matter, with a marketing and promotional campaign like no other. If they can pull of some of the types of clever marketing that "the" Google has been doing for both the Nexus S and CR-48/Chrome OS, I believe that the chances are really good that the inaugural palmPad will be the first in a long line of new webOS devices that become mainstream winners

it might be true, since the original slate from HP had only a USB 2 port, not USB 3, so this could be the same frame but only running webos.

I smell half-baked not ready for prime time tablets coming my way. Please let me be wrong. Please let HP have an awesome virtual keyboard. Please let them figure out he Palm Profile across multiple devices. Please let DNLA technology. Please release some awesome music and video tech "nutsie". I don't want to be a beta tester again.

Please have Netflix, Amazon, and other developers on-broad from the jump. NO more Flash coming soon. Or anything coming soon!!! Get it right, get that money and rock this f@cking thing!


right on, jw...btw, I hope you're wrong, too. lol

you see, the sad thing is, because HP kept their mouth shut for so long, people like yourself haven't had any time to input what you'd like to see or not see on the device. Now that they're ready to push it out the door, people are going to complain about what they "should" have done.

HP botched this one up big time. They should have leaked some non-descrip information so people can say what would be nice with the device.

Instead, apple will watch what others write, and develop it faster on their device, being first to release something again. Now the industry once again looks to apple for "new" ideas while everyone else "trails"

that would be true, except the HP product designers already know what people want because HP got them all iPads...

well, probably

You mean Fox News may have lied? Shocking!!!

Looks very promising, hopefully this is the turning point for WebOs and hp/palm. I am excited to hear more about it!

There isn't much reason for the palmPad to differ in terms of ports and buttons from the Slate.

FINALLY some good news !!! Now release some new phones too !!!

lol why would anyone want a webos tablet when they cant even get their webos phones to sell.Most delvelopers dont support the phone ver of webos so let me go out and get the same thing in a tablet.What they need to do is stop waisting money on this tablet and make webos a real option because multitasking was the only thing that made webos diffrent and now that everyone eles does it its not a big selling point anymore

Everyone else STILL doesn't "do it" as well as WebOS. Stop waisting time? So how do you "make webos a real option" without putting out product?

Clayton did state he's been working on this story for months, and has more info but would not, could not, should not (sorry Dr. Seuss!) release it. So, Clayton did confirm this info just now on

Boy, P|C users sure are a fickle bunch. ;-)

When the Jeremy Kaplan article (from Fox News) came out and was discussed in this thread: , everyone jumped all over it saying things like "Fox isn't known for giving factual information" and "I'm telling you this in the hopes that nobody actually WATCHES the video, which only increases pageviews and encourages Fox/Kaplan to run stuff like this! ".

Yet, here everyone is a week later praising Fox News and hanging their hat on how wonderful this is going to, just wow!

Please wake me when CES start I think i need to go into hibernation

is the HP Slate size and design one that people would like? That is, does it have the sex appeal people see in the iPad?

if so, it would make sense for HP to use the same enclosure for upcoming palmpads. And that would mean the leak has merit.

if the slate is just a clunky brick that no one would want to carry, then this would be a point for the debunk camp.

has anyone actually seen an HP Slate in person? Is it hot hardware or a rotten design?

Finally, a break in the doom and gloom. Oh I wanna believe....This things sounds so swwweeeete and if it's as good as all that, sign me up now.

My only worry: Could Fox breaking this story, destroy any advantage of surprise, with 2 weeks still to go? Will the competition have enough time to draw up their rebuttels and not be knocked off their feet?

Well, seeing how the pictures look so much like the Slate, HP could dismiss this "leak" as just the Slate they released earlier, making competitors think they have nothing to worry about until Palm makes a splash at CES.

The erection I am experiencing from this leak is absolutely solid.

surprise surprise......i guess not. Atleast it was good while it lasted. I guess all we have to look forward to is multi color pre 2 and the pixi 2 @ ces. I have lost all faith on palm.

Palm, HP who ever they are now might as well as give up. They are too far behind. While the "Big Boys" are out riding dirt bikes Palm/hp will be safely in the back yard still riding Big Wheels. Not impressed by PRE 2. Palm really has nothing to show, customers like me have lost interest. They also like being in the middle of the road, Ipad is out, Ipad 2 I am sure in under way and Palm Pad no one knows whats going on with it. By the time it is or IF it is released iPad will be right behind it to trump it along with all the other pads. Not being show at CES? If Palm has nothing to show at CES I'll be moving on to something else phone and pad wise. I will give them till CES then I'm done. I am just wondering if they are developing this at AREA 51. They are really keeping a lid on everything.....IF they actually have something.

Again, Fox News doing what it does best....exaggerating, stretching the truth & straight lies! Hpalms tablet will def be dope though with the webOS integration, will be exciting to see. Prob will show something at CES, nothing before, sorry peeps :(

Way too good specs. The palmpad won't include USB 3.0 or an HDMI port. That would be way too innovative for palm. Sorry folks, a grain of salt won't do. Try a huge pile.

Fox is more reliable than all of the lame stream media combined.

I wonder why they removed update 3 where palm confirms that there would be no palmpads @ ces

If you haven't heard already, there won't be anything to see at CES from Palm, it's official... Now would be a good time to jump ship, it's obvious that their last go at smartphones was the pre 2. the rest of the new models that have been rumored all this time will be different iterations of the palmpad, which will probably be announced later.

Troll much? I have seen this post on multiple threads.

It's obvious you have jumped ship, so why bother to post here?

Good riddance to troll rubbish

troll is a real buzz word right now isnt it? you should use it more.